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  1. Granniluvsu

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    Hope I do not get caught in the door. I seen no one has started it up so will try and do this again :) !

    Lots of yummy hot coffes, teas, and chocolates along with yummy cakes and cookies so you all come on down. We are missing a lot of you :) !

    Please check the last few posts on the last volume and also go check out our dear Elaine's new Thread on being in the hospital AGAIN !! OH DEAR !!

    Love and hugs
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  2. teacher

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    I boiled some rice and added some cooked chicken and lima beans and then I quit because I got tired.

    Why does everyone find that funny?
  3. teacher

    teacher New Member


    Yep! Fell again. Didn't hurt anything though, so that is good!

    Julie, you're killing me with all your talk of filing. I moved about five years ago and I STILL have two boxes of papers that need to be sorted from the move. We won't even start on the paper I have accumualted since then! LOL Keep up teh good work!

    I had to laugh when you and Keira took your moher her teeth. First, you're taking teeth out of the freezer and then you're toting them all over town. Sounds like you're all prepared to take a bite out of crime!

    Glad to hear that Amy is doing better. And that Lindsey is still hanging in there. You guys have really been through the wringer!

    Your Den sounds amazing! All the stuff he does and still finds time to love you? Does he have a brother?

    Goatie! Is your Rottie doing OK? I keep imagining dining on a rice-filled sock and while it makes me grin, I can't help but think that Rottie got sick. Also, I hope you're not still flooded in. All that rain is like a blizzard here and can be dangerous.

    I'm sorry to hear about your father and Grandpa. Hang in there. We love you.

    If you get overly frustrated, you can always buy a new toy and visit the nursery at the Resort!

    Joan, your pastor has a personal problem. We shall have to sic the Lord on him!

    I was glad to hear that your kiddies came to visit AND took you shopping. That sounded like you had lots of fun.

    I had a thought. I know you're enjoying the solitude, but it can get very overwhelming at this time of the year. Do you have a Department of Aging or something similar in your area? I was wondering if they had a program where you could get on a list to have someone call you occasionally.

    They do this where I live for shut-ins. Some are called daily. It gives them someone to talk to and they can be kept track of all in one phone call.

    I know it won't take the place of your coffee group, but you could both agree to drink coffee while you chat.

    Granni, what kind of example are you setting for the young people?! Gambling, drinking, partying at social gatherings, dashing about in fine clothes? Shame on you for not taking me! LOL

    Have you decided how you're gonna spend your winnings? I vote for a lovely weekend for two at a hotel where you can get a massage.

    You be careful while you're out doing all your running around. We need you healthy enogh to report your escapades.

    I am posting this in pieces because my mind has decided to take a vacation without me. I hope nobody minds!

    Sweet Spring, you sure have a lot of monks in your family! That has got to be totally intimidating! I'm glad you found one that is easy to talk to. Maybe you guys will get closer (is ip possible to become close with monk? just wondering) and he will be able to help you through some of your rough places with more books, insigh, etc.

    My mother's father was a Baptist minister. When I grew up, I learned that Baptist ministers run thick on that side of the family. It's so common that if I meet someone new and they have the same surname, I ask them if they are a relative and do they preach!

    I'm glad you were abel to help that homeless dog. I know that made you feel better.

    I'm also glad you're still seeing your parrots. That has to be the most amazing sight.

    You speak occasionally of a hair bath. I understand the concept, but I have a question. My hair has been rough since my surgery a little over a year ago and I'm looking to try something new to soften it back up if I can.

    What do when you do your hair bath? Maybe there's something that I can add to my regimen.

    Roky76, you're a sneaky dude! You pop in with neat little comments and then you disappear! What's up with that?

    Rock, I'm sorry a gator is chewing your butt. Maybe you should get out of the water! LOL

    I've never heard that one before. Where does it come from?

    I'm sorry your computer is acting goofy. I'm sorry that you didn't get to get cracked. Hopefully both of these problems will get rectified in the very near future.

    Baby has two classes this quarter that you may find interesting. One is a regular Political Science class. It's killing her from what I hear (which isn't much).

    The other is Issues in Music law. Not hearing much about that either, but she is finding it to be very interesting. Especially since it's being taught by an actual working lawyer.

    Speaking of lawyer. You mentioned once that while we were out perusing law books, I should keep my eye out for the one you wrote. I've been waiting for more information on that, but I haven't heard a thing.

    Were you pulling my leg, you scamp?

    Jole, how's your race going? Enjoy your couch potato time. Just don't tire yourself out watching too many excersice shows. All those skinny bodies bouncing around is enough to wear a body out!

    Mickey, how are you doing? I know things have been crazy on your end and you're terribley busy. Just want you to know that we love you.

    S-Elaine, darlin', I'm so sorry about all of this. I'm concerned that your mother had more say over you than you. I hope you will be able to get all of your doctors sewn up tightly so this does not happen again. You cannot heal when you're traumatized.

    Snuggle up under your covers, put a picture of your muisc idol right in your sight lines and get J. Smith to snuggle with you. You need a whole lot of love right now.

    We love you.

    Carla, I know you're busy playing house. Have fun decorating and come back when you can.

    Pippi, if you're reading, we still love you. Come back soon.

    I'm going to go now. Got my top clothes washed last night. Still need to do undies! LOL

    Will be leaving just after Noon and will return Saturday.

    You all have a good enough weekend. I'll be praying for The Porch whilst I'm gone.

    Maybe I'll have a story to tell you all when I return.

    Love you. Mean it!


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  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Thank you for opening up the new volume. I would love to be your neighbour and see you bustling around. Sometimes when im in a funk and find life excruciatingly dull, i go up to the terrace and look at the neighbours doing their own things and let it sink into me that life isnt dull, its my mind perceiving it that way. it helps a bit.

    Teacher - thanks for that lovely post of yours, it cheered me up considerably. One of those days when one feels vulnerable, and in need of company. I guess i must be winding down from yesterdays events and socialising. I always crash, after doing somethng that doesnt come naturally to me.

    About the monks helping straightening out my thinking, actually i discovered everyone is still on a journey of discovery, even the monks themselves. I have had some useful meditations taught to me to combat the blues, and i attribute the fact that im still plodding on inspite of having extremely severe clinical depression, for over 40 years to the valuable lessons learnt from some of them. I mean without taking medication.

    My daughter took political science the first semester and she had the same experience as your niece, she hated it.

    Oh about the hair softening, earlier on i used to use lemon rinse it sort of acts as conditioner. and if i had a special occasion to go out to, then curd and mashed banana left in for half an hour works wonders, makes it shine like anythng but the banana takes a lot of rinsing out so be warned, not something to do at last moment.

    I let myself just do nothing today except the very mandatory things like DHs cuppa tea in morn and the ironing whilst the lights are there.

    I had planned to visit the animal shelter and see and also make an appointment with the healer today and also to make some veggie dish and go drop it at ma in laws so they would have some extra dish but my body and mind didnt cooperate today and i didnt force myself.

    I finished reading Agatha Christies Man in a Dark Brown Suit and enjoyed it.

    My DH when he came home in evening said he saw a road accident and there was a smashed
    motobike and helmet on the roadside and lots of crowd and police, apparently four motorcycles had collided, prob all going too fast and he was worried about son who hadnt returned from school yet, so i phoned and told son to come home; he was stayng on at the school for some other activities. Sometimes i wish i didnt have kids. I mean the worry we parents go thru. But then some parents seem to just enjoy thier kids and are supremely confident about them. I suppose because they themselves just sailed thru life with minimal malfunctions.

    Got an email from my daughter. That cheered me up. But she says her studies wil prob be harder this semester as she has taken up accounts and math and stuff.

    Hugs to all and MIAs thinking of you

    god bless

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  5. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Goatie! Why does everyone keep taking your sock thingy?

    You need to get Julie and Keira to guard your sock thingy with Julie's mom's teeth!

    hee hee
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Teacher - I just ditto everything you said to everydobby so I do not have to say it myself. I am to lazy to type it all !! You surely wake up this Porch sweetie.

    Yep, I am such a social butterfly as here I sit posting when I should be vacuuming and dusting. Maybe some of your dust bunnies would like to visit and play with mine :) !!

    Unfortunatly, I did not win a thing at the casino in fact I lost a bunch. So, back to reality !! No off on a Caribbean cruise or something.

    Forgot what everydobby said and I am feeling guilty so I had better go and at least start to vacuum. I usually end up doing it in parts as it is hard to do the whole house at once.

    Maybe I will be here again tonight since I don't have to go anywhere - yippee !! It is also supposed to get coler - with the North wind tomorrow with rain. Good grief ! I guess we will probably have the rain and maybe some sleet that everyone else gets as SNOW. That is bad enough for jme. I hate the cold and damp weather. I know what it is like to shovel snow = been there and done that ! BRRRRR!!!!!

    Love to everydobby,
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - glad you are getting your teeth taken care of right. Gee, it is terrible nowadays when it seems like most docs and dentists are just interested in your $$. Glad you like your new dentist and will take payments.

    Jole - where have you been lately? Hope all is well. I think I saw you on the last volume but I don't remember what you posted about along with some others too. So do not feel badly. The brain is just "Gone with the Wind".

    Elaine - in case you are peeking in, please do consult a lawyer about your last admittance to the "hospital". You need to make sure that this does not happen again to you AGAIN.

    Joan - How are you doing sweetie.? I saw you on the other thread and I answered to you on the Porch volume last time, I think it was.

    Rock - Hope that all is well with you since I do not think I have seen you on thie thread.

    Hi Teach - I hope you are feeling better this evening. You need to come and post more often on the Porch to keep us awake and laughing !

    Hi also to Sweet SW, and all those MIA inc MIckey, Elaine, Carla, Joan, Linda, Pip and everydobby else I cannot remember but am missing anyway:) !!

  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, let's see if my mind and the computer will cooperate.
    Not much goin' on here. The rains are over for now. Next
    week normal winter weather for southern CA.

    During the day, temps in the mid 60s. At night, temps in the
    mid 40s.

    Teacher, I don't see anything funny about rice, chicken, lima
    bean soup. (Although you didn't mention if it had any broth.)
    Cole Porter was born in Peru, Indiana. Don't know if he had
    a preference for lima beans though.

    Loved your long post. You must have been feeling peppy to
    do all that. I've been in a low energy funk for a couple weeks
    now. My vitamin B12 patch helps my depression, but it doesn't
    give me any energy.

    In response to your question re: my book, it was a book for
    law students. Published in l980. I am still waiting for it to become
    a best seller.

    Georgia, is Ursula OK? I would be worried her insides might
    be blocked up. Your old dentist sounds like the modern world.
    All business; we are not patients who deserves the best of
    care. We are just a customers from whom money is to be extracted.

    Granni, what do you mean you didn't win at the casino. I've
    seen those ads. The casinos are full of young, healthy people.
    All of whom are so happy because they are winning non-stop.

    HaHa! I lived in Las Vegas during 1968. Left at the end of the
    year and have never been back.

    Thank you for your kind words. I will try to post more often, but
    you know, you can't be a stand up guy when you feel like a limp

    Springwater, I saw an ad for another book about the wild
    parrots in San Francisco. Of course I can't find it now.
    Everything around this ranch manages to disappear somehow.

    My experience getting lost in downtown LA was kinda scary.
    I will be 70 this summer. My car insurance premium is due then.
    Probably a good time to stop driving.

    Julie, no wonder you are dragging w/ all that's going on. Hope
    they can find the right med for Keira. I had my tonsils taken out
    in 1947. I check every now and then to see if they are growing

    Hugs to everydobby else.

  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I thought you might have been overdoing it. What an exhausting time you have had. Make sure you get a good nights rest.

    Georgia - aargh getting teeth cant be much fun. I remember my tooth as a child shaking and
    Im too chicken to pull it out, but then its such a uncomfy feeling, finally i yank and its out.

    Rock - i honestly want to find out where all these parrots came from. Has our city got warmer? because i seem to recall parrots need warmer climes. Im wondering whether to pay a visit to the zoo or somewhere and really ask. Maybe send a report to the local paper about our new avian citizens.

    Today was slightlymore productive than yesterday. I had a nice good body bath. And then tried to call up the healer but his phones switched off. yesterday no one was picking up.

    I dressed and went off to the animal shelter because Id committed a small amount of money monthly and wanted to get that off my mind by paying a few months at one time. Its so far, i wanted to take a bus rather than cab but couldnt find one and didnt have the energy to persist. So taxi it was. Both ways. My doggie of day before had been euthanised poor chap because they found out its back was broken and thats why its legs were paralysed. Probably hit by a car or something but Im happy its not in pain and suffering anymore. I just couldnt imagine how it would drag itself around for a drink of water looking at the snails pace progress he was making and anyway there is no water lying around. There was this gorgeous lil brown pup who was full of beans and wagging its tail nonstop and darting at the cage and biting the grill. I took a look around. I wish the dogs could stay there forever, where theyre cared for and loved. There are some inmates who are there forever, lucky things.

    I stopped at town and bought bread and two chocolate donuts for son for when he came back from school. He was ecstatic when he saw them, lol, choc donuts are his fav treat.

    At home i was tired; so i just flopped onto the bed and wrapped up warm. Lights hadnt come on and consequently when they did come on i forgot i hadnt cooked the rice for dinner so i went and belatedly did that. luckily son is prob still digesting his donuts and hasnt come sniffing around asking whats for dinner. DH has already had his dinner; the help had cooked flat bread and greenbean and potato curry.

    Hugs all

    God Bless

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  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - you are getting me all pooped out just listening to you and you escapades, work, Kiera, your parents and everything else going on in your life. Hope that you at least find a little time to rest this coming weekend. I hope you can slow down some soon so you don't get sick or sicker.

    Went to a great seminar about organizing your house. Gave lots of good tips but all I need is time, money to buy many of the organizing tools (cubbies and such) and patience (along with NRG).

    I will make a quick dinner tonight of chicken tortilla soup, with lots of canned beans, stewed tomatoes and such. I think I had made it before and it was pretty good. I bake the chicken pieces first in the oven.

    Well, will check in later and hopefully some more people will have checked in at least until the weekend.

    Love to awl,

  11. jole

    jole Member

    Not trying to ignore you, and certainly haven't forgotten you. Just been under the weather for awhile with a migraine that doesn't want to end, plus all the other weather related stuff. Will come back as soon as I can make sense out of anything. Love to all.........Jole
  12. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    my fingers got moving too fast and I hit something and away today's letter went.- I forgot what I wrote and am too tired to do it over. I imagine you get tired of my saying that. I shall return tomorrow, "The Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise!" Stupid saying but my friend and I usually say that as we leave coffee. i am hungry since many of you seemed to mention food. I think that the rice sounded so good so that is what i will have. Rice with lots of butter and brown sugar====yummy. I grew up on that. Then I will open some kind of fruit. Can't find any good fruit shopping.

    Sorry, dearies and you too Rock! You are a sweetie too. Rock!

    Gentle Hugs to all and have a great relaxing evening.

    Hope to talk again tomorrow.

  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Lol. ursula and her penchant for rice sock thingies. Glad tohear of Gps disability check. Thats some relief. sorry to hear abut neighbours OA; Ishudder when i think of constant pain. Will pray for her.

    Granni - i used to look up and print out housecleanng and organising tips. Alas. Theyre stuck in files somewhere and im still behind in my laundry folding.

    Joan - thats horrible to lose a post, grrrrr. I hope you wil have the energy to come on again and post.

    Jole - sorry to hear about the migraine; i hope it goes away soon and nice balmy weather willcome visiting your neckof the woods soon.

    My eyes are giving me some bother. I cant see with my glasses on and its blurry when i take them off.

    Main thing i did today was make some kind of white flour bread on griddle and chickn sesame and go and leave it at ma in laws. The guests and ma in law and her son are al out of the city - I dont know where they get the energy to make all these nonstop trips but they will have returned in the evening. I suppose it was a pilgrimage since today is Full Moon. Ma in law wont have meat on Full Moon but i guess her son will and my niece. Sis in law and her DH are veggies.

    My DH was out all day since he had a golf tournament to play in and the after party at a hotel. he seems to have won a little gift bag full of shampoo and soap and moisturiser stuff.

    I was irritated since i knocked down one of his bottles of hair oil and the plastic container broke a little.Dripping oil all over the dresser and floor. Grrr. hate oily messes.

    Son had gone out to meet his friends since todays Saturday and came back with a headache and immediately went off to sleep. I hunted up an aspirin and gave it to him; hope he can attend school tomorrow.

    I just had a glass of hot cocoa. And wil do some ironing and then go to bed.

    God Bless


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  14. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Just got back about two hours ago. I'se tard. Will try to post all today, but not sure if I will make it. My hands are weak today.

    Goatie, I TOLD you to get Julie and Keira over there with the teeth! Ursula is gonna make herself sick!

    Julie, I know it's old-fashioned, but have you all considered putting Kieara on cod liver oil for the winter? My mom got tired of us being sick all the time so that's what we had to do for YEARS. It comes in capsules now so you don't have to deal with the nasty taste.

    She may still have to have her tonsils out, but she's awfully young.

    Man! My hands are weaker than I thought!

    Oh well.

    I will tell this and then I'll stop for a bit.

    I DID get to see the lady I met while my sister was in the hospital. We ran into each other twice yesterday and then again today before we checked out of the hotel.

    How cool was that?!

    Her friend took our picture on my cell so I'm gonna send it to my e-mail and then e-mail it to her so she can prove to her mother that we did see each other.

    It was announced at the concert on Thursday that when you counted the attendees and their familes, the presenters, the members of the perfomance groups and the industry exhibitors 10,000 people would be in attendace at the three day event.

    Even more amazing that we found each other. But we were looking, so we accomplished our goal!


    Ok. Hands starting to seriously protest. I'll have to give you the play-by-play later.

    Just wanted you to know that I had a lovely time and have returned in one piece.

    Snuggling under the throws and drinking water.

    Love you!
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It sure is cold here but I am sure that it is worse where a lot of you are. I can't take this cold stuff anymore.

    Julie - As far as tonsilitis is concerned - I had the same problem with lots of infections when I was little. In those days they didn't think twice about yanking out their tonsils. However, now they have gone the other direction. I had mine removed at age 5 or 6 I think. It is something I would definately consider if Kiera continues to have lots of throat (tonsil )infections or it starts there and then proceeds . My throat and lungs is still my achilles heal but the surgery did help some when I was young.

    Yes, you need to slow down. It is not surpising that you were starting to feel it today or yesterday. I know it is easier said than done.

    Georgia - Glad that Ursula is better. However, I got to laugh when you said that she was making soup in your yard. However, usually when "people" eat rice it m any times does the opposite (binds them). Of course we do not eat raw rice or parts of old sock either :) !! Hope she doesnt eat the new one you made. Glad Grandpa got his disability check but I am sure he will be thrilled to go back to wwork real soon. Hope he doesn't have to wait for to much longer.

    Jole - Sorry you headache has been giving you fits. I hope that leavaes you soon anda that it warms up nicely. I hear you with the cold damp weather.

    Sweet SW - Hope your son feels better tomorrow. Gee, you had to iron before you got to bed. That surely would make me tired. However, I do understand that you have to iron when you have your power. What a pain that is.

    Joan - That is something different rice, butter and cinnamon. However, with a little bit of warm milk ,(1/2 and 1/2 or cream)and that might taste a little like rice pudding. Glad you are getting out with this yucky weather but please be careful and don't fall !!

    Teacher - glad you got back safely and had a good time. Tell us all about it when you have the time and NRG !

    Did some organizing of my disk today in my bedroom, at least I tried so I could see the top of it. I put some of the papers in a file I had. Made some split pea soup this afternoon. That should be nice and warming - just alot of chopping !

    Hi there Rock !! Guess your weather is fairly warm, right ? While everydobby else is freezing :) !!

    Hugs to everydobby ! Esp BIG hugs to Elaine and Carla !

  16. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    and I don't care for it in the winter! Makes my eyes hurt and I can't see very well.---just squint.

    Last night I called my friend and she told me her son (bile duct/liver cancer) was in the hospital with a fever. He is on antibiotics but the fever peaked again last night. Dr. first thought might have to take out gall bladder but found too much cancer around it. She cried and I cried. I feel so horribly sorry for her! There was talk of his friends taking him back to their home today. I don't know how she can care for him!

    we both have 2 snowbird friends. One called this a.m; at 8 a.m. and i thought the worst. but I did get her cell # and the other friend's phone #. I called her too and she had talked to the mother and I think I will try to call her more often----hope I can go over next week to see them.

    Grannie: I HAVE TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING! I got it put off last week because of ice and this week, no excuse today except the wind was so very cold and I needed to get gas. Guess that is laziness! maybe tomorrow afternoon after church!

    Yes, tonsils! I was absent from school 30 days in first grade. My uncle, a Dr. decided that they should be taken out. Can't remember too much about it but i didn't miss any school in 2nd grade! Guess it was needed.

    I don't know how to get back to page 2! What do you do to get back to previous pages? That's OK. I did it,.

    SW: I think about that poor doggie that you saw! How awful. I just can't stand to look at commercials from the humane society! Feel so sorry for those abandoned cats and dogs.

    We got Maggie from the Humane Society. I looked at the cages of cats and this one caught my eye! Beautiful and sweet. When they took us and her into a small room to see how she would act, she immediately got on both our laps and head rubbed both our heads! DH said she was my cat. I am so thankful that I have her. She always goes to bed with me-she knows when I turn off family room light and TV we are going to bed. She sometimes beats me! She is very loving, most of the time! But I don't know what I would do without her. my best friend now!

    The only thing that I have done constructive is fold clothes. No, they are not put away either. not much there so will do before shower.

    Rock: Ii have a deep question. You were talking about soup with lima beans. Then you asked about Cole Porter and that he was form Indiana!! What was the connection. You see I am from Indiana too and yes, I LIKE lima beans!!!

    I have been getting phone calls from "Number Unknown" I thought that was against the law! My name is on the do not call list. I don't pick it up if I am in family room where i can see what it is but if I answer in the bedroom, I don't know then what it is! Last week I did what I had read to do------keep pecking on a key over and over, then lay it down and leave it! I did but it wasn't but a few minutes later I got a call and it had all kinds of noises on it-----from same #. Any suggestions???

    SW: Wasn't that a beautiful moon the past 2 nights??? My whole house was light. Gorgeous. What kind of a moon was it?

    Georgia: How about Ursula and the socks? She must really like them!

    My hands are getting cold and tired and I am cold and need a potty break. my mind has gone absolutely blank about nothing!!!!!

    Think I will check by phone to see what is going on with my friend and her son. She said yesterday after I told her that he was on our church prayer list, she is still hoping for a miracle. I don't think that there can be one but if it was your child, you would still hope for that!!

    Gentle hugs to everyboddy and have a good Sunday!

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  17. teacher

    teacher New Member

    "Made some split pea soup this afternoon. That should be nice and warming - just alot of chopping ! "

    I've never made or had split pea soup. Why do you have to chop peas?
  18. jole

    jole Member

    Gee Lin, you didn't even take time to sit down! LOL...Musta been chasing your doggie past the porch today, huh? Good to catch a glimpse of you as you went by though :)

    Julie, hope you're getting some rest in and easing those aches 'n pains a bit between work.

    Spring, sounds like a lot of bike wrecks going on there! Although I'm sure there are a lot more bikes on the road than there are here. I heard on the news today that there was a big truck accident (can't remember which state) because a guy was driving his semi and watching porn on his laptop computer at the same time. He killed a young mother. That's the most horrible thing I've heard in a long time!

    Georgia, need to rename your dog. Haven't decided what yet. I'm sure you can come up with something creative...haha!

    Teacher, glad your trip was interesting. Sounds like there was quite a crowd. That in itself would have done me in with a major panic attack!

    Granni, I've never made split pea soup, but I've eaten it. Not my favorite, but maybe it wasn't made the best. We did have peas for supper tonight, however.

    Rock, I haven't seen you around for awhile. I hope you're okay my friend. Oh, yes I did! Just remembered! What good book are you reading now?

    Well, I feel a little more human today than yesterday, but like you Joan, I haven't accomplished much, and also need to go grocery shopping. I always think the longer I can hold off going the less it will cost, which isn't true....but makes me feel better.

    Need to do some laundry tomorrow. Forgot today was Saturday...thought it was Thursday until this evening. Guess I really lost a couple days in there somewhere. Seems it doesn't matter much anymore though. Can't wait till spring! Hugs to all.............Jole
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    otherwise known as Green Pea Soup. I thought everydobby knew about that . Both DH and I gew up with it and can bre made in a few different ways, I think. The green peas come in a small bag of dried like lentils, and other peas and beans. They are small and sort of look like they have already been split, or at least they do to me.

    You do not chop them but I was busy chopping carrots, celery and onions to put in the soup. After all is cooked y0ou can strain everything so it is smooth and add a bit of sugar to it and also a little bit of cream at the end to make it smooth aned creamy.

    My mom didnlt always do all that but it was good anywho, DH's mom used to strain it and make it smooth. You can also put a ham hock or ham bone in it to makeit even better and add the bits of hams after it is cooked and strained (if you do that). I still have my MIL's original cook book. Mine is from 1963 and my MIL's was from the early 40's. I need to get the older one rebound as it is falling apart. So I kind of go by both books, very similar but the other did not strain sthe soup . I also addes celery on my own anyway.

    Today it cooked to death which was OK since DH found a flat tire and we had to go to the tire store to get it put on. There was a big spike in it. What a pain and I left the soup on as I didn't know I was going with him. It still tasted yummy. I now have one of those hand help blender thingys which makes the blending a lot easier and less messy.

    Well it is time for beddy bye so Hugs and big smooches to all !

    Love to everydobby,
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    a lot of posts, yes, even Lins little visit.

    Had a so so day today. Got this idea of inviting all the uncles families and cousins and all
    (two uncles and their families and ma in law and her son and daughter and daughters family
    to a lunch outside at a hotel with a garden. Asked husband and he said okay; seems like one uncle had already suggested to him the same idea. Been trying to coordinate which date now. Sis in law and her family supposed to leave on friday.

    Got to know its the 49th day prayer ceremony of one of DHs relatives passing away so i called up my brother since he also knows them and we went together. Its on the other side of town. So it took a bit of time, what with having lunch there and everything. None of my other uncles or ma in law had arrived.

    After that i went off to proper town area and to my tailors and selected 4 tibetan blouses for stitching which i will present to sis in law when she leaves. She has 3 other sis in laws and this was the best i could think of. Cheapest and best. One blouse cost me around $5 inclusive of stitching.

    I really need to visit the healer but somehow the phone isnt going lol. On way back i did some grocery shopping and came back and flopped on the bed,

    I made a big boo boo with the shopping, i bought what i thoght was cottage cheese to be made with peas into a curry and it turned out to be another kind of smelly cheese and when the help had made it it was just ewwww. Wil have to feed it to dogs, Meanwhile DH had to make to do with lentil soup and his wheat bread. No veggies.

    Son had to go to this dinner one of the uncles is giving for sis in law. They call over all the kids if possible so i made son wash and change and thanked my stars there were some clean pressed clothes because again we were without lights. its just come on at 7pm. Just hope my shy quiet son will make it all right through the dinner; he's just not been around them that much at all unlike all the others who have practically lived with each other for years when they were young.

    Everybody hugs

    God Bless

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