The Old 3:16

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    THE OLD 3:16
    We're on a one-track Christian train,
    It's numbered 3:16;
    Jesus is the Engineer,
    And He runs one "mean machine."

    He takes it up and down the hills,
    And around the sharpest curves;
    He regulates the speed just right,
    It never even swerves.

    He takes this train through valleys deep,
    As prudently He steers;
    We're blessed He's at the throttle, folks,
    And is Chief Engineer.

    When this train climbs mountain peaks,
    That nearly touch the sky...
    He blows its whistle loud and clear,
    No need to question why.

    This Christian train spans prairies, too.
    And when smoothly gliding 'cross,
    We settle back ... enjoy the view,
    Knowing Jesus is the Boss.

    Sometimes stormy clouds appear
    And fog is all about us;
    But Jesus keeps us right on track,
    No reason to reroute us.

    The 3:16's a Local, folks,
    It stops in every town;
    Anyone can hop on board,
    This train is heaven bound.

    Passengers can leave the train,
    Whenever they so chose;
    But why get off the 3:16,
    There's just too much to lose.

    So keep your ticket in your hand,
    Wave to the Engineer;
    He'll get you to the Promised
    Land, His destination's clear!

    © 1999 Virginia Ellis
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    It reminds me of a Song by The Judds, "I Know Where I'm Going, Do you Want To Come Too?"

    I trust in the Lord that my mom does have her Ticket ready, and that she Know's the Destation is Heaven.

    That was really well written.
    And so True,
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    Thank you for shearing that ,it was wonderful.

    God Bless you