The new tylenol with ultram!!! I guess i confused some of U......

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by saphire27, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. saphire27

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    Wouldn't tylenol (8 hour/ 650) 2 tablets total 1300mg, taken 2 to 3 times day do more harm than good? I'm on this indefinately. She has me taking this along with my ultram (i take that 4 times a day-total of 400mg), but i've slowed back off of it, becuase i'm worried of long term effects,.. now i only take the tylenol when i have a headaches, i haven't yet told her that.

    What are your opinions on that????
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  2. saphire27

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    Yes, i'm doing okay. I have kept pretty busy, with my kids & my doggies. They keep me smiling, & stressed out, LOL. Celexa seems to be helping a good bit. Thanks for asking. How are YOU doing?????
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    Tylenol depletes Glutathione in the liver and is a major cause of liver and kidney failure. N-Acetyl Cysteine greatly reduces this risk. I used Tylenol everyday for probably 10 years, for headaches, before I got sick. Hindsight . Ain't it wonderful.
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    The Ultram with tylenol can be safely taken, as directed.

    One should not exceed the dosage as prescribed, however, and be careful about taking anything else with Tylenol, or acetaminophen. The stuff is in all kinds of things for colds, sinuses, the flu, etc.

    One could alternate tylenol and then Ultram and then tylenol.


    It can cause acute liver failure.

    I take Ultram when I need it, but try to stick with tylenol.

    Most days I tough it out, but recently, I have had a really bad flare and had to take a Vicodin, which is a big step for me.

    After the Vicodin broke it a little, went back to tylenol or Ultram.
  5. elsa

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    Ultracet is tramadol (ultram) with tylenol included in the pill. Why have you pay more for the ultram and then pay the added otc cost of tylenol?

    I started on ultracet, but wasn't crazy about it. I have never had any pain relieving success ... even long before fibro ... with tylenol. Why take it in my fibro pain reliever if it didn't work on anything else?

    Tylenol can do some damage to the liver under certain circumstances. Also, for some reason the ultracet made me sleepy.

    I soon switched to tramadol and have had great success with it .... been on it for almost two years. Zero problems, no side effects ... except alittle energy boost ... no tolerance build up, etc.. One of my pharmacy research books lists tramadol as gaining an increase in it's analgesic effects when combined with an anti-inflammatory ... ie ibuprofen.

    So why did they mix it with tylenol? I think maybe industry politics.

    Anyway .... if you want both just ask for the rx ultracet. I'm sorry you are not comfortable with taking tramadol on a regular dosing schedule. It does work fo many of us very well that way ... relieving moderate to moderately severe pain for 7-8 hours if delivered in a structured dosing schedule.

    I have generally taken 2 tabs every six hours ... four doses a day plus ibuprofen at each dosing. I had my latest CBC, lipid panel, protein .... liver enzyme tests not long ago. Eveything was truly in optimal range.

    I hope you feel better soon. Just the thought of taking tylenol for treating something simple like a headache makes me cringe. The stuff just doesn't work on me.

    Isn't it funny how we all react so differently to meds?!?

  6. jaltair

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    Ultracet = 35.7 mg Tramadol (Ultram) and 325 mg Acetaminophen (Tylenol).

    For the chronic pain that I have, my doc has me on 2 tablets in the AM and 2 tablets in the PM. That gives me a total dose of:

    Tramadol (Ultram) = 142.8 mg and

    Acetaminophen (Tylenol) = 1300 mg

    However, for acute pain, higher doses may be given but not for more than 5 days from what I understand. The amount of Acetaminophen that your doc has you on is equivalent to the igher dose for acute pain. I wouldn't think that she'd want you on it for long period of time.

    I have other meds for my osteoarthritis, and Darvocet for "break-through" type pain (inbetween the Ultracet).

    Your doc is probably monitoring your liver function at least every three months I would think. That would be standard. Especially if you are taking pain medication.
  7. racenut77

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    I started taking Tramadol 10 days ago, and am have great success with pain and stiffness relief. I have been trying for 6 months to find something that worked for my pain instead of Vicodin. I have been basically bedridden, but now I am up and moving all day. I take 100 mg 3 times a day.
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    ultracet is up there as a narcotic, ulatram is just an analgesic, tramaldol does nothing for me it is not mucn different than taking tylenol over the counter.
  9. saphire27

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    I mean't that i was slowing back off the tylenol, only when needed. I have been taking ultram for years now, with good results, pain can be better manage i think though. Anyway, i just wanted to see what harm can tylenol do if you take it about 3 times a day.I take my ultram 4 times a day now. For 2 yrs i been on it 3 times a day, 2 pills equal 100 mgs. Good results.But when i have flares it's not great, i'd rather have ultram than nothing for my pains. I did try ultrcet, it's more expensive than my monthly tramodol & tylenol put together, it doesn't work well for me, better results with tramodol, generic/ultram.

    I hope i cleared that part up though.
    Is there a difference in taking tylenol, motrin,aleve,advil on a regular basis? wouldn't they all do the same harm???????

    I agree with you wendy, and i'm on a total of 400,mgs of tramadol a day. I ran out of tramodol once and before i did i thought it wasn't working so good anymore, but boy i could tell the difference once i had to be without it for a few days, holiday weekend!! rough i tell ya! I think tramodol is the best way to go, BEFORE the narcotics, but eventually one day, hopefully years down the road i'll have to take those too.What Osteo arthritis meds are you all on??What rhematiod arthritis, can you have both at same time, becuase years ago my record said i had the RH arthritis, now it says osteoarthritis, i just think becuase its a different Dr that somehow my RH arth., got forgotten about, hmmm.

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    The liver connection with tylenol in most people is meant to be OK It is when taking really massive doses/and or alcohol consumption, a few people have an allergy to it that affects the liver. I think when we see mg we have to remember that 10mg of one drug is about the same as 1,000mg of another. I have heard that rather than take estra Tylenol, tylenol plus asprin works. I can never understand why every other country in the world we get codeine OTC whoich really is a comparatively safe and effective pain med but for some reason in USA it is not available and one has to beg for scrip of it. Much of the cough medicine in UK has codeine in it, heck a few years back, Boots the chemists(pharmacy) would make up a bottle for stomach ache that had morphone in it! It tasted lovely and worked first time. Codeine never bothered my stomach but these other meds do.
  13. elsa

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    Ultram and Ultracet .....

    The active ingredient in both is tramadol. The amount of tramadol is different in each though. Ultracet is 37.50 mgs where Ultram is 50.0mgs of tramadol.

    Ultracet has tylenol added to it. Ultram has nothing added ... just straight tramadol.

    Ultram is actually stronger as it has more tramadol in it.

    The are both tramadol products ... tramadol is a synthetic opiate. It has been chemically altered .... it will not produce the highly sought after euphoria that street addicts love so much in opiate drugs.

    It can develope a physical dependence but not for the reason you think .... it also influences serotonin and norepinephrine ... neurotransmitters. If you have taken Ultracet or Ultram for an extended period of time you need to backoff slowly just like backing off of AD's.

    Just wanted to pass it along .... I've posted a few times about tramadol ... you can search my name above if you'd like some more info on it. For me tramadol has been a life saver ....

    Take care,


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