The OBEDIENT WIFE == a Parable to Remember

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    There once was a man who had worked hard and pinched pennies all his life. His steadfast wife of 50 years had stood by his side, worked in his business, helped him be frugal, never spent money on any frivolities or even a vacation, and had taken care of him thru his last few years of ill health as well.

    Just before he died, he said to his wife...'My dear wife, you promised when we wed to love, honor and obey me. So, when I die, I want you to take all the money and put it in the casket with me. I want to take my money to the afterlife with me... Our loving children will take care of you, so you should have nothing to worry about.'

    And so he got his wife to promise him that she would honor her wedding vow this last time when he died, and would put all of the money into the casket with him. He died in peace a few hours later.

    Two days later, he was laid out in the cheapest casket with only one small bouquet of flowers on top per his instructions, his wife was sitting there dressed all in black, and their family, friends, and business associates were sitting next to her supporting her through the tearful services.

    When the ceremony was finished but just before the undertakers got ready to close the casket, the wife said, 'Wait just a moment!'

    She solemnly produced a metal box from under her chair, walked over with it, and put it in the casket in full view of everyone. Then the undertakers locked the casket down and they rolled it away to the awaiting hearse.

    As they walked out, her best friend whispered,

    "Honey, please tell me you were not fool enough to put all that money in there with your husband?!"

    The steadfast loyal wife replied, "Listen, I'm a Christian and I promised before God and everyone to love honor and obey my husband 50 years ago. I cannot go back on my vows or promise. I promised him that I was going to put that money into the casket with him, and I did."

    Her friend said, "--but --what can he do with it in Heaven? You mean to tell me you really did put all that money in the casket with him!?!?!?"

    "I sure did,' said the wife. 'I got it all together from all the different accounts, put it into my new account, and wrote him a check--

    --If he can cash it within 30 days, then he can spend it!"
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    made me laugh thanks.

    Now did you hear the one about the mean wife, whose husband lay dying upstairs. The doc had said he would be gone by the morning, so she decided to start baking cookies for the funeral.

    Upstairs, the dying man was stirred by the smell of choc. chip cookies wafting up to him. In his life, his wife had baked many of these for the church etc. but had never let him taste one.

    "As I am now dying" he thought, maybe if I could summon the strength to go downstairs and ask my wife if Imay have one, they smell so good."

    So he slowly heaves himself down the stairs and crawls over to the table where the cookies lay cooling. As he reaches up his hand to take one, a spatula comes down hard on his hand and his wife says "Oh no you don't, they are for the funeral!"

    Love Annie
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    Annnnnnnnnnd - <grin>
    here's one more, very apropos, given the current political season...

    A busload of politicians and reporters were driving down a country road during election season, when the bus suddenly ran off the road and crashed into an old farmer's field. The old farmer heard the terrific crash, so he rushed over to investigate. He decided to do the best he could by them.

    A few hours later, the local sheriff was driving past the farmer's field and noticed the wreckage of the bus still laying in the field. Puzzled and fearing the worse, he approached the old farmer sitting on the porch and asked if that hadn't been the bus with all the politicians on it that had crashed.

    The farmer answered that he reckoned that it was.

    The sheriff, taken aback, asked where all the politicians and reporters had gone.

    The old farmer explained that he'd gone ahead and buried all of them.

    "WHAT? -- were they ALL dead?" asked the puzzled sheriff.

    The old farmer said, "Well, some of them said they weren't...

    "but you know how them politicians and reporters lie."

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    all three had me laughing out loud.

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    That was a good one, thanks for the Friday laugh.
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    I loved it, it sounds like something I might have done,hehe-thanks for the laugh-Carla
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    I knew there was a reason to check into board on my day off. LOL Mr Bill