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    Mikie...Sorry to read you UTI is back. Yep, best get in to see a's gone on for too long. Head injuries can affect reading. Also, blood sugar can play a roll. When I can't focus well, generally it's those last 3 cookies I just ate.

    Trust me, SFG knows Downton Abbey and Maggie Smith. It was she who got me hooked in the first place. She mentioned it to me during the 1st then, I'd missed 3 episodes but decided to watch anyway. Got totally hooked. I never watch movies on my computer since I have a "limit". But, I watched the episodes I missed in order to get caught up. It's the one and only time I ever had to pay extra for my internet service...LOL!!!

    And, speaking of Fred Astaire...I love watching him dance with Eleanor Powell. She was quite the hoofer, too. I heard a rumor he didn't like dancing with her since she intimidated him. Not sure if links are allowed on PH, but here's a great clip of them dancing together:

    It's good news to know they're restored him home.:) Eleanor Powell BTW was Glenn Ford's first wife. During WW2, my Dad was a rifle instructor in the Marines. He trained both Glenn Ford and Tyrone Power.

    I've even purchased books for my Kindle and there are constant typos. Drives me bonkers...and sometimes they cost more than buying the actual book. And, lately, that's what I've done...actually purchased "paper" books. At least I can share it with others...I donate them to my local library.

    One of my recent DVD purchases was yet another Maggie Smith movie...Quartet (a Dustin Hoffman movie). Not that great a movie...the best lines were given to Billy Connelly (a Scottish comedian). He's a hoot!!!

    Hope everyone has a better day today than yesterday...:)
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    Sorry, she said she couldn't name any of her movies so I figured she didn't see her in DA.

    One of the disadvantages of Kindles, Nooks, etc. is that you cannot give the book to a friend when done. I have a Kindle Fire HD so could lend my old original Kindle to a friend. Friends have given me paperbacks and I have yet to read them. Now that I can see, I'm catching up on my "Vanity Fair" mags.

    Did your uncle enjoy training FA and TP? During WWII, movie stars were so involved, some of them even in the service. Many through the USO. In my Mom's hometown of North Platte, NE, they had a canteen for soldiers changing trains. Everyone in town gave rationing coupons so they could feed the soldiers. They had young women hostesses, music and dancing for the troops. There was a book written about it--"Once Upon A Town." He was on PBS pushing his book and he showed enlargements of pics he had for research. There was one with my Mom in it but it wasn't used for the book. I plan to go back to North Platte to the museum to try to find the pic.

    Thanks for your kind words about my UTI. I know it's just a matter of time before I can't stand being in between sick and well and have to go in. I hate it; I hate it; I hate it. I've seen enough docs to last me for life. Really strange deal. My insurance is sending me a $15 Visa prepaid card when I get my doc to sign off on my mammogram.

    Love, Mikie
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    I guess I confused you. It was my Dad who was the rifle instructor and he didn't train was Glenn Ford.

    I hope you do get to North Platte and find the pic of your Mom. That would be a great one to pass on to future generations!:)

    During the war, my Mom worked as a secretary at an air base outside the town of Pueblo, CO. I gather there was a canteen there, too. Her greatest thrill was she got to dance with Clark Gable. Her eyes would mist over every time she'd reminisce...LOL. And, I think I watched that program on PBS...

    Insurance companies are a mystery...why a gift card? Weird!!! And, yes, I think all of us have seen far too many doctors and often with no results.

    Take care...
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    Hi, Windy,

    Well, it doesn't take much to confuse me. Just because I can see better now doesn't mean I'm reading better :)

    Geez, just thinking about dancing with Clark Gable makes my eyes mist. As many hardships as we endured during WWII, I think it was one of the most romantic ages in our history. My Mom agreed. I have a cousin who lives in Pueblo.

    With ObamaCare, insurance companies have to spend, I believe, it's 80 percent of premium income on direct benefits for members. United HealthCare is enormously profitable and they did pare down on some co-pays this year. Still, they must be making too much money and have to figure out ways to spend their excess on preventive care. They badgered me to let a nurse come to my home to do a cursory checkup. I have docs and have told them no. My neighbor, who has UHC but doesn't see docs, let the nurse come out and she found she has high blood pressure and one other thing which escapes my memory. Her co-pay to see her PCP is zero so I don't know why she just doesn't get an annual physical which is also free.

    My gut tells me that the nurse reports back any unhealthy living conditions and that is why they offer the service. On the other hand, maybe it just makes it more convenient for Seniors to get a quick checkup. I don't live in an unhealthy home so I have nothing to fear there but I told them their frequent phone calls were intrusive and I don't want to get them any more but to send their informational brochures. The nurse visit isn't for me but my neighbor is very glad she had hers. So, if it prevents illness, it's worth it. Prevention saves a lot more money than letting something go too long. Look who's talking; I still haven't gone in for my UTI :D

    Have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks for explaining the gift card...sounds good to me.

    I was born in Pueblo. I still have family there, too. Wouldn't it be a hoot if we were related...what is that called? Six degrees of separation?
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    Hi, Windy, well, we are all part of the Online Family here. Everyone in my family originally came from NE and some moved to CO. Only one cousin moved to Pueblo. I grew up in Boulder, Hippy Town :) We moved to the Denver area when our kids were in jr. high and high school. I still love CO but feel better here, despite the heat and humidity.

    Love, Mikie
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    Celluloid Memories

    When movies came in Black & White,
    The prices were not outta sight.
    When Hoppy rode up on his horse,
    You knew who'd win the day, of course.

    When John Wayne towered over all,
    You saw the writing on the wall.
    For glamour, dancing, song and fun,
    And plots where good guys always won;

    Where nice girls kissed but most discreetly,
    And handsome guys dressed Oh, so neatly.
    You could not beat the Golden Age
    With Fred and Ginger on the stage.

    (No need at all for Nicholas Cage.)

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    did you write that or find it someplace?

    Today in the L.A. Times front page there is a poet who sits at her little table with a typewriter at the open air produce market in Hollywood. She will immediately write you a poem and you pay according to what you have or what you think it's worth......from 50 cents to $20. Quite interesting and if you want to read it go to L A Times and look for the poet story.
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    Hey, SG, that is such a cool story. I didn't expect I'd be able to find it, but it showed up on the first page.
    I have bookmarked it so I can reread it tomorrow.

    After mentioning "A Few Figs From Thistles" yesterday, I got to wondering if any of our great writers
    of light verse (like Dorothy Parker or Ogden Nash or Georgie Starbuck Gilbraith or Phyllis McGinley) had
    written about the movies. Couldn't find any so I found one someplace else. In my own little head. Ha Ha!

    Not sure if I got Georgie's name spelled right. Too many similar names. Phyllis McGinley won the
    Pulitzer Prize back in my college days. Haven't read anything by her in a coon's age. Have to look some
    up. Her book "A Pocketful of Wry" came out the year I was born. But that's also hard to look up
    because somebody wrote "A Pocketful or Rye" and the computer wants to correct me. Alas, the computer
    can only store and manipulate data. It cannot think. I can't think so well anymore either due to my
    Eisenhower's disease.

    Some years back I posted a birthday wish for one of our long time posters. Some gal said she
    searched to find the author, but the only thing the computer could find was my posting at different

    Ha det bra
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    that's a super little're very talented. I'm still at the point of poetry such as: There was an old man from Nantucket, who kept all his fish in a bucket.....blah blah blah.
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    Ha! Sunflower Girl, that's not the Nantucket poem I learned. Yours is much nicer.

    Rock, loooooved your poem. Sometimes, our discussions here remind me of the great salons in Paris, and other places like the Algonquin Hotel. You raise our conversations to a higher level.

    Love, Mikie
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    Great poem, Rock. You "Rock"!!!:)

    Funny, you mentioning Hopalong...I recently mentioned to our oldest son about getting the grandkids a DVD of Hopalong's TV shows. He said, "Who?" He's in his 50's, so what does that say about us? LOL

    We moved to CA from CO when I was 4...I only "know" CO from visits with family over the years. Such a beautiful state...but the altitude and I wouldn't get along well now.
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    There was an old man from Nantucket,
    Who kept all his fish in a bucket.
    He said with a grin,
    "Pick them up by the fin.
    I'm selling them three for a ducat."

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    Oh, my! That certainly isn't the version of the poem I learned. I'll keep my version to myself as I don't relish being booted off the boards.

    Love, Mikie
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    Windy, I don't think young people know anything that happened more than a few months ago. Even
    if they love music, they don't know anything about the pop music of the past. Talked to a librarian
    recently. He was probably in his 30s. Never heard of Groucho Marx.

    Hoppy was about as big as you can get in the entertainment business. When I was young we had
    a Hoppy book and saw Hoppy movies. Was also on radio and TV. The Gene Autry Cowboy Museum
    is here in LA (Griffith Park). It has a Roy Rogers exhibit and a Hoppy section. If I were in better
    health I would love to be a guide. It would sorta bookend my career. In my teen years I was a cave

    Mikie, you dare devil, don't do anything rash. We don't want to lose you. Ah, yes, The Algonquin
    Round Table. Lots of famous wise crackers there. Anecdotes about them keep showing up in
    show business books. Wikipedia has a good list of the regulars and folks who dropped in.

    Gordon's sisters are coming today. They're going to make Chinese dumplings which are
    very different than the kind our grandmas made. Gordon bought them each a tortilla press
    to flatten the dough which is made with some unusual ingreediment; rice starch maybe.
    Most of the time they use won ton skins. Bon Won Ton Appetit.

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    Mikie: I have to thank you for recommending Wood Allen's Midnight in Paris. I don't normally like anything he's associated with but this was very charming. Loved having all these people pop up, wouldn't that be fun. And then when his "love" wanted to see a different era and there they were...... What a fun premise and a movie I think I'll want to watch again.

    A few days ago I watched Argo which I knew nothing about but because it won academy awards I needed to see what it was all about. A thoroughly exciting movie and I recommend it. One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. By the way Rock......I've found I can order these movies thru the library system and then to keep them for a week and pay nothing! How great is that. Of course I do have to wait until my # is up.
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    Rock, I agree with you. There was more emphasis on history when we grew up than today. Today, it's more about the math and science. We, at least, knew about the era our parents grew up in and the movies they watched and the music they danced to. Sad to learn that Eydie Gorme died. I used to just love to listen to her and Steve Lawrence sing together. Their sound was unique. We keep losing people of that era. Another thing about now is that everything is moving so fast. It's a throw-away world so maybe kids don't think they need to know about stuff. They can look up anything they need to know. I think they tend to just exist in the now. Child experts warned us that when kids started to watch fast-moving shows, like Sesame Street, they would lose their ability to focus. Either attention deficit is on the rise or it's being diagnosed more often. I'm sure our parents thought we'd never amount to anything, what with listening to that evil rock 'n roll music.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm so glad you enjoyed the movie. I also loved "Somewhere In Time," with Christopher Reeve (is it Reeve or Reeves?). The concept of time travel fascinates me. I also liked the idea of meeting famous artists and writers in "Midnight In Paris." Paris has always been such a draw for artistic people. It truly is a magical city.

    OK, why does CBS always schedule "60 Minutes" following PGA tournaments? The golf always goes over, messing up the whole evening. I'll be tuning to "Breaking Bad" at 9:00 to watch the first episode in the final half of the last season. Glad I had a chance to catch up before tonight. I hope I have a chance to catch up on "Sons of Anarchy" before the season begins next mo. Netflix usually gets the season when it's released on DVD. I'm such a whiner!

    Got my kitchen cleaned up today but that's it. I got no git up 'n go. See--whining again. I had better go before I become a major downer.

    Love to everyone.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I've been off the web for a little while. Racked out my right shoulder at work lifting stuff I shouldn't have. Oddly, when I incur a new pain, it seems to set off all the regular stuff harder. Haven't been sleeping well. Tired as heck. Shoulder's better, but not top notch. Then somehow, today, I broke a blood vessel in the palm of my hand while loading and unloading residents on and off the bus for an outing.

    Due to low census, I lost my assistant a few months back. I really need an assistant for this crap. My new Administrator seems to think I'm Wonder Woman. We're about to have a "talk". Census is up and I've had it with being a "One Woman Department".

    Every other facility that I know of has at least 2 to 4 people doing my job. All other departments have all their numbers back up, but yet, I still have no help. This will cease shortly! Ok. I'm done whining now.

    Windy, you're right. I mean, I miss the "gentler" times I grew up in. I remember only having 2 channels on the t.v., a round t.v. screen, still having a "party line" on the phone, rotary dial phones, etc.....But it is really nice to have the technology that we have to be able to snap our fingers on the keys and get instant answers to questions about almost anything.

    Not to mention being able to make a whole slew of new friends who get you. And you get them. So cool!

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    Rock, Windy, Sun, Mikie,

    Regarding History,

    You are so right. I'm amazed at how many people do not know who the Marx Brothers were any more. I asked my residents to name the Marx Brothers the other day during trivia time. These folks range in age from 65 to 97 and even they forgot Zeppo! Course, they have memory issues. That's what trivia is for, to jog their memories and get them to think.

    Steve Lawrence and Edye Gorme were the bomb, great loss, sadly. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were mesmerizing. They didn't just dance, they floated. Not to mention Donald O'Connor, Gene Kelley, Danny Kaye (One of my all time faves), the oh so versatile Lon Chaney. So many great actors and actresses are total non-entities to the present generation of young theater goers.

    And some of those actors in the silent film days risked life and limb doing all their own stunt work. Buster Keaton was a man to be either admired, or perhaps, thought to be completely out of his mind! Theda Bara was the Marilyn Monroe of her day. So many of these, if you mentioned their names, these young people today have no clue.

    I was talking to a guy at work today, a couple years older than myself. He is African American. Really nice man. Since the first day he came to work we've had this neat rapport. We often chat as he's coming in and waiting to clock in, while I'm outside taking my afternoon break. We always have great conversations.

    We were talking about politics, Obama, the changes in the way different cultures see each other in our world today, how we are the most ethnically diverse country in the world. He hates the new music of young blacks and the fact that they use the "N" word in their music like it's appropriate. And how they refer to each other using self same word.

    I told him I didn't get it either. It's such an ugly word. Historically speaking, it's an abominable word to use for any reason. And to use it like it's a status symbol or something confuses me. I told him I hadn't heard any new white artists using the word "cracker" in their songs yet. He 'bout split! Told me I'm funny.

    He told me about a new movie coming out that sounds totally intriguing. The title is "The Butler". He didn't want to spoil the movie for me, but told me the story was about a black man who was the butler for 5 presidents in the White House. I thanked him profusely for putting me in the positition of now having to go out and buy the video!!!

    And, of course, I will have to see it now. Oh, by the way Rock, loved the poetry.

    Well, let's see if we can sleep tonight shall we? I must be tired. I'm speaking of myself in the second tense.


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    Hi Folks, Bringing you the latest news on the Chinese dumpling festival, there was a failure in the
    culinary hardware that marred the proceedings. The tortilla presses turned out to be defective.
    I refrained from saying, "probably junk made in China". After all, Gordon was made in China. Yes.
    Came here (illegally) when he was a baby. All legal now.

    Never heard of the movie Argo, SG. I know about the ship Argo that Jason and the Argonauts sailed
    in because they were the subject of a Scrooge McDuck comic half a century ago. Set out to find
    the Golden Fleece.

    Yes, our free libraries are a cornerstone of our democracy. So are low postage rates for books and
    newspapers. And free schools. All because our founding fathers knew that the populace of a
    democracy needed to be educated.

    We can put DVDs on hold and have them delivered to our local branch. Can't do the same with
    CDs though. The problem with DVDs is that I can't operate the remote properly. ( I think we need
    a new remote, but Gordon disagrees. Not worth an argument. Know what? 32 years together w/
    never a fight. Doesn't mean we agree on everything. We just eschew fights.) {Doncha think
    "eschew" is a silly word.}

    Mikie, your comment on Sesame Street is just what a teacher told me about 20 years ago. It was
    the first time I ever heard a negative word on S. St. He essentially said, "Kids nowadays have the
    attention span of a gnat, and they expect education to be entertainment." When I was college
    age, only 20% of kids went to college. Now I've read it's 50% and many colleges have created
    remedial reading courses. And, of course, we all know about gifted athletes who graduate without
    ever attending a class.

    Yes, Reeve or Reeves is confusiating. Here's how you can tell them apart. Mr. Reeve played Superman.
    And so did Mr. Reeves. Ha Ha! George Reeves was the TV superman. He was also one of red-headed
    (dyed) Tarleton Twins talking to Scarlett on the steps of Tara.

    Christopher Reeve was the star of the 1970s movie Superman. He was also in "Noises Off", a great
    comedy based on a French farce. Terrific cast. He was the one in the horse accident that left him

    Dar, great to see you again. I have a separate post for you about your accident.