the Neurologist says that my pain in the butt......

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    is NOT the spinal stenosis, joint arthropathy or bulging discs as diagnosed per MRI. He says that I wouldn't be having this type of pain or this severe a pain with that. I avoided the Fibromyalgia word when I saw him because I didn't know his opinion of it and I sure didn't want him to disregard my pain. He finally asked why I was seeing this Rheumatologist and what his diagnosis of my chronic pain was. I procrastinated, but my hubby said, "He said she has Fibromyalgia." The doctor smiled and said, "Well, that explains it." He did a nerve conduction test/EMG and found no permanent nerve damage and put me on a small dose of Neurontin and said that he and my Rheumy knew one another and that they would work together on making sure I was painfree.
    My pain is fairly well managed by the Oxycontin, but I got the impression that he would like to see me taken off of it. This is the VERY first time I have been without pain and I am reluctant to go back to him or the Rheumy for fear that they'll D/C this med. My PCP prescribed the Oxycontin for me when he saw the MRI results. I am having PT twice weekly and the pain in my bottom has been isolated and is being found to be my piriformis muscle. This muscle has shortened and I am doing stretching exercises daily to lengthen it. I haven't a clue as to whether this is helping as I am taking the Oxy and Prednisone at this time. I *believe* that, if not for these drugs, I'd be screaming with pain at this very moment. As it is, I rarely have to resort to taking the prn Oxy IR; today, being the exception and I think today's pain is from the cold, wet weather.
    So, as President of our local "butt-ies" club, might I suggest researching the piriformis muscle and learning about stretches for this? If it can help at all, I'd be grateful. Since I KNOW this is my damaged area, I can safely do these stretches, but I'd caution anyone else to seek a professional opinion if you have a diagnosis of DDD, etc. I'd been "favoring" and protecting this area for quite a while, apparently, and it really feels good to stretch it now. Physical Therapy has been a good experience for me thus far and I am glad the doc ordered it. I just hope and pray that I won't have to return to the pain I was in prior to taking the Oxycontin. I have no adverse effects (except constipation) to it and the only effect I *do* have is pain relief. There is absolutely no buzz, no euphoria, no nothing except pain relief. I am taking a low dosage and I think it is wonderful that I don't have to take more than I do.
    Since the Neuro said this about my severe pain, it validates the fact that I do have Fibromyalgia. I was beginning to wonder....I was thinking that all of my pain was a result of the spinal problems. But,'s all Fibro, it appears. Oh well, back to the drawing board...treat the symptoms, not the cause. I hate this part.
    Love to all!
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    Ahh, well acquainted with that pain. But mine started years ago when I was prescouting hunting grounds and fell backwards over two felled tree trunks in the ferns! Took a long time for pain to subside....never completly gone for ten years. Kept flaring up or injury of different part of back.

    Now with the Fibromyalgia it flares up if I sit long or stand long.
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    I have been hearing about that as the cause of much of my lower extremity/back problems (although I do have disk problems with damage shown on my EMG). I have had many PT sessions and have learned many stretches, but still cannot beat the piriformis. Using the pain meds has certainly helped me continue with the stretches and I must say that I am not as symptomatic as before. Even though my symptoms are not as severe, I still rely on the pain med to try to live my life to the fullest.

    Unforunately, now I've noticed that my walking stride is becoming shorter. Another piriformis problem? It never seems to end. Also seemingly non-ending are the trecherous traps (trapezius muscles), another frequently cited culprit of my upper body pain woes.

    So, Kadywill, president of the butt-ies club, I hope you will be able to continue on your pain med as you perservere with that persnickety piriformis.

    Sorry for the silliness. It must be cabin fever. I live in New Jersey, we're are 2 feet and counting with the snow, and some snow just fell off the roof creating a four foot pile of snow outside the window near my computer. Not to mention the whole front of my car up to the windshield completely covered by snow due to the winds. It could be worse. I could be in Buffalo where this happens all the time.
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    you're a pistol and I am perfectly pleased to peruse your piriformis periodical~~~
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    Yes I'm one of the butt club too. I did a buncha research on the butt muscles trying to figure out exactly WHICH one was the culprit. It seems that it is soooooo deep it had to be one of the smaller ones. I came up with the piriformis too. It takes my boyfriend all his strength to get at it from the lil dent in the side of my butt. It hurts soo good. As for the stretching of it, I can't seem to get a good stretch with my ankle on my knee. It seems to just pull the very insert part but not the whole thing.
    I have my b/f hold on to my foot while I'm laying down and with my leg straight he moves it gently across my my body to a 45 degree angle. It really stretches it then. IF he can get it to go that far! lol.
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    I think I mentioned to you about the piriformis muscle when you were going through all the bouts with your bottom and before you had the MRI. I am glad that they are figuring it all out for you, Yahoo...

    For all that are going to attempt with the piriformis stretches to NOT overdue it pleassseee. Your sciatic nerve runs through it and if the piriformis muscle is flaring it can actually cut off the sciatic nerve. Done tons of research and been treated for it over and again. It is a very sensative muscle and in all honesty I would recommend people to go through PT to do the stretches. Just my opinion.

    Good luck Kady.
    Take care,
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    I agree and that's why I put the little disclaimer in about the stretches.....PT is the best bet. I remember your telling me about the piriformis, but I really thought my pain was related to my spinal problems at the time and just chose not to think about it.
    Nancy, I get a GREAT stretch of the piriformis when the PT crosses my right leg over my left knee and puts his weight into pushing upward. I finally got my hubby to do this last p.m. while I was lying on the floor, but I just cannot get a good stretch without someone putting their weight into it for me. The PT gave me stretches to do at home and they all help, except for this, most crucial one. I just *have* to have help to stretch the piriformis. Lord, does it feel so good when it does stretch!!!!!!!!! It is a wonderful pain!