The past few weeks are msending me in to a huge flare.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Feb 26, 2012.

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    SO we have had rain , snow, warm , and cold weather in the same day, Saturday the wind about blew me away it was guswting so hard. I almost lost one of the grandbabies when the wwind gusted and he was walking.

    I am struggleing with so much pain , fatique, and total exhustion. I have fibro and cmps , I think that both are flaring together if that can happen? I am so tired all the time and I have no energy to do any thing. I finally get a good car to drive which should have made my sltress level less but I have been in so much pain since I got the car. I finally got the seats adjusted as well as the mirrors , steering wheel so it feels better to drive now. Now if I can just get my Mom to make her appointments later in the day I would feel better.

    Thanks to having several winter storm warnings for the next week and last week we were to have gotten snow but got high winds instead. The constant changes in barmetric pressure is driving me nuts and is not helping my pain levels go down.

    Every bone , muscle and joint and tendons are hurting me more than ever. I don't remember being in so much pain all the time. I am hurting alot and I have not been sleeping well at all, I try to go to bed earlier but I am struggleing with being so tired and sleepy all day long every other day. I have slept most of today away so now while I am tired and want to be sleeping I am still awake and it is hard to catch up on missed sleep. I did go to bed early a coupld of nights ago and woke up my hubby who was nost thrilled to have me try to put the bed back together while he was still in it. I just needed some of the sheet and blankets to stay warm and pulling them back across him must have woke him up. I am getting so tired of remaking the bed every mornign before I can go to bed and get some sleep after my hubby has gone to work. Friday morging I changed the sheets as he had pulled the bed apart totally , it was easier to change the sheets than to have tried to remake the bed. It took less time as well.

    I know I am no t getting enough of the right foods or exercise, there are no sidewalks where we live so it is hard to walk to the conrer and back. Also with teh weather ever changing temptures I never know if it will stay warm at 44 f or drop down to 29 and become freezing. We are to get a big storm tomorrow and tuesday but I never know if that is going to happen all I really know is that I feel the change in pressure when the weather patterens change, I am so tired of the constant aches and pains that I have to live with, that I really want to cry. But that would take too much engery but I don't have any left over.
    Is this constant achiness normal with fibro and cmps, ddd, end stage osteoatrhtisis in both knees, and left wrist, I am just feeling like i have fallen apart. I am just tired of being in pain all the time, I am sick of hurting and feeling like I am so drowsey and need a nap a couple times a day. I don't know what is going on with my body or what is normal for some one with all the condidtioins I have.All i know is that I hurt from head to toe and my bones ache as do my muslces. Is this ever going to end or ease up any time soon? I have reached the end of my rope and I have so much to do in the next few weeks. I need to get the house cleaned up and to start packing up stuff we don't use, so that when we find a place to move to closer to my husband work we won't have to pack up so much stuff.

    I don't want much just to be albe to sleep at night in my bed, and not wake up with my back aching and stiff and sore, I want to wake up and stay awake during the day time, I don't want to be in so much pain all day and night. I know that becaue I can't take a med like lyricia I am not going to get teh fibro to ease. And I have reduced my pain meds to a level where I should feel better, I Know my doctor is happier that I am useing less pain meds. Even though I hurt alot I don't want to up any of my pain meds, I want to find other ways of easing my pain. Taking hot baths, with some cammomile and lavendar would be nice. I even may order some bath products from LUSh where the products are all natrual and made with the best ingredients.

    I jsut can't stand this not sleeping and added pains that make my bones throb. What can I do? Any suggestions would be great.
    I don't mean to whine or complain I just am so sleep deprived that I could cry.
    Thanks for listening to me vent.
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    I don't ususally go to bed before 3 am and my hubby has been in bed for hours by the time I go to bed. We don't have lots of blankets and any extra are already on my side of the bed. HUbby only has on him a quilt and a comforter, while I have the same as him puls two afgans, two small fleese blankets that cover the sheets to I dont' lay on cold sheets. What I make the bed I put every blanket on it and when hubby goes to sleep he must get cold so he pulls all the covers from my side of the to his side. Leaveing me nothing to cover me up with. Itried to use blankets just for me but I froze all the time. This morning I didn't go to bed till just after he got up to go to work. That is how it is most nights and days.
    Thanks for the suggestoins.

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    Have you tried sleeping with a heating pad? Mine goes off after 2 hours and I know I turn it on again during the night. I use my heating pad all year long; and I always go turn it on a little while before I go to bed. I also put a blanket under the sheet on my side for extra warmth too.
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    I only have one plug in in the bedroom so we haev an extention cord with limited space's to plug things into. So no heating pad for me. Darn, I have a fleese blanket over the sheet so I don't have to lay down on ice cold sheets and one that covers me also so the top sheet does not make me so cold. There is no heat in the bedroom , the only heat vent is in the living room and I have it has bars or slats that turn so half are turned toward the hallway and the rest is to the living room. So I am cold 90 % of the time. I have tryed the heating pads that you microwave but for me they don't stay hot long enough to get thru my muscles.
    Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. rosemarie

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    Thanks for all the suggestions, it helps me to know that I am not all alone. I have friends here that understand how I feel and that means alot to me.
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    Could you possibly get one of the power surge strips instead of an extension cord? That way you would have an extra slot for a heating pad. How about flannel sheets? I know they aren't as cold as regular ones. Also I keep a small thermos of herbal tea on the nightstand next to me with warm (not hot) tea that I can sip when I am feeling really cold. I usually don't endorse products, but Brookestone makes these slippers called "foot comforters" that are the warmest I have ever had. My hubby stole mine, so I got a pair in pink and said "Steal, THESE and I'll put you on YouTube!" And as dumb as this sounds (I'm just thinking off the top of my head here), what about a sleeping bag? I know if ice climbers use them, they must have one that would keep you warm. And a lot of times you can find them at a used sporting goods store pretty cheap.

    I know how difficult it is to deal with pain and how miserable it can make you. And I've gone so long without sleep at times, I was hallucinating. Please don't ever feel like you're whining or complaining. This has been the best place I have ever been for understanding, learning and compassion. I know the friends I have here are like my family. Oh, wait. They don't ask me for money, fight with each other or roll their eyes when I say I hurt. Can't be MY family! LOL!

    Lots of hugs,
  7. rosemarie

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    Thank all of you for all the suggestions you have given me. I have gotten teh strip so I can plug in more electrical things like a heating pad but have to wieght till I get paid to buy one. I wil try the thermos of warm tea and see if it helps.
    I don't think my hubbby will like the sleeping bag idea he already thinks I have too many blanket on the bed already.But maybe I will see if I can find one used and use it for when I end up sleeping on the recliner and see it keeps me warmer.

    Thank you all for all your thoughts and concern. I am truley touched by all the support.
    Many HUGS for you.

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