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    Over the years we've had threads and quizzes about books and places and animals.
    I feel we have a pressing need for something similar on the movies. So here it is.

    What notable movies were made the year of your birth?

    Or some other important year in your life: graduation; marriage; the year you
    won the Publishers Clearing House sweepstake. Or the year you won the Don
    Knott's look alike contest.

    Name three favorite movies and or three favorite actors. Can you tell us why?

    And the opposite: what greatly admired movie do you just hate? Why lofty screen
    star do you find unbearable?

    Is there a line from a movie you like to quote? Do deliver it the way the actor did?

    All entries become the property of the sponsor. The decision of the judges is final. In
    case of a tie Meryl Streep will draw the winning name from a goldfish bowl.

    Made in Hollywood.
    Well, actually a few miles from Hollywood. But MGM movies weren't made in Hollywood either. They
    were made several miles away in Culver City.

  2. Mikie

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    Wow, Rock, I don't know which year movies came out with the exception of "Gone With The Wind" in 1939 (BTW, one of my favorites). I loved it because it showed how the young delusional men in the South were almost giddy at the thought of going to war. Then, it showed the bloody effects of the Civil War and how horrible it was. The burning of Atlanta made me sick. What a beautiful city that would have been if not burned to the ground, like Savannah or Charleston. Kind of reminds me of the giddiness of some who thought the war in Iraq would be a romp in the woods and be over in a few months. Here we are a decade later and it's as bloody over there as ever. The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind...when will they ever learn.

    Speaking of war, most of the movies made when I was born were WWII movies. There are some wars that have to be fought. I think the trick is in choosing wisely. In the end, though, no one ever "wins" a war. I like "Downton Abbey" on PBS (not a move--a series) because it deals with WWI. Most of us don't have a clue as to how WWI started nor why. I think it was far worse than WWII. My favorite movie from that time was "The Best Years of Our Lives." I love Myrna Loy and actually met her once. She was still beautiful as an elderly woman.

    My current favorite is "Midnight In Paris" from Woody Allen. It isn't his usual neurotic stuff; it's a fantasy about a guy who goes back in time and meets all the great artists and writers in the early 1900's. Who doesn't like a fantasy about meeting someone who has died? It's mindblowing.

    I've been a movie buff all my life and still love them. The special effects now are amazing. I just can't wait until every other movie isn't about vampires or zombies. When I see a beautifully made movie, I wonder why we make stupid, sleezy movies aimed at 14 year old boys.

    Great topic, Rock!

    Love, Mikie
  3. rockgor

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    Hi Mike Here we are again. Awake in the middle of the night. Yes, GWTW was 1939. Sometimes cited
    as the greatest year of the Golden Age. Many great movies from then including Wizard of Oz. Wikipedia
    lists these:

    Hey, I met (now why did the Italics pop up?) Myrna Loy too. It was in 1964. She was touring
    in Neil Simon's "Barefoot in the Park" and was 59 years old. She looked great! Anyhoo, my mother
    and I went backstage. Her maid asked us if Miss Loy was expecting us. I said, "No, it's a surprise."
    Pretty soon Miss Loy appeared, and we had a nice chat. I told her mother said, "Myrna Loy always
    looked so beautiful in her films. She knew how to wear clothes." I think she was pleased to hear that.

    I used to be an usher in my wayward youth. Didn't get paid but I got free admission to touring plays,
    Broadway shows, the Met, the Minneapolis Sympathy, etc. Met lots of famous people including, John
    Denver, Jeanne Crain, Robert Merrill, Anna Moffo, actually, now that I think of it, most of them were
    opera singers. I sorta met Betty Grable after a performance of "Hello, Dolly!" At least she walked
    right by me. It was about 11PM. She was wearing dark glasses, a white fur, black slacks and heels.
    It was 1966. She was 50 years old and still looked like she did in her gory days at 20th century Fox.

    I concur with your thoughts on modern films. Guess I'm like most of us old folks. Don't care for modern
    movies. Haven't been to one since I took my son to "Stand By Me" in 1986. Don't see modern movies and
    don't see my son. We never know what life has in store for us, do we?

    Fade out; end credits.
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    You must really be up in the middle of the night. I'm on Eastern time so it's 7:30 a.m. here. I get up around 5:00 to make sure Simon gets fed. I used to be a night person until I took a job where I had to commute. I'm not a morning person now but wake early. I'm not an evening person either. Geez, do I even exist? I'm not an anything person.

    Barely see my CO kids; that's why I'm flying back in Dec. I see my Atlanta kids more often but it's so hard on me when they are here. It's a shame when families are estranged or live so far apart. I guess that's why I cherish my Online Family here and my Florida Family in the hood. You are right, we never know what life will bring. We gots to play the hand that was dealt us as best we can.

    It's funny that I'm having a problem coming up with favorite movies. "The Wizard of Oz" did occur to me. It's a perennial favorite. Still love "It's A Wonderful Life." The kids and I love an old movie from the 80's. It wasn't a favorite of the critics but we love its strange humor. It is "Sweet Liberty" with Alan Alda and Michael Caine. It's a romantic comedy romp.

    I've always liked Eddie Murphy movies where he plays different characters. One of my family's favorite lines is from "Coming To America" where EM plays an old Jewish man in the barber shot and meets an African King. He feels the fabric on the king's robes and says, complete with accent, "That's beautiful; what is that, velvet?" We just change the word, velvet, for whatever fabric one of us is wearing. EM is truly amazing. Loved him in the "Beverly Hills" movies too.

    Have to admit it but I'm also a fan of the "Medea" movies with Tyler Perry. Not sure I spelled Medea correctly. Good thing spelling and grammar don't count here. I liked the Harry Potter books and movies until they got too violent. A movie doesn't have to be a masterpiece for me to be entertained by it. Sometimes, I just want to veg out from life. I used to buy used DVD's or new ones if they are ones I really like. Now, there are few I want to buy and with Netflix, On Demand and HBO, I don't see the need to own movies.

    Geez, I was just startled by banging and sucking sounds from the roof. Then, I remembered that we are getting our dryer vents cleaned today. It's important in a condo bldg. because our vents go up to the roof instead of out through the outer walls. They are too long and get clogged, becoming a fire hazard. Well, guess I'm awake now.

    Again, excellent topic.

    Love, Mikie
  5. sunflowergirl

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    such a lot of questions! I freeze up on this a test? Must be because I'm "vaklempt" that the right word from Saturday night live?

    I LOVE GWTW, who doesn't though. I first read the book back in H.S. My mom had the screen version with all the photos of the stars. It wasn't until at least 6 years later that I actually got to see the movie. "Frankly my dear, I don't give a #@$%.

    I have no idea what was playing back in l944, my birth year. I used to watch a ton of old movies when I was in grammar school/H.S. I think my favorites were Fred Astair/Ginger Rogers movies. I could hardly wait to become an adult so I could go to nightclubs wearing fancy fur and my date in tails. Unfortunately in the 60s they were out of style....darn. People really knew how to dress glamorous. When I was in college my mom bought a coat with a large silver fox collar. Gosh I loved wearing that when I went on a dress up date. I remember one very funny thing that occurred back in college. A guy asked me to double with his friend, going out to dinner and a movie. I dressed up, wearing dress and heels. We went to fast food Chinese place and a drive in! No wonder the 3 of them looked at me in shock! I still have to chuckle over that.

    I think my favorite movie is Out of Africa and of course Meryl Streep and Robert Redford have always been favorites of mine. Funny Girl and Barbra Streisand. She fascinates me, so exotic and yet down to earth on interviews and what an actress in my opinion. Unbelievably talented in every thing she touches. If you're interested you should check the library for her book about decorating her home/compound in Malibu. WOW. I also loved her in Yentl even though I don't think many people cared for the movie.I used to work in the video industry so watched almost every movie that came out for almost 20 years. Now I can't tell you the name of a movie playing right now, I'm so removed from them. Can't think of an actor who I can't stand unless it's Charlie Sheen. Despise that man. Highly inflated ego. Oh yes, I don't like Woody Allen since his sexual go around with his now wife, Soon Ye. Might have to watch the movie Mikie recommended though.

    Loved the first two Harry Potter movies but stopped watching them because they got to scary. Loved Star Wars.

    Great hearing about Betty Grable and how she looked at ll PM. She was probably going out for the night /early morning.
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Almost forgot--one of the lines from "Sweet Liberty" that our family repeats is, "We are going to have so much fun, we'll pee ourselves three times," spoken by Michael Caine. Just as five start mean a great movie, three pees mean a good time.

    Sunflower, when the 60's came in, it destroyed a lot of our dreams and ideas. I grew up wanting nothing more than to be June Cleaver. I thought rock 'n roll would last forever. It has but it just ain't the same. The British Invasion changed everything. I changed too. Even though I was a mom at home, I was basically a hippy, peace signs and all.

    My kids worked in the movies and my daughter really regretted the loss of the Golden Age of Hollywood when glamour was king. Of course, most of us never knew how stars were abused by studio heads. I should say that "Side Out" is my fav because both my DD and DSIL were in it with individual shots--not speaking shots but one step above an extra. My daughter eventually got a speaking part in a Chevy Chase movie but, again, it was a bit part. Still, it made her eligible for her SAG card. She never pursued it, though; the kids got sick of LA and the movie business and grew homesick for CO.

    I once worked with an artist in our mktg. dept. who dated June Allison. He brought in pics to prove it to us. I don't think he thought we were convinced. Over the years, our family has come in contact with a lot of movie and TV celebs. Most are very nice but there are some real stinkers, just like life in general.

    I hope more people chime in. This is one of the best topics we've had here.

    BTW, I finally got my higher-speed internet up and running. It is faster but I think if I want it to work at its top speed, I need to move the modem and router down to this end of the condo where the signal would be stronger. I would have to leave my Wi-Fi printer in the front office and I'm not sure the signal would reach it if I moved the components.

    I've been watching "Sons of Anarchy;" it's basically "The Sopranos" on motorcycles. I am bored this summer. Just found out that Netflix has all the Season Five episodes of "Breaking Bad." I need to catch up before the final episodes on the 11th. I've watched Seasons One through Four.

    Love, Mikie

    Love, Mikie
  7. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Great idea Rock,

    If I had to choose a favorite movie made the year I was born, there would have to be two. Rear Window, starring Jimmy Stewart, and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea with James Mason, Kirk Douglas, and Paul Lukas. (I'll let y'all do the math). LOL I was totally fascinated by Jules Verne's books.

    I fell in love with The Wizard of Oz as a child. Though it was originally made in 1939 it did not do well. When it was reintroduced in 1956 telecasts, that is when it really came into it's own. (I sometimes watch it when having trouble going to sleep and set the sleep timer on my t.v. to shut it off when it's done because I invariably pass out from 10 to 30 minutes in). Works every time.

    The King and I, with Yul Brenner I could watch over and over again. My Fair Lady with Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn, the same. Funny thing is, Audrey Hepburn couldn't sing a note. The actual singing voice she lip-synced
    to was that of young Julie Andrews.

    Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve. The Time Machine. Time Traveler's Wife. The Lake House. All similar in genre. Good movies. Moby Dick starring Patrick Stewart as Captain Ahab was top notch. One of my favorite books too.

    I have multiple versions of The Christmas Carol. I have the version made in 1938 starring Reginald Owen, I have the black and white version with Alistair Simm as well as the colorized version (my favorite), the version with George C. Scott, Patrick Stewart's version, Jim Carey's version, and Scrooged with Bill Murray. I know I've missed a few others I have. I do not, however, have the one starring Mr. Magoo. LOL. I guess that would have to be my all time favorite movie. Behind that would be Harvey and It's a Wonderful Life, both with Jimmy Stewart.

    My most favorite book was The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I was so thrilled when the 2009 movie version came out. The 1945 version with Hurd Hatfield and the 1973 version with Charles Aidman do not hold a candle. The 2009 version is as if you were reading the book. Living it so to speak. Fabulously done.

    I was not a fan of Sean Connery when he was doing 007 movies. Age has made him more and more attractive, like a fine bottle of wine! Never thought Raquel Welsh was all that and a bag of chips either. Couldn't act. At all. She and Bo Derek had a monopoly on T&A and sexual "hype" in the media.

    I watch very little television. When I do, it's usually PBS. Like Mikie, I am a fan of Downton Abbey. Britcoms fracture me! I've recorded every single episode of Are You Being Served?, The Vicar of Dibley, As Time Goes By, Keeping Up Appearances, and To The Manor Born. I re-watch those a lot.

    If I had to pick three favorite actors they would have to be Jimmy Stewart, Sean Connery and Johnny Depp. As for actresses, Kathy Bates, Katherine Hepburn, and Kate Hudson. Jimmy Stewart was just so "every man" believable. Connery has such stage presence, particularly as he's aged. Depp has amazing versatility. Kathy Bates is also versatile. Katherine Hepburn was so very wry, elegant and "lioness" strong. Kate Hudson, like her mother Goldie, has great comedic timing, particularly when paired with Mathew McConaughey.

    Favorite movie line: From Drop Dead Fred----"Ow loook, coobwebs"! (British accents are hard!)

    One last observation. Bucket List! Classic! Morgan Freeman is the bomb!

    Ok. Meds have "kicked in". Headin' for the Pumpkin Patch.

    Nytol ,

  8. Granniluvsu

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    This will be a very short one. Talking about movies - you picked the wrong subject for me , ROCK.

    The last movie I went to see was with my daughter and DGS - Despicable Me - the first one, not the one with the 2 after it. DH will not go to movies unless it is something he wants to go see. He doesn't want to pay the prices when you can sit and watch stuff on TV. He agrees with me that most new movies are to full of sex and violence . The last movie we saw together was THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. The movie was good I guess but I couldn't watch the gorey and bloody scenes in that one either. Before that, the last one we saw together was THE GODFATHER . Does that tell you how often we go to movies.

    DH loves to watch all the old movies on TV, especially the ones concerning WWI and II. He is a real history buff and knows so much about those wars. He will watch them over and over. I have seen many of them but don't like to continue watching the same ones. Plus I too do not like blood, gore or any scary stuff. You can forget any of those Halloween scary stuff.

    Don't actually have favorites that I can think of. I agree with what most of you guys and gals have mentioned.

    I'll stick to the automated cartoons (Despicable Me) and maybe some Shirley Temple old movies when she was a kid. What a talented kid she was. I loved to watch that little gal dance. Those of you who do not know I used to also tap dance.

    I think I also loved the Broadway shows even more. When I was a kid my dear aunt used to bring me to some and then DH and I went to some in NYC. I was brought up in NY but not the city. My aunt lived for a time in NYC when she was no longer teaching school. I still remember West Side Story, Annie Get Your Gun (Ethel Merman), Camelot, Take Me Along (Jackie Gleason),and there are others but my brain isn't working again :)!!

    It is hard for me to pick favorite actors and actresses, esp nowadays as so many of them have such big heads and they get paid so much MONEY . I do like many of the really OLDER ones though that were already mentioned:)!!

    Well, I am done for now.

  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, you mean Florida is in different time zone than Calif.? LOL My brain can't deal with such
    complex topics anymore. I recently saw a comment by some teacher. She said one of her Jr. High
    students wanted to know if it was also November in Australia. Maybe the only way to teach anything
    anymore is to incorporate it into a video game.

    Don't recall hearing of "Sweet Liberty", but I did like Alan Alda and Michael Caine. I read
    Alda's autobiography. He was more interested in discussing philosophy than show biz. Spent only
    one chapter talking about "Mash". Did you know his dad Robert was also an actor?
    He was in movies and on Broadway. Won an Oscar for the original "Guys and Dolls". I had a
    record of him singing Italian songs.

    Hi SG, "Verklempt is a Yiddish word that means overcome with emotion." Used to have an old
    Jewish guy in our bridge club. He had been a producer for CBS in the early days of TV. Produced
    the Ed Sullivan Show among others. Anyway he sometimes said he was verklempt. Usually because
    his partner had made some bid he didn't approve of.

    Nah, this is not a test. The questions are just to stimulate a discussion. Gordon once said, "Ask
    your folks on the board how many know the words to Happy Birthday." I said, "Why in the
    world would I do that?" He said, "Anything to get a conversation going."

    We had a book club a few years ago. The moderator was Ken from MN. He grew up in St Paul
    where I went to college. He dad still lived in Wabasha, on the Mississippi River. Minnesota's
    oldest settlement. Anyway Ken had been a teacher. He thought up great questions to help get our
    discussions going.

    I loved the Rogers-Astaire movies too. Love tap dancing, and there were so many great dancers during
    the Golden Age. Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Donald O'Connor, Ann Miller, Bobbie Van, Bob Fosse,
    Debbie Reynolds, Eleanor Powell, Bill Robinson, the Nicholas Brothers. The good thing is we
    can still see them on Youtube.

    Oh yeah, speaking of Meryl Streep, saw her in A Prairie Home Companion the other day. It was basically
    the radio show with Garrison Keillor. Meryl and Lily Tomlin played the Johnson Sisters and sang duets.
    They were great. Hard to know if they really can sing or if it was dubbed, but I loved it. You can see
    them warbling on Youtube.

    Oops! Better post this before it goes poof and I go verklempt! Back shortly.


  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I think Meryl Streep is about the best female actor I can think of. But...speaking of the glamorous days of Hollywood, the poor woman desperately needs a stylist. She shows up at award shows looking downright dowdy. She's an attractive person. Would love to see her all dolled up.

    Love Johnny Depp too but he has some very skewed idea of fashion. He's a very handsome guy when he's not all weirded up.

    Sean Connery's wife has the same first name as my real one. She's French; I'm not. He once said in a TV interview that women need to be hit from time to time. I'm paraphrasing but that's what he said. Also, his lispy way of speaking is an affectation. Watch one of his early movies; it's not there. Between his lack of respect for women and his phoneyness, I do not respect him. I do, however, like him in some of the roles he plays.

    But, the topic isn't actors; it's movies, even though actors are a BIG part of any movie. I love to watch "The Basics" on, I think it's, AMC. They show movies which, in their opinion, are the basics everyone should see. I recently rewatched "To Kill A Mockingbird" and saw so much more depth in it than I ever did before. Maybe it's the times we are living in which add perspective to what we see.

    Well, off to the movies--NOT!

    Love, Mikie
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie, Rock, etc.,

    Just a minute before I leave for church. Yes, I also loved the old song and dance movies already mentioned. Always loved the singing and dancing. Oh, I forgot to add Mary Martin as Peter Pan in the original show I believe. Wow, how many years ago was that? I could google but will have to wait to see how old I was then - hehe ! I know there are others I forgot to mention too.

    Well, gotta run to the little girls room before church :)!

    Granni :)
  12. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Since I'm a bit of a movie buff (have over 1,000 movies...dvd and/or video), thought I'd bop in here to add my 2 cents.

    The year I was born was when Gone With The Wind came out (along with those listed by Rock). But, I was a December baby, so I tend to get folded into 1940. And, I feel it is the "total classic". Can't say it's a favorite, but I enjoy watching it every time.

    Favorite actor(s): Well, that changes as time passes. As a 6/7-yr. old, I thought Van Johnson and Dennis Morgan (remember him?) were the best!! Then, in my early youth, there was Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne...but I think that was due to them being my Dad's favorites. As my aging progressed, I would change favorites. But, right now, I believe I like Russell Crowe the best. I know his reputation isn't the best, but he's a tremendous actor. He did make one comedy I truly enjoy and watch it when I need a "pick-me-up"'s called "A Good Year".

    Least favorite actor(s): Sean Penn (he always looks like he's smelling something bad), Alec Baldwin, all the Sheens and, last but not least, Woody Allen (don't care for his movies either).

    Favorite actress(es): Again, as a 6/7-yr. old, it was June Allison. As time evolved, there was Barbara Stanwyck, Susan Hayward, Maureen O'Hara and, yes, Katherine Hepburn (but only her later movies). My current favorite is Cate Blanchett due to her versatility. She's no a beauty, but she can certainly act. Then there's the aging Maggie Smith.

    Least favorite actress(es): There are/were so many. Ida Lupino, Mercedes McCambridge and Joan Crawford are just a few. And, to be honest, I currently don't have a true favorite...I absolutely cannot get warmed up to any of today's actresses.

    Hard to say what my favorite movie is, but if push comes to shove, I'd say: Shakespeare in Love. Why? "It's a mystery.":rolleyes: I totally commend the screen writers. I was totally impressed how they interwove his works into the movie itself (and "altered" his lifestyle). I still chuckle every time. I was also a very big Downton Abbey fan but now that "Matthew" is dead, I hope not to get caught up again next season. I enjoyed all the Harry Potter movies (although dark...I loved how Valdemort "got it" in the end).:)

    I refuse to watch ANY movie made by Oliver Stone. That man can take facts and twist them to enhance his own agenda.

    Although I lived in CA for many, many years and saw various actors "on the street", I can say my parents were good friends of George Temple...Shirley Temple's younger brother. My Dad and he met in the Marines. George was sort of the "black sheep"...he wrestled for a living then developed MS. Shirley came out as a major research advocate for this reason. I've never met a more kind and gentle person...and he didn't allow his ailment to change him. I did meet Shirley and John Agar while they were married. We were invited to swim at their home and as a young kid, I was totally impressed (and envious) of a small house on the property that held all her massive doll collection.

    Current movies? I didn't think I'd like it, but I's "Snow White & The Huntsman." Another surprising movie I enjoyed was "Jack, The Giant Slayer." I have a 3D TV, so I tend to enjoy watching those when I'm not "projecting" (knitting and/or crocheting...not that I'm proficient).

    Because I'm pretty much housebound, I'm very disappointed the "premium channels" on TV show only poorly made movies, movies that have played 1,000 times, and are now producing "series" programs (like network programming). AMC used to be commercial free, but hasn't been for years now (plus the crop the movie). Fox Movie Channel is now doing the same. Ugh! But, I seldom actually "watch"'s background noise more than anything. I am NOT a fan of science fiction or gory movies of any sort. But, I do like a good "action" film..."Red" and the Bourne series come to mind.

    Oh, and BTW, it wasn't Julie Andrews' voice in My Fair Lady. It was Marni Nixon, but Hepburn did sing a few of the songs. Jule was considered for the part of Elisa, but was turned down because they didn't feel she had enough "box office" draw at the time.

    I've blithered enough...ya'll have a good day...:)
  13. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Windy,

    I did not know that. I'd read somewhere that Julie Andrews did the singing an Audrey Hepburn did the lip-sync. Learn something new every day! Thanks. Will have to learn a little more about Marni Nixon. The name's not familiar to me. Now I have something new to research :) Hi ho, Hi ho, it's off to the WEB I go.

    Thanks for the info. and hope you're feeling better.
  14. Darrae

    Darrae Member


    Wow! Marni Nixon was one busy woman! I'm amazed at how many films she did voice for. Very interesting! Did not know she did The King And I either. Very neat info. Thanks again.

    Find something "happy making' in your day today and soak it up! :)

  15. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Darrae...Isn't the internet wonderful?!! We've got a question and we just plug in a few words and, viola, there's an answer "somewhere".

    When Braveheart came out, I wanted to find out more about the princess in the movie so off to the internet I went. Although she was a real person, she would have been a baby (or so I read) when that part of history was being made. I do this type of thing often and, for me, it's fun. Love having an encyclopedia at my fingertips.:)

    I think back and it always amazes me how this technology has evolved. When I was a youngun', just having your own typewriter was a real treat...LOL (and a phone).

    Hope you have a good day, too.

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Windy, Dar, Granni, SG, Mikie, et. al.

    Hey! What happened to them donuts? I et all of 'em.
    (That's the kind of sophisticated and subtle we feature around this joint.)

    Yes, Marnie Nixon was the great voice dubber. Read her biography some years back. She had
    a lovely soprano voice. I used to have a record of her singing songs from "Mary Poppins". The
    cover indicated it was a children's record. But it was equally suitable for us big kids. Kinda
    like Winnie the Pooh or Harry Potter.

    She was married to Ernest Gold who wrote music for numerous movies. Won an Oscar for
    "Exodus". I also had a CD of her singing his music. Wonder where it is? Musta got lost in
    that last move.

    Read a biography of Harper Lee a few years back, Mikie. She was a very private person; wouldn't
    give interviews. Her biographer said she was disappointed in the movie. It focused too much on
    the Gregory Peck character, and not enough on the children. The kids were based on Harper and
    her childhood friend Truman Capote.

    Yup, Windy, loved Maggie Smith. I saw her in a Noel Coward play back in the 70s.
    Her co star was her husband Robert Stephens who was also in "The Prime of" as her boyfriend.
    That same summer I saw another Noel Coward play starring Vanessa Redgrave. Love her too.

    OK, Cut! That's a wrap.
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everybody,

    Yes, I did read that about Harper Lee but I didn't know it was Capote who was her childhood friend. What an unfortunate guy. He was soooo charming but couldn't resist gossiping about all his friends to one another and eventually was shunned in social circles. He was a talented guy.

    I love sooo many of the old 40's movie stars and their movies. What they are showing now as classic movies are the poorly made ones from the 60's. AACK!!! I do actually recognize some of today's actors in the movies but among the young ones, there are few stars. I've always like Liam Neeson but his life has been tragic as has his wife's family, the Redgraves. He can project so much emotion without being too much.

    I saw Red and loved it. Want to see Red2. I like it when older actors are casted. They have so much to offer. I totally agree about Maggie Smith.

    I've been Herxing for several days and stink from sweating out the dead pathogens. I bathed but will take a shower in the morning when the Herx is definitely gone. So, while I've been sitting on my tush, I've been catching up on "Sons of Anarchy" on Netflix. I half-way through the 4th Season and it's just keeps getting worse. It's like a train wreck that I can't avert my eyes from. The main characters are more evil than I ever imagined in the beginning. I want to catch up before the 5th Season opener.

    I have books waiting to be read but since I've had this UTI, I just want to be mindlessly entertained. Even my brain is tired. Good news, though--I think the UTI is cleared up (knocking on wood).

    Love, Mikie
  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I've now requested the bio on Harper Lee. It sounds very interesting. Thanks for the recommendation. I used to love reading the biographies but somehow stopped a few years ago.

    Call me crazy but I just finished watching Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds". I don't care for his movies but since it was Brad Pitt I took a change. A most interesting premise.....if only it could have been true.

    I also like Maggie Smith and all the movies I've seen her in. I'm terrible at movie names and actors lately though so can't list any of hers.

    And yea for the disappearance of the UTI.
  19. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    I believe it was Rock who mentioned Alan Alda and his Dad, Robert. Robert played George Gershwin in a movie "Rhapsody in Blue" ages ago about Gershwin's life. The Gershwin music was wonderful and Robert was very handsome. He was better known as a stage actor and never made many movies. Why am I mentioning this? The movie is haunting yet it's seldom ever played on TV.

    Most people read a book, then, when it's made into a movie, watch to see how close it resembles the book (yes, I've done this many times). But, I also like to read the book after seeing the movie. I've done this several times recently and my current read is "The Enchanted April". I love the "feel" of this movie. However, the book is a freebie for Amazon Kindles and it's so full of typos I have to stop to figure out what the author actually meant to say. Frustrating. But, the movie does a good job of following the book.

    I thought Capote was a hoot in the crazy movie "Murder By Death".

    I also wanted to see "Red 2" was playing here recently, but I never made the time to go see it. So, now I'll have to wait for the DVD. I enjoy Bruce Willis' movies and he doesn't always play "the good guy". In "The Jackal", he was one cold blooded killer.

    I'm envious, Rock. You're so fortunate to have seen stage performances such as you have. My parents never took us, so I never gave them much thought even after I grew up. But, they did like movies and they'd pile us into a trolley car for a jaunt to Hollywood making a day of it. It was fun going to Grauman's Chinese or the Pantages Threaters to see "first runs", then we'd go eat somewhere close by. Or, after a movie, we'd go to Olvera(sp?) Street just for fun.

    Ah, memories....
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Well, my celebrating the end of the UTI may have been premature. The Herxing is done and I slept all day but am having hints of symptoms. I guess I'll have to just break down and see the doc. It isn't healthy to let an infection keep running.

    Sunflower, Maggie Smith is in the "Downton Abbey" series on PBS and she is the family matriarch. What a performance she gives. The whole series is brilliantly casted and the series really gives a feel of what it was like to be a landed lord before, and after, WWI. Also, she was brilliant in the "Harry Potter" movies.

    Windy, those old books which are free were somehow digitized mechanically and most are full of strange things. Still, free is free. I guess we get what we pay for. If I know a good book is being made into a movie, I will usually watch the movie first and then read the book but I have done it the other way around too. If the book is good, I like it when the movie is true to the story and what I see matches what I saw when I read the book in my brain.

    Speaking of which, this is off topic and weird--after my bad fall and head injury a year ago, I had a hard time reading. I just thought I needed new glasses. "Vanity Fair" is my favorite mag and I couldn't read the small print. I have an app for the Kindle but can't get it to work. I am now able to read it. My doc told me that symptoms from head injuries can last for years. He said that when I couldn't sleep. Scared the hell out of me. Thank God, that only lasted a few months. I was exhausted. I know we actually see with our brains and our eyes are only the lenses we see through (there I go again; can't stop ending sentences with prepositions; it's hopeless).

    On HGTV, Fred Astaire's old home was restored. It was a deserted mess. The new owners redid it true to its time and it was beautiful. It was understated with furnishings from the 30's. Even so, it looked as fresh as a new home but with the rich feel of another time when things were more elegant and gentrified. Few men exuded that class act like FA and Cary Grant.

    Love, Mikie