The most beautiful friendship

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    I was at a Christmas party and won a silly stuffed animal. This other member Haas been trying to get it, but I won. He looked dejected and I sensed something else. I caught up with him and asked. We were outside and he said he had wanted it for his daughter. Times were bad and he couldn't afford a gift. And he loved her so. I gave him the animal and said "Meet me at Toys R Us tomorrow!" We had a blast! Jesse had a way of making feel special. He drew pictures for me and even though half my age he said he loved me because of my stories and my take on life. I never had a son. With Jesse there were two. He was a twin! When John called last week, he could barely breathe. My beloved Jesse fell down two flights of stairs and suffered traumatic brain injury. He was in ICU. I spent last Saturday with Jesse. He DOES. know it's me. I would take every bit of his pain if I could. I don't know how this will go. But tonight please say a prayer for my Jesse.
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    I'm so sorry that your dear friend had an accident and is in ICU.
    I am praying for Jesse and you too.
    Our Lord is right there with him, holding him close. May you find the strength and hope you need during this uncertain time.
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    So sorry to read this......I'm sure he knew you were there. Nature has a way of putting a person into a coma so they can heal. I hope he will come out of this perfect in every way. Keep up hope. God is always watching over us. I've said a prayer for Jesse......and you too.
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    I know that this topic has been untouched for quite some time, but I did want to let you know that I felt incredibly touched about the message that you left here. There is no denying that your blessing might be needed elsewhere, but that does not take away the sting or pain. I hope that all is better in your life – blessed.
  5. Can't share more ideas.
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    I'm so sorry for hear this. hope all is well.