the neck/headaches, again!... herniated disc people?

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  1. Chilene

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    you might remember me bringing this up before...i have herniated discs (c-5 to c-7)...and even with my whole body "falling apart" (they thought it was MS for 3 years)...and now it's "cfs/fibro"... (numbness all over, dizzyness, severe fatigue, sensitivity to everything and horrible migraine-like headaches...)...the doctors (neurologists) never pushed me to get the fusion surgery. they always said it was "up to me, that they'd seen people worse off...and that i should hold off...try injections...etc.)... (although one doctor was convinced i should have "chiari malformation" surgery...

    well...after taking vicodan for one year, my headaches were better for a few years...and i am often pretty good unless i lift anything much or open a tough window...well, truth be told...lot's of things can bring on pain and headaches.

    well, for whatever reason (the cold, somehting i did?)...they're back. they're always worse after eating, too, for some reason...anyway...i just think that surgery would be a mess...seeings that i already am off the charts sensitive to pain of any kind, etc. And i'm allergic to antibiotics (all)... and even ibuprofin, lately...oh...and even an IV in my arm is big trouble (last time the pain from the IV needle caused me to pass out for so long...they put me in a trauma unit overnight as my heart slowed down!!!)... so you can see my resistance to surgery. not to mention that it seems that half the fibro people who've had surgery for this seemed to have gotten worse!...

    and you can imagine my resistance to the pain-blocker needles, then, too...

    on the other hand...i'm SO sick of living with headaches and being afraid to lift anything (or even plug a cord in/bending)...

    anyone one with these issues have any ideas?...

    oh man, this is soooo long (sorry!)

    love and happy new year to all of you!

    ;) fibro hugs! helene
  2. Cromwell

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    ...I have same discs out, plus numbness and vertigo and migraines when they are really playing up. The thing that worked for me(three times now) was a great PT who knew exactly how to stretch the neck and very gentle finger massaging up and down, the Therma care heat pads, plus moist heat, and I have to say it, my posture, only being on computer for 15mins at a time, and religiously doing the neck strengthening exercises so neck muscles work better. 2mg Valium works great for the dizzyness and relaxes the muscles.

    I have found that even reaching up to a high cupboard can put the neck out, even reaching above the head for something, so one has to be really careful. So sorry about all your pain, I would not even consider fusion as three people I know had it and it made things worse each one.

    Love Cromwell

  3. Mar19

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    I'm in the same boat as you are.

    I had planned on having my cervical spine operated on (3 ruptured disks), but I also had a bad disk in my lumbar spine.

    I reasoned that I should take care of that first b/c it was at the foundation of my spine. If I did the neck b/c the lower back I'd mess the neck back up or interfere with it's healing properly b/c of not being able to walk properly. Does that make sense?

    Had the first lumbar surgery in '01. I was so much worse than b/f the surgery. The doc told me that sometimes he needs to take a "more aggressive approach" and I stupidly agreed to another surgey in '02.

    I thought I couldn't possibly hurt any worse -- I was wrong!! :(

    Now I'm really afraid to have anyone touch my neck, but the headaches, neck and shoulder pain, everything you mentioned, is completely out of control.

    I have no idea what to do!! I suspect I won't be able to bear this much longer, but I am so afraid of going under the knife again. Guess I'll have to start checking out neurosurgeons and such so I'll be prepared in case it comes to surgery again.

    Best of luck to you, I'll say a prayer for you.

  4. lilaclover30

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    i just found out yesterday from my pain Dr. (wonderful) that the neck MRI show degenerative disc disease, stenosis and something that I don't understand. In other words, my neck spine is a mess.

    i already have lumbar stenosis that is SO painful plus scoliosis that started it all. I have had 1 injection - it lasted 4 days and then it snowed. Guess who shovels at our house - the 75s yr. old lady - me. i am to have another Jan. 25. and do PT for neck. The only problem with that is that the dr. and PT are 50 mi. from home and with the gas situtation,a hubby is not fond of wasting that much gas!!!!

    Gentle HNugs to all
  5. mamaseta

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    I was diagnosed with FM in 1993. Part of my list of symptoms was severe headaches. After xrays, doc found degenerative bone disease in c3-4. Went the therapy route because I refused to believe the only answer was surgery! I finally decided the pain was too much - got referral to excellent surgeon. 4 weeks after surgery, I discovered the headaches were GONE!! I highly recommend it. It's about the only place on my bod that doesn't hurt 24/7.

    Hope this helps!
  6. atiledsner

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    In Jan.-04 I had a new bone made for my neck and a titanium plate put in.Then feb.05 i had surgery on 7 lumbar discs.They did them all at once.I have stenonis and degenerative disc disease. Before the surgery I felt like i had been shot in the back and the bullet left in.I didn't think I could hurt any worse either. I do.....I can only stand a few minutes,stay on computer for short times.I can't work and right now i don't have any work income at all. I wish you well.atiledsner
  7. Chilene

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    wow...SO good to hear all you had to say!

    you know; I HAVE been at the computer more recently... like on and off, sometimes and hour and a half without break! ... this since i lost a part-time job a few months back (due to budget cut)... and also, my desk and desk chair are not the greatest for support.

    before the herniated discs got bad, i had massage all the i can't even have anyone TOUCH me above the neck!... i did try a doctor who worked on the spine and did pretty minimal pressure last summer...and that made things worse!... and i did lots of "non-cracking chiropractic and that was bad too"... but i should try again, find someone who might understand...

    also, tonight i finally bit the bullet and took some (tiny amount) of vicodan... no allergy (yet, often this comes later)... and i must say it feels sooo good to have almost no head pain now!... i forget that i'm used to living with pain!

    and i probably shouldn't do those streching exercises with my arms OVER my head when the headaches come. these stretches feel so good on my tight neck and shoulders...but i bet worsens the head. bummer; i always wanted to get back to stregthening my shoulders (haven't been able to exercise in years and miss my muscles!)...

    thanks sooo much!

    fibro hugs!

  8. Chilene

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    oh dear mar19!...

    i am so sorry to hear what YOU are going through (and have been through).

    yes, your thoughts about your decisions made sense. it sounds like sometimes we should challenge the doctors and/or really listen to our gut...

    although i don't know how long you have been dealing with all this pain... i do know that i WAS blessed with a break from the worst part of the headaches for a few years, and that in itself i never could have imagined. i had given up hope.

    (i ended up taking vicodan for a year and then weaned my self off it when the headaches were person said that the vicodan itself might have broken the pain cycle some. hmmm?)..

    anyhow... thanks SO much for your sharing your experiences. they will help me when i rethink this all down the line... for now... i am avoiding surgery.

    i will pray that you find some relief soon. keep hope!

    many fibro hugs!

  9. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    so nice to hear from you.

    i am really sorry to hear that you are stuck with such chores, considering the rotten discs and all!: please do be very careful!

    sounds like you have a wonderful family (from you bio). that can be worth lots!

    hope you can find someone to help out! (i get assistance 4 hours a week from the city of chicago--as on disability--could you get something like that?)

    blessings to you and your family! (what a beautiful photo of the little gril!)

    many easy hugs!

  10. Chilene

    Chilene New Member


    blessings to you regarding whatever happens (surgery or not).

    i will keep you in my prayers.

    many hugs--

  11. Chilene

    Chilene New Member


    that's so wonderful that surgery DID help you!

    WHAT a blessing!

    too bad we can never know in advance!

    keep well! hugs;)

  12. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    so sorry to hear about all your rotten pain!

    i pray that you will find some relief, somehow!

    thank you for your thoughts...

    fibro hugs to you!

  13. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    so sorry to hear about YOUR yucky spine stuff!

    no, i'm pretty sure i don't have MS... the doctors tested me for MS over the first three years of all this (it's been 11 years now)and thought there was a chance it was MS due to the level of numbness, dizzyness, bladder issues, etc. that i deal with. but it was pretty much ruled out. (but i never did fit well into any category!)... i've assumed it's been a result of the neck/spine damage, and possibly bad nutrition as a vegetarian (with bad eating habits) for 20 years, possibly...

    thanks for stopping by with your experiences to share!

    easy hugs!

  14. CooBax

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    Hi Helene,

    Wow does that sound familiar. I am in the process of trying to get a dx. Like you MS was suspected but all my test have showen nothing....i had mri's and lumbar puncture. One thing that did show was stenosis in my neck, bulged discs and bon spurs....i am seeing a neuro surgen in March. I have head aches all the time...neck pain deep in my neck...numbness in my feet...tingling in different areas that seem to roam...electrical shocks if i hit my ankle...extreme fatigue....and tons of muscle twitching...Have you seen a neuro surgen? Do you get fatigue? Would love to hear from you...

  15. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    all this neck stuff started when i got rear-ended (barely; my car stalled and someone hit me, but i'd had whiplash before that may have started all this...)..

    so it's been a good 6 years or so since i've seen neurosurgeons. except for doctor Dan Hernandez (famous for dx chiari malformation in cfs people)...all the neurosurgeons said that surgery was "up to me"; that they'd seen worse, but if i thought it might help... these neurosurgeons (2 or 3) didn't understand fibro/cfs all that i think for them to understand the additional complications might have been a bit hard... and if they weren't pushing hard, i absolutely was not getting surgery. they all recommended the pain-blocking injections (which i also never dared to get, since i pass out everytime a large needle is near me)...

    the "chiari malformation" "specialist" did think surgery would help me...but you can research him; he's very controversial...

    i just wish i could take ANY medication without allergic reaction. (now i can't even take ibuprofin or vicodan!!!)

    good luck Lesley!

    ;) hugs,