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  1. ckball

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    Hello all, Sorry I have been gone but have so many things to do before getting my surgery and have had some drama from my ex best freind of 30 years.

    I will go into that later but for now the porch is cleaned and the ceiling fans are spinning away creating a nice breeze.

    Ice tea and lemonade and cookies are out for your enjoyment. I will be back later- Carla
  2. 69mach1

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    sorry you are having drama over a friend of 30 years. i have a friend i think it w/be an ex soon...

    i just don't get her. she doesn't want me to date one of her ex-bf's friend. cause she used to hang out w/them over 10 years or more.

    she didn't think it was right i went out to lunch on saturday w/the guy that wanted to date me. i met him back in the very beginning of june. he had my number lost it supposedly on the matches i wrote my number on.

    well an acquatence of mine that i was introduced to by my exbf erik...has been saying how he should set this friend and i up for months. but both the friend(jim), and i never put the two connections together until this past saturday at the car show.

    i went there by myself ran into my friend's exbf, (he does not know i know his exgf), i kept that to myself.

    but i feel like she is trying to control who i may date or be possible friends with...

    this man, jim, has a ferrari and loaded w/money has his own around my age. i thought maybe if he calls for a date i would go out w/him....

    told my friend about my weekend, then she emails me saying she feels it is not right for me to hangout w/her exbf...he has a live in gf and a 10 year old daughter w/this woman...


    she told me jim used to beat his women and used to party. i don't know if this is true or not. is she trying to keep me away from her exhbf and make it up or is it true. she said he is a player. aren't most men i think.


    it is sunny outside today. i should not let this bring me down. i just told her i didn't think it was a big deal that jim, possible date, paid for me and all the others food and drinks that day. he even called to make sure i got home safely the next sunday and said i looked really cute.

    do i go out to a dinner date or not w/this man? my friend has accused me of liking all her flings or possible men to be. it is annoying now to me. when i am not one to hit on men at all.....

  3. ckball

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    Life is too short to let ANYONE tell you how to live your life. I am sorry to hear about this, but a real freind would not try to control you, so do want you want and she will either get over it or go on.

    My freind is a "healthy" one, and her beliefs about health issues and she has changed so much since she got a full time job as a postal carrier and has more money than she knows what to do with.

    This has been brewing for awhile, she has done some things that don't fit into my idea of true freindship. She has been lying to me and hiding things from me, you don't take a 30 year friendship where you share everything to lying and deceiving without it affecting you. People are here for a reason or season, a good freind told me this :)

    So our season is over and I feel good about it, I had been batteling the idea of walking away myself, but she made the decision for me.

    I am doing well and just working on getting things done before my foot surgery on 9/21. Then I can relax and watch movies, read the 5 months of Artist magazines that I have not had time to read. Ride in the golf cart with the girls.

    That is so much fun, the girls love it too. Twy has to take it easy for a while because of her pads, now Missy has a place on one of hers because she tried to stop and go after a dog that was chasing us. She will walk awhile most going up hill because it is easier to maintain the right speed, then I stop at the top of a hill and say Missy ride and she gets in and down the hill we go.

    Kylob- glad to see you made it back. Are you sure you don't have a lost twin somewhere, because you and Linda have a lot in common.

    I laughed at your gas cap issue. Before they started attaching them to the car, I had lost one or two in my time,hehe.

    Sorry about your daughter having acid issues so young, I had not heard of that procedure. I have had several scopes, I had rectal cancer 12 years ago, so they check both ends at the same time, I sure hope they don't use the same scope,lol.eeehewwwwww. Sorry couldn't help myself.

    Well back to work, getting some inside things done then finish staining my deck this evening. It is near a 100 today.

    OK all you bush dwellers now come on down and sit in the shade with cool drink and just enjoy the breeze. See ya-Carla
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    I've got the pool clean,so bring your towels and we can swim awhile.

    Had my tooth pulled, He was afraid that the roots were so close to the sinus cavity that he may do damage, hope it will all heal. Not sure if he did some damage or if I have a sinus infection now. Oh well...

    Hope the weather is cooler everywhere else, we are melting here...100+temps.

    stop by and smell the roses this week, I'll have the hummingbird feeders filled...

    Carla, glad the girls are ok...wish I had a golf cart, that sounds so cool...I have one really close friend that I can depend on, but I have found over the years, that you can really be fooled by people.

    have a good weekend all...lacey
  5. lilaclover30

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    You youngsters seem to enjoy your swimming but I WILL enjoy your cookies and lemonade.

    I'm trying to find shoes for my size 11 feet to wear to my grandson'sd wedding on the 8th. And remember, at my age, they must not have much of a heel. I found the perfect ones yesterday while shopping in the hideous heat but----11 seemed to be a trifle big and so i brought home 10's. Yes, they are too small!!!!!!! The shop is 50 mi. from here and it wilil be next week before I get back.

    i really withstood the shopping and heat pretty well but, of course, I suffererd today. Do you all do that???

    it looks as if it could rain!!! we haven't had the horrible floods that are in the Midwest, thank the good Lord.

    I'll be back ------ right now my knees hurt so much that I need a break. All of you little ones take care and I will talk to you soon.

    Gentle Hugs


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  6. 69mach1

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    and what a drive to rturn them....hope you enjoy the wedding irregardless.

    laceymae sorry about the heat. i went to my pool today for a few hours.

    then i got in w/a surgeon to look at my wound from surgery still a hole in the wrist...i'm sure it w/be wound care clinic for me again.

    need to talk to cody about school supplies.
    by for now

  7. ckball

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    Really glad to see you all help with the cookies and lemonade, I can't stand to see a good cookie go to waste or it goes to my waist,hehe..

    Linda- thank you for sharing your freind with us, I am sure she will fit right in here. I thought I was reading your bio as I read hers,lol. Too funny. Freinds are great when they respect you and really "get it".

    I am down to one, I had 4 when I came back to KY. One turned into a clepto sp? she shop lifts and I wasn't going there, so I slowly pulled away, then she got caught at Wally's and did a year in jail, so that took care of that.

    She was my bridesmaid at my first wedding eons ago, then when I went to VA for 17 years, things didn't go well for her. The other freind died in May, now this one.

    But I have been blessed with many great freinds here. Freinds you can share and they understand without judgement.

    Hi Lacey and Joan, the heat has been horrible here too. Joan that it is a long way to travel for shoes, did they fit at the store then not when you got home? My feet can swell a whole shoe size in the heat and standing or walking to much.

    I hope you enjoy your grandsons wedding. I hope things are bette for you now, I know it has been hard lately.

    Lacy have you replaced all you missing or broken things that the thugs took from you? Sorry about losing a tooth, hope it heals soon.

    I am at the shop today and must go, people are actually getting out in this heat to shop. I hope everyone is staying cool, come take a dip in the pool, I snuck in early, the water is perfect.

    Hey Dianne, sorry your a little down, good luck with the interview and hope the BF finds one as well. What else can you do about your money from that guy? I think since you have an signed agreement, court seems the next step. There are too many idiots allowed to roam this world sometimes. Good luck!

    Linda I know you are glad it is Fri, hope you can get some rest over the weekend. Take care- Carla
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  8. jens2angels

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    Jodie, sounds like your friend just wants you to be miserable and wants to have a say in who you can and can't date.

    Guess what, it's about YOU, NOT her! If she doesn't like it, well, she can take a long walk off a short pier.
    If you and that guy click, then who cares what anyone else thinks.

    We had some bad storms come through here last night. I have a huge tree branch down in my back yard that I need to get a chainsaw to cut up. Well the husband does, not me.

    I think I have decided to put in my notice and quit the VA at the end of Sept. I hate that place more than anywhere I have ever been. If they would transfer me to another ward, I might consider staying but with the nurse manager that is on that floor being the way she is, I just hate her. I get along with everyone too, but I hate that woman.

    Long story short, last week I worked from 5a-5p at the ambulance company, went back to work at 12a at the VA, then got mandated to work until 2:30 that afternoon. They do not care about thier employee's health, I had to cancel 2 doctor's appointments because of it and she didn't care I had doctor's appointments either

    I signed the form before I left stating that I wanting 12 hours in between my shifts and that I will be in at 230 that morning. I handed it DIRECTLY to her and put it right in HER hands, she looked at it and said ok and thanked me for staying.

    I show up the next night like I was supposed to and she never told anyone that I was coming in at 230. So they thought I was AWOL. Well my charge nurse found the form and she knew I wouldn't do that so I wasn't really in trouble. Then in the morning they called my boss to see if i needed to stay 2 hours extra for coming in late. She got on the phone with me and laid into me. Telling me that I didn't tell her that I wanted to coming late and take comp time and I have to verbalize it to her, I can't just hand her a paper and expect her to know that's what i wanted. WTF? Why SHOULDN"T i be able to hand her a paper and think she is compentant to read it enough to see what it says.

    I told her, I 'm sorry, but I handed it to you and saw you read it so I assumed you knew. She just keeps laying into me about it, all I could say was sorry, but if I see you read it, I assume you know what I was asking. She even lied and said she asked me if it was just for overtime and i was coming in normal, and she never said that. I told her that I never heard her say that and she said, "well you're not real bright". I dropped the phone. I was just speechless. I am not a disrespectful person and didnt' back talk her, as much as I would have loved too. I finally got her off the phone, she was just not dropping it, and i was in tears. I am a very hard person to make cry, but I was just so upset and frustrated with this woman that I was just beside myself with anger.

    Her boss happened to be there that morning and a worker told her about it and how upset I was and I told her boss all about it. She was not happy I was treated that way either and she said she would take care of it. This is not the first time she has burned me and she will screw things up and then make it out to be your fault and not her's. I told her supervisor that she called me stupid and I told her I was FAR from stupid.

    I have had numerous people tell me to write it up and go to the union. I really didn't want to do that, but I was supposed to go in last night and all it did was send me into a panic attack just thinking about having to see that woman in the morning. I have never had any issues with a supervisor like that. After my panic attack last night I have decided that it would be best if I did write up and put in my notice for the end of the month or tell them to transfer me off that floor.

    The money is not worth the emotional beat down that it gives me and I can't work for someone that will not own up to her own mistakes and talk that way to me. I talked to my husband about it and he said he would not blame me one bit for quitting, he knows how unhappy I am there and he knows that I never cry and I really must hate it if I did.

    I should be taking the dispatch class the 12th of Sept and actually I am going to work a football game tonight at a high school here in town (Jodie's alma mater actually) with the dispatch supervisor where I work and see what he says about me getting the job. I would love it. At least there I know if a boss there goofed on something like that they would apologize a thousand times and take responsibility, not call me stupid.

    Well my arms hurt from lifting a HUGE lady up into the truck yesterday, there were 3 of us, but this lady was like 500 pounds, so the typing is starting to hurt.

    Take care, everyone, I'll peek in soon.:)
  9. kylob

    kylob New Member

    Hi gang.....went to see the Nanny diarys with bf and our youngest was predictable, but enjoyable...the seats were quite uncomfortable for anyone with a hump back and nerve pain...not even a $5 diet coke and bag of red licorice made a was fun however and then we watched old vacation videos at was cute to see the kids so young and of course us so wonders where the time goes....anyways read a book till 2am, slept in till 10:30 and then did a little house cleaning....

    CK - sorry about your friend...I always felt that true friends walk in when everyone else is walking out...hang in there and right now stay focused on you...

    Jodie - a friend should not control your need to look at the situation with her ex and decide if it is a relationship you want to whats best for the way we are going school supply shopping this weekend...I can't believe the summer has gone by so quickly!!!

    jens2angels - nice to meet Jodie kid sister...I was out in our pool for a bit today...tomorrow looks like we are going to have a hot one...lets have a porch cookout and swim in the pond( is there a pond near the porch?)

    laceymae - we like to can at our house as well..we just did hot pickles and will be doing our chili sauce soon...we like things the hotter the better...

    lilaclover30 - hope you enjoy the grandsons wedding...what a perfect time to celebrate family...when my grandmother was alive and not able to go shopping as easily, I would buy shoes, bring them home, have her try them on and see what she liked, then return the ones she didn't like ...the sales people thought I was crazy...when my older daughter was 10, she wore a size time shopping I found her all upset and crying in the shoe department...she said her feet were her curse!!I felt bad for her...even now there is not much of a selection in that size vs my 7 1/2...

    lincamp - your bf appreciated your comments...30 year friendship and still going strong..the frienship that is...not necessarily the bodies...considering it took us both 5 minutes to just stand up, in order to leave the movie theater...oh well, I see hovarounds in our future!!!

    well gang, I finished my lemonaide and must leave the wonderful world that is the porch...we do need to have an end to summer party...I thought I could look into renting some hovarounds for all of us and we could do a conga line ..I will request they all be equipted with handle baskets to hold our drinks...
  10. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I thought that you must be from my area when i saw that you had storms. we didn't but I live southeast of chicago and their's were awful!!!

    Thank you guys, for your concern over my shoe dilema! no, they didn't fit well when I left the store but----- the 11` was to big and I stupidly thought they just might be OK! Silly lady~~~~~~~~~~~. i will get the 11 and ask them to put those things in the heels to make them fit better.

    yes, I bring clothes home - I will not try them on in the store unle4ss my daughter is with me. I pick out thyings, bring them home and try them on, then usually take them back! Hubby always knows that those sacks in the corner go back to stores./

    Time to eat.

    No cookies or lemonade.

  11. ckball

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    I have proven my own limits today :-( I have just pushed a little too hard. Would you consider staining the ceiling rafters on my back porch at 1 am a little extreme?

    I don't know what gets into me, but I can't stop, no matter how bad it hurts. Then of course I pay but at least I got I got most of it done.

    Glad to see the girls went out last night, $5 for a diet coke, whoa. I sneak my bottled water or D 7up sometimes, shhhh don't let everyone know.

    Joan, yes a little to big is better than too small, you can put tissue in the toes too. That is the one down side to my foot surgery. I will never be able to wear a heel higher than 1 inch. It is alright because I did that for many years and now prefer my flops and tennies.

    Well, ladies my brain has left me, so I guess I will go find it, now where is that hoveround, do they come in a 3 wheeler version.

    BTW still love the golf cart and am sharing it here to go back and forth to the pool, pond or lodge. I think a long soak in the hot tub sounds good.

    Everyone take care- Later Carla
  12. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hey Linda thanks for the smuffins, I like booberry. I am still among the living,lol. Went to bed at 11 and got up at 9, so I am feeling better. The legs and glutes aren't really happy with me but hopefully the pain meds will kick in and do their thing.

    I am going to try to finish the baseboards in the living room and maybe the kitchen. I will have to sand and stain more boards to do the art room and hope I have enough for the bedroom. But that is another day far far away.

    Yes, it is cooler here, cloudy but at least the temps are not so extreme. How long does it take to get to OH from where you are? And WHY would they do this?? Oh well we were kids once too ;-)

    Hope everyone is having a enjoyable weekend-Carla
  13. kylob

    kylob New Member

    Hi is a nice day here....I am planning a very relaxing day...sit in the sun, float in the pool and read, read, read!!!!!Daughter #1 has a sinus infection and is on antibiotics and finally feeling a little better...daughter #2 is going shopping with friends and then they are hanging at the pool...husband is retired and every day is a vacation for him...if I play my cards right, I may get a foot rub...went to the gym and did the precor for 30min...I was feeling weak and decided to take it easy...when I feel strong I take advantage of it...a friend and her son, he leaves for college at Yale tomorrow, stopped by to say goodbye...she needed containers that would hold quarters so that she could send him with enough quarters to allow him to do his laundry...I had the perfect ones from work so they stopped to get them as well...he is a brilliant kid, but short on common he may put the clothes in the washer...but...will he turn on the machine!!!!!

    Lincamp - thanks for the were sure up early...I rolled out of bed(literally) at the school supplys and school shoes, so we done good...enjoy your day need some relaxing time every now and then...

    CK - I can imagine you are sore today...I know how it is feel ok and you start something and have to finish even if you pay the price the next day...what surgery are you having done, a bunionectomy? I will keep you in my prayers..

    to everyone else...enjoy the day and I will catch you all later...Kylob

    Lincamp - thanks for the were sure up early...I rolled out(literally)at 9:30
  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    negative energy....the friend topic...

    first off the wrist is infact infected so i am on kefelx.

    jen you do what you got to do...but i certainly would write it all down...and go after that supervisor.

    friday night i went out to dinner w/a female friend and had a wine. we had a good time.

    saturday i went out w/a friend and her 9 year old daughter to a ceramic shop and we painted plates and cups for her b-day. the 9 year old i mean.

    then we went out for dinner and a glass of wine...very good. then i went back there after dinner to go meet up w/the guy that i smy age...but i think he wanted me to just go to his jazzcuzi...he is really handsome ane wealthy but i told him i could get in because of my surgical site.

    i had a decent nite...the guy left w/his friend and some other women...he was feeling no pain.

    well i w/talk to you later i need to write a 300-500 page essay on energy drinks. and then do my math homework..i am tired today.

    cody had a scrimmage yesterday morning at 10 am...basically a practice w/out hard hitting. then afterwords bbq for players and parents...then the coaches talk.

    everyone have a good day.

  15. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Well I really can't add anything that Linda didn't cover so I am going to be lazy tonight and just ditto everything Linda said. :)

    It sounds like you had a good weekend, I think it is great you and hubby get out and spend time doing special things together.

    Glad your D2 had a safe trip to OH, it twas me that inquired, only 3.5 hours, didn't realize it was that close.

    I have been on the go most of the day and going after getting home. Went for out cart ride, they love it but there is a new pack of dogs on my favorite road. I can outrun then going down hill but not a chance going back up. So this will be a new challenge.

    My mom just called me and thinks she somewhere else so I talked to her and calmed her down, then called the nurse and she told me the chest xray said she has pneumonia in her right lung, the blood work hasn't came back yet.

    Thanks for your reply on my question, I hope it was the vial.

    Where is everyone?? The weather has been crazy and I hope all are safe and sound and have power. It is getting close to beddy time for me. So nite-nite don't let the bed bugs bite-Carla
  16. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    Lincamp- I haven't quite made the official decision yet. I saw the rotten boss this morning and boy was she being nice to me. Fake witch. Anyway, I emailed a friend of mine's mom that is the nurse manager for the medical building here at the VA (I'm in the nursing home now) because she told my friend not to let me quit before I talk to her. She said she will pull some strings and try her best to get me over there. I would be a much better fit over there anyway with my EMT license and acute care experience that I have anyway. So say a prayer that I can get over there.

    My father in law has been at the ICU in a small hospital for bilateral pneumonia and chest pain and was airlifted to the heart center in Grand Rapids today. My husband came in waking me up and telling me we had to get in the car and rush right up there. I was like woah woah, hold on a minute, is the man in cardiac arrest? He said no. I told him, then we don't have to rush there. I had talked to my FIL earlier to see what was going on, Jason doesn't understand the stuff like I do, and it sounded to me like he was going to need an angiogram and I told my FIL that because he had been having chest pain that went away with Nitro.

    Come to find out that's what they were flying him there for because he needed to go to the cath lab ASAP. They found a couple blood clots I guess and got them out. He is doing fine. I didn't want to sound mean but I told my husband that it isn't anything terribly urgent and there isn't really anything we can do for him right now and we'd go tomorrow on my day off. I got him calmed down enough to understand.,

    But gotta go get report now at work,
  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey Kids!

    Thanks to all especially CK and the Linda for keeping
    the Porch swept and clean in my absence! As Linda mention-
    ed, I've been up North as the "Old Squeeze" had some major
    abdominal surgery and I need to return for an indefinite
    period hopefully tomorrow or Thurs. Just takin' care of
    needed business for a Day and need to leave again b-4 they
    close the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge for the 3 Day weekend. No
    one knows what the residual effect of that act is going to
    be and I don't want to get caught having to stay in Town
    as a possible consequence! Ya know what I'm sayin'?

    My "Puter" access may be limited but I shall contact ALL
    ASAP !! Each and every one of you I consider my real
    friends and enjoy being Here wiff's you and miss it when
    I can't!!

    I shall try to visit you tomorrow if circumstances permit!

    My Very Best to YOU ALL!
    MRDAD aka Joe aka JOEJOE
  18. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I just lost my post to you :-( I am glad you are taking care of the OS, she is lucky to have you.

    My mom has been having confusion episodes, so I had them test her ferritin. It was 550, so now she gets to meet my Hemo Dr. She was tested a few years ago when I was dxs and her levels were normal. So something kicked in.

    Did you have the gene test when you were dxs?

    Tell the OS we are all praying for her and hope she recovers quickly.

    Linda- you amaze me how you manage to work FT and still have fun on the weekends. Sorry about the shots, I didn't realize that the meds were injected. I hope it works for you. Can you wear a mask while at work :)

    It is begining to look like the Linda and Carla blogs,hehe.

    Hey Joan - did you get the new shoes worked oout.

    Jen hope your health and work are getting better,

    Jodie guess you are busy wiff school.

    I'm going to turn in early, might try to see mom's Dr at the nursing home in the morning. Nite-nite-Carla
  19. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    my brain isn't functioning well joe i hope you get out of san francisco before the bridge is closed.

    i have a hair appt at 2:15 pm in corte madera...then cody has a footb all scrimmage in petaluma at 7 or 7:30 i can't remember which time.

    i just made the worse chicken alfredo right now.....yuck! it was frozen in a bag stuff...not worth the time or money.

    i still need to do my homework...i am having a flair up feeling like i have goose bumps and chills but it is nearly or was around 100 degrees today....

    well you all take care now i w/be back


  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i finished my english homework it was difficult for me to get my brain thinking...

    math i w/be working on this week....thank goodness it doesn't have to be turned in until i take my first test exam....i have to get in the swing of being on time and doing the math...some teachers aren't as leniant(sp)?

    ck hope your mom gets well and joe your a trooper for helping out your os.

    rock how you doing? and granni too.

    linda you are being lazy you said? i hope you enjoy your down time...

    i am going to bed here really soon. feel like crappola. i didn't take my meds last night so i get thrown in a flair quickly.

    gonna run and jen hope grand rapids isn't too stressful for you all.