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    Hi Dar, I am amazed. You're the first person I've ever run into who knew about that unspellable
    disease. Course I never told many people I had it either. I am really surprised to hear about the
    pain. I read a couple websites years ago. None of them mentioned pain.

    I have nothing else to tell you. DC has caused me no problems. My palms have some lines that
    are more pronounced that before. There's one spot that looks like a big dimple. The lumps don't move.
    They feel almost as hard as bone. Sorry to hear that it has been a serious problem for your son and

    Re: the movies, Gordon was watching a classic yesterday. (He says anything in B&W is a classic.)
    It was "Love Affair" (1939) which he said was the first version of "An Affair to Remember". Anyhoo
    Irene Dunne and Charles Boyer were the stars. I only remember Boyer from his appearance on
    "I Love Lucy." By that time he was in his 50s and rather portly. But in this picture he was about 40,
    still slim and far more the leading man type.

    I liked Irene Dunne. She and Greer Garson seemed to be pretty much the same actress. Classy.
    The big difference, I think, was that Irene could sing.

    I'm not starting another movie thread. But I will sometime later if no one starts one now.
    Another book thread would be nice although they never seem to attract too many posters. I read
    decades ago that High School should teach courses on The Movies as well as literature. After all,
    more people see movies than read books.

    And so, as the sun sinks in the west, we bid farewell to the charming island of...

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    Hi, Kids,

    Hope y'all are doing well.

    Windy, when I had to go on ABX for my mycoplasma infection (it took 2 1/2 yrs. on the ABX) my IBS cleared up. This leads me to believe some IBS may be caused by bacteria. I've read of others to whom this happened. The Herxheimer Effect is really a description of what happens when ABX cause the dieoff of more bacteria than the body can handle and so it purges it through vomiting, diarrhea, and/or profuse sweating. All this activity has a distince odor and when one has gone through Herxing as much as I, it's easy to identify. Herxing has been applied to purging from taking any kind of treatment which causes a large dieoff of other pathogens as well. Do you take probiotics? Has the doc ever tried ABX treatment? Crohn's is horribly painful. I worked with a kid who had it. So sad at such a young age.

    Like you, my IQ qualified me for Mensa but at the lower end of the eligibility scale. Still, I was only 11. I'm pretty sure a later test would have produced better results. At the time, I had never heard of Mensa. Back then, you had to have a sponsor to try for Mensa membership. In my 40's, a coworker wanted to sponsor me to take their test. I really wasn't interested. There are more than one kind of smarts and I think IQ is only one of them. Some of the most successful people probably wouldn't qualify. BTW, I once watched a program on Mensa and they showed how diverse their membership was. One member was a waitress and another a postman. Not everyone was sitting in an ivory tower. Just everyday folks who happen to have IQ's in the top 2 percent of the population.

    Rock, I so appreciate your lyrics to the hymn. It describes what I feel. I had thought when the injections got rid of my symptoms, I would, at least, find some way to feel my life has meaning. Well, I haven't had a chance due to the wheat and dairy allergies. I had them for months before realizing it. I was sick the entire time. I do feel better now that I'm gluten and dairy free. Now, it's the UTI gift that keeps on giving. It's been more than a month since the symptoms first started, sapping my NRG. The ABX seemed to work, I Herxed and then, felt better. Yesterday, some of the symptoms returned so I guess the infection is making another attempt to bring me down. This isn't unusual with UTI's.

    I know this sounds like a pity party but it really isn't. It's my impatient nature to feel better and do more. Right now, I feel as though I'm just taking up space here on Earth. I don't have a death wish and am not depressed; I'm frustrated. Still, I don't fear death and look forward to moving to "higher ground." I don't know that that's what the hymn's lyrics mean or whether we should find higher ground here. I'm living as moral a life as I can; I'm too tired to be immoral :)

    Dar, one of my friends has a strange disease of her hands. I don't know whether it's the same one or not. She's pure Italian. She has loss of feeling and pain in her hand. It's predominantly in the fatty area just below the thumb. Doc's said it's pretty far gone to operate and she has D-fib so bleeding is always an issue with surgery for her. She's in her young 80's and often, docs don't want to operate unless it's a life-and-death issue. She already almost lost her leg to a blood clot which moved to her eye and blinded her in that eye. She is lucky to be alive.

    I never realized just how many diseases there are and how some of them are related to our geographic family origin. Thank God I never got the Irish "Disease" of love of the whiskey :) I drink a little socially but not whiskey. I always joke, though, that I'm Irish and German; I drink whiskey and I drink beer.
    OK Rock, you've had problems with fonts; I'm obviously having problems with left-hand margins. I know nothing which might have caused this.
    Yesterday, I binged on Showtime's old series, "The Tudors." It's on Netflix now. I had read about King Henry and Anne Bolyn but this series really brings it to life. There is a good book, "The Other Bolyn Girl." It is more about Anne's sister, Mary. What a system, women were no more than mere chattel, even queens.
    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Rock,

    My son was actually diagnosed with Dyupytren's Contracture, (after I told him what it was and to see his physcian), shortly after he showed me the hard lumps on his palm. My son, likely needs to have a TSH run. My entire family is either on or will be on synthroid. It's a "genetic legacy" passed down by both parents, as are several other autoimmune conditions.

    Friend Troi has several autoimmune conditions in conjunction with the Dyupytren's Contracture issue, including Fibromyalgia, CFS, Hypothyroidism and a host of others I cannot presently remember. Her Dyupytrens's was diagnosed many years ago. And, both cases their lumps don't move either. But yes....they both experience pain. Glad you do not have the pain part. For Troi it is excrutiating.

    On a movie note: I recently watched the newer Helen Keller movie that starts Patty Duke in the role of Annie Sullivan and, (fog day, can't remember her name), the little girl who did the Pepsi commercials and starred in the movies Paulie and Bicentennial Man. I was very impressed with the new version. An Affair To Remember was a wonderful movie. I've not seen the '39 version. I, for one, enjoy the movie threads, and would also enjoy book threads.

    Thanks Rock. Hope your day is filled with the little things that make us simply happy.

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    Hi Mikie,

    We learn things new everyday. At least if we are paying attention. LOL. I'm sorry you are feeling "funky" and frustrated. I get days, sometimes months, like that also.

    I also, as yourself, do not fear death. Don't look for it, or wish it upon myself. But I do not fear it. I suppose that comes of my own personal "Higher Being" assurance. For me, God and Heaven are not really a belief system. They are a "given". I've seen too many miracles in my life, and had too many prayers answered, (albeit, often in odd ways), that I do not believe......I know. I hope that doesn't sound "lofty", or vainly, as if I know it all. I do not. I just am totally, from my own experiences, convinced.

    I was also IQ tested for Mensa. Checked it out. Didn't like it. Nowadays, at least here, it's nothing but a bunch of computer geeks. I prefer intelligent conversation that does not revolve around such limited subject matter. Besides, I don't speak geek. :eek: I understand the fundamentals of computers and manage to navigate them, beyond that, I do not care!

    "The Tudor's" sounds like an interesting watch. Think I may check it out. I am so glad to have been born into a more female-independent age. Did you know, that as of last year, single women are now a majority in the U.S.? We now make up 51% of the population. Just a little piece of trivia.

    Feel better.
    Love, Dar
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    To Everyone else on th Porch, Hi! I hope your weekends have been filled with peace and those little happinesses so important in the larger scheme of things. Those little things that make one corner of your lips curl up and your eyes twinkle.

    Hugz to all,

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    Rock...thanks for clarifying about your "Eisenhower's Disease". I'm sad to read you're developing Alzheimer' certainly doesn't show up in your posts. You have a fantastic memory!!!

    For both you and Dar's son...Dupuytren's Contracture sounds awful if not treated (and even with treatment, it doesn't sound too effective). I hadn't ever heard of this before. Live and learn...

    Mikie...Thanks for explaining your herxing. I do know what herxing is all about, but I had always associated it with candida die-off.

    I'm wondering if people like us who use "support groups" tend to have higher IQ's?

    (I couldn't understand some of the replies...and just realized some posts are "hidden". No wonder I didn't "get it". Again, live and learn.

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    Hi, Movie Buffs,

    Dar, I do not consider myself religious but I do consider myself spiritual. After doing a lot of reading on various beliefs, I've settled into what answers the big questions for me. My take on things goes beyond organized religion. There is a lot of good in religion and I'm not knocking it. I still practice prayer from my Catholic upbringing. Strangely, it has been my dabbling in Quantum Mechanics/Physics which has enlarged the scope of my beliefs. I think science and religion will move closer together as we make new scientific discoveries. Don't get me wrong, I'm not scientist brainiac but there are books which simplify Quantum physics for the lay people. My DSIL and I both love to read about it. I am at peace with my beliefs.

    There was once a study to see which groups were happiest. Married men were the happiest, followed by single women. Then, married woman and, at the bottom of the happiness scale were single men. I think that's why so many men marry so quickly following a divorce or death of a spouse. Seems to me that women are somehow better equipped to deal with being on one's own. Financially, it's usually more difficult but emotionally, I think we do better. I'll bet with the new laws, men married to men and women married to women will top the scale. Many of these couples have been together for a very long time.

    Hi, Windy, it is certainly correct to apply the term, Herxing, to dieoff of yeast or viruses. The guy who first recognized it was studying ABX so the term was originally used for that. Here, we use it to describe any dieoff of a pathogen which overwhelms the body's ability to excrete it. Regardless of the pathogen, the effect is the same. Some of our members privately message one another but will refer to those messages here. It can be confusing. Heck, it doesn't take a whole lot to confuse me.

    I wonder whether those of us who seek answers and support have higher IQ's or whether these illnesses tend to manifest in those with higher IQ's. Stress is almost always a factor, be it emotional stress or physical stress. People with higher IQ's usually have more stressful work and, because they see the problems of the world, carry more stress. Most of us didn't have to learn to really deal with stress and anxiety until we got sick. I now believe we absolutely must rid ourselves of as much stress as possible in our lives in order to heal. I don't think we can heal without doing this, either through exercises, feedback, therapy and/or medication, if necessary. I also don't believe we can heal until we address chronic infections which cause so much inflammation in our bodies. I've always maintained that we need to take our worst symptom first and address it. Then, go for the next
    symptom, and so on. It's how I was able to finally get out of bed and off morphine. But, I digress...this is about movies.

    Still watching "The Tudors." It's addictive. I'm getting nothing done around here but then, I'm still on the ABX. Watched "Breaking Bad" last night but couldn't stay awake for the "Talking Bad" followup. I'll catch it on Xfinity "On Demand." I see almost no need for a DVR these days unless one wants to save sports.

    Great discussion here.

    Love, Mikie
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    Windy, we have hidden posts?! News to me. I've been here since I retired in 2008. I was gone for
    about a year because I didn't have the energy to post. During that time there were a lot of changes
    in the board format. Oh, just read Mikie's post about members e mailing each other. Well, that
    makes sense

    Yes, I used to have an excellent memory and shards of it remain. But with
    Alzheimer's one has instant forgetting. I.e., one thinks of something, and it instantly is gone. That's
    why I often go up the stairs with the intent of carrying 3 items. When I get there, however, I may
    have anywhere from zero to three items.

    Mikie, I read some book in the past year or so. It said Einstein won the Nobel Prize back in the 1920s
    for "theoretical physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect". The latter
    was pivotal in establishing quantum theory." Another source said it was his study of quanta which means,
    I guess, the concept of light as particles rather than as rays. All too much for my Pooh sized brain.

    Dar, I agree. It's the little things that count. Or as Stephen Sondheim put it:

    It's the little things you do together,
    Do together,
    Do together,
    That make perfect relationships.
    The hobbies you pursue together,
    Savings you accrue together,
    Looks you misconstrue together,
    That make marriage a joy.

    My happiest times in college, for example, were not the big football game or Homecoming dance or
    graduation. They were evenings with friends. We talked and played silly games like charades or
    Password. No electronic equipment required.

    On the other hand, there were certain underlying big things present as well. The fact that we were
    in college and had friends and weren't in Viet Nam or some third world country starving.

    Hope everydobby has a good week. As good as possible anyway. I;m going to check out that
    coconut business again. I looked it up the other day. Forgot what I read. SOL Smilin' out loud.

  9. Soul*

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    Rock what you describe as the instant forgetting of Alzheimer I though was just a by product of ME... How did they diagnose Alzheimer for you?
    I have had that instant forgetting constantly. I want to get something, turn around and I no longer know what. I have this constantly I hardly ever am able to get or do something in one go and all the time have to return to the place I came from to realize what I was going to do. I wasn't in my thirties yet when I got diagnosed with ME and already had this and still have the instant forgetting. I don't think it has gotten worse but does get worse when I'm in a flare. Like when exercising a little I never remember if I already did my arms legs and such and if I went right or left when loosening my neck, or if I shampooed my hair the second time already or not. Or when I switch screens on the computer what I wanted to do in that other screen... How did they diagnose your Alzheimer? I'm interested to know since what you describe sounds so familiar to me and I thought for me this was just the regular 'brainfog' but if it could be something more then that I might have to give it some extra attention...
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    it's my understanding that alzheimers can not be diagnosed completely without an autopsy.....please correct me if I'm wrong. Did you also know that a lack of B12 seems to be associated with those patients diagnosed with alzheimers.

    As we age those "moments" actually occur because our mind is NOT focused on what we're going into that room for. There was a program on PBS awhile ago stressing that we need to put it in our brain exactly where we're leaving our keys (see the pic. in our head) what we're going to get, etc. etc.

    About two years ago I had an MRI on my head because of vertigo. This was to check for tumors. It did show places where I was losing brain cells. Freaked me out! The doctor tried to make me feel better saying as we age everyone is going to lose brain cells but that sure didn't help ME. Then I read recently that FM people seem to have those white spots show up in MRIs. there a correlation with having FM? And according to Dr. Daniel Amen you can grow new brain cells by constantly stimulating your brain with such things as word puzzles (I hate those) trying to learn a new language (who am I going to talk with) memorizing verses or poems, etc. I've tried memorizing bible verses, writing them on 3 x 5 cards. My memory is not good BUT I'm working on it.
  11. Mikie

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    Rock, as I understand it, it was difficult for Einstein to accept the new physics in which it was shown that light has the properties of both particles and waves. From Newtonian Laws which were exact to having to accept that we don't know what is happening until we look at it seems such a stretch. When we observe something, does that change it outcome? I don't have the answers but am willing to live with the ambiguity. BTW, I experience what you describe as memory problems on a daily basis. That's why I am trying to put some Mindfulness in my routine. My shrink once told me that any of these illnesses which cause fog or memory problems mean one has to become almost anally organized and put things back in the same place each time. My Mom's best friend was diagnosed with Alzheimers and she started taking Aricept. She improved and it has not advanced since.

    Bob Scheifer, the newscaster on CBS on Sun. mornings, talked about his failing memory as he has aged. He said he will come into a room and say to his wife, "I don't remember why I came in here." She will look at him and say, "Who are you?"

    Soul, my #1DD sent me one of those little dogs from the florist. They are adorable. It came in a little basket like a dog sleeps in. I now keep the cats' toys in the little dog bed basket. They will go over to it and select a toy. Each has a catnip mouse and each knows which mouse is hers or his.

    Sunflower Girl, our brains are far more plastic than anyone ever know. The neurons make connections with other neurons. Neurons that fire together wire together and the more we do something, the easier it is to make those connections. If one area of the brain becomes damaged or dies, other areas will often take over and rewire. I had a very bad concussion which caused a third-nerve injury to my brain and I was seeing double. I had visual training until other parts of my brain took over the visual work. Learning a new language is supposed to be one of the best ways to stimulate the brain. Unfortunately, with language, it's use it or lose it. I got a keyboard and planned to play it but just haven't gotten around to it. I have a keyboard app on my Kindle Fire and I tinker with it. I'm not sure that "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" is doing my pea brain a lot of good.

    Still binging on "The Tudors." Can't tear myself away. If I felt better, perhaps I could. Oh well, my poor old bod needs rest to get over this UTI. DD#2 just called and told me several of her friends have UTI's like mine which are different than the usual UTI. I'd rather be active but if I must rest, I've become good at it as long as I have TV or a book. I can't do thinks like paint or make jewelry when I'm not well. Too frustrating.

    Wishing a Mindful Day to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  12. sunflowergirl

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    Hey Mikie.....I got hooked on the Tudors about a year ago. It's addictive!

    I'm in a terrible myofascial flare. All I did yesterday was stand a tad different while cleaning out a drawer and I was totally slammed. Within l5 min. absolutely everything hurt. Had to take a tramadol and dig out all my heating stuff. So today I'm trying to do some clothing repair and a bit of sewing. I just CAN'T lay down and sleep even when I'm super tired, it's not in my genes until mid afternoon. Then if I'm lucky I can take about a 30 min. nap.
  13. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    I didn't know sunflowergirl. I did have b12 injections a few years ago because my level was extremely low.

    I thought so too about the diagnosis for Alzheimer, brain scan or biopsy thats why I was asking Rock about it since it sounds so familiar... I was only in my twenties when those short term memory problems began so not an age related thing for me. I can turn around to write down what I don't want to forget and it's gone already. Though my general concentration power is very strong. When I first started to get sick I was working in a child care center and couldn't remember the names of the children I worked with for three years anymore, soon also pain and other symptoms set in but I think the memory was the first thing that dawned on me that something was really wrong.

    I love brain puzzles and logikwizes and such so I'm keeping my brain pretty active, and in the time I got sick I was learning Hindi language as a hobby. I've had bloodworks and hart film and xrays on chest and lower abdomen done but my head has never been checked. Except for the B12 and a small cyste on my kidney that is no cause for worry at all everything is 'perfect' inside. I do wonder about the brain part though.

    Mikie I so hear you on the organized. I also have everything in fixed places and disorder effects me very unpleasantly. I always like to organize things like sort on color, alphabet and such but now it is a necessity to have things ordered.

    Sounds lovely that basket puppy Mikie, this one on my profile is simply with stems still on and can be put in a vase like that. All you have to do is arrange them and put a rubber band around the stems to keep them together and paste on some eyes and a nose. Two highest for the ears, three for the top of the head close together, two for the snout a bit lower and two for the paws quite a bit lower. If you put them in a vase that way it looks like the puppy is peaking over the side of the vase and can be combined with a regular bouquet as well. I gave one to my mom with red roses.

    I got a keyboard too a year or so ago to be able to have a hobby I could do from my bed but I find the mental energy it takes to learn and the setting of the fingers to play the cords is way to much for me to handle. I'm not giving up on it yet, I love music, but will have to keep it for way better days.I hear you on the not being able to do certain things and what a challenge it is to find things you can do. I can't hold a book for reading but I'm ok on the computer and have it setup near my bed so I can get some distraction so it really depends on the font how much energy it takes me to be able to actually read, have a good day Mikie and all it's night time for me, gonna check if Rock revealed the answer yet and then slowly unwind and get ready for sleeping if I can.
  14. Darrae

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    Thanks for the commiseration re: Dyupytren's and my son. I'm just glad Rock doesn't have the pain aspect of this. I do think that (at least on this site) we do have higher I.Q.'s. I doubt I'd have kept coming back other wise. All my friends, as well as myself, are college grads and intelligent individuals. People like I've spoken to here seem to crave the same intelligent conversation that I do. So, yes. I think we might be smarter than the "average bears". LOL:)

    Hugz, Dar.

    Rock, as for the Alzheimer's, I work with it every day. Re: My Fibromyalgia: I saw in a recent study by Stanford University new information indicating that, as I age and continue to have it, it will produce much the same brain shrinkage and other similarities in progression like Alzheimer's, unless they find a way to halt the progression or stop it. I saw the MRI's of those with Fibro and those with normal brains. Oh great huh? It does sort of explain why I have so many of the same symptoms with memory and cognizance as they do.

    As a matter of fact, they are doing clinical trials on an older drug, (Naltrexone), at lower doses than previously used for other ailments. They were asking for volunteers. They will supply the drug, give you a dealie with which you can monitor and report your pain levels and mood levels as you progress through the trial. I volunteered as a trial guinea pig.

    I understand about that immediate memory issue. I handed my daughter my car keys in the car the other day and 2 seconds later asked where are my keys? I spend a lot of time re-tracing my own steps to remember where I was going and what for. This stuff happens to me all the time. Daily. Many times in a single day.

    It can be maddening. Sometimes, I really do not know, myself, how it is I function as well as I do in my work environment with all the minutia I have to remember. Course, I have lots of notes stuck to my desk and 3 calendars to cross-reference everything with.

    I do agree though, that even with your Alzheimer's, you are still a treasure trove of knowledge, witisizms, and a humongous amount of trivia and information that some lesser humans would love to share. You still have much to give. Hats off to you!

    And Sondheim was right. Little things.......



    At one time, at least when I first began the study of Alzheimer's and other dementia-related conditions, autopsy was the only way to be sure it was Alzheimer's. However, with the advancements in imaging techniques, I'm not sure now. Given the Stanford study I referenced with Rock however, I do wonder how much more they can diagnose now.


    Hi Mikie,

    I think you might be onto something with your theory regarding illness versus I.Q.. I agree with your battle plan. Attack the worst symptom first then go on to the next. This is how I have handled my condition. I think, too, that sheer determination has much to do with being better.

    Of course we all know about the "stress factor". I light candles, use oil warmers, hot soaks, ice, chiropractics, massage therapy, and anything else that affords me any kind of relaxation and stress relief. I also find, that conversation with people in the same proverbial boat, seems to help. Particularly due to the fact that you are all very intelligent and, like myself, have researched and become well versed regarding your conditions.

    I do not attend Church anymore. Haven't for some years. Because I don't have he energy. Though I used to find some peace in worship in the company of others. Somewhat more on the order of group meditation for me. I refer to "God" because it's easier than "Higher Being", and the thousands of other names we give to the "entity" in which we have placed our trust in life. Like you, I do not consider myself religious. But spiritual, yes. I have my own set of ethics, morality, and life rules.

    I read an article many years back in, I believe it was Science Magazine, in which they claimed that they had proven, without doubt, that mathematically God has to exist. Or, at least a higher being. Whatever "moniker" one wishes to apply. As for Heaven. Well, I believe that if a Higher Power exists, (and I do), then we're all going somewhere after we expire. The word Heaven works for me as well as any other term. It's all semantics.

    I don't think it much matters what one's belief system is, as long as one has one. My rules for life are simple. Try to get through the day without doing harm to another human being, and treat others as I would wish to be treated.
    If you can do a good turn for another, then do so. That's really all there is. Isn't it?

    Love and peaceful thoughts!


    Hi Soul. First time I've seen you post on this thread. But I'm only a couple months in. Nice to see you posting.

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'll be back later. Just lost a long post on another thread. Computer isn't acting right.

    See ya soon.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Dar, your my 'senior' actually ;) I'm just a few days in so a novice :D I have the habit of diving into new places as if I've always been around. I won't always be able to reply to each and everyones post but you all seem a very kind and welcoming group of people and it doesn't require much to feel at home!

    Mikie feel for you. That stinks to lose long posts especially when being low on energy and having put in so much to make it right. That is one of the reasons why I like the opera browser, that usually let's me use the back button to go back to the form or post with the text still intact. Not sure if that would work on here too though...
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    This hasn't happened in a long time. I used to highlight and copy what I'd written so if I lost it, I could recover it to the point where I last copied it. Guess I'll have to go back to doing that. Do y'all suppose some of the space junk the news and scientists talk about is actually our lost words in the ether?

    Love, Mikie
  18. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    I've had to copy posts in the past, too, Mikie. Not here on PH, but on other forums. Sometimes it's a glitch in how the servers are working. Regardless, it IS totally frustrating.

    Lost words in the ether? Too funny! But, anything is possible...LOL
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Maybe the words are in "The Cloud." I think techies come up with these terms to try to keep us mere mortals in our place. The Cloud sounds so mysterious and desirable. My daughter was almost disappointed when I told her that it's just storage off one's devices where files, books, apps, etc. can be stored and retrieved when needed.

    I found out that most of my neighbors thought their e-mails were stored in memory on their computers all the time. I think I mentioned that I more than cut the price of my newspaper subscription in half by just getting Sat. and Sun. The rest of the week, I can read it online. It's really great. There is a split screen with full pages on the left. If I want to enlarge and read anything, I highlight it and it appears on the right screen in large print, including pics. I can print articles or e-mail them. I print out the NY Times crossword puzzle. I probably spend as much on printer ink as I would if I subscribed all week :) Still, it saves on paper. I had thought I'd miss the feel of the paper in my hand as I drink my coffee but I'm really diggin' this e-newspaper thing. I want the Sun. paper, though, because that's where all the good coupons are.

    Love, Mikie