The MOST incredible adrenal supplement I have EVER tried!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AnnetteP, Jun 1, 2003.

  1. AnnetteP

    AnnetteP New Member

    Its been months since I posted and its for good reason: I feel absolutely amazing! Its taken a long time to get to this point, but I cannot believe how far I've come from the shadow of a person I was just 2 years ago.

    For those of you who don't know me I was diagnosed with Lupus, CFS, IBS-C, etc. For the past 18 months I've been under the care of a marvelous integrative dr. Prior to this, I was with a naturopath and an herbalist. It was only recently that I finally got a handle on my adrenal situation, which was high cortisol.

    During the past two years I have tried countless adrenal supplements, including licorice extract and adrenal extracts; none of them did anything extraordinary. (FYI licorice can stimulate your adrenals so if you are prone to panic attacks it can worsen the situation.)

    During my last dr. visit in March I told my dr. something HAD to be done about my adrenals. The slightest amount of stress sets me off and I go into a flare. A flare for me means my ANA goes up and I have a hard time walking. The last flare I suffered was from November-January. I told the dr. that I was making myself afraid to "live," for fear of stress. She said it was almost like I was creating a phobia for myself, a phobial based on prior experiences, not a phobia based on psychological problems, such as a fear of debris falling from the sky.

    She suggested I take Drenamin, an adrenal supplement made by Standard Process. This supplement has changed my life. Not long after taking it I called the dr.'s office for some information and told the nurse I didn't need to see the dr. anymore since Drenamin was the answer to prayer! I was joking, of course, about not needing my dr. anymore. A month later I called to find out information on having my fillings replaced, and before I could finish the nurse was SO excited to tell me about her experience with Drenamin. She said after we talked she decided to try it and even her husband noticed a change in her. Since then, the entire office staff has gotten on it and they are seeing amazing results with their patients.

    I take 2 pills, 2-3 times a day with meals. They are sold through dr.s and not health food stores, although my local health food store sells them, because it is owned by a chiropracter. The small bottle of 90 pills is anywhere from $9-$12 and the large bottle of 360 pills is around $36.00.

    I took my new kitten to my homeopathic vet and noticed she also sold Standard Process, so I asked if she had ever tried Drenamin. She said< "Yes, isn't it incredible?" We suspect one of my other cats has adrenal problems and she recommended I give him one, twice a day, for two weeks. She said she has a patient who has no adrenals and this pill is working well for him.

    This product is so incredible that I just had to return to post about it. It has changed my life. I hope you will try it and report back your findings. Its truly a godsend.

    If you cannot find a local, or internet source, let me know and I can give you the numbers for my dr., the health food store, or my vet, so that you can order it.

    Hope this changes someone else's life,
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  2. sb439

    sb439 New Member

    that this stuff has helped you so much!!! I looked it up on the web, and here are the ingredients, if anyone is interested:

    Each tablet contains:
    vitamin C 50 mg,
    niacinamide 4 mg,
    riboflavin 0.3 mg.

    Non-medicinal ingredients:
    yeast 50 mg,
    alfalfa 30 mg,
    tribasic calcium phosphate 30 mg,
    beef adrenal 6 mg,
    beef brain 4 mg,

  3. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Sometimes, I feel like totally giving up...A simple trip to the grocery STORE turned into a 2 hour marathon, after I bought the would not start..could not get anyone on the phone who could pick me up..I was thouroughly exhausted before I went there, with it being that time of the month..and this was about one of the worst marathons I have had in a long time...

    I know my adrenals are you can get this without a is a supplement? I need a good integrative doc, but have not found one yet...Thanks so much for posting this, as I will give it a try..

  4. judywhit

    judywhit New Member

    if it had not been for the amount of posts that I seen by your name I would have thought you were selling this stuff. Sounds good to me! I just ordered some at spinelife on the net. I will let everyone know how I do on it.
    Annette, did it amp you up or anything? I have problems with sleep. The shipping on this was more than the actual product. I might check around for cheaper shipping if it works. I figured that if it helps your lupus flares it was the real deal.
    thanks for coming back to share. what a sweetie!
  5. Princessraye

    Princessraye New Member

    is high without seeing a Dr.? I ask because I doubt mine will test for it.
    If it is low, then this would not be something I would need.
    Don't want to mess myself up worse !
    Stress really bothers me physically. That flight or fight thing !
    I would appreciate it if you would send me the stores name and how much you take. My email address is in my bio.
    thanks for sharing !
  6. pammy52

    pammy52 New Member

    I am familiar with Drenamin.
    I worked for a holistic dentist yrs. ago and one of our pts.
    was a chiropractor. I became a pt. of his and he recommended
    drenamin because I was always cold. After a month of taking it I noticed a huge difference. Winter came about 3 months into taking drenamin and I actually enjoyed spending time
    I slowly tapered off it after about a year and a half. Havent taken it since.
    I have just recently suggested it to a coworker who moved
    to new england after living for 22 yrs in the south.
    She is always cold and also has raynauds.
    I then realized I should start taking it again. Although
    I have struggled with fms for yrs., I have not been actively working on helping myself. A series of major crisis
    over the last 10 yrs. have kept me in a state of just maintaining day to day living.
    So glad to read your post.....very happy for you and hoping
    I too will have success with this supplement.
  7. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Thanks for posting this! I'd like some more info.....Is this a supplement???where do you get it,and whats the standard dosage? I'll do a search but sometimes its faster to get a reply here.....sometimes not~I'm sure others who are reading have the same questions~you can throw us subtle hints on to where to go if its a site.
    Thanks again,
  8. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Heres additional information................



    Drenamin is a special combination product formulated to help maintain the healthy functioning of the adrenal glands, which are involved in innumerable physiological functions inside the body. Drenamin accomplishes this by supplying rich sources of vital nutrients combined with bovine adrenal tissue proteins and bovine adrenal PMG extracts.

    CONTENT: 90 Tablets or 360 Tablets

    INTRODUCED: 1935

    SUGGESTED USE: Three tablets per meal, or as directed.

    Defatted wheat (germ),
    Nutritional yeast,
    Bovine liver,
    Bovine adrenal,
    Porcine stomach,
    Bovine adrenal PMG extract,
    Choline bitartrate,
    Oat flour,
    Dried buckwheat (leaf juice),
    Buckwheat (seed),
    Alfalfa flour,
    Magnesium citrate,
    Bovine bone,
    Bovine brain,
    Arrot (root),
    Soybean lecithin,
    Veal bone,
    Peanut (bran),
    Mixed tocopherols.

    Other Ingredients:
    Calcium lactate,
    Potassium Para- amino benzoate,
    Ascorbic acid,
    Calcium stearate,
    Pyridoxine hydrochloride.

    Serving Size: 3 Tablets

    Vitamin C
    Vitamin B6

  9. zggygirl

    zggygirl New Member

    I just wondered if you might know if I could take it and it would help with low DHEA levels.
    I am always cold too btw
  10. AnnetteP

    AnnetteP New Member

    No prescription is required, its just one of those brands of supplements, like Metagenics, that is sold only through doctors.

    I found my great dr. by calling Great Smokies, which is a great resource for locating doctors. BTW, my dr. does do phone consults (not sure if that interests you), but on one occsasion, when I was too ill to drive two hours to her office, I had a phone consult; it was just as good as being there in person with her.

    Good luck to you,
  11. AnnetteP

    AnnetteP New Member

    No, it didn't increase my insomnia, which hasn't changed much. After trying Sonata, and then Ambien (ugh I HATE that stuff), I tried 3mgs. of Melatonin and I am ever so pleased. I had tried Melatonin years ago, but apparently I was using to low a dose, because I got NOT relief.

    I cannot believe you paid as much for your shipping as your product. If you cannot find another source, let me know. I have ordered from my vet before, and her shipping was basically the postage only; I don't know about my dr. nor my health food store's shipping policies, though.

    I am so excited that you are trying it and look forward to hearing your results.

  12. clueless

    clueless New Member

    With the animal parts in it it sounds a bit scary or am I missing something in the listed ingredients? This is`nt something that the government tests? Just wondering before considering using it. Thanks
  13. AnnetteP

    AnnetteP New Member

    Hi Sharon,

    While I'm emailing you, I will also re-poste this on the message board, as I'm sure there are others who might like to see the reply.

    Most endocrinologists will test cortisol with urine tests. But, there are a couple of labs who use saliva testing. They are ZRT and Aeron. I know that some of the compounding pharmacies use ZRT (and possibly other saliva testing labs) and they recommend products to your dr., based on your results. I don't think you need a dr.'s authorization to do those tests, but if a prescription IS required, and your dr. is unwilling to participate with the pharmacy, I'm sure they can direct you to a dr. in your area who will.

    I doubt that taking this supplement will screw up your adrenals. I used to have the fight or flight thing really was as though I was STUCK in that mode. Over time, through diet, supplements, and reduction of stress, I have managed to break that condition. However, with my vulnerable adrenals, another episode could be just around the corner if I experienced any amount of stress. Like any supplement, try it and if it doesn't work for you, you will know it almost immediately; if it doesn't bother you, you should experience good changes in a couple of weeks.

    I take 2 pills, 2-3 times a day. My dr. wanted me to take 3 pills, twice a day, but I noticed I had stomach problems with that amount. I think the bottle says 3 pills with each meal, so really you can play around with it to determine which dose works best for you.

    None of the sources I mentioned have websites, but my dr. has a toll-free number and its 1-888-215-1155.

    Hope this helps,
  14. AnnetteP

    AnnetteP New Member

    Thanks for the reassuring comment on dremanim. I, too, have trouble regulating temperature: I go from really cold to really hot. For this my dr. told me to add more EFAs; not sure if anything is working though lol.

    That's interesting that you worked for a holistic dentist. I had been wanting to replace my fillings, but not exactly at this time. I broke a crown and decided I'd go ahead and do that quadrant. Its only been a few days, so its too early to tell if I feel any improvement, but just knowing I'm on the road to cleaning up my dental situation is going to make me feel better, I'm sure.

    Get back on Drenamin!
  15. AnnetteP

    AnnetteP New Member

    See my reply to princessraye regarding dosage and purchase source.

  16. AnnetteP

    AnnetteP New Member

    Generally, when cortisol is elevated (which mine has been), DHEA is low. So, for me, this supplement has made me less anxious, and I assume has regulated my cortisol output, even though I haven't retested it. That means if you have low DHEA you probabaly have high cortisol; lower the cortisol and the DHEA goes up. My suggestion then: try it!

    Hope this helps,
  17. AnnetteP

    AnnetteP New Member

    I wouldn't worry about that. One great example of an animal prescription that has done wonders of me is Armour thyroid; its the synthetic products that concern me.

    Adrenal extracts that you pick up from a health food store or not strong enough to warrant a prescription. I'm sure that's the case with Drenamin. But, if its not right for you you will know right away, as I did when I took regular adrenal extracts which my naturopath had recommended.

    Hope this helps,
  18. 600

    600 New Member

    Yes,I too have used it in the past,but haven't noticed any improvement in my problems. They also have a product called PHOS-FOOD (liquid drops),that are specific for the adrenals.
  19. zggygirl

    zggygirl New Member

    This can be so overwhelming, all the info, trying to figure out what to take, test etc.
    I've started a prescription DHEA so I'll see how that goes and then if it doesn't help, try your supplement.
  20. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    i am taking low dose cortisol for my adrenal problems and want to move over to glandulars at some i have high blood pressure i can't use liquorice, however i do know that when i was tested i had BOTH LOW CORTISOL and DHEA, so please don't assume that one being high indicates anything about the other. you can be low on both, which i am.


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