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    Hi Dar, Don't know much about your work situation, but I used to handle Worker's comp claims.
    If your injury involves time off from work, or medical treatment, or disability, you may want to
    make a claim for worker's comp benefits. I only know Calif. law, so you many want to talk to
    an attorney. Oops. gotta, go, back later.
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    Hi Again Dar, Gordon called me because Dave Barry was on TV. I think he's America's greatest
    humorist. Certainly the most prolific.

    Anyhoo, in Calif. an attorney won't charge you for a consultation. If you are awarded benefits the
    attorney receives a maximum of 15%, and the judge must approve the fee. You are entitled to benefits
    even if you only work part time and sometimes, even if you are a volunteer.

    Employers who fail to report injuries to their insurance carrier or who wrongfully deny benefits
    are subject to monetary penalties. Hope your injuries are soon healed.

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    Hi, Y'all,

    Dar, hope your shoulder is better. Stand up for yourself at work. They will take advantage of you. I think the Travon Martin case opened a lot of eyes of white people. Many, including me, never knew that black parents had to have "the talk" to their kids about how to handle themselves so as to not look suspicious and what to do if stopped by the cops. Our kids just take it for granted they have the right to walk down the street in relative safety. That case just broke my heart.

    I do agree that too many kids look up to the gansta style of what they call music. Much of rap speaks of violence and is very disrespectful of women. That's not a culture any kids should admire. My neighbor is Italian. She can use words which are not nice to describe Italians but no one else can. Same with my Polish neighbors. That said, however, I think if one doesn't want others calling them those names, they shouldn't call each other those names. After the Trayvon Martin trial ended, I was out shopping and I noticed people of all races being kinder to one another. If only we lived like this all the time.

    Rock, I like the word, "ewschew." Some words just sound like what they mean. I like the word, "germane," too. I have some other favorites but, again, I can't post them. I love it on the "Actors' Guild" show when they ask the guest celeb his or her favorite swear word. Oh, my! Some of those cute little actresses swear like sailors. It always draws huge applause.

    I do know the difference between the Supermen (I just didn't know how to spell their names). It was one of my favorite shows when I was a child. Then, we took our kids to the movies when they made "Superman." Christopher Reeve's was such a tragic life. He had such high hopes of finding ways to fix spinal cord injuries. His foundation did contribute greatly toward that goal. His wife was beautiful and her life was tragic too. She cared for him until he died and then, she died very young. How sad for their children.

    When people speak of heroes, what comes to my mind is those who go through life with such disabilities. I am of the belief, not shared by many, that we choose these lives in order to grow spiritually and God granted these lives so that we might. I've never asked, "Why me?" I know why; I asked for it. I also think we are all heroes and heroines because we keep going and trying to live as normal lives as our illnesses permit. We are strong in a way that many are not. People here are so generous with their time, support, comfort and info sharing. I've always felt privileged to know our members.

    I want to see "The Butler." I think Oprah is such a good actress and she looks for quality projects. Jane Fonda is playing Nancy Reagan. To me, she is totally miscast but I'll hold my final opinion until I see the movie. I'll likely watch it at home. I can not go out to movies. Speaking of kids--they think it's OK to text or make or take calls during a movie. The last time I went to a move with a friend, we went to a mid-week matinee. Sure enough, out of an almost empty theater, three old hard-of-hearing women sat in front of us. The movie was complex and they were asking each other what was going on. I finally had had enough and asked them to stop talking. One turned to me and said, "But we were just trying to figure out what was happening." I didn't answer but wanted to say, "If you'd just shut up for a minute, you'd find out." Darn near bit my tongue off trying to hold it with my teeth. That kind of stuff gets my seizure activity going and I get testy. I should have put some Klonopin under my tongue.

    Barb and I went to one of the posh living places here where you can transition from your own home to an assisted living apt. to skilled nursing. It's considered pretty upscale. They have all kinds of cultural, life enhancing activities and entertainment. The Naples Symphony was performing and you could hear a pin drop. These people from another era know how to behave at public events. We were free to just enjoy the music.

    We have a big performing arts center here and we get all the entertainment that we got in Denver, including traveling Broadway shows. The tickets are expensive enough that people behave better. I don't think many of them dress appropriately for the occasions but it's not my job to be judgmental. But, if it were... Our newspaper even did an article on it with pics (minus head shots) of the horrible dress. It's not that they had bad taste (they did), it's that their clothing was old and worn out looking--worn out polyester pants and pilled sweaters from, at least, the 70's. Now, if a person can pay $100 a seat to go to the theater or symphony, he or she ought to be able to dress decent. Turns out from the interviews that these folks were just frugal and saw no need to spend money on new clothes as long as the old ones could still be worn.

    Same for when I took Mom to church. I'm conflicted because I think it's disrespectful to go to church in obviously dirty clothing. But, I know God doesn't care so who am I to notice. Here I am in church and judging others. I can't help myself. I think being judgmental is my Achilles heel and I'm trying to work on it.

    Well, I've gone waaay off topic here so will end my rant.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie

    I don't know anything about "The Butler" except that it is a new movie. I turn on the Turner Classic
    Movies channel now and then. Usually nothing I want to watch. A couple weeks ago there was an
    old B&W film with Nancy Davis in it. Watched it for a few minutes. She was fine. Didn't have a
    part that required any great acting, but she was certainly professional.

    I saw most of "The Women" which I had seen before. One of the best comedies from the 30s with a
    great cast. Rosalind Russell just talks her head off at ninety miles an hour. The big star was Norma
    Shearer who was married to Irving Thalberg, MGM's wonder boy; second only to Louie B Meyer.

    Yes, I think "germane" is a euphonious word. Reminds me of the great French soprano Germaine
    Lubin. Went to Youtube to see what that had of her. Couldn't see anything. Youtube wouldn't grant
    me access until I told them my cell phone number. Don't gots one. Anyhoo I read they now are linked
    to Facebook, and there have been stories about Facebook and Twitter and those sites having info
    stolen. If people are getting paranoid, it is with good reason.

    Your penultimate paragraph contains the name of a hymn. Can you find it? I'm sure it's on Youtube.
    "Who Am I?"

    Gordon has gone to work. I have to check and see if he fed Zippy.
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    Good grief! I cannot find the hymn but then, as I mentioned, I was raised Catholic and about the only music was masses sung in Latin. At weddings and funerals, they might sing but we didn't sing hymns at church like the Protestants. As a result, I'm only familiar with a few. I do have Elvis' Gospel CD and it is beautiful. I love the old time Gospel music. Once in a while, I like something newer, like "I Believe In Angels."

    I watched the old version of "The Women." Acting styles have certainly changed over the years. My Mom's best friend looked just like Rosalind Russell. After WWII, they went to LA to visit my uncle, who had been in the service. They looked just like movie stars in their little chubby fur coats with their hair done in the 40's style. My Mom was beautiful.

    Physicists cannot figure out why time travels only in one direction. There is no law of physics which explains this. Sometimes, it's hard to grow older but we do have amazing memories. I think we are lucky to have lived in our time span. I wouldn't go back if I could so I'm glad I have my memories.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Rock,
    Hi Mikie,

    Thanks for the welcome back and the support. I appreciate you. I'll be ok. Since I've worked where I do, the first 4 years I had an Administrator who also had FM. She understood. She never questioned time off. (Course I never took time off unless I was sick or in the hospital having surgery). She always worried about me NOT taking time off. She worried about me getting "burned out". She never expected me to do the heavy lifting I've been doing.

    She was a great boss and had the most excellent people skills. I really miss her. We had the best working relationship. She called me "Willow". Because I was always ready to help, go with the flow, and have always been a team player with a pleasant attitude and a smile every single day.

    This new one is all about "business". Not about residents, not about the welfare of her staff. She's all about impressing the owner with her "bright ideas", which she expects me to implement at the drop of a hat. "Poof" like I have some sort of magic wand. I've never mentioned any time I've been actually hurt on the job.......... Ever. Usually, it's an old injury just being re-injured. In Illinois, (particularly in the county I live in), law is a joke. The first thing they will do is say, "She has a pre-existing condition". No can pay. I haven't the time, nor the inclination to deal with it.

    Besides, I do not want their doctors to examine, let alone touch or try to treat me in any way whatsoever. It took me a long time to get where I am. I will see only my own doctors, and will be treated only by them. They got me this far. And, I spent enough time in court after the car accident and during a long horrible divorce that I do not care to pick another battle that involves court. Not in this county.

    What this "Fodder-For-Brains" individual does not realize, is that they went through three Directors for my position before they found me. If she does not capitulate on the "help" issue when I speak with her in that regard, I will then speak to the owner. (He happens to think the world of me). He likes what I've done and the programs I have instituted.

    When I had my last annual review, FFB didn't understand, and stated as much, why out of 67 employees, I was one of only 3 that got a raise. And, that I am the only one that has gotten a raise every year since I've been employed there. However, I do know why. Because the owner is the one who makes the decisions as to who gets the raises and how much. HELLO!!!!! I did not bother to explain this to her. Nor did I explain that I have, in my desk, 3 prior glowing annual written reviews. I just smiled, shrugged my shoulders, and exited her office with my check in hand with new raise applied.

    And, FYI, this birdbrain didn't even give me a written review, or copy of a written review. Which tells me that she was not part of this process this year. This woman doesn't even have a nursing degree. She has the same degree I hold. A two year degree in Applied Medical Sciences. First Administrator in this field I've ever encountered that does not have nursing background.

    Technically, I was trained to do HER job. I also have, in my resume, 13 years of home care field experience working for the Illinois Department of Human Services, two years as an Aide in my field at a nursing home, Directorship Certification and Education through the State of Illinois, a prior Directorship position at a second nursing home, Certification from the Alzheimer's Association, and 2 years of working a lock down Alzheimer's Unit at the second Home as a Director under my belt. I am very good at what I do. Not vanity. I'm really good.

    I can go anywhere and get a job. I also have extensive office experience, worked for an attorney, and ran my own construction company for 8 years (4.0 in business accounting thank you very much). I've got fantastic references up the yin yang and I would not have too much trouble finding another position should I wish. The thing is, I do not wish. I don't want her job. I don't want another job. I like what I do. I love the people I do it for, and the staff I do it with.

    She won't last. I merely need to get it straight with her that I run my department and I do not need a micro-manager full of bright ideas, that I will not continue to be a one woman department with no help, and simply out wait her. She wouldn't be the first boss I've outlasted.

    I'm awaiting the proper moment and circumstances under which to have this little "talk" with her. All in good time my pretty, all in good time!

    Gotsta go.

    Loves to you!

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    WOW, Darrae, you certainly have a terrific resume!! At first I couldn't understand why you didn't hold your boss's position, but then you explained. Yep, if you're happy where you're at, why change positions? Plus, you continue to get wage increases when others don't...good for you. It says a lot.

    Plus, I also understand why you want to stick with your doctors...don't blame you a bit there either. I recently changed to a different primary and I'm elated. I live rural and my town has a medical group that is like an octopus that makes it hard to get out of their strangle hold. Plus, they're not great believers in FM other than wanting to write tons of prescriptions (which I won't take). A friend told me about her doctor in Joplin. Went to him and he "understood"...I almost wept when I left his office.

    Meanwhile...back at the movies. Yesterday, I found Hopalong's entire TV series at Walmart and picked it up for our grandkids. I'd only seen it in catalogs. I even think my oldest stepson will enjoy them.:) The jacket says he started in silent movies and made the transition well...hey, no doubt about it...LOL

    Warm hugs to everyone,
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    Dar, if you have to see an ins. co. doc, he or she does not treat you. It's just an exam. When I had to see SS's doc for eval for SSD, I was afraid but he affirmed my diagnoses. I'm so sorry you are having to put up with this individual. Good luck to you.

    Windy, I always watched Hoppy on TV as a kid. His movies were always exciting with lots of fist fights. I thought Gene Autry was so handsome. I loved his singing too. Then there was Roy Rogers and Trigger. During the summer when I was a kid, they had 5-cent movies, usually westerns. We would show up in our cowboy hats, boots, fringed vests and, of course, our toy guns. All this with shorts and tee shirts. If we took a quarter with us, we could see the movie and have a Coke and popcorn. Sometimes, they showed two movies for the price of one. Woohoo!

    Gotta love the memories.

    Love, Mikie
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    Wow, have I miss a bunch !!.

    Mikie - thanks for posting Eleanor Powell and Fred Astaire. They were great ! I love tap dancing and some of you know that I used to do so before they tore down our building and now we no longer take lessons and one gal has moved and the other has been having physical problems, heart and such. I miss it a lot . That used to keep me more limber too.

    Yes, I (we) used to watch all those cowboys, singing and not. I missed so much here I had better take off. Have to fix something for dinner before going to church . Have to sing for Mass but not staying for practice though.

    Hi also to Rock, Dar, Diane and anyone else I have missed. I missed reading a lot of posts.

    Granni :)
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    Hi, Granni,

    Much as I'd like to take the credit, it was Windy who posted the video. Thanks, Windy.

    I remember taking ballet and tap dancing lessons as a kid. We put on several shows a year. At the time, it just seemed normal but I realize now that my single Mom must have had to make sacrifices to pay for the lessons, buy leotards and shoes, and the elaborate costumes we wore. I love it and we had a great teacher.

    One of the guys I dated down here and I took ballroom dancing lessons. He was very good--me, not so much. We did have a good time, though. Professional dancers make it look so easy but it's hard to do it right.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Darrae

    Darrae Member


    Thanks for your support. I appreciate it. I shall over come! Amazing you found the whole Hoppy series at Walmart. Go Walmart!

    Warm wishes, Dar.


    Thank you for your warm concern. I went through so much garbage after my car accident with "their" doctors professing how perfectly healthy I was. My doctors giving statements to the contrary. A three year battle that aggrevated my FM to no end. In the end, they did use the "pre-existing" condition angle. We settled out of court through a mediator finally.

    (I have 5 lower lumbar that grew fused together......inoperable said the back specialist). I got my 3 years of lost wages, 3 years of medical treatment and tests paid for, and three years of attorney fees paid. I just can't go through that stress again and still maintain my present level of activity. It's not worth it. Like I said, I live in Illinois in a crap for law county. FYI, I loved Roy Rogers.

    Somewhere round here, is a picture of myself at the age of 4 in a bubble suit, a belt with holster, with a cap gun 6 shooter in it, and a cowboy hat cocked to the side on my head, rather Ma Barkerish, with my grandpa in his sombrero (he was the bad guy) that he'd brought back from Pecos, TX. We're sitting on the decking to their outdoor water pump. Best water ever! Do you remember Sky King? Loved that series as a kid.

    Those were the days eh? Loves. Dar


    Thanks for the "berry" info. Will watch for those. The Mary Ingalls Bio sounds like a great read. Thank you, also, for your support, and advice. I really do appreciate everyone's concern. Good friends all. I will be fine. I just have to wait the nutcase out. Though I am going to demand an assistant back shortly.
    Was it you that mentioned the movie Argo? I can't remember. I do remember having a conversation with someone at work. (Though exactly what it consisted of I cannot recall of course!) I do remember, however, thinking that it was a movie that I'd like to see. Generally, my memory works that way. I may not remember why, but I do remember that it sticks in my head for good reason! LOL.

    Enjoy the good read.
    Warm thoughts,

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    Hi Folks W/ re: 2 the movie "Argo", it was Sunflower Girl who recommended it. It had a new star,
    Ben Affleck, and an old star, Alan Arkin, and a buncha other people I know not. Won some Academy Awards. Appears to be based on the Iran Hostage crisis of the late 1970s.

    Jimmie Carter's presidency was greatly criticized for same and for the bad economy. To be fair,
    a President really can't do much about the economy except suggest legislation to Congress. And it's
    Congress that draws up the budget and votes for it. As for the failed attempt to free the hostages, the
    military told him it could be done. Alas, the helicopters couldn't cope with the desert sandstorm.

    Dar, the book on Mary Ingalls is one of many for young adults. There are oodles of books about
    Laura and the family including a couple written by some author whose name I've forgotten. He was some
    relative, like a step grand nephew or something. And Laura's daughter Rose Wilder Lane was also
    a writer. I read two sources that said she edited Laura's books and gave them the professional

    Funny, I lived near several towns they lived in, yet never heard of Laura or her books until I was
    an adult. There's a new museum in Burr Oak, Iowa, where the family lived for a year or so. Ma
    and Pa both worked at the Hotel there. I think Pa helped built the church.

    Mikie, I had to take tap lessons too. And baton! My insane mother was always making me do things
    that were totally unsuited to my talents. She was determined that at least one of her kids would make
    a Carnegie Hall debut by age 8. My insane and drunken father was equally determined that at least
    one of his kids would be a pro athlete by the age of 6. But none of us had any talent. And God knows
    they didnt have any to pass along. It's no wonder none of us have any sense of self worth.

    As some speaker said at an Adult Children of Alcoholics conference, "We were all raised to be
    serial killers." Also perfectionists and workaholics.

    And then there are folks who actually have some talent. Granni used to have a profile pic that
    showed her dancing in her Rockettes Music Hall costume. Some gams!

    Aha! Gordon just brought me some egg foo young. Perhaps it will give a new slant to my post.

    Windy, I remember the cowboy movies with great affection. In the 1970s Roy Rogers recorded a
    great song called "Hoppy, Gene and Me". Naturally it's on Youtube. Used to watch Roy on TV.
    Even before that I listened to Gene on his "Melody Ranch" radio show. During WW II he was sworn
    into the Army on the show.

    Gene's horse was Champion; Hoppy's horse was Topper; Tom Mix had Tony. Blending real life
    and the movies, When Wyatt Earp died in Los Angeles in the 1920s, his pall bearers included two
    movie stars: Tom Mix and William S. Hart. Blending my life and the movies, at age ten I
    saw a Wild West Show starring Gene Autry, and as an adult, I toured William S. Hart's home which
    is now a park and museum owned by LA County.

    This concludes your tour folks. Watch your step on the way out. Be sure and visit our gift shop
    before you say "Adios".

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    What fun this has turned out to be. Well, not the pain part but the movie part and our connection to movies and what they mean to us is fascinating.

    Dar, I'm so sorry for all you've been through. I didn't realize you had been through the insurance grinder. I thought you were just starting. I worked in the ins. dept. of a large clinic. We had a number of terminal patients. Their ins. co's. insisted they come in monthly to get the doc to sign a form that, yes, they were still dying. Any kind of disability ins., including SSD, is a nightmare to deal with. We are treated as lazy slackers who don't want to work. I was making really good money when I became disabled. Do they really think I would want to exchange that for the paltry SSD payments while I lie in bed all the time on Morphine? It's ridiculous!

    We kids were always playing cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians. I liked being an indian and had my headdress and bow 'n arrows. I wore moccasins and thought I was very stealthy. In CO, tourists came to see the "Wild West." There were lots of tourist shops in small towns in the mountains. Every year, I got a new pair of moccasins and I always had a hard time deciding between colors and beading design. Rock asked why women love shoes. I guess my love of shoes developed when I got my ballet slippers and moccasins.

    Rock, I watched "Black Hawk Down" about the helicopter rescue effort in Somalia and it was so depressing. I've heard "Argo" is an excellent film but after more than a decade of useless wars, I'm sick of anything having to do with military action. I think America is war weary. I know I sure am. Jimmy Carter, like Bill Clinton, has done more good after leaving The White House that when constrained in the role of president. Clinton has teamed up with Bushes 41 and 43 to do good all over the world. I also have to admire Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet for their roles in making the world a better place. Just a thought--maybe it's better to cure disease and give people clean water than to invade their countries. I'm a helpless old hippie peacenik optimist.

    I don't know about the rest of your family but you are definitely talented and intelligent. Your witty use of language keeps us entertained and laughing. You bring a different perspective on things. My Mom wanted me to have access to things she didn't have when she was growing up. She always told me I could do whatever I put my mind to. She had been a tomboy and so she wasn't overly protective of me. Thank you, Mom. My best friend took rope twirling lessons where you spin a rope around in a circle and jump in and out of it. That kind of thing was popular out thar in the Wild West :) I learned how to do it but didn't see any possible use for such an activity as I wasn't roping cattle.

    I can do most things reasonably well but have no one talent. In sports, I always picked it up fairly fast but never progressed beyond a good intermediate level. Golf is an exception--the most frustrating game I've ever played. Fortunately, when my old boyfriend, Richard, and I played, we played "Princess Golf." He would tee off an then I would. We'd drive the cart down the fairway and pick up my ball and take it to where his landed. I decided that showing up in the best outfit, drinking beer and driving the golf cart were the real joys of the game.

    Well, Kids, I've enjoyed this topic soooo much. See ya at the movies.

    Love, Mikie
  14. sunflowergirl

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    I've been reading all the posts, just not mustering up the energy to post much. Last night I watched The Birds, Alfred Hitchcock's thriller. Well, apparently it was based on a Dauphne DeMaure (I think I really slaughtered her name) story, and I always thought I had watched it years ago but nothing looked familiar. I think I was on the Universal Studios backlot years ago and they mentioned The Birds as the tram took us all around. And I guess I never put Tippi Hedron and Melanie Griffith together. I knew Melanie's mother used to own Shambala which Michael Jackson bought.

    Mikie: I thought of you as I watched all those black crows lined up on rooftops, waiting to attack! And I have another confession to make......I've never seen Psycho. Just the creepy sounds from the movie is enough to turn me off. Another confession.....those old zombie movies that used to play on the TV also creeped me out so there's no way I'm going to get into the new zombie/vampire movies. I believe there was an Abbot and Costello movie with zombies trudging thru a jungle. Scary as all get out!

    I also loved watch Hopalong, Gene and Roy. What kid didn't, first off there wasn't much of anything else even on. My brother and I watched Space Patrol also and played that we were in the crew. Years ago when we got the internet I tried to do a search about Space Patrol so I could watch some old episodes but no luck. Didn't Heddy Lamar play in that or am I confusing her with another actress. And I know she was a real BRAIN, even designing a new fangled bra for the ladies besides some very scientific things.

    I love the "princess golf" idea. Never heard of that. I took golf lessons years ago but I think already 40 plus years was taking it's toll on my back and neck. I gave away my clubs at least l0 years ago.

    I always wanted to take ballet lessons but I learned at an early age there wasn't $ for anything like that. I just never asked for anything. It wasn't until about l0 years before my Mom died that I told her I always wished for a pony whenever I blew out the BD candles. She was surprised and told me I should have said something because we lived in the country and could have bought one. Nothing like learning 50 years after the fact!
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Sunflower Girl. I used to watch all those scary, creepy shows and I think I've just had my fill of zombies and vampires. Some of the really old ones from the 30's are the creepiest.

    I used to watch "Sky King" and was impressed that Penny, a mere girl, was part of the show. My uncle gave me my first plane ride when I was two and I think that got flying into my blood. "Sky King" just sealed the deal. I do think that things like flying are in our DNA. My uncle, who later turned out to be my stepdad many years later, my DD, my DSIL, and DSIL's dad are pilots. I can never remember a time when I wasn't looking up at the sky and wanting to fly. It's amazing how our early TV and movies influenced our lives.

    I loved the old musicals and somehow, music in my life made it so much better. I would sing and dance around, driving my poor Mom nuts. It was sad to see the musicals go, except for Broadway. Now, the kids are discovering it all over again, thanks to "Glee" and all the reality shows where they compete.

    Does anyone remember the old "Buster Brown Show?" I loved it when they had the frog on. They would say, "Twang your magic clanger, Froggie." My ex remembers it and he loved Froggie too. We kids all wore Buster Brown shoes to school. Then, we had a dress pair for church. In the summer, we got new Keds. See, Rock, that's probably why women crave shoes. We had so little choice growing up. We were shoe deprived and didn't even know it. No one repairs shoes anymore. We just get new ones. It's a throwaway society.

    OK, time to go. Love y'all,
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids, spent much of the day sleeping. I turned on Turner Classic Movies just in time to see the
    last ten seconds of the Great Caruso starring Mario Lanza. But the interesting item was a short film
    from Danville, Kentucky. (Did you know Kentucky was "that dark and bloody ground"? Indian term.) Anyhoo, many of the exterior scenes for "Raintree County" were shot there.

    So the brief film was probably made 40 or so years after the movie was made. Townspeople who
    had been in the film were reminiscing. It was the most exciting thing that ever happened in their
    sleepy village. (Heck! Doesn't sound sleepy to me. It had a pop of about 9000. That's 9 times
    the population of the village where I grew up.)

    There was much speculation as to whether Montgomery Clift and Liz Taylor were friends or
    something more. And there was a big delay in the filming because of Monty's auto accident.

    Anyhoo, I thought this was an interesting kawinkydink since we were discussing the movie earlier.
    Dar, was it you? Shoot! Once I belonged to Mensa. But after 20 years of brain fog and now
    Eisenhower's disease, I can barely dress myself. True story: a couple months ago I put on my shoes
    and then realized I hadn't pulled my pants on yet. D'oh!

    Looking back on this thread, I see I referred to Robert Alda's Tony award as an Oscar. Even w/
    proofreading, I miss stuff. I see you were all too polite to point out my egregious error. Oh,
    well. Nowadays I don't care much. I've pretty much given up being a perfectionist.

    Mikie, I remember Buster Brown. "I'm Buster Brown, I live in a shoe. (Arf!) That's my dog
    Tige. He lives in there too.) It was a radio show when I was a kid. Also a comic book. I also
    used to listen to "Let's Pretend". In the 1970s some of those shows were released on records. My
    son and I used to listen to them.

    Windy, I have a T shirt my son gave me. Says "A Grouchy German is a Sour Kraut". Mein
    grossmutter war ein Deutsch. I remember when I was young that many households had large
    crockery jugs for making saurkraut. Saw some chef make it on TV. apparently the only
    ingreediments are cabbage and salt and water. But one can add spices, apples, carrots, etc. How
    long does it have to ferment?

    Dar and SG, Echo park did have old boats made of wood. Gordon and I rented one years ago.
    It was apparently designed as an instrument of torture by the Inquisition. The back of the seat
    was slanted forward. Try and pump the paddlewheel with your nose threatening to touch your knees.
    Anyhoo they now have new boats. Haven't seen them up close, but as I drive by I can see they are
    yellow and oval shaped. About 15 years ago I was walking Zippy. Ran into the guy who owned the
    boat concession. He proudly showed my his new Cadillac: $50,000. Ha Ha. When I was a kid
    a Cadillac cost $5,000. A Ford cost $2,000. A Rolls Royce cost $25,000.

    Time to go.

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow, Rock, your fonts are all the same. So proud of you :) Love the message on the tee shirt. I'm part Deutsch on my Dad's side. Mom was purebred Irish. What a volatile combination. We are called Germish.

    I heard that Elizabeth Taylor and Monty Clift were soul mate friends. Supposedly, he wasn't into women; he was into men. Back in those days, the studio heads kept everyone in the closet and dictated which stars went out on dates, or to the Oscars, with which other stars. She was also best friends with Michael Jackson. She was an amazing actress, a beautiful woman, had a wicked sense of humor, married soooo many times, and had all kinds of good friends. Someone once described her as an Earth Mother who comforted everyone. I think Monty Clift was a great actor too. He wasn't the usual handsome matinee idol. He could act!

    I saw an episode on PBS which was about living meaningfully. As we age, we've done things so many times that we are on auto-pilot a lot of the time. I realized I needed this program because I take my hormones and BP pills every morning and another BP pill later in the day. Well, I can never remember whether or not I took them. So, now, when I take the pills, I say, "Meaningful." It's strange but just uttering that word out loud does something in my brain to make it a memory. I used to lose my glasses all the time when I took them off. Now, I try to put them in the same place but I still say, "Meaningful," and I remember where I put them. It's a lot easier than depending on St. Anthony to find things for me. He's fast but probably overburdened by all of us who can't keep track of our stuff. Baby Boomers are aging and think of all the lost stuff.

    The idea of the program is to let ourselves live in the moment and not be thinking about something else while we are doing something. We can multitask but even the brightest young people can't do it effectively. You can do two things, seemingly at once, but not as well as if you concentrated on each thing and only did one thing at a time. I will dress myself and realize I've put on shoes before putting on my pants too so, obviously, I haven't mastered the Meaningful Life yet. Still, it has helped me so it is worth it. I have a label maker and am going to put "Meaningful" on the front of the shelf where I keep my meds.

    I have found that as I age, I can use all the little tricks and notes to self to help me. The more tired I am, the worse I navigate my simple life. I've tried to live a life that is just the right size for me, like Goldilocks. Hmmmm, appropriate comparison with my new blonde color. But, I digress... My life is just the right size only when my health is optimal. When I get sick, my life is too big and I sometimes get overwhelmed. I keep trying to simplify, cleaning out my stuff and donating what I don't need. I have way too much stuff. George Carlin did a routine on having stuff (he used a different word for stuff :) As always, he made an everyday subject hilarious. I miss him.

    Should trim my hair but I have to be in just the right frame of mind to do it. If I only take about 1/4 of an inch off, it usually looks good. It's that 1/4 inch which makes the difference between a good or bad hair day.

    Well, kiddies, I'm going to twang my magic clanger and pretend to do something today.

    Love, Mikie (Froggy)
  18. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    It's amazing...I've found if I put my fingers on the correct keys, my typing is more legible. o_O

    I love the t-shirt, Rock! Gave me a good chuckle this AM. One of my daughters-in law is from what was formerly East Germany. I'm wondering if I can find a t-shirt for her...she'd laugh (has a good sense of humor). Our grandchildren are being raised to be bi-lingual and I think that's wonderful!!

    To answer the question on how long I'll ferment the kraut...about a month. Some recipes call for whey and it helps speed up the process. The alternative is just salt. I used the salt method, so it takes longer.

    Thanks for the info on the boats at Echo Park. What I remember were small row boats. But, we seldom ventured into that part of L.A. and it's been far too many years ago.

    I looked up Eisenhower's Disease, Rock. How sad you have Crohn's Disease. Are you on any sort of restrictive diet? No comparison, but I've had IBS my entire life (docs called it a spastic colon). Doctors/specialists always just wrote a prescription that made daily functioning difficult. About 5 years ago, I went gluten-free (on my own) and my IBS improved dramatically. I still have colon issues, but I'm so much better in that department.

    Decent movies on TV are hard to find these days...especially ones without ads (ugh!). Thank goodness for Turner Classic Movies (most days).

    Montgomery Cliff had a very troubled life...especially after his accident (it affected his looks). I had read he was never comfortable in front of a camera afterward. It was such a shame since he was such a good actor.

    Mikie...thanks for the clues on helping to recall things. I also have memory glitches and this will help. I have many pain issues and, at times, the pain becomes all consuming and can't remember a darn thing. It's either that or I'm going totally senile.:eek:

    BTW, when you say you're "herxing", could this also mean "flaring"? Or, are you on some sort of anti-candida diet/med? As an fronts cause me to "flare". Just wondering...

    Back to the movies...I searched and searched last night for my DVD of "American Gangster" (Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe). I finally found it this AM!! I had it stacked with the older type of Hi-Definition format. Blu-Ray won out in the contest between the 2 formats. Luckily, it's also in standard DVD format so I can play it in my TV room. I enjoy this's about the gangster who smuggled cocaine into the U.S. in the coffins of dead Vietnam soldiers.

    I hadn't realized how many remakes there had been of "Jane Eyre" until recently. A friend and I were comparing versions. There have also been so many remakes of "Pride and Prejudice". My favorite is the A&E version with Colin Firth. He did a tremendous job of "The King's Speech".

    I "qualified" for Mensa, but never joined. I'm not that well educated and decided to opt out. No college for this gal...I married far too young and ended up supporting my "first" DH though USC dental school (worked at the old Douglas Aircraft plant in Santa Monica).

    I've blethered enough...time to get something done besides type. Drat!!!

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikie, thanks for the meaningful post. I hope I can remember to try it. I am falling apart in so
    many ways. Makes me think of the gospel hymn "Higher Ground".

    My heart has no desire to stay
    Where doubts arise and fears dismay;
    Though some may dwell where those abound,
    My prayer, my aim, is higher ground.

    This hymn is over a century old, but I never heard of it till Iris Dement and her mother recorded it
    in the 1990s, about a century after it was written. (Can one hear this stuff on Youtube? You betcha.)

    I have Irish and German ancestors too. Also English, Welsh, Scottish and Norwegian. There is
    sometimes a price to pay for all this Northern European ancestry. It's called Dupuytren's contracture.
    I have it. The fascia in the palm forms lumps. I got it on one hand 20 or so years ago. The doctor
    told me it was seldom a problem but: it may spread to the other hand (which it did 10 years later) and
    in extreme cases it pulls the hands into claws and surgery is required. Thus far I have no claws
    except the ones I stick in sentences.

    Windy, I see I have misled you. Or as one of my coworkers used to say, I have mys-elld you. The
    Eisenhower's joke is one I've seen on Alzheimer's boards. I really have Alzheimer's.

    I read Monty had a lot of pain after his accident and tried to control it w/ heavy drinking and
    prescription pills. The townspeople said on a few occasions he went streaking down Main St.
    after dark. But I thought the cause of his accident was drinking and pills. How else do you
    explain a one car accident where the driver plows into a telephone pole after leaving a party?

    I went to 3 or 4 Mensa parties. They were no different than most parties. My wife went to one with
    me. She was intelligent and a college grad, but she talked herself into such a nervous state she
    got drunk. Only time in her life so far as I know. We had to stop at a gas station on the way home
    so she could throw up. I dropped outta Mensa as one of our economy moves when I started
    law school.

  20. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Rock,

    Re: Dupuytren's contracture. My "regional roots are much the same as your own. Father: Welsh, Norwegian and Swedish. Mother: Irish, English and German. My eldest son has Dupuytren's contracture. Painful lumps on the tendons in his palms. It's also beginning to go to his feet.

    His is progressing to the point of serious contracture, he does experience much pain, and progressive limited range of motion in his hands. Though he can still use his hands, he can no longer "fully open" them at this juncture.

    When he first came to me and showed me his hands and asked if I knew what it was, I was immediately aware of exactly what he had, having seen it before in a dear friend of mine.

    He's the "I can stitch myself up, just give me a needle and thread" kinda male. Hates doctors with a passion, and hospitals even more. Darn near died of a bad appendix because he waited until it almost burst. I've tried to explain to him that he needs to go in and get cortisone shots to keep his hands from contracting so far that they can no longer be "loosened" up. He is highly resistant. I've explained what this can do over time to his hands.

    My friend Troi has the same disease and she's been taking the cortisone shots periodically for years. The shots give her some relief and allow her hands to function better with better range of motion. Her feet are so bad, she says it's like walking on glass all day. Troi is a former surgical nurse. She says that operations do not alleviate the problem. That it just comes back in most cases, according to her physician.

    What baffles me is that she also told me that it was hereditary. No one else in my family, going back 3 generations ever had this. I'm thinking it's got to come from his father's side, if it is hereditary. His father died when he was 18 months old, and his grandparents and the whole family moved to Florida 35 years ago and we lost contact after a few years. I have no way of knowing if anyone on that side of his family tree has it.

    I'd like to know more of your experience with it. Oh, point of interest, my brother's 61 corvette cost him $5,000.00 new. Back in 1961. Try buying a new one now! Oy Vey!