the need for prayer is great....

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Scoobsmom, Aug 26, 2004.

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    My kiddo returns to school on Monday...I am facing many physical and emotional trials right now. My rhuemy had changed my meds in the second week of August, and she had put me on Effexor...and added Neurontin...and took away Flexeril. this Sunday..I had not slept for over a week..I was having muscle spasms which led into migrains and I was higher than a kite all day and all night. I contacted her office..and of course..stay on the Effexor..stay on the Neurontin...add in a 1/2 of Flexeril.

    They are killing me..I stayed on the Effexor until I began to have sever burning in my feet and legs...was still not sleeping...then on Tuesday...I discontinued the Effexor and believe it, I went thru a major withdrawl even though I was on for only a short amount of time.

    I know I am rambling. I have such anxiety that I will have to drive my child to school and still am required to wear this brace since I am not healing well...and...the beginning of the year of school is normally a nightmare. My son is special needs....and I just do not have it in me...Please ask for an extra measure of peace...of healing..or whatever the Holy Spirit leads you to pray....Thank you in Christ...
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    Dear Lord, Scoobsmom has opened her heart concerning her very great physical and emotional challanges.

    Please help her doctor to find medications that will help her situation. Grant her the gift of restful sleep, give her increased physical stamina and energy to meet the demands of the school year. Bring healing to her body.

    Help her to experience Your presence on a minute by minute basis. Calm her heart and free her from anxiety. Bless her with every good gift that You have for your children and pour out Your grace.

    May her son's transition to school go smoothly. I ask that all of his needs be met there. I ask that he have compassionate, wise and skillful teachers and aides.

    I pray in the mighty name of Jesus,
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    Sending prayers as you requested. I hope things improve soon for you.

    Take care,