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  1. rockgor

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    (Or just for goofin' off.)

    Roslyn on the Baugh. (Don't fall off, Roslyn.)

    Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. Now all set down on a bale of hay.
    Chicken in the basket. Bacon in the pan. Gobble it up just as fast as you can.

    Gents go East, and ladies go West. I'll set right here. I think that's best.

    Diane chased the rooster. Julie chased the hen. They got some help from Kevin and Den.

    Now do-see-do and whirl about. I need my rest. Just plum tuckered out.

    Now go home, everydobby. Them fields is just waitin' ta be plowed, and the
    sun i'll be up in3-4 hours.

  2. Windytalker

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    I need to get "Clovis" out so he and I can square dance.:) Clovis is a stuffed scarecrow doll who's about 5" high. Halloween is coming and he's due for his annual airing. I've had a lot of fun with him. At one point in time, my DH was traveling a lot. So the house wouldn't seem so empty, I put him in my DH's chair, hung a cigarette from his mouth and put a beer can in his hand.;) BUT, I'd tend to forget about him during the day. When I'd get up in the AM, he'd shock me since no one else was home but me.:eek:

    I'm used to relatively quiet days, but having the outside of this house painted has really put a lot of activity in my life. I no sooner sit down and I have to be back outside to answer this or that. But, I've been so fortunate to find a contractor who "does it all". He provides carpenters, painters and a "gofer". That part has been such a blessing!!! The contractor is detail oriented and that's a big help, too...we're 2 peas in a pod.

    My DH had to have more dental surgery yesterday in Tulsa. The orthodontist who originally pulled his teeth 1.5 years ago did a terrible job...and so did the dental technician who made his original false teeth. DH is now seeing a "specialist" and this dentist found roots and bones that were never removed. No wonder my DH has had so many problems!!! We're hoping this will "cure" the problem and he'll end up with dentures that are as comfy as an old pair of slippers.

    I apologize for not being up to date with everyone's ups/downs...when things calm down, I'll attempt to be more "in the know".

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    Hi, Kids,

    I'm sure I can't remember all the posts over on 648 so will do my best.

    Granni, I did go back to 647 and answered the question about how to start threads. Hope the person sees it. Love the way you carved out a space for yourself to work. I just haul my big old wood easel out into the kitchen and paint. I have a tile floor in there and the light is good in the afternoons. Also, there's water and countertops for my paint.

    Julie, I can't believe all you got done for your loved ones. I hope the new batch of ABX gets rid of the crud. Everything seems to be hanging on for sooooo long for everyone. I've been hacking and hope it is just outside allergies and that I'm not getting allergic to these cats.

    Windy, I answered again to your shampoo post but wish I had something better to offer. My own carpet is needing a good vacuuming and shampooing. As long as the cats are in here, it will always have catnip in it.

    Rock, I didn't buy a thing! What HSN considered a sale was a joke. No, I don't need anything. Suze Orman says that every time we consider buying something, we should ask ourselves, "Is it a want or a need?" I do that and if it's just a want, I usually don't buy it unless, as you say, my spirit needs it.

    Lately, I've had to spend money on the cats for the pheromones and will have to spend money on that kit so if I need new glasses, we will already have the parts I need. I have some Joy Mangano reading glasses in all kinds of colors which I got from HSN. I ended up with five pair for $35. One pair is sunglasses. I also got her Rx bifocal sunglasses for about the same price.

    Dar, I'm so sorry your designer glasses broke. Honestly, if all I needed were reading glasses, I'd just buy the el cheapos at the store or online. Used to not need distance correction but my eyes are especially bad for someone my age. Eye health is good; vision stinks! I like the way you describe how you paint. Some authors and artists think spirit is involved when things just seem to come out and onto the canvas or onto the page. That's how the guy who wrote "Johnathan Livingston Seagull" described the process. Loved that book.

    Don't know what I'll do today. Each day, I've been able to do a bit more. Still running a very slight temp but even a slight one means I'm sick. I think I'll get into my walk-in storage closet and make a map of what is where. Too much stuff in there. I gave a really beautiful picture to a friend. It has an expensive frame but I don't have room for it on my walls. Would rather have someone I know have it.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Rock - ha ha about the 'springwater' comment. kathmandu thecapital city is considered
    all three cities, like new york would include manhattan, long island i guess.

    mikie - i read about a rosemary west who 'chanelled' all great musicians like beethoven etc
    when she played.

    windy - clovis would scare tho i loved scarecrows when i read about Worzel
    Gummidge, a childs story book character.

    granni - i wrote a post on vol 648. i think you missed it. still tired.
    still waiting for it to lift.

    god bless
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  5. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Just checked my e mail. Got an ad from Amazon on two topics. Carpet cleaning and
    eye surgery. What a kawinkydink! Recently posted on both those topics here. It isn't
    just the government that's keeping track of us.

    Was up most of the night as usual. Around 3:30 AM there was a terrible ruckus in
    the back yard. Looked out the window and saw some animal skirmishing with Zippy.
    Rushed outside. The invader was gone. Dunno what it was. It was about Zippy's
    size. Gordon suggested a coyote or a possum. Neither one seems very probable to me.

    If we lived in the foothills around LA, it could be a bear or a cougar, but we live a mile
    or two from downtown LA. Anyhoo, Zippy was unharmed. He came in and slept on the sofa
    for 4 hours. Now he's back outside, wrapped up in his blankie.

    Windy, how old is Clovis? And would that be in scarecrow years? Clovis sounds like
    a hillbilly name: Clovis, Purvis, Festus, Elvis. I looked it up. It's German-French, akin
    to Louis or Ludwig. There was a King Clovis about 1500 years ago. Wonder if he looked
    like your Clovis.

    Mikie, is Suze a woman or man? Ha Ha! I bet she gets asked that a lot. One of Dave Barry's
    books has multiple references and pics re: Suze. I hope the stuff that's hanging around your
    place goes away soon. I bet you hope so even more.

    Oh yeah, I was trying to chat with 2 people last night. Land O Goshan, it was just a few hours
    ago. Well, I think it was Windy and Jumpshot. Is that right, Windy? Anyhoo, I don't
    know how to operate the chat thingy. Couldn't find any instructions. Got any tips?
    Couldn't find any place to click to send the message.

    Springwater, I thought Rosemary West was the name of an author, but when I searched
    all I found was a murderer in a British prison. Probably not the one you were thinking of.
    How many festivals are you having this week?

    Hugs to Granni, Dar, Joan, SG and Julie.
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  6. sunflowergirl

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    My goodness......all these chatty posts.

    Mikie: Have you thought about checking out some thrift stores for some cheap old glasses you could canabalize for parts? That sounds like a lot for a kit but then I'm REALLY tight and think a lot before I buy something. I agree with what Suze says, ask yourself if you need it or want it. I've watched her a lot on PBS. And I remember some program where she said she used to waitress and then she went to a diner and actually did waitress for the camera.

    And I hate to admit it but I've never watched HSN. I used to have a job where about 3 times a week I would get supplies and stuff delivered by UPS. When I talked to a neighbor she said they imagined I was buying a ton of stuff on HSN. LOL!!!!

    Rock: that's awful about poor Zippy. Will he come in at night and sleep where he will be safe? I place my bet on a possum, otherwise a coyote would have won I believe. Didn't you say poor Zippy is also blind? One of my cats weighs over 23 lbs.....I can't even lift her and had to stop letting her sit on my lap because she cut off circulation in my legs. Anyway, she likes to be out at night, we have coyotes around here, and I tell her if she doesn't come in NOW when I call she's going to make one wonderful dinner.

    I've never gone to live chat......can't figure out how to do it, so I've always declined. Hope I never hurt someone's feelings.

    Springwater: I've meant to ask what country you live in? Is it Nepal or India? I was watching a wonderful program on herons in India last night on PBS. I have no idea how this incredible program was shot.......close ups of the birds as they flew. I read about you getting rid of your old bed. Yes, all those dust bunnies everywhere! They seem to multiply rapidly when we're not watching.

    Felt like I was coming down with something yesterday. Well, this morning it seems to be my stomach so I raced to the kitchen for a dose of apple cider vinegar. Hoping that will do the trick. I'm trying to keep busy to forget my stomach. Took some pics. this morning, thinking in terms of gift cards. I had the following with a string of pearls added but it took away from the beautiful shiny folds.

    Attached Files:

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  7. Granniluvsu

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    Thanks ROCK for starting us up again. I figured I might have to go and open up the new one. We've been posting on two of them , me too including Jumpstart :)!!

    Julie - Hope you feel better soon. I've been running around half the day and then trying to get some stuff done. Didn't do much exercising ! Our 1/2 bath toilet just spilled over so had a mess. Turned off the water and mopped up the mess. Will fool with it tomorrow. What a pain. What homeopathic remedies have you been using?

    Oh dear how could you be out of cat food for all those cats :)! Hope everyone gets better soon. Go rest sweetie. Well, I guess the govt. shutdown was good in one way - that David didn't have to go to work and can help Lindsay with all being sick. Poor babies it is so hard to tell what is the matter with them sometimes.

    Gotta get off here and get my wet capri's off as I was trying to mop up the wet mess in the bathroom. What a pain !!

    TTYAL. Hi also to Winday, Dar, SW, and whoever else posted that I may not have noticed.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    My plans to exercise and water the plants yesterday came to naught. Not that I
    was naughty; just ran outta you know what. But I did get outta the house. We
    went to the library and the supermarket.

    Mikie, what were you saying about incompetence being ubiquitous? Not only that, it's
    everywhere. Uff-da! The cashier at the market is new, She has checked us out 3 times before. She is young, friendly, and very fast, but last night she displayed a chink in her armor that was the size of a manhole cover.

    Gordon bought practically nothing last night. His total was $7 and some cents. He gave
    the gal a ten dollar bill. She gave him back $40. So he pointed out there was some mistake.
    She got all flustered and asked him how much it should be. Good grief and great balls of confusiation! What every happened to employee training?

    SG, we are keeping Zippy in the back porch tonight. He is not very happy about it. He
    has spent thousand of nights in the back yard without any problem. I don't expect any more

    Hope your apple cider vinegar therapy works. I have been trying the same med for upset tummy the past couple weeks. The results are kinda lame. Helps a little sometimes.

    Granni, modern plumbing is a necessity. Couldn't have big cities without it. But a big
    pain when it no workee. We have spent several thousand dollars on plumbing during the
    past 3 years: some new pipes, new water heater, new shower, new sink, various repairs.

    Are your pants from the Isle of Capri? I think they called those things pedal pushers when
    we were young. Is that your recollection? Mary Tyler Moore wore them.

    Julie, I have diagnosed your condition. You have the collywobbles. At least that's what my
    great aunt called it. I wonder if some of that apple cider vinegar would be helpful.
    Sure hope you find something that works. Maybe rest would be the best med.

    Hugs to Joan and Dar and Springwater and Windy and everydobby else.

  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Gang,

    Just a quick post before I have to shower for my appt. with pee doc. He had better do something to help me as I'm sick and sick of being sick!!!

    Springwater, never heard of a Rosemary West but I don't think it's uncommon for talented people to believe their inspiration comes from outside themselves. I've watched "The Long Island Medium" and she uses automatic writing in her readings. Before she talks to people about their dead loved ones, her left hand just starts writing things which later, in the course of their conversation with the survivor, are significant in verifying that they are indeed the dead loved one.

    Rock, if this doc doesn't help me today, I'm kicking him to the curb and finding another doc. Could the critter duking it out with Zippy have been a large raccoon? They can be vicious and dogs usually hate them. I'm glad he's OK and resting up from his ordeal. Suze is an attractive woman, in my opinion. I think she has a female partner but she doesn't talk about her much. Note that she only has one pair of earrings--gold discs. She does wear some really expensive leather jackets/tops but she can afford them. I don't have the energy or money to go to the kind of places where expensive jewelry and clothing are needed. I'm a happy slob in my tees, Capris and flip-flops.

    Sunflower Girl, these glasses don't use normal hardware. The whole concept is very Italian and different. There is no metal--all high-impact plastic. The nosepiece and screws, which hold on the changeable side arms, are clear plastic and no other type of hardware will suffice. In the long run, when I do need new lenses, it will actually be cheaper than if I were to buy new frames. So, pay now and save later. Hope your stomach is feeling better.

    Julie, I hope you are feeling better. You are too busy to be so sick or too sick to be so busy. In any case, hope the crud goes away.

    Granni, I got caught out in the rain and my Capri's got soaked, even tho I had an umbrella. I was amazed at how quickly they dried out. They are different material than my other ones. I think they are Columbia brand. Anyhoo, they should make all Florida clothing outta this stuff.

    I had a horrible night. Was up all night peeing and the cats were at the door clawing at the tape and yowling. I finally threw them out on the lanai. From now on, they will have a rude awakening as I put them out there every night to sleep. Sylvester just accepts his fate and sleeps on the kitty condo. Tweety is too ornery to accept her fate and sits on the throw rug and cries and scratches it. As long as they don't start tearing the screen out there. The whole outside wall of the lanai is screened and expensive to have redone. This is their last chance. If it doesn't work out, I'm calling Jeff to tell him he or Julie will have to find another home for them or I'll be forced to take them to a no-kill shelter. I love them and would hate to do that but I cannot continue like this. It isn't just when I get up to pee. They will scratch at the door at any hour of the night. I'm getting no sleep and, with this infection, I can barely function.

    Chances are they will get used to sleeping out there and we can move on from here but my own health has to come first. I only took them to keep Jeff from going mad or having another heart attack. Now, he acts like he did me a great favor by my taking them. Well, yes, I love them but they are a lot of work and expense. They are worth it but not at the expense of my own health. Need some prayers for my health and the cats.

    I keep everyone in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie

  10. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    This is my viewpoint of "flu shots"...they're a cocktail of bugs the pharmaceuticals "think" might go around each year. It doesn't cover "all" bugs. So the bug Julie & family might have is probably not in the mix. The big pharmas still need some sort of bug "out there" in order to sell their remedies, so not all "active" bugs are included. Who's biased against pharmas? Not me!! LOL!!!

    My DH gets a flu shot every year...and still gets sick with "something". At the first sign of not feeling right, I take zinc, echinacea and up my Vitamin C. I seldom get sick. A good friend of mine got a "bad" flu shot. She lost 50% lung capacity as the result and is now on oxygen 24/7. Three years later, the pharma said they had a bad batch...but 3 years is 1 year past the time for suing here. My friend kept telling her doctor she thought the flu shot was to blame, but he didn't believe her until the pharma "fessed up".

    Speaking of "critters"...saw a program not long ago about those that have adjusted to city living. Possums and coyotes were included...along with raccoons. Several years back, I saw a bobcat that lived in Leisure World in So. Cal. If we encroach on them, they'll encroach on us. Living rural, we get a lot of critters...I actually enjoy seeing them as long as they aren't destructive. Raccoons can be a menace (even as cute as they are). The coats of local deer are darkening early this year (a possible sign of a hard winter?) but I wish they'd stop eating my rose bushes.:mad: My roses struggle as it is...

    The reason Rock is getting email about topics we've discussed is...cookies in your computer (yes, they leave crumbs!:)). We're all "spied" upon these days and cookies help them shew their advertising. Also, even though you have to have a name and password to post here, this isn't a closed forum. Anyone can read what's posted. Another way for ads to be skewed. If there's "something" you don't want the world to know, don't post it here.

    Don't feel bad, Rock. I couldn't figure out the chat either. Thought I'd try, but far too confusing for my tired ol' brain. I had gotten up early (about 3:00AM) and wondered why you were up so late (about 1:00AM for you).

    I think today's going to be rough for my DH...his face is all swollen and hurting from his dental surgery and he's not a happy camper. All part of the healing process, but it's certainly not fun while it's happening. I'm "pooped" and want a day off...but today will be spent catching up on all the mundane things that have been postponed due to his surgery and our painting project. My houseplants will be happy when they get their much needed drink of water...

    Hugz to all,
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, People,

    Windy, you are right about the flu shots. It's a crap shoot that the WHO will identify the most likely flu bugs each year. One year, they missed one which made a lot of people sick. I never get them; they drive my immune system into high gear and I get almost as sick from that as I would with the flu. You are also right about the cookie crumbs. It helps to occasionally delete one's complete browsing history using the Tools icon and clicking on delete and again on delete everything. It doesn't stop everything but it helps. One can set the computer up not to allow cookies but that can make it almost impossible to browse. I happened to look through my spam e-mail and it was full of porn. Yahoo takes it out automatically. I deleted the Spam folder.

    Yes, Rock, incompetence is ubiquitous and also everywhere. Most cashiers have computerized terminals which tell one what change to give. What used to stump me is when someone handed me a bill and then decided to use another bill or give the change. I used to be able to do that all in my head, but in the heat of battle, I just can't do it. I told one man I'd give him what the computer said and if he wanted me to convert his change to a bill, I'd do it afterward. He got furious. I explained that I had a disability which didn't allow me to do math in my head anymore. Then, he said I shouldn't be working there. Nice guy--NOT! He better be careful cause Karma is a you-know-what! BTW, we were posting three minutes apart this morning so I didn't see your post when I posted last. Pedal pushers came first. Then, Capri pants. Some people think they are different in length. I think the names are now interchangeable. In any case, the ads usually read, "Carpis."

    Julie, glad you are feeling a bit better. Now, if you can feel a LOT better... I saw the doc and he gave me a new broader-spectrum ABX and sent the pee in for culture. I'm scheduled at the end of the month for a renal ultrasound and in Early Nov. for cystoscopy. It's no big deal; I've had it before. I'm just going broke paying the co-pays and co-ins. Picked up my ABX and have taken one. It should be starting to help soon. They always help soon but it's the long-term which hasn't been good. I'm exhausted!

    Barb and I are picking up her friend from the airport at noon. If I'm not up to it, Barb can do it by herself. She only has sight in one eye and she prefers having someone else drive but she's a good and safe driver. One of our other friends only has sight in one eye--the opposite eye from Barb. So, when they go out, they each sit with the good eye on the outside side of the car. Together, they almost have as good sight as a person with both eyes working.

    Cats are keeping a low profile today. I wasn't happy with them when I got up and they are perceptive enough to know it. Tonight, when I put them out to sleep on the lanai, they will realize things have changed. Mamma doesn't like getting up all night to play, even when I'm not sick.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Hope you get to feeling better soon. REST my dear please try and REST ! I know it is hard in your situation unless everyone else is sick to ask for your help :)!! That sounds pretty silly doesn't it but sometimes ne feels so bad who wants to even bother asking anybody anything.

    Mikie - Glad you got a new abx and hope it kicks in much sooner than later. Oh, those kitties will know when you are upset with them, I am sure. I don't blame you not liking getting up in the middle of the night. Surely you don't want to play or do anything, maybe just go pee as I do that too at least once or twice during the night.

    Windy , Mikie et al - I think getting the flu shots can be a very individual thing. Some of the people on these boards have a problem with them or some anyway. I have always been one to get lots of colds, URI's, bronchitis , pneumonia or whatever else, even a s a small child. When I got this crap or whatever you call it, , 30 plus years or so ago, that started everything I was getting bad ones every year. When I started taking the flu shots yearly I found that they were helping me not to get anything or at least not as bad, if I did. I think it also helps taking Grape Seed Extract.

    Everyone has to do what they think is right for them and I think it is right for me so I take it. I had better go and remember to do it. I did it last year I think much later than usual and I did get sick but not horrible but bad enough. I need to go and get it this month. Now , hope this immunization is no different than the others with all the types. Not sure if that will be good or bad for me. We'll see !!!

    Haven't done much to day but go to the chiro. and then go to the store with DH and ate lunch. Trying to get ready to go away next week for a few days. So don't worry if I'm not posting next week.

    Spring Water - I hope you are feeling a little better too. Hugz to everyone including Dar, Joan, Rock, Diane, Georgia and others I didn't mention before.

    Much LOVE to everydobby,
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Sounds like you may be feeling a bit better but please try and rest and not go into "full Grandma mode" YET. With no kids around here really I haven't had to do that in a long time. I am luckily just trying to get myself around and do what I have to do. With DH and I being quite a bit older than you, I am lucky if we go to one function a year or two for each kid. I would love t go to everything, even feeling like you know what, but with the distance and I would have to drive myself sometimes, forget it. The times of their functions are at night usually or just before evening with crowded freeways, and not knowing exactly where I was going, forget it. I think that I am directionally challenged. DH is pretty good but he is 75 years old and getting tired out too. Is that the age of your Dad ? I will be 73 in about 2 weeks. That in itself is almost depressing to think about.

    There are people I know that are my age or older and still gad about all over the place in their cars to see grand kids but either feel fairly well most of the time, don't have b/problems and have driven for years so feel very comfortable with it. I am fairly good in my comfort zone but in the city where we used to live, forget it.

    I was a late learner to drive so I guess that makes some difference too. I didn't get my license till I was in my 30's which is pretty old for around here. Most kids have their licenses in their teens. I never was allowed to take Drivers Ed like my kids and grandkids, no money or car to drive. My Dad was always working there was only one car and mom didn't drive either.. Can you believe both the gsons (twins) have their permits and of course DGD has been driving since she was 16. In Jan. she will be 20. OMG, this is really scary talking about age :)!!

    Have to go start supper. Let your kids and Den eat a sandwich if there are no leftovers. Will try and check in later. Please REST and let someone wait on you if there is anyone still feeling well.:)!

    Love to you and everydobby,
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: It sounds like you're getting well.....slowly. Take it easy and try to sleep as much as you can. I followed the progression of your flu, hoping and praying all of that didn't make it's way out west. Sounds over the top- awful. I agree with Granni. Sandwiches for a couple of days. And if Den is recuperating from it, actually the less food the better.

    Granni. Buy yourself a compass to mount on your dashboard. I have a good idea of directions BUT only if I look at a map before my driving. In my mind I can then see which way I should be turning or driving. So. Calif freeways are a nightmare. I'm going to buy a hand compass before we go to Portland so I can read a street map for walking and know where we're going.

    My husband has never been direction "literate" and before I learned to speak up we would get hopelessly lost. I remember a time when we had been taking our first big trip to Canada, being married 6 months. He read the map wrong, I trusted him and we actually drove right into a mountain on a slowly dwindling road. Then boulders started to fall so he had to run ahead of the car tossing them out of the way as I slowly drove backwards.

    I'm one who never gets a flu shot anymore. Tried it twice at least l5 years ago and got very very ill both times. A doctor told me I probably was carrying the bug....I don't think so. When my mom was alive she would get every year but never suffered any trouble from it. Personally I think those of us with depressed immune systems take our chances if we get it, so I'm taking my chances by NOT getting the shot.

    Rock: good heavens! that cashier will wipe out the store at that rate! I didn't know there were any cash registers anymore that didn't show the amount to be given back, unless she couldn't even read what it said. I would bet the next time you go to that store she's gone. We're all in big trouble if power goes down!
  15. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Mikie...I do wish you'd see a urologist or some sort of specialist. You've been plagued with this infection for far too long. If the antibiotics don't start kicking in soon, I'm very concerned you may develop an antibiotic-resistant infection. Gather the kitties are now learning you have your boundaries. They sound like kids...learning just how far they can push "Mama"...LOL.

    Granni...I gather your high school didn't have Drivers Ed. I lucked out...the school provided the car and learning didn't cost a dine. My parents were like Dad was the driver. My Mom decided to learn to drive in her late 70's!! Well, that didn't work out too well. She (literally) drove her car INTO a grocery store. She was soooo fortunate. No one was injured (not even those at the checkout counters), they personally weren't hurt and their car wasn't totaled. She never drove again...another blessing.:) I think you were so wise to still learn...even if you were in your 30's. I'm willing to bet you're a very safe driver.

    Julie...I'm also glad you're starting to improve.:) That bug really sounds nasty!!! At least you know you're not alone with all those zombies you saw in town. And, yes, I do march to a different drummer when it comes to medications...that pretty much includes most medications along with immunizations. We're all different...some people can't live without them and some, like myself, avoid them. Hope you continue to beat that bug!!

    Rock...I don't think they teach basic math in schools these days. I was never great at math, but I at least knew how to give change. Kids today seem to totally rely on what a cash register says. A while back, I was paying for my lunch ($4.52) and I gave her $5. After she rang it up, I gave her the 2 pennies. She started to give me $.98 in change (not a $20, but what the heck!). I told her just to give me 50 cents and she said she'd have to get her manager. Oh, well. That's just as bad as when I went to the post office to send a package to New Mexico. The postal worker wanted to charge me for an international package. Say what?

    SFG...Glad you figured out how to put the footer in. Great saying!!!

    We're having a t-storm and we're told our temps will be dropping into the 40's at night. I'm ready...I love sleeping with my window open. It's been really humid here this summer and have missed that pleasure...

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad you are doing better JULIE. Can't stay on. I have been doing stuff on the computer and now I need to go get dressed and DH needs the puter. Luc, Granni
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Granni, I'm sorry if I gave the impression that I did not think anyone should get the flu shots. I just don't think I should. I agree that it's an individual decision. I am also sorry if I gave the impression that the shots are no good. For many, they work well; my Mom was one of them. But it is true that the WHO guesses, educated guesses, which strains will cause flu in any given year. I don't get the pneumonia nor the shingles injections. The shingles injections are, at most, about 50 percent successful in preventing shingles. A 50/50 shot, no pun intended, is for many, better than nothing. Barb had shingles and she said it was the worst pain she had ever had. Another neighbor had them and they didn't seem to bother her much. Again, you are right; everyone is different.

    Julie, I hope your med works for you too. Often, when the crud moves to the lungs, it's on its way out. I hope that is the case for you. When it gets into the lungs, one has to be sure to rest so it doesn't go into bronchitis or pneumonia. Good luck to you.

    Jumpshot, I'm sorry that I have nothing to add to your post as I'm not familiar with the institution, their treatment, nor their threat. Perhaps someone on the CFIDS/FMS board will be familiar with it. Good luck. Please feel free to post again on Chit Chat. We discuss most anything here.

    Sunflower Girl, my immune system overreacted to the shots. I think docs do not recommend them for anyone with any immune problems. Barb just got her "double" shot (they double them for people older than 80) and she is fine. Like Granni said, it's an individual thing. I almost feel that the crud I had was like a lite flu but it's hard to tell when I have a UTI at the same time.

    Didn't go with Barb. She picked up her friend herself. I went to bed feeling just awful. Got up with one degree higher temp than I had yesterday. Sometimes, taking ABX will cause the bacteria to get more active in survival mode and it can cause the immune system to go into attack mode. It's almost 1:30 and I'm feeling better after eating a good lunch. Hope this works.

    Cats did great out on the lanai last night. They were sooooo glad to come in this morning. They ate and drank milk and water til their tummies were full. Then, they played chase all over the place. After that, it was nap time. They are both sleeping on the loveseat and when I walk by, they make little soft love noises. I stop and pet them and tell them how much I love them. They took time out to kiss and clean one another in between naps. If the sleeping on the lanai continues to work out, I think we'll finally be home free. Now, if I can just get rid of this infection...

    Have a great weekend, everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I was talking to a neighbor the other day about the shingles vaccine. My doctor brought it up with me but with the lowered immune I guess I'll just take my chances. She said she's had shingles 4 times already, but each time a light case on her arms, but once near her eye. She used to be a nurse at the local hospital and she told me how they all had to get flu shots.

    Mikie: I really hope you, Sylvester and Tweety have now worked out your differences. Kinda like a marriage, everyone including the cats have to learn to bend a little.

    Although it's in the low 90s today it still feels like autumn, which I love. HATE the summer weather anymore. I bought a very large pot of white button chrysanthemums at Lowes, marked down 75% to $5. I did a little clean up on it yesterday and it still has buds so hopefully it will last a couple of weeks. A neighbor down the street has 5 of those large pots every year leading up the steps to her front door and it always looks so nice. I thought of her when I bought this one.
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - You did NOT give me the impression that no one should take the shots. I just know from being around the boards awhile that some cannot take them for different reasons. If it makes them worse, they shouldn't take them !!- However, sometimes some people can get upset over the issue, not me :)! LOL

    I think we have had this discussion before and people have their own opinions and IMHO I think if it helps you take it and if not don't - pretty simple to me. People are so very different as you well know.

    Yes, and I agree with SUN on having kitties or animals you both will have to bend a little. Hope it works out well for you and the kitties behave themselves (!

    Sun - I have been so busy trying to get ready go away for a few days soon to Hot Springs. It should be beautiful weather there. Yes, I think autumn is on the way, in some places more than others, for sure. I agree that Chrysanthemums are so beautiful when they are blooming, pretty colors.

    Julie - Now that you are starting to feel a little better don't go wearing yourself out.:)!!! Glad that the worse is over for you, hopefully !

    Gotta run for now and do some folding of wash or something. Really should exercise but might not get to it LOL

    Love to all,
    'Granni :)
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    OMG, it I almost time for a new Porch. So see you on the other side, even if next week I may not be around much to answer. However, I can read.

    Watch those fingers and toes.

    Love, Granni:)
  21. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello all

    sunflower - i live in nepal. we are starting to get migrating birds, from south. where winter hits hard.
    parrots are first to arrive.

    rock - the animal which skirmished with zippy probably got as much of a fright as zippy himself.
    my doggies try and get in at night time..but i try keep them on the landing outside. only grande
    dame Poopsie gets to stay in our room.

    julie - den is really a sweetheart of a husband, i love the way he plays hands on doting
    granpa lucked out there, really. most men ....eeeeehhh. where housework n
    kiddies are concerned. theyd rather do other jobs.

    granni - hv a good trip. i envy you, hot springs sounds sublime...esp right now.
    the bones in my shoulder area are creaking and cracking...i could do with a
    good soak!

    mikie - good to hear the kitties behaved themselves well. also pray your UTI
    problems get resolved soon. and completely.

    i had to nip out in rain yesterday and go buy a lock. one of dhs friends wives
    had written lyrics for an album and they were hosting a release party.
    dh had a golf tournament, couldnt son had a poetry thing where
    he was sceduled to recite, so couldnt stay home, so i decided i would
    lock the main house from outside, let the dishonest help stay outside
    in their own quarter inside the compound and i would attend the function
    for a bit.

    it was stressful but i did it. it didnt start at two as scheduled so i came
    back before actual event, but at least the hosts knew i made the effort.

    its been raining, so that was cooled off so much.

    take care, all.

    god bless