The nerve of this MD

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    I tune into a conventional MD on saturday mornings,
    nothing else to listen to, so out of my curosity, I listen
    to what "lies" they are telling people.....

    Just now a man was calling in about his heart issues and
    facing an angeoplasty and his fear, etc....

    So in closing this MD said....."and stay off the internet"...

    These conventional docs don't want us to work on our
    own health.....

    I'm not saying don't do the necessary work we need to do
    but don't stop seeking out your own research and help
    for your own health.

    My guess that so many docs are so angry at we folks
    working on our own health and bringing them info...

    Thinking about the Anatabloc I'm getting so much help
    with, my rheumy is deep down upset as she won't be
    seeing me in the future.....ummmmmmm
  2. LadyCarol

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    Without any context as to what the MD actually said I can’t really comment on only a tiny extract from a program.

    I can say, however, the many doctors I know actively encourage patients to educated themselves and welcome all discussions with a patient whatever the issue. It is easier to form an accurate diagnosis of a patient who cooperates fully and is able to contribute valuable information. Good two way communication is vital in helping a patient especially when/if the health issue(s) are more complex such as with CFS/ME.

    One of the most frustrating issues a doctor is often faced with is a patient who simply can’t be bothered (apathy) to educate themselves about health issues, and as such the doctor is often faced with fighting an uphill task in trying to get the patient to do what’s in the patient’s own interest. For example, overweight and obese patients often are in denial they have a serious weight issue. When faced with having to cut down their portion sizes of food it is something they refuse to do. Even when faced with high blood pressure, heart disease, you name it they have an excuse why they can’t lose weight (they actually refuse to accept personal responsibility for what they put into their mouth), they will lie about what they eat and expect the doctor to be fooled. If/when told the truth they have a Gluttony issue they blame the doctor, blame anyone other than themselves, go figure ! Too many calories eaten over too long a period on time is the 100% reason they are fat/obese/ overweight etc.

    Another example is smoking; it’s a killer, the main cause of lung cancer (primary and passive), also causes heart disease, strokes, and countless other diseases. Fact - Smoking causes countless millions of people to suffer ill health and/or death.
  3. jaminhealth

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    and my grandkids dad is going thru aggressive treatment
    for stage 3 lung cancer...he smoked for TOO MANY yrs and quit 14 yrs ago but not soon enough...

    I often think had he been taking grape seed ex all the
    years I knew him, would he be dealing with this horrible
    cancer now....the reason I got on grape seed in 1995, we
    were told it may prevent cancer....that was music to my
    ears so I've been on it ever since....

    He poo'd poo'd all my alternative healing information which
    I've been learning for 20some yrs...

    It's very sad and I hope he can recover....I can't save
    everyone, but I sure try to help save all who touch my

    Tonight I will take my bottle of "gold" anatablc to my
    bridge group and let them know about this short of a
    miracle I'm taking now....most at this group are taking
    grape seed ex from me and now they'll get this info.
  4. IanH

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    Jam, how much vitamin A is in the antabloc?
  5. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    and I'm taking 7-8 tabs per day under tongue...

    I don't take my multi every day, some days every other
    which contains Vit A....So I'm watchful of that...

    The company may be changing that Vit A again...If you
    want to talk the pharmacist or MD, let me know and I'll
    give you the number to call. jam
  6. Saoirse3

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    When I was kept in the hospital overnight for those "tests" (test of my patience, I think!) the on-call doctor came in and I told him that I DO keep up with my health issues and have learned to read my blood and blood chemistry tests. He asked what sites I learned from and I mentioned Mayo Clinic and Loma Linda. His reply was that HE had access to "BETTER" sites than I did! I asked him "Then why is it you send your blood cultures to Mayo Clinic for analysis?" And here I thought that if Mayo or Loma Linda couldn't help you, you might as well get measured for a harp and wings (or maybe a pitchfork!)

    I think the docs are angry because they are losing their god-like status, as people begin to realize there ARE alternative therapies that actually work BETTER. And perish the thought they should lose the money that the pharmaceutical companies are paying them!

    Soft hugs,
  7. IanH

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    is that research into the use of supplements in treating disease or use for prophylaxis is very poorly done and is at the same time very difficult to do in a controlled way. For example the debate/argument about the value of vitamin D supplementation in disease and prophylaxis is caused by several problems:
    Effectiveness of research
    Agreed RDI (This is a big problem)
    Good research but based on wrong RDI, ie The IOM says that 400IU to 800IU is what is needed with an upper limit of 4000IU but most researchers have shown that this much does nothing aside from correct bone metabolic problems, infact much recent research shows that to attain a "natural" blood level (48ngm/ml) requires around 5000IU or more (in the presence of moderate sun exposure).
    Fears produced by research showing damage. (Rare in the case of vitamin D)
    Concern about interaction with drugs.
    Masking physiological signs, as in the case of potassium or magnesium or even calcium.
    Poor education about nutrition.

    and as you say, inadequacy in partnering with their patient especially patients with CFS ( an unproven and probably psychological condition).

    A good modern doctor shares all results with the patient and explains their validity. A doctor who does not or who gets defensive when you try to involve yourself is not a good modern doctor.
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