The Never Ending Fungal Rash

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mikie, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Mikie

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    Oy! Couldn't tolerated the anti-fungal cream. Left two messages to that effect and it took two days for them to leave me a voicemail to continue using it. The side effects were worse than the rash. I ignored it because I had to go in yesterday to have the suture from the biopsy removed. In the meantime, I had started putting colloidal silver on it and using it under my tongue, which had previously looked like a white bath mat. Both rash and tongue were responding well to the CS.

    Well, you would have thought I'd commited heresy. This PA knew nothing about colloidal silver but hit the roof. She did give me a new Rx which was $92 for the tube of cream. Fortunately, it seems to be working with none of the side effects of the first one. She used to be nice but is turning into the typical arrogant, and ignorant, healthcare provider.

    I could have asked her why it took two days to get back to me and then tell me to keep using a cream I had told her I could not tolerate. On the patient info for the cream, it said that if these side effects occured, you were to stop using the cream and call your doc. That is exactly what I did.

    In the end, I decided that it would do no good to point out her mismanaging of my situation. Even as I got to the pharmacy to fill he second Rx, I had to come back later to get it as she forgot to specify whether it was 1% or 2% cream. She's probaby found a way in her mind to blame me for that too.

    I will continue to use my blue light and the colloidal silver, along with the new salve. All my progress has been due to both traditional medicine and alternative medicine. Too bad she's so narrow minded and intolerant. Her loss and he patients' loss.

    I'm supposed to go back in a month. If it's cleared up, I may not go. Don't know how much abuse I can take. After I left her office, the check engine light came on so I had to drive to the dealership. It's a sensor which has been letting one of thee cylinders run too rich. I have to get it fixed or it will cause bigger problems. It'll cost $400. Yikes! Yesterday was a stressful, and expensive, day.

    I'll let y'all know how the healing goes.

    Love, Mikie
  2. Denamay

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    Hi Mikie,
    I hear you when you talk about a fungal rash, nasty!

    I found that for myself that I had to cut the sugar from my diet.
    I always knew that I had a sugar addiction, but it never dawned on me the relationship between sugar and how it feeds yeast [of course it does].

    Anyway, I cut out the goodies [very hard for me to do]. The cravings were wicked for a while but the relief from the fungal infection was worth it!!!

    Now the Christmas holiday season is upon us, I gave in to the old temtations and here comes that nasy rash again, will I ever learn? Denamay

    PS. Like you, my car has just given me $400 worth of grief.

  3. Denamay

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    Just a note,

    Zinc oxide might help some, but for my fungal infection it kept the areas too moist and made matters worse.

    It is good for babies bottoms though. Cheers Denamay
  4. paulac7

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    Sorry to hear about your rash problems..hope you get them cleared up soon. I haven't been able to 'log in' in like forever--computer issues, but new computer solved that nicely.

    As to Google--be wary--as you can type just about anything into Google and get a bunch of 'hits'. Just a word of advice from an old computer geek...

    Take care and will send healing thoughts your way....Good luck with your car, also...

    Paula >^.^<
  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Thanks so much for your replies.

    Denamay, yes, I know the sugar/yeast/fungus connection. I'm off the sweet stuff now. Geez, we must have been born under the same star. You aren't a Cancer are you :) Good luck with your car and infection too.

    Jam, I can certainly give the ZO a try but since the new cream is tolerable, I think I'll stick with it to see whether it is working. I'm still using the blue healing light as fungi hate light and my colloidal silver too. The CS has really helped with the fungus in my mouth. My tongue is still a bit white but no longer hairy. AACK!!!

    Paula, soooo good to see you posting. I'm sorry for your puter problems. Hope to see you here more. Actually, the info I found online for my rash was very good and accurate. But I always take any online info with a grain of salt, natural sea salt from the Himalayas :)

    I now have a second red spot on my cheek above the first one. I just don't want this to get near my eyes. If it does, I'll ask my regular doc for an oral anti-fungus med. It can make a person go blind. Yesterday, I was feeling sick and I think there is a correlation between the rash and how I feel. Whatever made me sick in Atlanta seems to keep coming back for me and my kids. Of course, have to spend $92 for my salve and $450 for my car is enough to make anyone sick.

    Thanks again for all your caring responses. It means the world to me to have so much support. Sending prayers for everyone's good health.

    Love, Mikie
  6. gb66

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    I'm glad your problem is getting better. I finally got the name of the ointment my husband uses, so if the one you're using now stops working, you might want to try this. He hasn't had any more trouble since using it.

    He said he applies it if the rash starts to reapperar and it clears right up. It's Metronidazole topical lotion 0.75%. GB66
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I appreciate it. It all depends on the chemical formula. One will work better than others. I'll take note of DH's and ask for it if this doesn't continue to work. She said this particular fungus is hard to clear up. She has it on her back. AACK! Lucky for her that she has a DH to apply the salve. This makes me wonder whether mine will show up again when I get run down. It's always something.

    Thanks again.

    Love, Mikie
  8. mbofov

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    sorry you're having such a rough time, especially at the holidays! Don't forget about virgin coconut oil. It contains caprylic acid, a natural killer of fungus and yeast. Several years ago I took plain caprylic acid for a recurrent yeast infection and it didn't do the job. Then I read about taking virgin coconut oil which is high in caprylic acid and lauric acid, and it worked amazingly fast. The only bad side effect was a rather strong herx. Again, applied topically and taken internally really works.

    Happy holidays!

  9. MicheleK

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    Hi Mikie, I've been off due to the deep crash that lives on but came on tonight and saw your posts. We can all really relate to those arrogant doctors. I hope both spots clear up and you don't have to go back and see her.

    So sorry about your car too. Where is that money tree you need? It must be growing somewhere! lol Wishing you better times.

    Hugs, Michele
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Mary, I keep forgetting to check the store here for the VCO. ProHealth is on Pacific Time and I'm on Eastern Time. I have to wait to call them and by then, my pea brain has forgotten :) Of all the things I've lose, I miss my mind the most. Thanks for the VCO reminder. I'll get it.

    Michele, I'm soooo sorry about your crash. I hope and pray you get better. I hate the crashes, the bad ones which leave a person unable to do anything. I had thought that by now, I'd be in glowing good health from the injections which were successful. Oh, the best layed plans... Our lives are a series of coping with crashes and illnessses. Then, when something like a car problem comes along, we are almost unable to cope.

    Well, the car is fixed and I hope that's the last of car problems for a while. I'm feeling just a tad better but still have my red Christmas polka dots on my face. I am sleeping better since I had to take Nyquil for my cold. It reset my sleep cycle which got messed up when I fell and had the head injury. I had been waking at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. Yikes! No wonder I was so tired. Now, I'm up at my usual 5:00 even without the Nyquil. Yea!

    Thanks to everyone for all your kindness and support. My best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

    Love, Mikie
  11. rose515

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    What I find effective for my fungal rashes is the following: A probioitic called GoLive which is fairly new, and an enzyme blend called Syntol AMD.
    The Golive can be purchased from Wholefoods or Amazon. Amazon has lower price on it. I buy both the sugarless and sugared citrus packets. I mix them and alternate them, and take them daily when sick and less often otherwise. They are powders that can be mixed into water, juice or added to anything you eat. The Golive is by far the most effective probiotic for me.
    The enzyme blend-Syntol is manufactured by Arthur Andrew-it consists of enzymes to breakdown yeast and pre & probiotics. I take 2 caps of the Syntol 2-3 times daily. One cap 3 times a day was not effective enough.
    When my skin is very itchy I apply an anti-fungal cream with manuka honey in it. It is by Honeymark. Works well for me. No script needed and also purchased online. I also like colloidal silver and use it for a variety of things.
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I appreciate the suggestions. The rash is clearing up with the Rx fungal cream but I'm checking into all the OTC suggestions here.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Elisa

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    I was diagnosed with a fungal rash recently and decided to apply topical colostrum (mixed with spring water) on it...and it worked super fast - by the next morning most was gone and by the 2nd day - all was gone - I was so happy I didnt have to use the prescription cream - so I thought I'd share what worked for me!

    God Bless!

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'll try it. I've been taking extra colostrum as it is.

    Love, Mikie