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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by alaska3355, Oct 4, 2005.

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    We are going ahead and having all 9 of our son's fillings replaced with composites. I know this is controversial...some say it won't help, but you do what you feel you have to for your child. He's had CFIDS for almost a year now, and is on a special diet (elimination- rotation for food allergies). He is slowly starting to improve...not so much brain fog in the morning, feeling better in general. But we feel strongly that the mercury in his mouth will not let him reach his potential for getting better, so we're having a "mercury-free" dentisit take them out. He'll use an oxygen mask and a high speed vacuum for the vapors. Afterwards, we're planning chelation treatments for a few months to get rid of the mercury lodged in his body.

    The interesting thing about this is the reaction I get from mainstream dentists when I explain about the mercury. They look at me like I'm from Mars. Another wacko mother! I'm not letting it bother me...just do what we have to to get him better.
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    and I hope it makes a big difference to him.

    If it does I'll be doing the same.

    What are chelation treatments?


  3. alaska3355

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    an IV treatment of some kind of vitamin or supplement. They hook you up and give you vitamin C or liquid garlic...maybe B-12. I believe our doc is going to use vitamin C and the garlic.
    Thanks for writing!
  4. alaska3355

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    It's always good to hear from and prayers to you, too!

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