The Moon & ME

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by linhun, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. linhun

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    My name is Lin. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 13 years ago. During this time I have been charting my pain. I have a theory the gravitational pull of the moon plays a roll in my flare ups. Wondering, if any other Fibro sufferers have noticed this. Please share.
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    This is very interesting. Does it mean that you get worse as the moon is getting full, and then you feel better after that??? Would like to hear more about this. Thanks
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    I also am very interested in this. I have heard that there is more crime at the time of the full moon. Please keep us posted. Blessings, Wanda
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    The possibility of the moon influencing the fibro makes a lot of sense. It does, after all, influence the tides. And, when I had my son, the maternity nurse told me more babies are born during full moons(mine was) than at any other time and they even prepare for a baby boom when they know full moons are coming.

    I do know how WEATHER CHANGES affect me. I hurt so much worse when a front is coming in (change in barometric pressure). So, why shouldn't the moon affect us also?

    God bless.
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    thank you all for your replies--
    i'm not going to write much cause i'm not sure what or where this message is going--first time doing this--if someone gets this let me know
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    I have noticed that my pain is unbearable during a full moon also!! I have gotten up at 2:00 in the morning and gone outside to sit in the hot tub from being unable to sleep and noticed that the moon is FULL! This is so weird and I would have not realized this if it hadn't been for this post.
    Thanks, Vicky
  7. linhun

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    Thank you to all of you who replied to "The moon & me".
    Fibro Flare ups do seem to occur often around the shifting of the moon. I also noticed, often this occurs around the changing of the seasons.
    What I have done is chart my pain--not paying attention to the seasons or the moon--I have someone else chart the moon.
    After a month or more we'll sit down and compare. Often as not there seems to be a correlation.
    Fibro Hugs,