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    I just caught part of an NPR, Talk of the Nation, show today that was an interview with the author of a new book titled "The Pain Chronicles". Normally I don't buy any more books on pain after all these years of nothing much new, but I did this one. What intrigued me was her understanding of the fine line that we in chronic pain have to walk in order to be listened to, and treated, by our doctors. She said, in essence, you look too together and they don't think you need pain meds, you look like a mess and they think you're drug seeking or mentally ill. Ain't that the truth!

    She also talked about many studies that are now being done on how chronic pain effects our brains. One study, in Norway, I think, found that people in chronic pain had twice the mount of atrophy in their gray matter as that of folks without the pain.

    So I ordered it and will update anyone interested, after I read it. Hopefully it will be worthwhile. Has anyone else heard the show,/podcast, or ordered or read it? I think it came out in bookstores Aug 16.

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    " look too together and they don't think you need pain meds, you look like a mess and they think you're drug seeking or mentally ill..."

    Oh, yeah. They might was well sing that one and call it "The Fibromyalgia Blues" lol.

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    I just read a review of this book in the NYT and it does sound very interesting.

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    Just listened to the show, it was pretty good! Thanks for sharing!
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    I JUST read a review on this book while standing in line @ grocery store. It was in the current People mag. Anyway,it really caught my eye as nearly the first sentence mentioned the author's chronic neck and shoulder pain....exactly my biggest issue. I'm going to purchase it also~~~Jeanne
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    I got it in the mail yesterday and went first to the index to find Fibromyalgia. She does cover it, but the anecdotal story she uses to illustrate the disease irritates me. In essence, the guy has had Fibromyalgia for quite some time, and had sought relief in vain, through psychiatric/psychological interventions. After deciding that this avenue is not the one for him he finds that two long hot showers a day are what helps him the most. Really? Please!

    So even though I didn't like that part there is much more on chronic pain that I do like. Yes, the author suffers from it herself and her other stories, so far, are ones that I can definitely relate to. I am not very good at expressing how I feel on paper, so it is good to read a story where my feelings are reflected so eloquently. She does that too. I will read on and share more later.
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