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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by zerped, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. zerped

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    It's been 3.5 years since my last visit to Mexico, and during this time I've tried to find a way to get something in the U.S. that I discovered down there. When you buy a drug combination that would contain acetamenaphin here, in Mexico the ingredient used is "paracetamol." The first time I bought it, the pharmacist in Mexico simply said "It's the same thing" (as acet.). When I got back home and needed something stronger than over-the-counter stuff I had, I'd take these and the efect was as good as Rx ibuprofen at 600 or 800 mg@, or almost as good as Vicodin.

    I checked with all the Rx drug info at the treatment center where I was working, the nurses there, one of my good friends who is a pharmacist, 3 Mexican pharmacists and the pharmacists at Kaiser, and not only has no one in the U.S. heard of it, but no one, Mexican or U.S., has any idea how to get paracetamol in the U.S.

    Anyone here ever heard of this drug, or know someone who has? I've toyed with the idea to go there for a week, just to pick up meds (yeah, right, like that's all I'd do there! LoL!)?
  2. lin-z

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    First of all I probly WOULD take a trip to Mexico just to find something that really works for this pain (LOL...sorta)

    And what comes to mind is the ultram (tramadol) that is a pain killer with an acetametophen additive. You may look into that.


    ps if you find somehting else that works please let me know!!!!
  3. Pianowoman

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    This drug is listed in my drug guide as the same as acetaminophen. Perhaps it was whatever else was in the combination that was so effective.

  4. lolee

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    When I was in Vons the other day I saw a box of these packets, like Alka Seltzer, but powder not tablets, and I think the main ingrediant was that stuff you are talking about, it is in spanish and is for backaches, there is another one Called Pico-something but that is for acid indigestion. I was looking for something for my back but didn't get that other stuff because I had never heard of it.

    Check it out, and so will I as I have to go buy dog food tonight.

    Who knows?


  5. Cromwell

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    Sometimes, one can get it with codeine and I am wondering if the one in Mexico was actually Paracetemol with codeine. All these are OTC in UK or were last time I lived there.

    Love Anne
  6. Bambi

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    (Mexican American, born here) who's brother is a Mexican born Mexican. The brother was up here on a green card to work. He had been into high school football in Mexico and his coach bought him some kind of white
    cream (big help) in a tube. I was having an FM flare and he gave me the remainders of his tube. It TOTALLY took away the pain from every area
    I put it on. I went through the tube
    in about a week, but it had no ingredients printed on the tube. I"d SURE like to find out what it was!

    It was, he said, specifically for sore muscles and muscle strains. I guess asking a pharmacist down there
    might at least get some results by them showing you what all they have.

    Adding: I had a friend whose husband was having such terrible Asthma attacks that he was having to take some sort of shots several times a day for years to controol his attacks. He could NOT drink even a drop of milk as it or any milk product sent him off on another attack.

    They went to a doc in Mexico (Nogales) and he gave her husband a liquid medication to be taken in MILK. He was
    very apprehensive but tried it. From the first dose he never had another
    asthma attack. The govt people here, I don't know what agency, came to their house and told her that they shouldn't be using the medication since it was from Mexico and had unknown dangers possible. They went down every three months anyway and to the day he died, of old age, it worked. I think you'd have to be lucky or know someone, but some of their treatments are seemingly pretty good.[This Message was Edited on 01/28/2006]
  7. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    My doctor looked it up for me once.

    I'm guessing what you got in Mexico is what someone else mentioned you can get over the counter there in the UK (we have it o-t-c here too), acetaminaphen/codeine/caffeine. I just bought somet the other day because I'm running low on my codeines this mth.

  8. zerped

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    WOW, thanks for all the info guys! I'm sure that nothing I took had codeine in it, because I am real careful about that. I'm allergic to all opium-based drugs (and codeine and even pseudoephedrine) and if I take the wrong thing I'm in anaphylactic shock, like Uma Thurman in "Pulp Fiction."

    The first time I was looking for something, I asked for Tylenol, and they gave me a bottle with paracetamol instead of acetamin. The phar. said they were "the same thing," but we all have had experiences with salespeople and "the same thing." On second trip, I bought some headache remedy/general aches and pains med that was simply a decent dose of naproxen and also of para/acet. The cold medecine I bought also had para. instead of acet. and also "fenilefrina" (phenylephrine), and "chlorfenamina" (chlorpheniramine maleate, or "Chlortrimeton"). Since I can't have pseudoephrine, almost all cold remedies are off-limits to me, so this was one I would stock up on in the future.

    Well, this has been just the right thing. I had vague suspicions about stuff here, but no confirmation. When I get my settlement check and am living in Mazatlan, I'll be the Mexican (legal) drug guy for the whole board!

  9. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    They have it in England.

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