The Old Man Who Farms the Sea

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    Hi All,

    This is the title of an article that was published in the Los Angeles Times. I found it intriguing because it describes one man's thinking on how to successfully address rising sea levels from global warming, create a vast renewable source of energy, and produce huge volumes of food. Some very audacious thinking indeed. I'd be curious what anybody else might think of this article.

    <a href=",0,7746036.story">The Old Man Who Farms the Sea</a>

    Regards, Wayne
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    Yes a very impressive thing Hodges has accomplished!,,,,,Sounds like he's been at this project for awhile,,,,and it's now very successful!,,,,,What a Genious idea!,,,,,salicornia seems to be the Mirical plant to help save the Planet!,,,,Thanks for an interesting read!,,,,,,,,,,,,Sisland
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  3. bct

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    The fact that he's using Salicornia is what interests me. I've never eaten it, but my partner had it in an English restaurant once. Called Samphire, I believe, in common parlance. Grows all around the world; I've seen it around Humboldt Bay near where I live, growing in the salt marshes. No one seems to eat it here, though. A new industry, perhaps, to be developed?


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