The parrots are back in So. Calif

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    How exciting is that! I love wild birds and it's been years since the parrots were here, I guess flying on their way to Mexico. It's a flock of about l00 or more, large green with red heads, and very, very noisy. There are a variety of trees around here with different types of berries which they attack ferociously, with lots of leaves and branches falling on the ground. Last time I saw them was Christmas morning about 6 years ago.

    The first time I spotted a flock of them was around the beach area at least 25 years ago. Parrots are not native to calif. A story has gone around forever...whether it's true or mostly fiction.......that a pet shop burned down and the birds escaped and kept breeding and breeding. However they came to be it's just an exciting thing to witness.

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    I get excited when I see/hear a woodpecker. Not many around here, but what there is they are smaller black and white. Such fun to see them working their way around a tree...peck, peck, peck. I live in Claremont which is designated a tree city. Every street has a different tree planted in front by the street. Our's is the ginko tree.
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    Here's a wonderful documentary about a man in California who loves and takes care of the wild parrots in his yard. You get to know many of the individual parrots and their personalities by their names he's named them all. He nurses a few in his house when they become sick. They are his family. Beautiful touching documentary. Made in 2003.

    On YouTube:

    'The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill'
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    I started watching then realized it's over an hr. so will have to make time.

    Here's something interesting I found.