The Pollution Within

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    There is a really good article in the October issue of National Geographic.......EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!The Pollution Within by David Ewing Duncan...[This Message was Edited on 09/14/2006]
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    The only thing I've found that is really effective is avoidance. All the healthy food and supplements I take don't do anything for my damaged brain. If I get a scratch, it is practically healed before it's finished making the scratch. Cold germs cringe at the sound of my name. I believe that excitotoxins (aspartame, msg & years of chemical exposure) have attacked my hypothalmus. It's like it got it's wires crossed or shorted out. If this is correct, then I need a brain recharge. A car battery won't work by having motor oil poured on it. It needs an electrical charge. Oil keeps it running smooth and healthy diet and supplements do so for our bodies. The only thing I've read about that gives me any glimmer of hope is the cranial electrotherapy stimulator. I go to the dr. next week & I'm gonna' have him get me one. If it doesn't work I can get most of my money back.

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