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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just going to sneak this in real quick and be back later.

    I hope everyone down south is keeping their heads above water.

    Don't forget to go back to see what is on Vol 129- Carla
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  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i hope you keep your darn toe...sounds like you have the same thing going on w/your big toe that i do. but kaiser tells me, well we won't do cortisone shots in your foot joints cause of your age andit w/eat away at the bones around it causing more problems...and we really don't want to do surgery when you are so young...shove a screw down the tip of my big toe and fuse it so it doesn't move...which in turn w/cause more problems in the long run.

    hope yours goes well.
    i think my hand is healing cause i feel the nerve endings healing up little zaps.

    well that's about it for now gonn go talk to some friends down at the pool.

  3. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Glad the hand is healing. They will clean and scrape the area where there use to be a joint, then straighten it and put pins for 6-8 weeks, then take the pins out and hope the bones fuse.

    I saw the xray and it is bad with lots of spurs, I am not looking forward to it, especially after seeing the actual surgery pictures. But I have lived with the pain for 6 years and it is getting worse.

    The good news is my golf cart is being delivered tomorrow, so everyone will have to come around and we can go for rides,yipee!! I got a electric one which will go 5 miles before having to recharge, so that is just right to give the girls a good work out, I will be on a walker/or cane for about 6-8 weeks and I do enjoy getting out, it is so beautiful where I live. So I will go back to walking them and using the cart because I can't walk 5 miles,lol.

    Everyone is very quiet, I hope you are out having fun or just quietly enjoying your day. The porch is all cleaned and blankies freshened up. Now after a week of leaving my house everyday this week, I am going to lay down with my girls then do some more training.

    Marta-I laughed about your comment about teaching the girls the counting thing, I wished they were that trained. They do behave much better when food is there,lol. But it is cool to see Missy "get it" she gets it right everytime. Twy well she does what she wants, she still thinks she is boss :) That is going to change soon when I wear their butts out going up and down the hills, come along I can take 3 more with me at at time. It beats the heck out the riding mower,lol. Take care- Carla
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there ckball and Jodie,

    Just wanted to peak in and see what was what . It is pretty quiet and time for me to go to bed. Have been lazy but have to get busy tomorrow and do some packing to go see my daughter on wed. if that dumb hurricane doesn't get in the way". Also having company before going out to dinner tomorrow ao have to vacuum. It really needs it !!!

    Hope you both have a great weekend. I will try ad check back tomorrow in between chores - ugh.

    Big hugs,

  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    that w/be painful...i know i have done that to mine w/o the pins and surgery...

    we can go 4 wheeling in that golf cart, i w/make sure i wear my redneck girl clothes when i go for a ride on the wild side w/you.

    granni glad it is quiet for some of us here. in novato we have our semi-pro team baseball team playing down in huntsville trying to win the stan musicals...i have to look up and see if it got rained out or what happened to them...i know they lost their first game..not so good.

    well gonna google the team...i know some of them.

  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks CK-Carla for handling things on the Porch in my void!
    Wanted everyone to know that I'm headed North on the Bac of
    the Dog to see the "Old Squeeze". Don't know 4 sure how long
    I shall be gone but will contact yose Guys immmediately upon
    getting bac. She hasn't been well all Summer and I'm going
    up there to "escort" Her to a Doc and find out what's goin'

    Huggles to ALL!
    JOE aka MRDAD

    Carla-NL: Do hope you are doing better!
  7. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Glad to hear from you, I was starting to worry bout ya and was gonna check wiff Guido it you didn't post soon.

    I'm sorry your lady has not been well. At least she has her Knight in shining amour to help her. That it is so you and the reason we all love you here. Guys like you are far and few between. She is a lucky lady indeed to have you.

    I hope you have a safe trip and find some answers for her to help her feel better.

    Now where is everyone else??? Linda I hope you aren't hunkered down in bed with the hip thing.

    Marta are you still going to the shelter and Soapie is lettin you sleep more.

    Granni- hope you got your sand out of your sang, I can imagine that might be a little uncomfortable.

    Sweetie- I hope your starting to feel better now the worst is behind you

    JOdie you got the redneck clothes and ready for a wild ride??

    Carlanl- are you out on that bike enjoying the country side? I hope so.

    I did take my first ride and it was not good :-( It started out great, the girls where going with it and keeping up. Then we passed the one house that has serveral outside dogs, so I just said "run" because they wanted to stop and bark.

    Went a little further and Missey was doing great, she was actually beside me keeping up, but Twy was having a hard time. She is my speed demon and has been clocked at 30mph.

    So I pulled off the side of the road and she tore her front center paw pads off of both her front feet. One it's is just gone and nickle size area of raw pad.

    The other one had the skin there but was just barely hanging. I checked Missey and she was fine. It is like she just did a Flintstone style brake thing and road burned her paws. There are even smaller areas on her back feet too.

    I feel so bad, all I was trying to do is let them run and have fun. So they both rode back to the house in the cart. I love it, it is so cool but does pick up speed going down the hills and I can't avoid the hills, I live on top of one.

    I have taken care of Twy's feet and have done this many times with cuts from her flying threw the woods or what ever. I guess I will have to get her some doggie tennies, I was more worried about Missey not being able to keep up and just missed Twy try to put on the brakes. I will still go riding and let Twy ride while Missey runs until she heals. I can't imaging how painful this must be for her.

    I will call the vet on Mon but there really isn't much that can be done except abx, time and alot of cuddles.

    I hope everyone is making the best of their weekend.-Carla
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there y'all,

    Mrdad - So glad to hear from you. have a great trip going to see your old squeeze. Hope you are feeling a little better !!!

    I am going on wed- on the back of the dog too to see one of my dd's close to Ft. Worth. Hope this dumb hurricane doesn't spoil things. I'll be back on sunday.

    Ckball - sorry to hear that Twy's paws got hurt on your run. I hope her paws aren't to bad !!! Hope Missy is OK. Try ot to feel guilty. I know you do , at least a little. It was NOT your fault. Hope she heals fast ! Sorry my typing has been screwing up what I am trying to say. I quickly washed the sand out of my sang !!!The ptoblem is I type to fast and them I am to lazy to check what I have written.

    Have fun and be good this weekend to all also not mentioned !!!



    Jodie - Be good and enjoy your weekend (-: !!
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    It's been a busy week. Gordon took the week off so we went places and did things, mostly errands. Just for fun we went to a Vietmamese restaurant called Pho So 1.

    The specialty is Pho which is pronounced Fuh (rhymes w/ the second half of Uff-duh) and is "noodle soup of beef".
    It is made w/ noodles made from rice flour instead of wheat flour. Comes w/ a plate of bean sprouts and greens. Looks like they picked weeds from along side a country road in Minnesota.

    We also had beef and broccoli w/ rice. The broccoli was semi raw. Gkordon said they stir fried it. Musta been in and outa the wok in a minute flat.

    Anyway it was ok; something different.

    Carla, if you want to spice up your Uno game, play Killer Uno. The only difference in the rules is this: If you can match a card played, you can play outta turn. This has the advantage of getting you closer to winning and annoying all the people who lost their turn.

    For example if the player next to you plays a red skip, and you have a red skip, play it immediately. Makes it very difficult to smoke or drink since you have to be poised to play at all times.

    You know, Granni, I always get confused w/ those English mysteries that talk about the elder, the vicar, the deacon, the sexton, etc. I feel like I need a glossory.

    Martha, you ever read any Lawrence Block Matthew Scudder mysteries? Scudder is always taking time out from solving a crime to go to an AA meeting.

    I went to my Emotions Anonymous meeting this morning. It was one of those meetings w/ lots of laughing. Sometimes there is crying, but not today.

    Hope you have a nice trip, MrDad. Don't lose your suitcase and put your wallet in a front pocket.

    Jodie, hope your wrist is healing ok and will be fine when school days roll around. How is Cody doing?

    Big soft hugs for everydobby.

  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hey Rock glad you stopped by for a visit, I do enjoy your posts. You seem to be in better spirits and am glad to see you are feeling better. Do you think it is the new meds?

    So do you think I can teach the girls to play Killer Uno, I have not heard of that one. When my kids were young, I had 2 step children that I raised plus my own daughter and we played Uno for hours and hours. Then yatzee too. Havent' played in years. My grandaughter taught me Phase 10 and that is pretty fun too.

    There are no EA's in my part of the state, there use to be a Fibro support group but now it is gone, guess lack of participataion.

    I am starting to worry about some of the MIA's so check in and let us know how you are.

    I had a blood sugar issue yesterday, dropped to 56 after I spent the day on the couch with Twy. Ate some ice cream and made my 9 cookies and it went up to 86 only to drop again to 54 in 30 minutes. Ate some hard candy and a couple of cookies then went to 132 and stayed 100-120 the rest of the evening. So wierd to have it do that, haven't had it happen for a couple years.

    Well gonna she if I can moving around- maybe go to the bushes and look for the bush dwellers-Carla

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings Porchies and MIA's,

    Just wanted to tell you that I will be at the endo'ss tomorrow morning and busy getting ready to go to my dd close to Ft. Worth or wed. It looks like that terrible hurricane will be hitting Mexico and maybe some of the very southern part of Tx.

    So, it LOOKS like it won't hit us but I hope it would hit someplace where there are few people and not to much damage. I fear that Jamaica will be in bad shape. Many of their dwellings are not the sturdiest. I will try and check back with you all before I leave on the back of the dog on wednesday to see my dd.and family I will be back on sunday late noon, hopefully.

    Hi there Linda - glad to see you again. Sorry your hip and all is giving you fits. Hope you feel better soon. Hope your daughter likes her new job !!

    Jodie - Glad your hand is doing well ! Rest up for schools a staratin soon. I know you and everyone else are so excited to be (-: tehe or should I say LOL ?

    Ckball - Tell Annie C (when you talk to her) that hope her move goes well.

    Big hi also to Rock, Marta, Sweetie, Joan and anyone else I missed. I hurt and better get off this puter now.

    Big hugs,

  12. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hey Linda sorry I got you out of the bushes, you looked so comfy snuggled up to Marta and Sweetie.

    Sorry your hip is still giving you fits. I don't know about Humaria sp?. I hope it works for you with out making you feel worse, how does a nurse work in a hospital and not have a fully functioning immune system?

    My mom seems to be getting a little better so hopefully the abx is working. I'm taking Twy to the vet tomorrow, her pads are not good. Missy is fine and she went further than Twy, so we will see. May have to get her doggie shoes.

    We did go for a ride today and she liked it, she actually climbed up and got on the seat, Missy wanted to walk, then we rode up and down the hills in this valley, just back and forth. felt like a kid with a new toy. Now need to get my Twy fixed.

    Granni hope you have a safe and dry trip to see your DD.

    Hello to all you bush dwellers and other lurkers :)Hope everyone doing their best. Carla
  13. kylob

    kylob New Member

    Just a hello to you all, I have walked down the path to the porch, but always stopped at the fork in the road...In the past I always took the road less traveled...but, it wasn't what it was cracked up to be....I wanted to crack up and share a few here I am....I brought my own chair and left fresh scones and tea for y'all...I am looking forward to meeting all of is late and I am heading to bed....sweet dreams!!!!
  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    and to linda,,rock,ckball,granni and everyone else i may have forgotten.

    i had to take myself to e.r. tonight...they sent me home. thr wound is a bit on the infected side...dr. not my surgeon thought it was ok...basically call during the day and set up appt w/surgeon. if it gets worse. put some steristrips on it and a band aid.

    yesterday went to car show...had some lunch...met back up w/a man i met like june 8...he lost my number on a pack of matches. so anyways...turns out an acquaitance friend of mine had been talking to me about his friend, jim, and me to jim about how he thought he should meet me and go out sometime...

    jim entered is ferrari in the car show....he is loaded w/money, not bad on the eyes...around my age. he works in san francisco...

    well today he called to make sure i made it home alright last night...i haven't heard him curse yet...he bought everyone's dinner and drinks...he had some nice conversation. but to be truthful everyone..i am steal dealing w/ptsd...i can not drink hardly any alcohol..i am lucky i was w/people that were looking out for me...but i can not drink more than a couple beers...i only had that one meal yesterday....

    i don't wake up needing a darn drink, or shake....never blacked out until that darn fool put something in my drink in february....

    i know that i have had the dr.'s wanting me to stop drinking for awhile until i get more on track i am safe .

    now i am afraid to tell the dr. or the rape crisis counselor that i called my husband telling him on how depressed i was. and i didn't have anything to live for...

    this is so untypical of is the ptsd...i am so angry at that is like he has taken my own life and brain...from me.

    sorry i am not on the chipper side. i think i am fine one time to drink...and i am. then the next time i am not. i am blacking out scares me... i never have done that before.

    i feel like a fool....
    well school starts in 9 hours i needs to shower and get my books together. i am not really prepared for everything but i will hopefully be forcused.

    joe have fun up north....rock you enjoy gordon, grani you stay busy as normal, ckball i hope you have lots of luck w/your surgery..

    hugs to you all

  15. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hello Kylob, welcome to the porch, appreciate you bringing your own chair but we have plenty and nice soft blankies.

    Thanks for the scones and tea. Tell us a little about youself by filling out your profile, it is very easy to do. If you have any questions just ask, lots of helpful people here.

    I took Twy to the vet and he said she would be fine, won't be able to run for a month or more then break her in easy. It seems she had hard pads which crack easier, so there is a pad conditioner I can put on her to stop them from getting too hard.

    I am off to making daffydils for a custom order, a pair actually. Thank goodness it has cooled off some.

    Jodie- I am sorry you are still having a hard time but keep repeating this sentence over and over "The Will of God never takes you to where the Grace of God will not protect you- He who angers you controls you" This guy is still controlling you months later, you have to let it and the anger go so you can move forward, you can't change what happened only how you react to it. Hugs-Carla

    Now where is everyone else???? I hope your not in Texas or the midwest in a row boat. Carla
  16. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    Hope everyone is pain-free today.

    I have tried to read everybody's posts 3 times today and I can't get anything to sink in, either a blonde moment..,.well It can't be blonde, so I guess it's a gray moment.

    CKBall, did you have any wind damage last week? I know Boyd co. had a lot of trees down and some barns down. We just got a lot of rain, not much wind, but we had storms all night last night.

    Hope everybody that is in the path of Dean will be safe, any also from Erin, she has really spread havoc.

    Not gonna sit on the porch today, gotta have a tooth pulled tomorrow and I've got to get some work done today, I'm sure the fibro will rear it's ugly head big time.

    Love to all...lacey
  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    have you told me this before and i am just now getting what you quoted on your most recent post? it makes sense to to work on letting go of the anger toward that night...that is the difficult part for me. felt like he stole part of my personal i say things that i wouldn't normally about myself...i need to love me more and move on to better things in my life. and let go of the past.

    thank you for that quote ck...hugs...

    linda-fyi next sememster have your daughter get the titles of the books w/authors for her classes...then go to

    some of the students have been purchasing them online atleast 1/2 the cost or more. the shipping is cheap.

    my son is talking to me right now about his summer report...he thinks i can multi-task....

    grann, linda, ck, joe, rock and more...lacymea...

    hi to you all...

    my hand is fair i have to go my surgeon tomarrow. it is not healing closed...for some reason...just like my darn elbow last time...

    now for cody, rock i know you had inquired, he is doing fine in football, starting noseguard for novato high school...he said he played some offensive guard today....he liked it...he and evan used to do that together as freshmen, so weird they are both seniors now.

    i started my classes today...teachers seem all really good. personable and approachable. i may need to do the most work in math as for my studying part...but he gives extra credit if you use a tutor...wants us to come to his office etc. wants us to be involved w/him schoolastically.

    speech class is interesting so far. i hope i get an a,

    english teacher reminds me of lewis black and al pacino at the same time...he said he does not want any bull shi800080..

    we got to do some free writing class. we can write about anything..grammar spelling etc. does not count against our grade in that part of the clas...if we write something personal we can cover it up and say do not read.

    he is 60 years old been teaching 20 years i believe. he has read over 70,000 essay papers. interesting man...

    well i need to go out to dinner and get cody off the phone he wants a steak dinner i am sure...

    he has double days of football...this starts thursday. we are both still getting organized for school...

    i w/catch up w/you all later

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi dear Porchies,

    Just wanted to my last post till I get back from DD on sunday. Then afater that I have to get ready for the "Week From Hell". Pardon my French please but it is going to be terribly busy, starting off monday with going to see my Rheumy, not to close of a drive at least for me. Then in the afternoons during the week one of my groups has performances plus the usual stuff thrown in. I couldn't eve mannage to get a decent hair appt. I had to make it for the endo of the week at 8 AM. Does that sound like I am desperate or what ? My hair is bugging me now but no time really.

    Welcome Kylob to this great porch !!!I see you are a nurse. I used to be years ago before I started having all my kids (5). Thanks also for the scones and tea. It won't take long to see what we all love it here.

    Jodie - Sorry to hear that your hand is not healing correctly. Glad you are getting it checked out again. I forget which hand is the one that you had yoour surgery on. I hope that it isn't your right hand with all the writing it sounds like you will be doing. Glad you got a good start on school so far. Surely sounds like you will be very busy.

    Linda - glad you feel a little better and had a restful time with your MOmand Dad to dinner and all. Wish my mom and dad were still alive to do that with them. So enjoy them while you can. I know you are !!!

    Ckball - that was funny and cuate to hear aboaut the dogs in the golfcard. Eesp the one that wanted to drive LOL !!

    Laceymae - Hope your dental surgery goes well for you and you did feel to badly afterwards.

    A big hi also to MRdad,Rock, Sweetie, Joan, Marta and everyone else I missed or are hiding in those bushes again.

    Bye for now. See you all sometimes next week, most likely. Leave very early on the back of the dog (-: tomorrow!!

    Big hugs to ALL,

  19. kylob

    kylob New Member

    It is freezing in WNY...I am back in jeans and a jacket...the summers end quickly here, but I won't complain because we aren't being threatened by a hurricaine...took my daughter for her senior pictures today..she is dealing with a bad complexion and wanted to go have her make up done for the we head out early and are on the thruway, which is backing up and the low fuel alarm goes off, (I don't do gas, my dh is retired and that is his job), anyways..we are sitting in a long line of traffic and I tell my daughter not to worry, we can call her Dad if we run out of gas....excepttttttt, yes, you got it...neither of us had our cells with...well we make it, while her makeup is being done, I go get gas($2.95 gallon!!!!who knew!)..I pick her up and try not to stare at her..she thinks her make up looks weird..her eyeliner has wings and she has a slightly dysmorphic look...when we get home, her older sister smoothes out the rough edges and she is happy!!!!! She brought a short white skirt and dressy tank for her casual pictures and the photog wanted her to sit on a stool...I nixted that because it would have rivaled any shot of Britany Spears in the tabloids....we got lunch and are ready for volleyball practice....2/3 rds of the day over and I'm exhausted and ODing on motrin......

    Laceymae - I have blray moments as well..sometimes several times a 's part of the senior charm..

    Rockor - Haven't tried vietnamese, but love thai and indian..thanks for the L. Block , Matthew Scudder info, I love Robert Parker and have been looking for more authors to try...I am just starting Block, All the Flowers are Dying.

    MRDad - How nice of you to go to the MD's with your old are a fine gentleman and a good friend...hope she makes out OK.

    Granni - Glad you are being spared the bad weather... enjoy your visit with your daughter..

    ckball - Sorry to hear about the dog...our bischon cut her pad earlier this year and had to go on antibiotics and wear the "cone" to prevent her from licking and irritating it hate to see them in pain...glad you have the carefully and good luck with the surgery...when is it?

    69mach1 - glad your hand is healing..Cody must be happy to be playing football...I love watching my girls play sports...I live vicariously through them!!..It probably is better, with the ptsd, to steer clear of need to concentrate on you and Cody..esp. you because you have Cody to take care of...take it a day at a time.....

    lin - yes, you do know me...I finally made the move to the porch and am glad I did...I was getting shin irritations from hiding in the bushes for so long...should we plan the end of summer party?????
  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    glad yu got gas! it isn't that difficult to pump it. and if yu have a handicap tag you get it pumped for free.

    i only did a formal senior portrait for cody this year.

    i don't have to worry about the brittany spears photos w/him....but i'm sure he wouldn't mind doing one in his boxer briefs. or atleast his novato high school football shorts.

    we will get sports photos done soon. hopefully we can get cody to show me how to post a photo of him and i on this site i don't know how to do all that fancy stuff w/my digital camera that i never use.

    hi granni-sorry about your week from hell this week..i know that one good myself.

    i was madder than heck today...the darn hmo people said i had 12 noon appt w/my surgeon...

    i show up in ortho dept. the said that's weird he isn't even here today. so the girl looked it up found out that they scheduled one w/my primary dr.

    said i had a boil...or a cyst...duh carpal tunnel incision isn't closing.

    then i told the dr/ how my new"old" diurectic isn't working for me..he said he wouldn't put me on my old one that works...cause i don't have high bp...i said for h20 retention, i have hormonal problems, dr's wanted me one it for pms, carpal tunnel..the extra edema makes my hands go more numb at night.

    i cold've screamed and stomped my feet. i said fine i w/go get some over the counter diet pills that causes heart problems..i think he knew i wasn't too happy....

    last appt he didn't make me to happy when he made the comment that fms is psychological...i didn't know if he meant i make it up in my head or not...

    he was concerned about my depression as he should be. i am too. well i am sorry this is a pity party for jodie today...

    it is nice and sunny outside right now...wished i could go swimming but i can't...well maybe in a few weeks i can.

    cody has a bbq for the football team this saturday at 10 am...varsity scrimmage the junior varsity, then they all go eat burgers and hot dogs and other fruits etc.

    and the parents have a meeting w/coaches...the basic stuff don't coach the kids...


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