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    Please continue to post on this new thread. Just wanted to rush and get this one stared. Nice iced teas and warm choc chip cookies right fro the oven await you :)!!

    Julie - So sorry your SIL is cause more problems with Gpa. Did you or anyone tell sis what the doc mentioned to you about his continued treatment? I sounds to me like she just takes things upon herself to do whatever she wants. Her fussing with the wound like that can cause him to have a really bad infection and I doubt she should be soaking it now. Mikie is right about what she said and someone else too I think, besides me.

    ******You might want to call the doc office just to make sure and then you can tell her the doctor or nurse said " "whatever about the situation. What a woman ):!!

    Need to send this off and get back soon.

    Love. Granni
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  2. @Rock: I lived in California from age 5 to 21 and you are right, In all those years I only remember one thunderstorm! I cannot do the kerosene lamps though as they make me sick, so we have a collection of battery lamps/lanterns.

    Another cool day today, so lovely!
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    Good morning Laura and all,

    Sounds like you are perhaps feeling a bit chipper today, the weather better, not to hot or cold. That is hard to get here in TX but we had lots of rain the night before and it has been coooby ler. However, I know that will change. However, after living in TX and LA before that since early 70's, after NY all my life I have gotten used to it. Thank God for a/c all over the place here. Some places are to cold. I cannot stand direct a/c or fans blowing on me directly. Guessing it is partially thyroid and mostly FM. I know CA has almost perfect weather. Years ago visited SF area, very pretty and lovely weather, rather windy though, at times.

    We have a battery lantern and should get some more for the occasional storms and possible hurricanes. I keep forgetting to get them. You can get them in WM, on line or probably lots of other paces - very handy and better than candles.

    Julie- How often is he going to go to his home before removing the casts, just some occasional trips when you are gong elsewhere? I know you will keep checking if you can see his wound. Yes, I think it can be dangerous to keep picking off the scab and soaking if the doc hasn't told you to do so. When does he go again to the doc?

    Liora trying to jump sounds so cute. How old are the twins now?? Everyone getting so big and another little on due I Aug. Whew ! I am pooped just thinking about it:)!! Mine were close to in age but I ad no twins so did have a bit of a break and then about 5 years instead of two between the last two babies. How are Lindsey's Braxton Hicks contractions? Hope they have let up some.

    It is quiet since DH has a meeting and then lunch afterwards. Tomorrow we sing at an assisted living home and then one more next week, the day before DH's 1st cataract surgery.

    Mikie - Please don't hurt yourself putting out all that mulch . You don't need to aggravate you back and or sciatica.

    Thinking of everydobby !!

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, so much for my quiet day. DH came home early as everyone else had stuff to do. So he hurried home, ate lunch and he went out to power wash the front steps before doing the walk and driveway. Not sue how far he will get before he has his surgeries. O course he had to talk me into weeding again - yuck !!

    Laura - Yes., it is so nice to see you posting and please do not feel that you have to post to everyone individually . I rarely have the time anymore or so it seems.

    Rock - How are you and hope you are doing OK. Miss you when you don't come and cheer us up with a square dance call or a pun or two or three, or whatever else :)!!

    Julie - Another possible suggestion for grandpa if the doc wants to keep it sot besides Vaseline might be Polysporin. I used to use Neosporin all the time and sometimes I still do. However, the docs nowadays for some reason seems to think Polysporin is better. I guess since it has an extra antibiotic in it. Glad Grandpa seems to be doing so well lately. It is wonderful that he can go and visit friends at the club meeting. That can do wonders for hm.

    Hi also to Sun, Dar, Mikie, Diane, Jam and whoever else might have missed. Bye for now !!!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)!!
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    Julie - You wear me out sweetie just listening to everything you do, including al your lawn mowing :)!!! Hope you have a great evening. Have to get some things ready tonight as I will be leaving bright and early to sing tomorrow morning. DH needs the care so one of the gals is picking me up along with one of our eldest singers 91 years old. Another gal just got back from falling and fxing her pelvis I believe. She is about 92. She surprised us al by coming back to practice last week after the hospital and rehab. She was an army nurse in WWII and her husband was a doc but he has passed already. She is so sweet and feisty :)!!

    Just wanted to pop in for a bit. Hope you and everybody else has a nice and restful evening.

    Jam - I see you were posting as I was too. I agree with you about Julie - and they talk about Energizer Bunnies :)!! TTY and all later.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)!!
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    Hi Kids

    Just moved my car from this side to that side. I really get annoyed with inconsiderate parkers
    who take up a one and a half parking spaces. I hope when they get to the Pearly Gates St.
    Peter tells them, "So sorry. Your space was taken up by inconsiderate folks who took up more
    than their fair share. Check back in a couple centuries. Maybe we'll have room."

    Had a phone call this morning. It was from Yolanda, one of the friendly librarians we see
    every week. She said we left one of our canvas tote bags at the library. So Gordon went to
    pick it up. When he got back he said, "You didn't tell me the bag had books in it." Ha Ha!
    Yolanda didn't tell me. It was probably I who forgot it. Those books were checked out to us.
    At today's prices it was probably a minimum of a hundred bucks plus replacement charges
    if somebody had purloined those books. Oh well, I suspect most people who go to libraries are less larcenous than the general public.

    Soul, I was amazed and delighted with your verse. One has to be really fluent to write a
    limerick in a second language. I couldn't write "wooden shoes" in Dutch. Which reminds
    me, I have a recording of an opera titled "Lodoletta" which is based on a novel called
    "Two Little Wooden Shoes". It was written by an English woman who lived much of her
    life in Italy.

    Anyhoo, it is the first time anydobby ever wrote a verse to me. I shall treasure it
    as long as the sky is blue, the grass is green, and lentils come in different colors.

    Julie, I never heard of the name Denzel (Denzyl) for anyone other than the actor. Looked
    it up. It comes from Cornwall which is right next to Wales. It's that tip of England in the
    lower left hand corner that sticks out into the ocean. I have ancestors from Wales. So
    maybe Gpa and I are related. Ha Ha! Glad to hear he is getting better.

    BTW, just finished a book of short biographies of folks from the Old West. One of them was
    a woman teamster. Today a teamster is a truck driver, but it used to be someone who drove
    a team of horses. Maybe someday you will be in a book about women who drove mowers.

    Laura, yes, we used to have lots of rainbows back in Minnesota. Double rainbows too.
    But the most amazing rainbow I ever saw was here in California. I was driving on a
    freeway that was about 12 feet higher than the surrounding farmland. The rainbow
    in the adjacent field seemed to be coming right down to within a few feet of the
    ground. The only rainbow I've seen that seemed to be so close to me and to the ground.

    Granni, in response to your question, I am fine. Well, fine as I can be. It's hot here, but
    that doesn't bother me. Bothers Gordon though. I told him to lie down in the bedroom
    with the air conditioner on, but he feels he has to do stuff. He's out watering the orchids
    right now. Well, it's almost 6 PM here; cooled off quite a bit. He saw his doc this morning.
    Got a pretty good report. Was told he could stop taking one of his meds. I hope you
    are not out pulling weeds in sweltering weather.

    Mikie, Here's a cartoon pun I came across as I was on my way to the forum. Couple
    of golfers wearing togas. One of them is shouting, "IV!" I see the weather in Florida
    was hotter than here today. Did you loll in the pool, or was it all full up?

    Hugs to Springwater, Sun, Diane, Barry, Jam, Dar and everydobby I can't think of.

  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Yes, I get tired just reading about all you do Julie and, Granni, you're no slacker either. I have NRG NV. :D (see, I'm green with NV)

    Julie, yes, the docs now prefer polysporin but my doc has an Rx salve which is gooey, like Vaseline, and it not only keeps scabs soft, it protects the scab and keeps out bacteria. I got it when I originally fell last June and had huge scabs on my legs. I also believe they help keep scarring down to a minimum. I get scraped up working outside and my arms are always a mess of scratches and bruises. I just tell people I'm a warrior. ;)

    Granni, I didn't get out yesterday. I injured myself doing my sciatica exercises and was in bed all day. I'm still sore today so will likely let it go until tomorrow. AACK! Weeding, AACK, AACK, AACK!!! Many of us have told our gardeners not to use Roundup in our areas because they kill everything in sight. :mad: Well, the co. bought some very targeted nozzels for it and they want us to give them a try again. I'm willing as I'm tired of doing it myself. Hope all goes well with DH's surgeries.

    Rock, love the Roman golfer pun/joke. We had one in our paper with stick figures and one had a little bulge around the middle. The other one was pointing to it. The caption was, "Stick figure making fun of love handles on other stick figure." Geez, between the fires, drought and heat out there, it's quite a year and summer has just begun. Yes, it's in the high 80's and low 90's here but we get breezes cause we are surrounded on three sides by water. Last night, the wind howled and the rain poured down with a vengeance. Too bad I went to the trouble to water everything. I just can't count on the weather reports. When those waves of rain come across the state from the East, they come in little strips which can hit or miss. Put Simon's food out at 5:00, when I got up, but he didn't show today. It is still rainy out but not as blustery as last night. BTW, I watch the TV show, "Fargo." It's a take-off of the movie. They say Uff da every now and then. I think of you. :)

    Jam, I'm glad you aren't suffering from the heat. The weather map showed all of CA as "HOT!" :mad: ARGH!

    Laura, how did you like living in CA? The older I get, the less I want to live where it's cold. I do enjoy visiting CO when it's snowing but wouldn't want to live there year round anymore. When I did live there, we used to vacation in CA almost every year. Never got to go to Disney Land as a child but took ours when they were old enough to enjoy it and I enjoyed it even more than they did. Now, we have Disney World not too far from me. :cool:

    Yesterday, when I was doing my sciatica exercises, I did something really strange and painful to my hip. I was in the door jamb doing the hip stretch. When my right side touched on the jamb, I felt a painful crunching sound right on the side of the hip itself. It was sooooo painful that I could barely walk. I can't figure out what would make such a sound. Perhaps it was some kind of calcium buildup on the side of my hip. I lay in bed all day, praying that it would feel better. It was only really painful when I put weight on it. Today, it's better so I think I'll be OK but it's still a mystery. The good news is that I no longer have sciatica pain. I think all the pain signals have been redirected to the hip. If all this doesn't clear up eventually, I'll have to see a doc. AACK! :confused:

    Mon., the painters will start prepping our railings so we'll all have to move everything off the Balcony and in front of our doors. They will sand and possibly use chemicals. The prep is the most important part but the electro-static painting will be fun to watch. I'll be glad when it's done. I have to move our heavy flower boxes. Think I'll put them on two of our little tables out away from the railings. Might use the opportunity to throw a new black paint job on the metal frames which hold the boxes themselves. Our flower boxes are absolutely beautiful. The flowers are coral pink and purple with the dorotheanthus variegated green with tiny red flowers, draping over the sides. My pepper plant is as tall as I am with blooms but, so far, no peppers. I'll be very disappointed if it doesn't produce. I'll have to put it out on my lanai. The lanai will resemble a greenhouse.

    Well, I've produced another "W&P" here so will wrap it up.

    Sending big hugs, love and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Jam, your post wasn't visible when I posted yesterday. Yes, it's hot here. Just doesn't
    bother me. Drives Gordon crazy. Sorry to hear about your roses. Generally they are
    very heat tolerant. When I lived in Las Vegas, they were about the only plants people
    had other than succulents.

    We had a Double Delight Rose for decades. For reason unknown it just kinda withered
    away and gave up the ghost a few years ago. The folks a block away have a yard full
    of roses. There are always some in bloom.

    Julie, I tried to post a picture here, but the electronic gremlins wouldn't allow it.
    Anyhoo it was a combination bicycle and old fashioned push mower. I would think
    that would take more exertion than just pushing by hand.

    If Gpa is from England, then we could easily be related. I have ancestors from all over
    Great Britain: Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and England. I used to have hundreds of LP
    records of music from those places. Never visited any of them though. Too late now.

    Granni, virtual thanks for bringing virtual chocolate chips to the porch. I sure would
    like some good chocolate chips. The ones you can buy are wretched. Threw out the
    last batch I got at Trader Joe's. Might as well have tried munching on a hockey puck.

    The only thing on my calendar for today is to move my car in the afternoon. I 'spect
    we will go to the market. I want to buy some kitty food and more vegetables to
    put through the juicer.

    Laura, what is the neighborhood like around your farm? I read Oklahoma has several
    ecological areas. Do you have mountains or hills or prairie or grassland? I grew up in
    the rolling hills and fertile farmland of SE Minnesota. And everything looked pretty much
    the same on trips to Iowa or Wisconsin. The scenery when the leaves changed color was
    pretty spectacular. The only place I have seen anything similar was New England, but
    their topography was much more hilly.

    Mikie, how do you like this one? A professional singer was asked to render a selection
    or two at a party. Her response: I'm afraid I'll have to refrain.

    Hope everydobby has the best day possible.


    Hi Mikie

    Couldn't see your post till after I finished posting mine. Sorry you have so many
    ACCS. You ever see Gracie Fields, the British singer, where she sings a song
    and imitates an Ack Ack gun? I think she was singing it during WW II. It's on
    Youtube somewhere.

    That's a real mystery about your hip. I hope it turns out to be nothing serial.

    Here's something that popped into my head the other day. First heard it when
    I was a kid. Haven't thought about it for decades. You ever come across this?

    Tommy, where Sally had had "had" had had 'had had". "Had had" had had the
    approval of the teacher.

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  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Rock, loved the new pun. That singer certainly knew the score (or, maybe didn't and that's why she had to refrain). ;)

    Just popping in to let y'all know that the hip seems to be improving. In fact, between showers, I took my recyclables and garbage down to the dumpster area. There was some pain but nothing compared to yesterday. Think it's gonna be OK in a few days. I'm even thinking about sitting on the edge of my bed and cleaning out a couple of drawers and shelves. Then, my bedroom will be completely organized. Everything is in good shape cept my little office. Mostly, I just shut the door. I have the A/C vent shut in there as I never use it. It's mostly just paperwork I need to organize and y'all know how I hate that! :confused:

    The roses and lilies my kids sent for Mothers Day are all opening up. I have a half wall with a shelf on top between my entry and kitchen. I put them on the end where I see them every time I go by, which is a lot of times a day. My other kids are sick and in negotiations on the sale of their house. My daughter sounds exhausted. :(

    I printed up notices for our residents to remove everything from in front of their units by Mon. I'm anxious to see them when the painting is done. Guess I had better go. I'm watching "The Daily Show" and Lewis Black is ranting in his segment, Back In Black. He is soooooo funny. I needed a good laugh; it's healing.

    Love, Mikie
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A very quick good morning to awl,

    Waiting to get picked up since DH needs the car this morning. Going to sing this morning at the local community center. Not sure who is there this time.

    Julie - Glad grandpa is doing better.

    Mikie - Nice to see you today and gad your sciatica is doing better than yesterday.

    Greetings to Laura also and SW, Rock, et al. Sorry but I need to run now.

  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: ask your DD to take a pic. of the little ones inside watching grandma mow. and hopefully with you showing up thru the window. That sounds so cute. Me thinks you really are enjoying your mowing job! And it's good to read that grandpa is slowly improving.. and great to read that there will soon be a moved staircase and AC.......exciting and hopefully the whole family will start to get healthier. How's Lyndsey. I'm sure she's having to sit a lot with having those contractions. My son was telling me the other day that my DIL has been having braxton hicks since 4 months along. She's due June 6 so not long to wait. They hired a "doula" for coaching, etc. Same person who has been teaching maternity yoga. So this takes a lot of "pressure" off my son. LOL

    Rock: good thing the librarian called. Not too worry, I've done things like that before as probably most of us have. I sympathyze with Gordon. I also suffer a lot anymore when the temps go above 82. It was almost 100 yesterday at our house. I don't want to turn on the AC until I have to though. I use a fan where I'm working. Hey......I guess Gordon and me are both workaholics. I always have to be doing something constructive, that's why I find it best to just listen to books on CD. And some of my favorites are from Clive Cussler and Daniel Silva........I guess I'm a spy in my pretend world!!!!

    Mikie: so good to read that something "popped" and now your hip/leg are much improved. I know the railings are going to look wonderful when completed. Did I hear it correctly that Colo got snow on Mother's Day?

    My handyman was over yesterday to install some new bathroom lights and finish some other things. So the bathrooms are ALL done for now I'm very happy with the results. I bought a second rod for the bathtub area to hold the shower curtain liner but the darn thing isn't holding good. I even hotglued some of that grabber rubber stuff this morning, but I'm wondering if it's the tension rod I bought from Penneys. I'm going this morning to see if Lowe's has the other one that holds my pretty drape.

    My cleaning lady was out yesterday......but I don't think she's working out so I need to find another one BEFORE I let her go. By the way, the computer has a mind of it's own today. It changed the font and is underlining everything.
  12. Afternoon everyone. DH is home today moving goats, mowing grass and other outside things.

    I really want a Mexican coke this afternoon. DH buys them by the case but I asked him to keep them at work because otherwise I would drink too many! We think the Mexican ones taste better (they have sugar instead of corn syrup).

    Ack, DH just came in to tell me our neighbor is spraying some kind of chemical on his pasture......that is so not good for me. Likely to make me very sick. I have no safe place to go.
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, back again already. It's more comfortable for me to sit now than to lie. So, what do I do when I sit? I get online.

    Granni, the hip pain is gone and the sciatica has returned. Oy! It's always something. If Firefox still working out for you? Hope so.

    Jam, one thing I liked better about CA is that, except for the Santa Ana winds, it isn't usually as hot there. It's always hot and humid here from June to Nov., the hurricane season. All the homes and condos built here have ceiling fans. They really do help but I still have to have the A/C on. It's sooooo humid today that I need it just to stay dry. I think my sciatica will get better with the stretching exercises too but will have to rest for a few days, especially so I can sit through the symphony on Sat. Glad you got in touch with PH. They appreciate feedback.

    Sunflower Girl, so glad your baths are done. I'll bet they look beautiful. Yes, that crunching and popping in my hip was very strange. The hip is about healed up but the sciatica has returned. As I mentioned to Jam, I'm going to give the stretching a rest for a couple of days. I'm back on my little TENS unit and it seems to be working again. I turned it up.

    I decided to clean out some old shorts and Capri pants I've stowed away in the bedroom armoire shelves under the TV. Some were 17 years old and I have no idea why I've saved them. They were nice ones and I guess I just didn't want to throw them away. I'd have to lose another 18 lbs. to wear them and I don't wear shorts very often anymore. It felt good to get things all cleaned out.

    I had bought a fanciful pillow for my bedroom from Zulily and it came from a co. in Denver, DENY Designs. They have some of the cutest things. They sell things originally painted by artists--pillows, serving trays, tea cloths, etc. One of their pillows showed the back of a bunny, sitting on a hill at night with outdoor lights all strung among the trees. A caption reads, "Never Stop Dreaming." It has a dreamy quality to it and was painted by the same artist as my pillow. I've found that all through my life, I cannot live without whimsy around me. I call my things magic and love them so much. I also appreciate them. I spend so much time at home that I love being surrounded by things which make me happy and lift me up.

    Well, I had better lift myself up and stop posting. As always, my best to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  14. ninkinindy

    ninkinindy Member

    Have you tried lamps which use lamp oil? They give off a nice soft lite and will last as long as there's oil and a wick. Maybe they smell a teeny bit at first, but I'm sensitive to odors and they don't bother me.

  15. I cannot use lamp oil. I do not have a problem with smells. My problem is the item itself. Things can be fragrance free or my nose could be stopped up and I do not smell it but it will still make me sick. Petrochemicals and formaldehyde are my two biggest problems and they are in just about everything.

    I do want to look into olive oil lamps. I have heard they are not very bright though.
  16. ninkinindy

    ninkinindy Member

    Wow. How do you deal with life when you can't inhale without getting sick? I've never heard of olive oil lamps - when it's pitch black a little light goes a long way
  17. I do not go out much. My home is safe. We use baking soda and vinegar only for cleaning and laundry. The only items we use for personal care are baking soda, castille liquid soap and coconut oil.

    I cannot go to church, weddings, funerals etc because each person has so many layers of chemicals. Shampoo, fabric softner, air fresheners from their house or car, cigarette smoke, etc. My husband sometimes brings chemicals home on himself. He is very good though about knowing what will bother me and will take a shower and change when he first gets home.
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Laura - Sorry to hear about your , I guess I would call it sensitivities. When you say you get sick do you mean your stomach gets upset or you get dizzy or what? I have a friend who is older than I and has had terrible sensitivities to so many things - scents, foods, meds, name it and I think she is sensitive it. She hardly goes anywhere either due to all these things and she catches flus and bugs easily and can't take hardly anything at all to combat it. That is why she is afraid to go to church or go anywhere in crowded places. She is also very sensitive to many things she doesn't eat out to eat any more. Some people don't understand and have thought she was faking or making up stuff, or being a hypochondriac.

    I am sure it has been as equally hard for you although you are much younger. You also have a DH who apparently is very understanding and loves you. So you are very lucky I that way. She was married for many years and he died a few years ago . She does have a son and daughter who lives close by and grand children but often esp during flu season doesn't see them much due to her problems. I know she has had a hard time and I am sure you do to. Sounds like you are resigned to the fact and you are doing the best you can. Sure wish they had something to give you for your extreme sensitivities.

    Gotta run for now. Hugz to you and everydobby else !

  19. First my face gets bright red and hot. All my joints start hurting. I feel dizzy and nauseated. Extreme fatigue sets in.
    I do not sleep much that night.......feels like nutcrackers on every joint. Also feels like molten lava under my skin. My sound and light sensitivity goes into hyperdrive. I most likely will cry over seemingly nothing and have anxiety attacks. I will also have low grade fever, sore throat, tender lymph glands and ache all over. I will also usually have diarrhea a couple of days.

    I was 38 when this began. I am 50 now. Yes, I am very thankful for my husband. I have met many like me(online) that have been abandoned by friends and family.
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    laura Elizabeth......welcome to the world of multiple chemical sensitivities. I've had FM forever, at least 30 years or more, and now my DD, age 40 seems to be developing this. Went to an integrative doctor recently and had a ton of lab tests done. She can't stand noise, perfumes of any kind, suffers from anxiety and sees a doctor who prescribes antidepressants along with the gabapentin. I've been taking gabapentin for about 6 months and it IS helping me sleep better. And for me, summer seems to be the worst.

    My friend, windytalker, who comes here occasionally suffers greatly from MCS. She's learned to triple rinse ALL her dishes and clothes, use NO dryer sheets or fabric softener, read ALL labels, wears no scent wear nothing but natural fabrics. I could go on and on and on. My suggestion to you is use nothing or consume nothing that you can't pronounce.

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