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    Hope I got the right number this time :)!!! Don't catch your toes caught under the door!!


    Julie - I'm with you. Grandpa seems to think things are OK and he said he wants you to "leave well enough alone" so maybe you should, especially with you feeling so badly again. Step back and see how things go. Hopefully, things will go on OK for him and if he isn't complaining and doesn't want Sis to get upset at least try stepping back. If you see he is losing a lot of weight, not eating ( cause there isn't much to eat) then you can perhaps step in again. She does have him in her pocket or is that visa versa. Don't think he is going to change his attitude unless something very awful happens.

    Then, of course he may not even see that any of this is her fault. He is going to cover for her probably no matter what, most likely.

    Our son called us yesterday afternoon and wanted me to call or e-mail everyone of what happened. I sent a nice e-mail to our DIL and son too and she wrote back and appreciated what we did. It is really hit them both VERY hard as they has heard the heart beat. They will NOT try again and go on with the adoption procedings. Both of them had decided probably sometime ago not go to a fertility specialist as they obviously know some people who have gone through so much and a lot of $ and nothing worked anyway. She is either 40 or almost 40. There is to much heart ache there or even trying to go to another country to adopt. To much red tape and $ involved. My heart just breaks for them both.

    Gotta run now and hope no one else has started a new volume. BTW, woke up at night and aour electricity was out ( ( about 1500 people involved in out neighbor hood). Could see a thin, no night light too - what a pain. It is obviously now back - thank God. :)
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    Hi folks Don't gots much news. How could I? I never go anywhere or do anything. Grumble!
    Grumble! Or as Mikie says, "Whine, Whine". OH, I do have some progress to report on my back
    pain. It has moved to my r. hip. I feel this is a good start toward a cure. If it would just move another
    foot or so to the right, it wouldn't bother me at all. Ha Ha!

    I am having au gratin potatoes to start the day. Courtesy of Gordon and Betty Crocker. They are OK, and
    that's the best that can be said of them. They definitely get rated higher for shelf life than for flavor.

    Did you guys know Betty Crocker is a fictional character? Ninety years ago General Mills had a
    brilliant Chief Chef named Rhett Crockett. But he was bald and had an eyepatch (formerly a
    pirate) and wore a dead crow on his head (formerly Tonto) and generally just wasn't photogenic.
    So Betty Crocker was created as a more appealing logo.

    Granni, if I were in your the position of your son and DIL, that's what I'd do too. I don't know about
    their situation, but I read that IVF can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $40,000. Last time I
    saw the doc, he told me there's a cancer injection that costs $160,000. It is expected to give patients
    another 6 weeks of life. Heck with that.

    Julie, I don't think you are being harsh. I think you are dealing with an impossible situation that you
    can not fix. Furthermore, it is not your responsibility. You have done all you can do. Now you need to
    step back and focus on your own health and family. I loved Keira's description of a dream. "I was
    thinking in my sleep." That's exactly what a dream is. One theory about dreams that I read years ago
    was that the mind is bored, so it makes up stories for its own entertainment.

    I remember when my son was three. There was a lotta traffic in the mall parking lot. Finally he
    he said, "Daddy, I don't want to spend the weekend in this parking lot." I didn't realize he knew
    the words "parking lot" and "weekend".

    Bis spater
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    " Ninety years ago General Mills had a
    brilliant Chief Chef named Rhett Crockett. But he was bald and had an eyepatch (formerly a
    pirate) and wore a dead crow on his head (formerly Tonto) and generally just wasn't photogenic.
    So Betty Crocker was created as a more appealing logo. "

    Thanks Rock.....I just had my laugh of the day until you brought up pirate and dead crow and then realized you got me again! You have such a fantastic sense of humor......may I make a suggestion if you feel up to it. Why not think about a book of funny zingers. We all love to laugh but not all are blessed with a sense of humor. But this is a blessing you've been given to share with others. And actually you can start by saving all the ones you've posted on this board.

    Julie. I total agree with what the others have written. You NEED to back off and heal your own body. You can't do that when you're mind is wrapped around something that you can't fix. Release it all to God.

    My grandkids were over last night for dinner and swimming in the freezing 76 degree water. Well, at least my grandson was having fun. Granddaughter and I just wanted our feet in the water.....brrr....A very strange cool summer but oh well, I hate the heat anyway. (the figs on my tree aren't ripening either) I can't believe what a fish my grandson, age 10, has become after some swimming lessons. He said he was using the boogie board in the ocean last week. We have one here for the pool and he's doing flip flops in the water on it. I'm not a swimmer so I admire anyone who can.

    Our house needs a ton of cosmetic work, so I'm starting with the kitchen. I've been on line for hours scanning thru wallpaper samples. It used to be you could go to a store and look thru the books, but there really aren't wallpaper stores anymore. Lowes just has a piddling amount also. I've already ordered several samples but after they came I don't care for them. At $2 a pop this could be expensive looking.
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    :) Hi Sun and Rock and everydobby else peeking in - - -

    Rock - I have used the Betty Crocker Au Gratin Potatoes in a box. They are not half bad if you add some left over ham and or pieces of sausage and topped with REAL grated Cheddar Cheese. DH likes it and we can eat most of the casserole with a veggie or salad.

    Sun - I couldn't even put my toes in if the water was cold. I am stiff enough anyway. I have to be in a very warm pool if I go anywhere in the water. Lakes and all are usually to COLD for me even in the heat.

    I know what you mean about trying to fix up your older house. I finally, last year got DH to agree to new countertops for the kitchen. We ended up getting a double sale so the price was pretty good considering it was Silestone - very good stuff. Home Depot did a good job for us. I think it ws towards the end or very beginning of the new year when they were having sales. We still need to get new hardware for the cabinets. The old ones look awful. The cabinets are very nice, good wood. The people we bought from didn't skim and he was either an engineer or an architect, I forget.

    Julie - Hang it there girl and please take it easy before you collapse again. Everyone else needs you . However it is time for you to try and start taking care of yourself or you will be no good to anyone.

    Georgia - Sorry I forgot to say hi to you before and am glad you are enjoying your genealogy. Hope you start feeling better too real soon.

    Joan - Hope to hear from you soon. Miss you to !!

    SW - Hope you are at least feeling a little better with your cold. Don't you go catching that Bird Flu - sound bad.

    Bye for now !

    Love to everyone,
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    Good morning Julie et al,

    Hope you had a good sleep, Julie. So glad you are going to try and step back and either let others help or just see how things go. I would think that especially since Grandpa doesn't really seem to want help at this time to just leave it be. Otherwise, you are just getting yourself and Grandpa upset too.. Hope all will continue to go well over there but I know you will keep in touch and if things tend to get really bad that he will contact you and let you know. (If Den is not worried and after you to help ( or both of you) than best to step back.

    I know Den would want to help if Grandpa complained, etc, but he isn't complaining and apparently covering for Sis. So just try and forget it, at least for now and as you said concentrate on your own family. That , my dear, is a big enough accomplishment. You do so much for them , and maybe to much but when you live as close to them as you do, it is difficult not to see what is needed and just step in. I do know it is hard with 3 little ones so close in age. I had my first 4 (girls) 2 years apart and then almost five ( broke the cycle) and then had a boy - he he. I had no help either. I know twins are especially hard esp during the baby years with all the feedings , changings etc.

    DH is at a breakfast but will be home soon again. I already started a wash and got dressed. So, I guess that is something. Need to get some more stuff done and probably should be outside weeding but I did a little yesterday in the heat before it got to awful. I try not to be out their long but also having to dress up with long sleeves and pants is not condusive (sp) to feeling cool.

    I will pop in later to see if anyone else has posted. Hi to all our old and new friends here on the Porch.

    Love to you ALL,
    Granni :)!!
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    Glad you slept better Julie. I know how it feels when you finally get to clean up and organize the house or at least parts of it so you know where things are. Just cleaning up my desk is an accomplishment and getting the wash done is something. I cleaned my desk not to log ago and it is time again I think - groan. Better go and switch the was to the drier.

    I hope that nephew and all can straighten at least a few things out for Grandpa so SIL doesn't get to hysterical about things. That woman does have a problem or more than one. Glad that nephew and all are going to at least to make a few calls or whatever they were going to do. The older we get the harder the stress on us. Let the younger ones deal with it. Of course I am much older than you but have found I can take little stress any more.

    Hi to everyone else not mentioned.

    Hugz to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids, It's three thirtyish here on the West Coast. Can't really say if it's the left coast or the right coast.
    Depends on whether you're looking at Mexico or Canada. I was trying to nap earlier, but I foolishly
    coughed. Set off spasms in my back and hip. Ratbane! They seem to be fading now that I'm sitting
    here trying to move nothing but my fingers.

    SG, thank you for your kind remarks. With regard to writing a book, I am afraid I'm too old and too feeble to undertake any project more strenuous than opening a pill bottle. Anyhoo, I am still waiting for the book I
    published in 1980 to become a best seller. Ha ha! No chance of that. It was a book for law students.

    Speaking of books and fig trees, have you read, "A Few Figs from Thistles"? Edna St. Vincent Millay
    wrote it way back in the 1920s. The most famous verse is probably this:
    MY CANDLE burns at both ends;
    It will not last the night;
    But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends--
    It gives a lovely light!
    Well, Land O Goshen! The margin has reset itself. If I live to be 70, I will never understand
    these frustrating, yet expensive machines.
    Granni, I like your idea of augmenting the Betty Crocker package. There was a cooking show
    (Dunno if it's still on the air) that advocated the same thing. I think the chef said she started
    with stuff already prepared and added about 20% of her ingreediments and techniques. Hope
    you haven't overdone it w/ your cleaning. Ha Ha! I remember the days of spring cleaning when
    women had the men drag the carpets outside, hang them on the washline and beat the dickens
    outta them with a a big, metal carpet beater.
    Julie, I remember wallpaper books. Same for carpet samples. Wonder if they still have those
    things. Or do people just look at a computer? What do you mean about mowing nephew's
    lawn. Are you planning to do it, or do you mean he can borrow the mower?
    Oh, that reminds me. I don't know if I asked you this or if I just thought about it. It's like
    my pills. Did I take one or did I just think about it or was that 4 hours ago. Ay yi yi!
    I can hardly believe what a wreck I've become. Well, at any rate, did I ask about
    Granpa's Gator? It is also a riding mower? I saw some John Deere tractors on the net
    that looked like dune buggies. No sides or top. Just a frame.
    Springwater, Georgia, Joan, drop by when ya can. We'll leave the light on fur ya. Oh,
    'Member the guy that did those commericals? Tom Bodett. Lives in Alaska. He
    wrote some great books. Some are humorous essays; some are fiction. I think the
    first one was called "The End of the Road", cause once you get to the village he lived in,
    you couldn't go any farther without a boat or a plane.

    Aha! The machine reset the margin again. Also took out the spaces between the
    paragraphs. Well, I"m not gonna monkey with it. Might lose the whole thing.
  8. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock. I understand about a book, but even so I suggest you Keep those funny zingers printed and stuffed into a notebook. You might surprise yourself and get your back under control and suddenly feel the need to be creative. Until then, we will continue enjoying what you write. And No, I don't think a law book will become a best seller, but I'm impressed anyway. I'm sorry your chiropractor is unable to help you yet. Hang in there.....and have you tried ice on your back?

    I've now requested more wallpaper samples. I'm getting obsessed over this dumb kitchen. Down the road we're either going to die off and the house gets sold or we'll just up and sell, so I want a wallpaper that will be something that anyone could be happy with. I've got several samples taped to the wall and look at them in all types of light from morning to late night. One I thought I really liked, I realized I didn't like the vibes I was getting from it. Call me crazy!

    Julie. Hope you're starting to feel stronger and more relaxed now that the nephew is in charge. A couple of weeks ago I was getting concerned over your nonstop activities as I'm sure your husband was also.

    Granni. How are things going with the chiropractor treatments?
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, I hope this helps you to get off this nonstop stress merry go round. Try to get some rest and heal. Do something just for yourself and enjoy it.

    Sunflower Girl, wallpaper is back in a big way with new and exciting patterns. When I moved in, I had to strip the kitchen and baths with the worst wallpaper from the 80's. Yikes! I wouldn't mind wallpaper again but, this time, something tasteful. Have fun.

    Granni, be careful out there in the hot sun. Geez, just walking to the mailbox makes me sweat like a pig, even though Rock tells me pigs don't sweat. OK, so I feel like a pig with sweat running down my face. I feel as though my makeup just might all slip off in one sheet.

    Rock, that is one of my favorite passages too. CA is still the left coast and FL the right coast regardless because everything is always oriented to North. If you orient to South, everything is the opposite. My Mom never got that and she would ask me whether she should turn left or right when going somewhere. I told her it depended on which direction she was going in the first place. It just made her mad. I even tried drawing maps for her and that just increased her anger and frustration. Oy!

    My Avast antiviral program just sent a report and it has fixed viruses, so maybe, I won't have to. Hope so. I think I'm going to remove Comcast's Norton because I think the two antiviral software programs fight one another. I think Comcast is always running in the background and slows the puter speed. Has anyone performed a hard drive defrag?

    Yesterday, I went shopping and got a Bosu Ball, the half balls on a platform you try to stand on. I really need to improve my balance. These balls are expensive but I had a 30 percent off coupon, which helped a bit. Still, it's worth it to improve my balance. It's supposed to strengthen the core which helps with back pain. I think after stomping on the manual inflator, I've had my workout for the day. I'll start out reallllly slowly because the balls themselves are dangerous. Well, no more dangerous than climbing on step stools with poor balance.

    I also got a beautiful beach pic to go with my little beachy vignette in the sitting/guest room. I love it and got it at Michael's for half off. Not bad. It's in a frame with glass. I still love my tree in the snow pic but will put it up this winter. I need a change of scenery.

    I had a $10 Publix coupon so did my grocery shopping. They had BOGO's on fresh fruit salad so got two of the small ones. They are so good and nothing to prepare. I also got a roasted chicken on sale. That'll hold me for four days. It's lemon pepper flavored. Yummy!

    Hoping everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Geez, I had to go searching for the lost Porch with all of Diane's games :)!!! he he LOL

    I am now trying to cool down after being outside getting rid of some more weeds growing over the stone "walkways" in the back. DH wants to try and catch some critters as we have done before and then set them loose in another part of our area where there aren't any homes. I was dying in my long sleeves and pants but trying not to reinfect myself with something. I wasn't out there to long but long enough for me.):!! Not really my idea of fun. DH was busy doing some other yard work.

    Sunflower - I think it was you who asked me about the chiropractor. I don't start until Monday, Hope it helps, even in a small way would be great. As I told my daughter in another e-mail, my problem is I have more than one problem :)!! So, we will see ! Speaking of sweat before in your post, I don't do a lot of sweating but I sure do outside dressed like I am trying to weed or remove whatever doesn't belong there. Sure wish we could afford to have all this done, as far as I am concerned. Sorry the heat affects you so. I am weird however, I still have hot flashes or hormonal imbalances shall we say, at my age and should have been done years ago ):!!!

    Mikie - That food on sale sounded great. How to much was that Bosu ball? I never heard of it. I probably could use one but how big is it and does it take up a lot of room. Have you tried it out yet?

    Julie - Hope you have been sleeping well and getting things done that you need to do for YOURSELF FOR A CHANGE. Post when you get the chance to and hope getting rid of some of that stress will help you to feel better also. Hope nephew and all are taking care of that situation or at least helping it some.

    SW - Hope you are feeling OK. Missing your newsy posts and wonderful personality

    Rock - So glad to have you back, let me just say that AGAIN !!

    Joan - Hope to hear from you soon, ELAINE too. Missing so many MIA's. Please forgive me for not mentioning everyone. Don't have the time right now or the brain :)!!

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni,

    The BOSU ball is about the size of the smaller balance balls but only 10" tall. I've seen them for $99 on sale but not for a long time. I didn't check Amazon or eBay. Sports Authority sells them for $119 but with the 30 percent off coupon, I ended up paying $89, including tax.

    My Mom had horrible balance issues as she aged. I've already tripped and had a really bad head injury so figured the ball is an investment. I've noticed that I'm not moving gracefully any more and often feel as though I might stumble and have to catch myself. I hope the ball will help. There are other things one can do for balance cheaper but if I have a piece of equipment, I am more likely to use it.

    My front office is where I store my exercise stuff. I have a rectangular ottoman which works as a weight bench and a TV with a DVD player in there. I just leave my stuff out because those bigger balance balls take up space. I no longer need to be in there to use my computer like I did before Wi-Fi. I don't think the BOSU would slide under a bed but it could be stored on edge somewhere.

    UTI feels much better but I slept this afternoon. We had a big thunderstorm but those up the coast got the worst of it. I need to do some cleaning. I did get the garbage and recyclables down to the dumpster area and in this heat, that's a big deal.

    Hope everyone has a great evening.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikie et al,

    Thanks for the info on the BOSU ball . I will try and check it out if I ever get the chance to go shopping. I haven't had the chance to much of that lately. It has mostly been shopping for groceries with DH but not really for myself lately.

    I know what you mean about the heat ! The afternoons can be pretty brutal ! Stay inside with the a/c. Growing up in NY we had none and were lucky if we had one small fan in the house. Thinking about those pioneers with their long dresses and sleeves, petticoats, etc. etc. with nothing other a small decorative fan to wave or sit on the porch with a cold drink, not sure they had ice either or much of it like we do. Those poor people sat there in hopes a little breeze going through. People didn't take showers or baths like we do today either. Well no one really could tell if all were a little smelly as everyone else was in the same boat !!:) LOL !!

    Hope everyone is doing well and can post if able. Have a great weekend. Ours will be quiet I think.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids, Just enjoyed a home cooked meal. It was a gala gastronomical event; two courses. Mashed
    potatoes and Spam. Austin, Minnesota is the home of Spam, and all Minnesotans are required to eat
    so much per year. Since I don't live there anymore, I no longer have the need to know this classified
    info. But I did read that folks in Hawaii consume 40% of Hormel's Spam output. (I suspect they
    eat it with pineapple.)

    BTW, should you be in the neighborhood, you can tour the Spam Museum...FREE! Or you can
    get a brief glimpse of it on Youtube.

    Now I forgot what I was gonna post. Or maybe I didn't have any clear cut objective when I started.
    I have a money saving idea for you, SG. Go to all the places that sell wallpaper and ask for their
    old wallpaper sample books. Then just rip out the pages and glue them to...No good, huh? Well...

    I remember an old radio program from the 30s and 40s. The landlord brought over some samples
    so the renters could pick out something. One of the choices was a jungle setting with gorillas scattered

    Julie, do you have a recipe for you concrete? Are you doing the mixing? Only this afternoon I was
    reading about forensic evidence in a thriller. It said the bits of concrete tracked to the crime scene
    could be matched to the source. Apparently people use different recipes. Who'd thunk it.

    Which reminds me. Gordon has apparently lost his mind. He's been hauling junk outta the basement
    and throwing it out. No help from me, of course. He says there are about 20 bags of cement down there.
    50 pounds apiece. He think we should throw them out. I politely told him he was crazy. If he thinks
    two old men with bad backs should lug 50 pound bags up steps, he needs an MRI of his noggin.

    Well, anyhoo, I hope you catch up on some rest and wind down a bit. Maybe your SIL would like to
    come over and wrestle with concrete. She sounds like she's one tough cookie. Ha Ha!

    Mikie, I went to Youtube and watched people exercising with the Booboo Ball. Boso? Bosu? Anyhooo, it
    looks terrible strenuous. I wouldn't try and stand on one of those things any more than I'd try to
    balance on a watermelon. You are much braver than I.

    Granni, is your rash all gone? I've developed rough skin on my shoulders and top of the back. The
    doc said it was eczema or psoriasis. Didn't matter though because the creme would get rid of it.
    Well, yes it does, but if you don't put it on frequently the problem comes back. I think I posted that
    before. Oh well, no skin off my nose.

    I think you're right about the pioneers. Those folks had to be tough. I read the wagon trains averaged
    about 10 miles a day when heading West. There were no roads most of the way and no bridges. Some
    of the wagon ruts can still be seen today. The last Mormon pioneer who came West on a wagon train
    before the railroad united the country died in the 196os.

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, I hope your flare goes away. Have you ever tried meditation or any other stress reducing exercise? Tai Chi is also good and doesn't really require physical stress.

    Granni, I once saw some of those old dresses and the ones from wealthier women had gussets sewn in the armpits. We were told that when women made dresses or dressmakers made them, some fabric was saved and used to make gussets to replace underarm fabric which was ruined from perspiration. I honestly don't know how anyone lived in SW FL before the invention of A/C and mosquito spray. I don't pit out so much as have sweat running down my face when I go out. Of course, I use anti-perspireat so that may explain it. Hmmmm...shampoo with built-in anti-perspirant...what a great idea. I have found those little clamp-on visors catch the sweat and keep it off my face.

    Rock, I'm getting used to the BOSU by standing where I can easily step off of it or hang onto something before trying anything too bold. For anyone too wary, I would suggest putting it in a doorway and hanging onto the jamb while getting used to how the ball feels. Those people on You Tube are probably advanced BOSU exercisers. I doubt I'll be doing anything like that for a long time, if ever. Just standing on the ball works out the core. BTW, what helps my back a lot is to drape myself over my big balance ball and just relax. It stretches and relaxes the spine and kind of unjams it. You might ask the doc if that would help you.

    It's still early here. Simon came for his breakfast. I think something spooked him yesterday as he was more careful than usual today. He did get his dinner last night, though. I finally got my computer virus free but had to reinstall Skype. Got that done so am waiting for DD to call with a time to Skype with DGS. I've never done it before. Called Comcast yesterday and they said my signal has been fine. The tech reset it and I rebooted my modem and router. I'm going to move the equipment closer to the center of the condo but need to go buy a splitter. Of course, splitters can interfere with broadband speed too. Oy!

    Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    About's not that hard...truly. And, it needs to be done periodically. It helps keep the hard drive's ducks in a row. But, I don't recommend doing it often. If you're using Windows XP, go to Programs, then Accessories, then System Tools. It will be found there. Tell it to "Analyze" and it'll tell you if you need to defrag. If it needs to be done, it will take some time. Just let it run until it's completed. If your computer uses Windows 7, type in defragment in the search and select it. It should function basically the same as for Windows XP (I have a laptop with W7, but don't use it often...sorry I can't be more specific).

    And, it's not good to run two anti-virus programs (as you probably know). I use Avast's "freebie" on all my computers and have never had problems. But, I have had problems with Norton and McAfee. Both of these imbed themselves deeply into a computer's registry. Even if you do an "uninstall", they will still there causing possible problems/conflicts. Removing them from the registry after an uninstall is tricky since it could totally mess up a computer. Even if someone is well versed on cleaning up a registry, there are still pieces that can never be removed.

    When going to Topeka, KS, to see "Treasures of the Czars" on display, we stopped and viewed wagon ruts in fields where the Oregon Trail ran. Fascinating. I would never have survived that era...and sooooo admire those that did.

    Sorry I'm not chiming in about other posts/comments. I just don't know each of you well enough...too new here and you have my sincere apologies.
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning everyone.

    Just sent back some supps. that I had ordered by accident and wouldn't be needing for some time due to a sale. Otherwise who knows how long it would be sitting here. DH was up for the drive so we went.

    Julie - I am so sorry to hear that you are in a flare but somehow that does not surprise me with all you have been doing and the problem with the SIL> Even though you are trying to step back your body says something else. Looks like you don't have time to do much resting with David sick and helping Den with the cement work. OMG sweetie, you are wearing me out just reading you doings. We all deal with stress in different ways. I think that may be the reason for my weird rash but not positive. yet. Even stepping back and not doing nothing your mind is going - probably like mine, although you do a lot more for people than I do. No one lives that close to me.


    Hi to Rock, Mikie and Windy too !!

    Not sure I will be able to stand on that ball without holding onto something.. Yep your weather is nice and hot too. How HOT is it today??? It is supposed to cool down some tomorrow like maybe mid 90's I am guessing :)!! We'll see !!

    Windy - do not feel badly about not know each of us personally. You don't have to write to every one personally either. Tell us how you are and what you are doing and "TO ALL" will do just great !!! NO APOLOGIES ARE NEEDED !!!! You are smarter than I with computers. I'm afraid I might make it blow up or something. Although I am getting better at some things.

    Gotta run for now but will try checking in later. Weekends are usually VERY slow except for Mikie :)!! Do you MODERATE all week :)???? BTW, you are doing a great job.

    Hope to see you and others later on this weekend. If not hope to see you next week.

    Love you ALL,
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Gang Gordon just got back from his shopping excursion. He got tortilla presses for his sisters
    and groceries including champagne grapes. They are very small, purple and sweet. He also got a
    ham hock and some chicken thighs. He's making a crock pot stew w/ lots of potatoes for me. My
    ancestors included Irish, German and Norwegian peasants. They all loved potatoes and so do I.
    We sometimes had them in our garden when I was a kid along w/ carrots, radishes, sweet corn
    (and Indian corn for decorating) tomatoes, and other stuff I can't remember.

    Windy, drop by anytime. We are always glad to have new folks on the porch. Chat as much or as
    little as you like. I was gone for most of last year. I think I only posted half a dozen times. Depressed
    and no energy. Now I've got some energy and my back is killing me. Isn't that the way life goes.

    As some lyricist wrote: You've got to win a little, lose a little,
    yes, and always have the blues a little. That's the story of,
    that's the glory of love.

    Granni's right, you and Mikie sure know a lot about computers. I can't understand stuff even when
    people explain it to me. Granni, those old clothes you mentioned reminded me of a show we put
    on when I was in High School. Kids got stuff outta the attic and from granmas, etc. Floor length
    dresses and wide brimmed hats. (Picture book hats?) And some of the granmas put on their old
    clothes and sang some old songs. Everydobby had fun. Used to have some great photos. Most of
    my photos and lots of other stuff have disappeared. I've moved something like two dozen times.
    They say in the Army, three moves equal one fire.

    Think I'd better go before my post goes poof.

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Rock, Windy et al,

    You talking about Gordon's cooking is making me hungry. Is he one of those who cooks and never uses a recipe? Well, I am sort of the same way unless it is the very first time I'm making something. I like to try and recipe and then do my own thing. I just collect recipes, not necessarily use them a lot :)!!

    I have been searching the internet for info on my stupid rash. I MAY have found the answer but all the docs may not know about it :)!! I was reading from some blogs where some people were talking about the same thing . I still do not have a name other than perhaps contact or other type of dermatitis. That covers quite a bit, in my book. People were talking about having poison ivy or whatever and going on one or two rounds of RX with Prednisone and after that came down with this rash on either arms and or legs. As I think of it, last year I was on RX Prednisone for Poison whatever it is and when it finished I saw more rashes but they were different looking. They didn't have pustules or water blisters. Just clusters of tiny spots that look blotchy. It is not red but slight pink, at least mine are as I have been trying really hard not to scratch . I need to try taking some Benadryl that won't put me to sleep during the day.. Mine is old and does not have the anti sleep formula.

    You have to look really hard to see them sometime. Other times they have more color but DH did not even notice them till I mentioned them.

    Yay it just rained a little. It is so DRY here. How about you all ? So many area are so dry or they are having floods but not to many floods lately.

    Bye for now. Have a great weekend. I will pop in soon again.

    Granni :)
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni. this is the first summer I haven't suffered from itching on my forearms. Every summer it's been the same thing. It seems I would get one little insect bite and it would escalate for months of intense itching and me trying hard not to scratch but I would. The places from the first summer actually look like burn places on my arms.

    Sometimes I found myself scratching in my sleep. I tried everything and searched the internet. Then I read about an excess of histamines for some people and I'm sure that's what happens to me. The only thing that would calm the itching down was using ice. My son went thru the same thing with his arm that would get the sun while driving....only his left arm. I think the sun makes it worse. And actually we've had a very mild summer with only about 8 days or so with high heat. It's now been around 72 each day.

    I wish you luck. Been there and I understand.
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Sun, Rock and everydobby else,

    Thanks for your post. I know anyone who have had these issues would understand. Will see if I can withstand taking a Benadryl this evening. Will see how I can do. I have stuff from the PoisonIvy that I use to spray on and also a foam to clean with in the shower. I wish I knew the right thing to put on them to keep them moist and not so dry. The anti Poison Ivy stuff is probably drying which is good for Poison Ivy but this isn't that. Hmmm, does that make sense :)??

    Have to leave soon and take the shower. Oh, when the HOT water, which I love , hits some of the spots it is soo sensitive. Not sure if the Aveeno or oatmeal bath would be good for what I have or not either. (I am not a sun worshiper which I guess is a good thing, at least at this point in my life/ Remember when sun tanning was the big thing? They still have tanning booths but I wouldn't pay anything for them. It costs to much for something that is probably not that good for you anyway.

    I have a few more things to do on the computer and then I need to go take that shower and spray myself with soe of that beautiful pink stuff :)!!

    Hugz to Sun and anyone else peeking in,
    Granni :)

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