The One Minute Cure

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    which is hydrogen peroxide therapy, OXYGEN therapy....

    I would NOT do the IVs but have done the "drops" in my morning MSM drink.

    Back in 1995, I met a man at the Pycnogenol lecture I was attending and he said to me: I will never get cancer...he was 75 at time and full of energy. He had been doing the H202 therapy for years he said.

    There is a book and one can find it on amazon: The One Minute Cure with MANY reviews.... This was brought to my attention by another man on another health group....he's doing this protocol now.

    I am back on it as I have Food Grade Peroxide and now up to 4 drops in my 8 oz glass of MSM drink in the morning..... started back with 1 drop per day for a week, then 2 drops per day for a week, I'm at 4 drops and may go to 7-8 drops and probably no more.

    There are MANY reviews here from a lot of OLD members from this group....some are positive, the IV's are not so great....I would NOT do that.

    As ALWAYS do your research....remember we are all guinia pigs to pharma drugs.

    Many of these OLD TIME remedies have been around forever. Check the book online, amazone has tons of reviews from those using it.

    BTW: I am NOT buying the book but wanted to bring it to attetnion here, there is a LOT of info on H202 therapy out there.....and other books as well.
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    I don't know how I have never seen this idea before, but this is the first time I have encountered H2O2 treatment of any type. I have seen little places sell oxygen or things like that, but I have never considered H2O2. I will have to do some research into the idea of it. I can logically see how it would make sense that the extra oxygen atom would have major benefits for the body. I will have to research how the extra hydrogen effects things. I will take a look at the book, but I don't know if I will buy it. I am sure I can find all I need online.
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    Welcome to the group and nice to hear you have an open mind to healing.....BTW are you male/female? Age area, young or older? Good to know this when we talk to our new friends..... jam
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    I have heard about the idea before, but I haven't done much research on the topic to be perfectly honest. I am always open to different ideas and approaches to healing, however, as I don't feel that healing of any kind only has one solution. There are always countless paths that lead to the same place. I have bumped into this idea several times over the past couple of weeks. Maybe it is a sign that I should do some research into H2O2 as a regular part of my health related activities. I doubt that I will buy the book either, but I will take some time to see what I can find online.
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    I find this interesting. I live in Denver and whenever I go to lower altitudes, I feel better. I always thought the lower oxygen levels had something to do with my FM