The mobility component of my DLA has been stopped...

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    I live in the UK and for the past two years or so I have been getting the top level of the mobility component of Disabled Living Allowance. A couple of months ago my case came up for review. Last week I heard that my benefit has been withdrawn. The odd thing is that at the same time they accepted that I am now eligable for the lowest level of the care component. How the heck can they say on the one hand that they now consider me sick enough to require care and on the other claim that my health has improved to the level whereby I no longer qualify for mobility allowance?

    I 'phoned the office and asked what was going on. The totally unhelpful person I spoke to said that my mobility allowance has been stopped because I told them on my form that I can walk slowly to the local supermarket on a good day. This is true but that has ALWAYS been the case and it seems that the person who assessed my case took no notice of the fact that I cannot manage to do this on a regular basis and doing so causes me great pain and I invariably crash for anything from the remainder of the day to several days afterwards.

    I have asked for my claim to be looked at again but I'm not hopeful. My doctor is reluctant to get involved until the case goes to appeal. I do have the number of the local citizens advice who I am told are very helpful but it all seems to be taking so much of my precious energy.

    In the meantime my daughter has finished college (she passed her course which is the one bright light on our horizon :-}) and is out of work. My benefits for her ended three weeks ago. She has made a claim for benefit on her own behalf but has been told there is a backlog dating back to the 2nd of the month. This means we have both been trying to live on my basic benefit. Things are getting pretty desperate.

    I'm sorry to be sounding off like this (especially as I haven't even been here for a good few months) but things are all getting too much for me and I don't want to put more on my daughter's shoulders.
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    my first reaction is oh my god...i had terrible probs with DLA last summer. the b********* took it way from me, deciding i was not ill at all !!!!!!
    the shock and distress put me back loads and nearly finished me off with stress, but hey the good news I got it BACK !!!!!

    it was a summer of hell and i have to reapply in a few months so when i read your post i am getting tense again.

    My advice is : you can ask for a review of their decision and you send in lots and lots of back up info.
    everyone who will write a letter on your behalf is needed.

    your GP is needed. if you get this right you won't need an appeal, so tell your doctor you really need their help NOW.
    the appeal stage is another chance if you do get knocked back again but you will have to wait months, a review is quicker.
    Also request a copy of all th epaperwork involved and especially their decision.
    this is crucial.

    am glad your daughter did well.

    missed you on the board.
    you can email, email addy on my profile. some questions and answers might be easier in direct emails.
    best wishes, pinkquartz
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    Hi Leokat
    Sorry to hear about you losing your mobility component.Did you fill in the form yourself?You should always get help from someone who knows all about these forms.Go to the C A B as soon as possible and ask for help.They are really good and will go with you to appeal if you have to do that.Do NOT do it by yourself.These forms are so complex and if you anwer just one question saying you are able to do things they will stop your money.take all your info to CAB and print off things on net so people in cab know what fibro is cos not a lot of peole do.i hope it goes well for you.
    rena uk
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    i found the Action for ME group had a lot of useful and up to date info.

    i asked the CAB to do a home visit as i can't get to them, the woman who came exhausted me with questions and filled out the wrong form, i was a waste of my energy , so be careful with the CAB.
    it depends where you live.
    some councils have proper welfare rights people who really know what to do, but they usually only get involved at the appeal stage.
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    hi there
    i am from liverpool and just wanted to say i had so much help from cab with my forms(which can take up to 3 hours to fill in).
    sorry pinkquartz thatyou had a bad time you should have complained about person filling form.
    I could not even READ the form never mind understand it lol TOO exausting!! The cab have disability rights people who are there just to help you.
    if you can find a support group for fibro In your area they will help with forms also
    hope it all works out cos its SO nerve wracking to have to go through this dla thing.
    ask jeeves is good for info about uk dla info cos its different from us where it is more recognised.Just type in DLA and u will gets tons of info about form filling and rules it will help u understand how important it is in what u say on form and do it soon cos u only get 1 month.
    wish you both well. edited this 4 times cos i cant spell anymore lol!! used to be top in english and spelling.
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    i am glad you had a better experience than i did with the CAB.
    this is a local issue i think . the time before last time ie 4 years ago i called out for help and they sent a very sweet lady who wanted to be helpful but honestly i knew more than she did!
    i ended up getting a neighbour to help me. eek.
    We don't have any of the type of help you mention here.
    i live in a rural area and we just dont get these supportive types of resources.

    i have lived in various parts of england and in the past i have been very good at accessing what help is availvable for different needs [i dont mean benefits, could be all sorts of things] and i have never seen such an absence of information and resources, i realise now thats just how it is in the countryside.
    without being rude i think its best to tell it like it is cos when there is a panic its really vital to tap into what really helps.
    of course i don't know where leokat lives and it might be absolutely fine where she is.

    its good to know that jeeves has info on DLA. i didn't know that.
    don't worry about spelling and such, i don't !
    am just glad to be able to get to this board.
    cheers, pinkquartz
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    Nice to meet you
    sorry u did not get the help u needed whan it was so important and is difficult living in the countryside.we do get the help here.does not mean it is successful for everyone though.look on ask jeeves,it is so informative and tells you how to get form filled properly cos if u say just one thing wrong u can lose ur benifits.i also have a friend in yorkshire who attends a support group each month and she tells me lots of info.i saw ur profile and ur grandaughter looks so cute lol.i am waitng for my daughter to get pregnant but no luck yet lol
    take care