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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bpmwriter, Nov 22, 2005.

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    come december, i will have been wrestling with this (these) illness(es) for two years. i've done a lot of research, seen 15 doctors of varying specialties who took blood samples and x-rays ruling out this and that, participated in a research study, tried the FFC approach, meditated, bought supplements, taken pills, and here i sit, in PAIN.

    i was gung-ho about a natural approach after suffering a terrible immune response in august on the ffc protocol, but i have to say, my pain levels are way up. stamina is down. i've found some nice products that help big-time with the fog, my immune system seems to be OK, GI problems are better, but the pain. what's up with the PAIN? i'm a 33 year old man. i helped an elderly neighbor move some furniture the other day (a karma thing) and i felt like a giant bruise for 24 hours. this lady in her seventies had more stamina than me and she has arthritis! i can't walk more than 15 to 20 minutes without my back and legs hurting.

    so I accept this diagnosis or keep searching?
    somehow i have to pull the money together for an mri. i fell on my tailbone last year and perhaps that's causing the back and leg pain? it's possible, yes? this beast, fibromyalgia, just seems too outlandish to be true. an illness that makes cripples of people in their primes and no one has a clue what causes it?! what a horror show.

    the only thing that seems to help the pain are nerve medications. i've read the very informative post on this board recently on autonomic nervous system dysfunction and that must be the key. i'm buying in less and less to the viral theories. these apply to the CFS side of things, but they don't fit on the fibro side (except for those with lyme which causes muscle pain). the only other theory that makes sense besides ANS dysfunction is some sort of metabolic problem. are malabsorption problems causing our muscles to starve to death?

    i'd love to know what people really think about the core cause of the muscle pain. the latest addition to my natural approach is ribose and enzymes (slowly working my way up to a high protease formula to assist with muscle repair), but it's too early to tell if they will help. should i just find an effective narcotic and try to move on with my life?

    very discouraged today. thanks for letting me vent.

  2. Fudge43

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    eddie .. I think you are on the right track .. but pain relief can give you some of your life back as well .. I do micro nutrients and supplements and that helps with some of my 'lack of energy' issues .. but the pain .. if I didn't have some relief from that, I do believe I would go mad .. I have a very good GP and she has no problem with writing reasonable scripts (I have been with her a few years so the trust is there that I'm not an idiot and I do not abuse the use of narcotics) .. she knows quality of life is VIP.

    I also think the central nervous system is in utter chaos and pain messages are totally screwed up .. they send, send, send, constantly .... until we can block some of it with pain meds and get relief. Chemical imbalances occur because inappropriate or just out right WRONG messages of nerve cell communication are so out of wack .. and the cycle is overwhelming our brain and body.

    I also believe it is so complex a problem that, that is why physicians have no set treatment for us. We are on our own to research and experiment with a willing doctor who is open to modify their medical approuch individually to us.
    Sometimes when I think about it too much it really gets to me .. and I wonder how it will progress as I get older and stress out over that. I just have to keep putting one foot ahead of the other and keep trying.

    My advice to you is to also keep trying different things .. but ... certainly get pain relief some how ... what ever course you take you are going to make progress because you keep trying. I really hope things improve for you !
    Good Luck
    Fudge : )
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    Just wanted to send you a virtual hug -- I hear how down you are feeling.

    I've been living with this pain for 15 years --- despite the pain and other symptoms, I have a rich, full life (sometimes I don't know how I manage that) -- but there are days (today is one of them) that I just want to burst into tears and curl up in a little heap of misery.

    I'm a strong believer in the CNS/ANS dysfunction theory, too -- fits with everything I know about how the brain and body work, process pain signals, etc. Accounts for a lot of the other stuff, too -- like sweating, panic, fugue states, all of that.

    I take Vicodin for pain, and I don't have any qualms about doing so. I, too (finally!), have a good doc, who knows I won't abuse it. I was taking Ultracet, which actually worked just as well as the Vicodin for me, but then I started taking Effexor and you can't take the two together safely.

    I need pain relief in order to have anything resembling a quality of life. My ability to function through the pain is what keeps me going. If narcotics allow me to do that, so be it.

    I hope you find some relief from this soon!

  4. bpmwriter

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    perhaps i'll try ultracet. i'm also considering darvocet. i have a script for vicodin but i don't think codeine and codeine derivatives agree with me. there's also the option of going back to one of the nerve medications but i really dislike the side effects of both neurontin and lyrica.

    the pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together in my head (i suppose we all have our theories), but it's great that we have this forum to brainstorm. the docs ought to have something similiar and maybe they'd get to the bottom of this!

    be well,
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