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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Everydobby please check the last volume for Julie who is in the hospsital for bad stomach cramps and blood in the stool. She is getting checked out today I suppose with possible colonoscopy.

    Bill also stopped by for a chat also Joan !

    Will check back later on. Have to finish eating breakfast. Dropped off some hot choc chip cookies ----mmmm !


  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Hope that you can eat without any more cramps. I hope that it was just an infection although one wonders where they come from all of a sudden. I do know from experience that stress does alot of strange things to o ones boady as Georgia mentioned again too. I know that you are excited about the baby but you are /.were also trying to do so much for everyone and to make sure all was well with Linds/ your parents/Kiera and Amy. Whie you are in the hospital please try and REST. I think that is amost the ony time you really do :)! That is when you are made to stay in bed and REST !! Hope youdo get to go home tomorrow but then I know you will not rest :)!!

    Georgia - So glad that you have found a job you enjoy. Which one is this and where do you work??. You may have mentioned it but I have forgotten. It is great that you get no stress from it. Maybe then you will feel a lot better than you do now. Hope you can escape earlier from the TR !!

    Carla - don't know if you are lurking or not but I am finally going to get rid of the ugly wallpaper in my Master bath. I got a good bid yesterday from a young lady who is going to do faux painting over my wall paper. It seems that they do that now. I thought we would have to remove it. She can't start till the beginning of August, when are grandsons (the twins) will be here for golf camp. Ohh well, their bath is upstairs and one of us will be here for her when we have to bring the boys to the pool or lake. They are good kids but I know I will be worn out when they come or shoudl I say when they leave. It probably will be from Mon-Sat.Hope things are going well for you my dear and hope they will start your outside REAL SOON !!

    How are you Sweet Spring Water, Jolie, Rock, Joan, Mickey,Sweetie, Pippi, and everydobby else I can't remember the names of now.

    Love to everyone I haven't seen lately. Miss you all !

  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad you are feeling better!! Hope your supper settles well in your tummy and you have no more pain or blood. I am sure that was very scary !! You must be feeling better if you are BORED!!! REST you busy lady :) !!!!

    The Porchies must all be on vacation !

    Elaine - where are you my dear. We need some action here on the Porch and to hear what you have been upt to !!



    BILLCAMO New Member

    I had to stop in.....even if only crumbs are left ! :>) LOL

    Blessings ,

  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie was in hospital.

    Julie - it sounds like some infection from food or the kind doesnt it? blood in the stool
    sounded bit scary. I remember how painful dysentery was, the one time i saw blood in
    the stool. Obviously yours is different but what a headache. But very glad to know you
    are being looked after in the hospital and hope you are soon back on your busy busy feet.
    I too think the recent many events coming all at once also might have contributed, how i
    dont know, but still. Glad to know Lil Keiras ear infection has cleared up a lot too. Sending
    prayers your way for speedy speedy recovery.

    Bill C - its nice to see you pop in, pls keep doing so

    Rock - lol, who was going to swallow those needles they had to print that out? Yes,
    diabetes is such a scourge and so many people seem to have it these days. Did i tell u
    my SILs little 11 year old daughter has a rare kind of diabetes and has to take six injections
    a day? :Luckily she has got the hang of it and does it herself.

    I love reading about you and Gordon and what all you do. Going out, feeding the creatures,
    LAs weather, Gordons trysts with plants, what you ate, the info you unearth.

    Georgia - so good to hear that you find your second job stress free and enjoyable!

    Joan -

  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Joan - so sad to hear about your friends son, i know you have been concerned about
    him for so long now. True, its diffcult to know what to ask for when you know someone
    is so sick as that, later i just used to ask God that mum and dad be free of suffering
    when they were really really ill.

    Teacher - youve been running around a lot to the hospitals and docs too. Hope your
    mum is better soon. Isnt it better to have an operation done and get rid of the stones
    for once and all? Or are there complications because of health, age etc.? I hope
    Baby is better also and that her asthma is soon under control. Meanwhile you take care
    of you, too. I know i know, easier said than done.

    Granni- i come here and find your posts so comforting. youre there, keeping an eye on
    everyone :) while going about your own stuff. Yes, everyone seems to be a bit fatigued
    these days...dont know what it is about summer. I think even Jole must be tired, she hasnt
    popped in for a bit, Sigh, dont i know that feeling.

    Well, i attended yet another wedding the other evening, and was feeling so disinclined to
    go. So was my daughter. But my DH insisted. I dragged myself thru the motions of bathing
    and pulled out somethng which didnt need ironing. I wasnt the best dressed there but fie
    who cares. Anyways its over with. My daughter tried out her new saree which she bought
    for wearing to events at college. Its sea green with shimmering embroidery here and there.
    Everyone said she looked so grown up. Most of the people present have just seen her when
    she was a kid.

    My son tries to wriggle out of every function he can. I understand him. He's socially
    so awkward. Just hope he grows out of it.

    I had a visit from a cousins sis of DHs who came to see daughter. Fed her lunch of
    macaroni and mince meat and some vegetables of stir fried tofu, mushrooms and cauliflower.
    Im glad. I owed this cousin sis a visit for a long long time now, but was not able to go.

    Cant believe my daughter has less than a month to stay before she
    heads back. Her other friends who study out of the country have started trickling in back for thier
    summer break and daughter is having sleepover at one of her friends place. I think next
    week they will be having it at our place. Groan..i have to dig out and see if the extra quilts
    are in good shape or not. And of course get the place cleaned up.

    My husband has ordered me yes ordered me to make a roastchicken today. I have been so out
    of energy, i havent bothered to make that, even though the electricity has been a bit better
    lately. I hope i have all my ingredients. I put sage and paprika and all that. Lets see the day is
    a little cooler, so it might not be that bad to take a walk out to town.

    Hugs All

    God Bless

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Julie, glad to hear you're bored, i.e., improving. Granni, seems you're the little
    engine that could, keep chuggin' away at the board.

    Georgia, I'm so glad you're leaving the Resort. I'm sure it will make you feel
    much better. Now what is the new job? I'm sorry, but my mind is really
    going. I do the crosswords and put the right word in the wrong place, and
    intend to write one letter, and then find I've written another.

    Springwater, glad to hear from you. You and I are both going through a bad
    stretch. Except I don't know if it's temporary or permanent.

    For 5 years I've depended on the board for both health concerns and for a
    social life. Now I can't find the energy to post much anymore. I am
    really feeling low, as in mariana trench.

    Just had a "midnight" snack of Gordon's vegetable-meatball soup. Was reading
    a Frugal Gourmet cookbook about our immigrant ancestors and recipes from
    the Old World. One from Latvia for potato salad. All the usual ingreediemtns
    plus fish, beef, ham and roast pork plus cucumbers and beets. Sounds more
    like a casserole than potato salad.

    Got some new supplements for energy, etc. So far nothin' happenin'.

    Hugs and waves to everydobby.


  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Julie, glad to hear you're bored, i.e., improving. " unquote

    Hahahahaahahahahahaha!!! Rock, your sense of humour just kills me. But i understand what
    youre saying 'busybee Julie being absolutely forced to be idle for a while, and be looked
    after for a change.'

    God Bless
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie alomost needs to be tied to her bed to make her stay there :)! Otherwise she is out working or taking care of EVERYBODY !! I used to sort of be that way but now I jusgt do what I have to do and try to forget abouat the stuff I don;t want to do, like thelcleaning() !!!

    SW - what do you put in your chicken? That sounds sooo good. I haven'tmade one is so long since it is just DH and I. My mother used paprika alot and so I do too, on my chicken sometimes and other things to for color and taste andit is a pretty cheap spice.

    Sorry you are still feeling puny but glad you did get out even after DH's insistance. I know that feeling. Sometimes after getting out some you feel a bit better after talking to people (if they are the right kind of people and not causing problems.)

    Tell me about your roast chicken that your DH ordered you to make :) !! Sometimes my Dh does that too so do not feel bad. Hope you will start to get a bit perkier. I kow what you mean sometimes when it is very hot and humid you just feel like vegitating !

    Haven't heard from Julie yet so hope she is getting ready to go home. If so it's back to her rushing around like a busy bee taking care of everydobby again.

    I too am missing JOLE and some of our other wonderful Porchies. Still miss MiCKEY, JOAN, ELAINE, MONICA, CARLA, LINDAa, Sweetie, even our wonderful MrDad who has been herein ions. Haven't even checked to see if he was on the boards. He used to be on the Lyme board I think at least for awhile. Oh dear I am getting nostaligic again -boo hoo . sORRY IF i MISS ANYONES NAMES.

    JULIE - Let us know how your are doing . Hope you are feeling better and that you could go home and rest but I know that isnspt going to happen (the resting part) withe veryone around and a new gbaby, your parents, etc.<

    Rock - We need you back her to make us all laugh, my dear !!

    Gotta run for now. Going to get picked up by a friend . We are goingto go out to lunch with 2 friends. One is like Jule, she lives down my block but I never see her. She is always going and doing something with family or friends..

    Love to you awl,

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  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    My post to you seems not to have been tagged on when i copied it out from the draft
    and added to my earlier post.

    But i am so thrilled to hear you are enjoying your other job. What a thrill to go to work
    where you actually enjoy yourself. I wonder will you miss the Resort once you are out
    of there. You have been there for so long. I guess not, if the people werent nice. People
    make or break workplaces. When i quit working after eight years when i got married i was
    so relieved not to have to rush in the mornings to get someplace, but i started missing
    it so bad, later because the atmosphere was like one of a big family mostly. Minor irritants
    here and there but mostly really friendly. I missed the jokes the staff used to crack.

    Julie - good to know you have reached home. Pls go slow for a while. I have read
    Watership down. I enjoyed it immensely tho i felt so sad when the hero rabbit dies
    in the end, albeit of old age.

    Elaine - oh my, so you wil be having visitors. Better get some ear plugs so you dont hear
    the lil ones when you are trying to have some quiet time. It was good to see you pop in.

    God Bless

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    but hope that she will behave herself and really try and rest - - -hmmm that sounds isnteresting with all that has been going on there :)!

    Elaine - So happy you are doing OK. Enjoy yourself with your company but try and take it easy and donpt forget all your appointments :) !! I know I can get distracted easily sometime when alot is going on.

    Georgia - Hope it works out for you getting out of the Resort early so you can work more at the place you really enjoy. Is it at other peoples homes or at a facility? I am sure you are much wanted and you get a good feeling after helping those in need. You are a dear ! One has to be patient and understanding to do wht you do. Once you are not under that pressure of the old job this should be a snap for you.


    Try and check back later on.

    Love to everydobby,

    BILLCAMO New Member

    I know most , if not all , are frustrated by the limitations our DD's lay on us. We all just have to do our best to move forward....

    I got here a little late & all I got was some crumbs and the paper plate the cookies were on......Yes , I ate both......:>)

    My hope is that the paper plate slows down my "IBS challenges".....ROFL...

    I know , there will be more batches of cookies ! Hopefully , I'll be back here in time to get at least 1/2 of a batch...;>) lol

    If my reply/post gives one person a grin , laugh , or smile , I may even be blessed with 3/4 of a cookie ! ;>) :>) LOL [Meanwhile , back at the paper plate & ranch..........;>) ]

    In the meantime , I'll light a candle for all of us....

    Blessings ,

  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Bill C quote " My hope is that the paper plate slows down my "IBS challenges".....ROFL..."

    hahahahahahahaha! next time my stomach acts up i know to reach for the nearest paper

    Granni - looking forward to seeing you back soon after your visit

    Julie - sorry to hear about keira, meanwhile take care of yourself, especially what you eat

    not much improvement in my fatigue levels, but in afternoon got a call from DHs friend who
    runs a restaurant cum bar. His partner in business had organised a fashion show at the place
    and since he knew daughter was here, invited me and daughter to come since he had extra
    passes. So as soon as daughter came back from internship, todays Friday so she gets off
    earlier, we went there. Daughter was going for a sleepover at her friends place so she left
    from the restaurant after fashion show was over, and i went back home, doing some grocery shopping on the way. We missed the dinner at the restaurant but i had a cocktail and it made
    me feel woozy. I knew to stop tho after i had half. Heaven help me if i ever get drunk. I once saw my mum drunk when i was very little and i still remember how embarassed i was. After that when things got bad at home, drunk parents were a regular sight but i will never forget that first time.

    I walked home and felt a bit better because it was cool and moist and felt like rain but didnt.

    we had yesterdays left over chicken for dinner.

    God Bless

  14. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Will post more tomorrow when eyes are back to mornal.

    Ha dot have a closer check today by retina specialsist. All is well. Just having to deal with a dialated eye. Bleah!

    Good news though! I joined the Bifocal Club today. Everyone and everything is blurry! Had to out on the old ones to even type this much! hee hee hee

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just got back from running around to the bank, Dollar Store, Post Office and WM. Yep, and now I am really tired. Will have a rather quiet weekend except for going to a brunch after church with some friends. That should be fun. I still will have to do some house worke, vacuuming, washing, et al.

    Teacher - Sorry about the dilated eyes but you gotta do what ya gaotta do as you now ! I should really get one of those exams. Have you started those driving lessons for Baby yet?? I know you have been so busy and tired too.

    Julie - Glad you are home. Oh, I know with your house full of people and new baby and all kinds of stuff going on it is hard to really readt but do TRY !! Of course at this point everyone figures mom or grandma will take care of it -whatever it may be !!

    I know you will have a very busy weekend. However, a nap or two wouldn't hurt. Hope Kiiera will be feeling better soon. A sick young one can be hard on everyone, I know.

    Spring Water - sorry you missed that dinner but at least you got out and I guess went to the fashion show which must have been pretty with all your lovely sarees and things. Not sure of the correct spelling. Glad you got to go out with your daughter.

    Hope you get somemore NRG and have a nice weekend. I hope to check in again possibly this weekend and maybe Monday before I leave on Tuesday. Then will be back agaijn Saturaday late afternoon. I am guessing

    I will be going out to eat a lot and spending my money since DD is not a big cook. Her hubby likes to cook but I think he may intimidate her some. My DH couldn't care less . I doubt if he would ever say anything abouat my cooking or he would have to cook himself- which he rarely does. While I will be gone he will probably eat some out and some TV dinners. He can also open a can and make eggs, and ham, etc. He likes to cook some on the grill but for himself he probably will not do so.

    Hi to Rock, Bill, Joan, Jolie, Elaine and everydobby else not mentioned,

    Love to awl,
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  16. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    has any energy! I cam on here yesterday, wrote a few words, deleted and quit the comp. Had no energy, nothing I could think of to day, etc.

    Georgia: forgive my stupidty, but what is the "Resort"? I should remember, I think, but I don't! so glad that you are going to enjoy your new job. I worked at the newspaper for a long time out of town and the Ed. was a drunk and I used to think that every day he would fire me. Brrr? No fun in that!!

    Teacher: Did you get no-line bifocals? I didn't as I think they would make me dizzy! I have had the ones with lines for a long time but with my uneven ears (all of us have those I guess), my lines won't stay straight on my face.

    SW: I know the f eeling! I used to have a drink with Harley when we went out but it finally got to the place that I couldn't walk straight with one. I still laugh about a friend: She was out picking peas and it was hot. Her hubby brought her a beer to cool off and she said she drank half of it and couldn't see the peas to pick rest of them! LOL She is so funny anyway.

    Julie: Hope Keira is getting better. And you REST!!!!! Please don't overdo. Just rock your little sweetheart and sing to Keira. Just rock, rock, rock. Good idea????

    b/c:We will try to save you a cookie next time. If i had any energy at all i would bake you just one! Yes, I always put them on paper plates!!

    Granni" Do have a good time next week. I'm sure you will enjoy it but don't get too tired. Of course, from what you talk about, YOU never get tired! You do soooooo much!! anyway, have fun,

    Elaine: Have a good time but keep your appts. as you should.

    SW: I would love to see your D's sari! It must be gorgeous!! And I am certain she must be beautiful in it. yes, you will miss her when she leaves. If I might ask, just where does she go to school?

    I don't know whether or not if I wrote this or not----can't remember when I was last5 here. If I did, skip this LOL Tues. I went with 2 friends to our county fair. I have never missed it. My dad loved to go and he went every night and always took me. Then Harley and I worked out there for 46 yrs. Anyway, it wasa horribly hot----95. I took my walker but the driver parked far away and I walked on rough ground, rough gravel. we ate fried chicken (a half) and the trimmings, then walked down aways for ice cfream, then to the womens building where all the local artists, etc. display their arts for judging. I got so hot---sweat dripping down face and down back of neckl, I told them I was going togo find a seat. they were ready to go home---had to walk back to car. when I got home, I dropped into my chair and never moved---just stared at TV. I really didn'gt feel good. now I realize why they always say on TV----look out for the elderly. Does'nt that sound awful-----elderly. Anyway, I 'm not going back.

    And I have not heard a word about my friend's son since last Sat. I called but no one answered (I guess they didn't want to be bothered and thaat's OK) Left a message to let me know about Bill. No phone call. Sent message to older son on FB--please let me know. i am so sure that it is bad.. That's why I'm not hearing. I would guess that he is dying. Oh my---my heart breaks. I just pray----"May God's will be done". If He is ready for him, please let him go pain free and in Peace.

    It was decent weather today. but from what I hear, next week is to be awful. guess i will just stay kin the house and on the comp

    gentle Hugs to awl my precious friends.

    Rest please!!!!!!!!!

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear from you JOAN. The faira sounds like it was fun but I know what you mean about it getting too hot and having to walk to far, you just want to collapse and not movfer for a long time.

    BTW JOAN, the RESORT that Georgiia always talks about is where she and perhaps some ofthers call where they or she works (that she is trying to excape from). :)!!

    It is so sad to hear about your friend's son. Yers, maybe that is why you are not hearing from them. Just pray , is all you can do. Hope you have a nice weekend.

    When DH gets back we are going to have to go into the smaller freezer to see what is there. it is bothering hiim. I have an idea of what is in there but he says I don't :) !! It is just bits and pieces of things. What a pain and then (not today) we will do the big freezer which will really be a pain.

    I know everyone is busy doing their own things at home this weekend but just wanted to check in.

    Julie - Please do TRY and takie easy. I kow with a house full and two little ones and one new baby it is almost impossible. Maybe go take a nap with Kiera. I remember I used to do that to try and get my girls to go to sleep, especially when we were somewhere else, like my moms and there was no crib to keep them in there anymore. I would go lie down with them and manytimes fall asleep myself LOL ! Hopefully the kids did (usually anyway).

    Oh SW - I never have NRG, I just keep on pushing otherwise I would just stay in bed and not do anything most of the day.

    Hi B/C SW, Teacher, Jole, Carla, Mickey, Rock, and Georgia.

    Everydobby have a wonderful weekend. !!

  18. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Rock has begun a taxi company.

    Sweet Spring and Bill are sitting around taste testing different brands of paper plates.

    Goatie is swimming in the pool while Sohpie goes to the Resort.

    Julie had to go to the hospital because she had a baby.

    Granni and Elaine have gone off on a secret vacation together.

    Joan had an affair.

    Jole, Carla, Mickey, Mr. Dad, the other guy whose name I can't remember, and Pippi are playing hide-and-seek.

    Is that right?

    I can see the big stuff with these new glasses, but reading online is very difficult!


  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I'm so mad I could just spit. Actually I don't dare spit anymore. Afraid I'll get
    another of those terrible tongue cramps. (I don't think it's right that people
    develop medical problems that they didn't even know existed.)

    Anyhoo I bought a cauliflower about a week ago. For the first 3 days I couldn't
    see it. Therefore I didn't think of it. Well, why didn't you see it? Because the
    inside of our refrigerator looks like an igloo. Everything is encased in tupperware or a
    plastic bag.

    Then Gordon asked me if I had cooked it. So I hunted around till I found it. For 3
    days I looked at it and said, Well, I'll fix this as soon as I get an ounce of

    But I never did get any energy. Today the head of cauliflower looks like something
    from the leopard family. I threw it out. Just another way these DDs take from

    I am mad at fate and my bad luck and myself and the spotted cauliflower.

    I used to have a boss who was very smart and had lots of education, but nevertheless
    had some goofy ideas. Well, like a lot of us, I 'spose. Anyway, when he
    saw I was having a bad day at work he would say, "You're slipping back into
    your bad habits. Don't get depressed. Get angry."

    For some loony tunes reason he thought anger was therapeutic. Well, it
    might be if it motivated you to do something helpful, but impotent angry about
    things you cannot control or fix just makes the situation worse (IMHO).

    As for bad habits, I used to tell him, "I don't have bad habits. I'm disabled."
    Might as well have talked to the wall as my mother used to say.

    A few years later he developed a brain tumor and became disabled. This did not
    give him any insight into other people's disability, however.

    Did I mention he still owes me money? So I'm mad at him too.

    Thank ProHealth for the board. I came here and read Teacher's post and burst
    out laughing. I'm running a taxi service! Land O Goshen! I wouldn't do that
    on my healthiest day. Or be a coal miner or a dog catcher or a politician!

    Well, I feel a little better now that I've vented. And cheaper than visiting the
    shrink. Haven't seen a shrink for several years actually. Hope you guys are
    having a better day than I. HaHA!


  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - Sorry you were feeling so frustrated. I know what you mean. Don't feel bad about the stupid cauliflower. That reminds me I had better go cook tht zucchini in the refig. before I leave on Tuesday or it will grow fur too. I was also feeling a bit yucky today when a friend called me to tell me all her problems and now mine seem less awful. One good thing about her conversation to was that they finally decided to buy a 1 story house which was something they should have done many years ago.l

    She now is having problems seeing and problems walking without pain (they will have to do surgery to remove a cyst in the lumbar region of her back after she gets released from two other docs. She is also having some problems breathing or catching her breath doing simple walking, etc. They thought she had had a heart attack but I guess not. Shehas to be released by the pulmonary and cardiac doc before she can have the surgery. Meanwhile she is going to be moving hopefully in Aug. sometime.

    Anyway, I am happy that at least she will be in a one story house. He bedrooms were always upstairs, not a good thing.

    Well, I felt kind of blue after hearing all her problems but happy they are moving. Then I came on here and read TEACHERS post and now I feel better again.

    Thanks TEACHER. It is a secret though, stop telling people that I have run away with Elaine and whoever else you mentioned :)!!

    Well, I now feel better after reading the post and also talking to my friend who has more problems now than I do. She is older though too but that doesnt make it any better - dumb reason anyway.

    Well peoples, I have to go try and find my zucchini so I can cook it. I know DH won;t cook it while I am sway at my DD's next week.

    Have a wonderful weekend awl !


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