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  1. bluejai

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    I stumbled upon this site while searching for reasons that I've been feeling so crappy.

    I feel sore all over, and have been having a new kind of headache right at the bump at the base of my skull... I have urinary urgency and frequency that have led me to ask to be tested for a UTI twice now, both of which were negative. I am always cold - my hands and feet are at least 10 degrees colder than the rest of me, even with 2 pairs of socks on. I get muscle twitches or jumps and sometimes my eyes go fuzzy. I don't trust myself to drive anymore.

    But according to my doctor there is nothing wrong with me other than depression, which I've been fighting for years.

    Does any of this sound familiar to anyone???? I'm beginning to feel like a real nut job hypochondriac.

  2. nancyneptune

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    get you down, Jai. My Rheumy did the same thing to me 2 weeks ago. He's the one who DX'd me to begin with! Then he tells me I'm depressed. Oh lord, save me from the ameteur shrinks. He even told me he was going to contact my shrink and tell her to up my Paxil and Xanax. Like she'll listen to him.
    She and I are very tight. She knows my mental condition is worse in the winter. SAD, you know. And we're all hypochondriacs if we aren't being brought in on a stretcher in a coma. So be it! They can bit it. lol
  3. Cactuslil

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    A friend, dear friend, stopped by today to see how I was doing after having oral surgery. We were talking about the dominant heredity factor on some of this stuff and I noted that if it were not for meeting her, having her help me step by step sometimes, I would think I was a true-blue nut!

    As far depression. It is unfortunate there are still people out there that believe the brain cannot have ailments as any other organ! I truly tip my hat or rather beret to those who do not and never will have clinical depression; we have no cure past a point. Those with situational depression at least have a hope of resolving or learning to cope with their problems. The prognosis for the rest of us is not good!

    The symptoms you described I also had in the beginning...awoke one day to the flu that would not go away. Unfortunately I "kicked the pricks" as the Bible would say and made things worse for me that they had to be.
    As a matter of fact I dismissed the matter to where I joined a start-up band (musician). My voice would not hold up and as a back-up singer you get litle rest; I was also the keyboardist. My doc put me on steroids to boost the vocal chords then a whole disasterous series of events marked the end of my career and life as I used to know it.

    Sounds like you have nailed your diagnosis. Get a sound treatment plan and watch that energy level; what goes out usually takes twice as long to return. I pray you have an uncomplicated case and if you can mitigate your losses, you can have a good quality of life.

    This is a difficult set of syndromes, conditions et al. to handle and diagnosis for the most part is by elimination but this is not a hypochrondriatic ailment. Clinical depression is real and a competent psychiatrist will treat it as such and if you have situational depression he/she will treat that separately and for what it is.

    My best to you and keep going in the right the web for answers, be informed, you are your only patient! Love, CactusLil'
  4. pam_d

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    Except for the fact that my headache is a right-side migraine & yours is at the base of your skull, you & I could be twins-----my hands & feet never warm up, muscle twitches are chronic, urinary frequency, too---add tingling feet, & these are some of the hallmarks of FM for me. The pain & fatigue came later; and the neurological symptoms are still the hardest for me; the pain & fatigue are usually tolerable for me.

    You are not a hypochondriac-----hopefully you've read enough by now to realize there are many of us out there like you. Hang in there & come here often---you will probably learn more here than from most doctors!

    Good luck & hope you feel less alone at least ---you are in good company here...

  5. kadywill

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    That's exactly where my headaches are, I twitch and jerk, my vision changes from hour to hour, my hands and feet are cold and I am depressed easily and severely!!! I do not pee or have the urge to as I have renal failure, but, other than that, we're twins!!!!!
    Sorry~~it's a real bummer!!
  6. Fibromiester

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    Your description of aches & pains would have fit me to a tee, when I finally found a Dr. who told me I might have FM or CFS...he gave me some reading material, sent me home, and let me diagnose myself! I have battled depression for years, too. But thank the Lord this Dr. just knew I was being as honest as I could be- I was not apologizing for feeling bad AND feeling Sick! I just said, I HURT ALL OVER!What is Wrong with me??
    Do some reading here, and ask questions, and learn about FM and CFS, and see if you think your symptoms "fit"...and find a Dr. who will help you deal with it. I wish you well!
  7. bluejai

    bluejai New Member

    Wow. Thanks for all the responses. I don't feel nearly as crazy as I did before.

    I started making a list of all the symptoms I've had in the past 2 years, and I'm amazed the doctor didn't pick it up. He's sent me to a specialist twice to investigate the tingling in my fingers, tested me repeatedly for UTIs when there is no infection, I was in the hospital for a week in excruciating pain in my side that they blamed on my kidney but I never got a real diagnosis for, I've had thrush (uncommon in adults, I understand) and so on and so on.

    I can't count how many times in the last 2 years I have screamed "What is wrong with me? Why can't I get better? Why am I ALWAYS sick?"

    The scary part is that I can't walk nearly as far as I used to. I used to be the power-walker and people had to tell me to slow down, but now when I walk more than 3 blocks I feel like I've run a marathon. I thought I Was just lazy or out of shape, but I don't get very winded, it just hurts.

    How do I find a doctor that will be able to help me? The one I have is too busy to go over my list of symptoms, I think. I'm really scared.