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    I'm not sure how long it's been since a post has been up on mag, but thought I'd post the info I've found. This is so interesting as to how much it helps our bodies.

    MAGNESIUM: It provides our bodies with/aids in
    *Bone structure
    *Cell membranes
    *Conduction of nerve impulses
    *Conduction of muscle contraction
    *Normal heart rhythm

    *Zinc interfers with absorption
    *Protein in low amounts causes lower magnesium absorption
    *Vitamin D and calcium increases absorption

    DEFENCIES increase in people with
    *GI disorders
    *Renal disorders
    *Chronic alcoholism

    *Low serum potsasium levels
    *Retention of sodium
    *Low circulating levels of PTH
    *Neurological and muscular symptoms (tremor, muscle spasms, tetany)
    *Loss of appetite
    *Personality changes

    *Cardiovascular disease
    *Heart attack
    *Endothelial dysfunction
    *Migraine headaches

    Another article stated it believes it has a lot to do with many autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, MS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, etc.

    I have major issues with taking supplements in pill form, but found a liquid mag/calcium and am happy I did. I have not had a decrease in pain symptoms, but have noticed a definite decrease in my heart palpitations.

    I'm hoping to also see a decrease in my migraines, but haven't seen it yet. Maybe after I've been on it awhile longer. I also have very severe osteoporosis and can't take the meds for that either, so it's an extra bonus.

    Just wanted to pass this along to everyone. Not pushing, just found it very interesting.............Jole
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    Magnesium is really necessary if one has lyme and/or other 'stealth pathogens', most need it so you need extra for your body.

    My son was taking it in a couple different ways, and stopped one of the vitamins. Just that little bit less (total per day was 1200 mg, he dropped it to maybe 800) made his heart 'feel funny' - he had an abnormal ekg (age 18) so was scheduled for a stress test.

    However that night I happened to think about the magnesium and asked if he'd changed anything. When we found out, we told him to immediately dose himself up. By the time he had the stress test 2 days later, he was normal.... he's never lowered the dose since.
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    It was very interesting to me that your son also noticed a difference in his heart rhythm with the magnesium! I never would have thought that could have been my problem, since I've had a heart murmur since childhood, and irregularities ever since.

    But an echo came back okay, as did an I'm sure it was the lack of mag causing my problems. I need to pass this infor on to my daughter, who has mitral valve prolapse, which was also mentioned in one article as being associated with the lack of mag.

    Gee, it covers such a wide variety of things....ADD, who would have thought that one could be affected by it? Ahh...we live 'n learn.

    Looked at your profile........knew you were in Mexico. Just had to say I really, really like your fireplace and least I assume it's yours. Hope you're enjoying it there! I love the adobe/SW style homes, but am a little spoiled and also like my few "luxuries" as well, like easy
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    Can you share which liquid supplement you've had success with? Thanks :)
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    Hello All,

    Agree, MG is very good to minimize excitotoxin damage that is a likely problem for the majority of ME/FM/CFS/Bitotoxin persons.

    Keep it up!


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