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    Hey everyone just a quick one here. The porch is all swept clean, some refreshments are out so just sit back and enjoy.

    As I said in my last post, I am just really busy this week, things should calm down some next week. Then just getting my house cleaned, food and meds stocked then I can sit back or awhile.

    I hope everyone had a good labor day- I haven't read all the posts yet, just saw the old volume hit 30 and wanted to get this one open. Be back later-Carla
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    I picked the wrong icon on my first post and can't change the little bugger. I can't close the previous porch either.

    This post I see the edit/delete but on my first post for 131 it is not there. Puter gremlins I guess.

    I hope everyone has recovered from their Labor day activities. If you read the last vol mine was just busy, then I ran over the doggie. I felt so bad, he is such a beautiful dog.

    Today only 2 of the 5 dogs came out. The biggest one and the smallest one. He said he was taking them to the shelter, he could not care for 5 dogs. He wasn't home so I didn't stop. I just pray the little feller will be all right.

    I do have to say I have seen a big improvement with my girls. They no longer freak and bark when we see other people or other dogs. Today I went on a new road and it is heaven on earth. It has the most gorgeous views and only ONE dog on the one mile stretch of road and it left us alone.

    This is one road where I can park the cart and walk it myself without Butter leading us. I ordered a new digital camera from Walmart this weekend and will post pics of the view from there.

    Saw the pain Dr today, he released me saying I wasn't a candate for injections which is fine with me. When I have my foot surgery I am having several muscle biopsies from my back, that one dern muscle that causes most of my pain. Then an area on my left forarm for some knots or ripples under the skin. My surgeon and neuro Dr will discuss what muscle disorder to test for.

    The knots on the arm show up bright white on the bone scan but they are not in the bone. They are in the muscle. forgive me if I am repeating myself. I have been hard to keep up with this week,lol.

    Jen I saw you are taking Lycria. Has it helped any? The pain Dr mentioned it today that is new and has had some success with treating Fibro. Then I see where you posted that you were taking it. I hope your work issues have settled down. We don't need more stress on top of every thing else.

    Jodie-Jodie-Jodie :) Since granni isn't here I will give you the "granni" talk even tho I am only 10 years older,lol.

    Maybe you should consider cutting back on the social scene for a while and focus on school. It seems like you and Eric run in the same circles but all he does is make you miserable. Don't give him that power-step back for awhile and concentrate on you and Cody's last year of HS, ok I will step off my soap box now :)

    Lacey sorry about the dental and sinus issues, never any fun. I hope you feel better soon. Tell me is your town in the hills? I had no idea how remote my area is, even tho it is 5 miles from the nearest town, but today all I saw was a few house and a lot of woods.

    Joan got your bows for your toes ready for that wedding and recovered from being "trashed"..sorry couldn't resist.

    Linda I hope your feeling better, I thought of you today as I saw a medlife chopper take off. We don't have a helipad at the hospital, it is several blocks away in a old dept store parking lot on one of the main roads.

    Lacey do you remember the Blue Grass and Hecks? That is wear it is at now.

    Kylob- Glad you got some "me" time on your porch. I can't wait for that time,lol. All I have done the last 6 years is take care of everything else but me, but it's my turn.

    I am still trying to teach the girls to work the microwave but still need more training,hehe. We have been working on "bring it" so hopefully they can help me when I am in a boot.

    Why do the schools schedule 6 days of practice and games. My GD softball is the same way. I guess it keeps them out of trouble from being bored but there should be some middle ground.

    Mrdad- where are you?? I hope SMG is with you to help you and your OS threw this difficult time or her. Prayers and hugs to you, you are missed so pop in if you can.

    Rock- tell me something silly to make me smile really big, did the people that sued over the golf cart wheel win their case?? Egg salad?? We love your stories so please tell us some.

    Marta- Marta come out wherever you are, hide and seek is over now. Please come back and play wiff us, we miss you.

    Sweetie, Annie and all others I hope your doing well, you both have been threw so much.

    Linda did Annie say how her brother was doing?

    Ok I am done, I think I will actually sit and watch tv, that is if anything is on,lol. Still trying to keep my sense of humor- Take care everyone-Carla
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    thank you for your imput! it seems my biological mother is not feeling well today, from what my father said. i hope i didn't stress her out by telling her about my run in w/erik.

    i have completed my essay, but now the darn printer isn't working to print out the essay i need for the early am.

    i may just go to staples or target and buy some black ink instead of letting cody use the injectable ink stuff.

    i have been trying to focus on my school work and health stuff along w/cody's football events.

    well i need to go to trader joe's and get some food and water. i am starting to have an appetite again...

    i only wasw trying to be on a friendly basis w/erik but i think it bugs him to think i may be w/other men or something but he needs to get over it. i w/be watching out for myself.

    hugs everyone,
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    When I was a kid school started the day after Labor Day. Now it starts before or maybe after; it runs thru the summer. All very confusing.

    We have been having hot weather here in LA for more than a week. (Yes, I know it's hotter in some other places.) Sposed to cool down Friday.

    I don't mind too much, but Gordon goes sorta crazy. He wants fans on (whether we're home or not) in all rooms. We have a room A/C, but we don't dare use it too much. As you may have seen on the news, thousands in the area have been w/o electricity for days.

    Linda, lots of people have called me silly, but you're the first to call me a straight man. Haha! I wonder if the lady w/ the soup recipes was Aligrace. (see Solar Star)

    Hope you feel better, Lacey. Those sinus infections are unpleasant.

    How is Cody's foot, Jodi? Is it going to need treatment?

    Your shoulder any better, Jens? That job situation sounds wretched. Keep a record of what happens, date, who was there, etc. Never know when you might need it.

    The golf cart case was a false alarm, Carla. A wheel came off and some guy got a bruised shoulder, but it turned out to be a worker's comp case rather than personal injury. I just let the proper person (in propria persona) handle it.

    One of my attorney co-workers was horrified many years ago to come home and find her son and the neighbor boy (both teenagers) driving down the street in a golf cart.

    Mr. neighbor was a famous singer. She went over and yelled at him using such terms as negligence, lawsuit and putnitive damages. She also told him she was sick of listening to his records on his outdoor speakers.

    I believe he changed keys after that little incident.

    Somebody asked about litigation stories. Unlike show biz, the legal biz ain't too funny. I think I posted most of my funny stories a year or two ago.

    But here's just a smidgen of humor that might make you smile.

    One of my colleagues went to court for a settlement conference. The court schedules about 30 cases all for the same time and hopes most of them will settle.

    The case was called Lloyd vs. Something or other. The opposing atty came into the crowded room and asked in a loud voice, "Anybody here on the La-loyd case?"

    My co-worker stood up and said, "Ma-maybe."

    And now it's time for me to leave the building. As George M. Cohan said in one of his songs, Always leave 'em laughing when you go.


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    rock hot up here also...i did a little bit of swimming. for some reason my english teacher canceled his class...i noticed the math teacher did as well. i wonder if some of the teachers were going on strike.

    cody's foot according to cody he said, he probably bruised it in his football cleats. and if not better after 4 days should be looked at. funny thing is it has been there for a couple of weeks it seems.

    cody has his first big game on saturday against an eastbay team ranked high in california and they are a larger school...i hope we can beat them...

    i think i am going to take a mini nap then wake up and have a trader joe salad.

    my gas grill isn't working for some reason and since my hand is disabled i can't do much about it.

    talk to you all later

  6. 1sweetie

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    still so abnormally hot and dry "in my neck of the woods". We are in desperate need of rain. We are losing shrubs and we are afraid to water because our water is from a well. We need days of rain to bring the water table up to normal.

    Where is Marta??? She is usually with me hiding in the bushes on the "blankie" beside the stream. She or Carla NL have not posted on the message board for several days so I am concerned.

    Linda...I thank you for passing on my inquiry about Annie to her. I am envious of your lunch date together. I would love to be able to have lunch out with my friends...especially with one of my Porch friends. Maybe one day I will be well enough to do that. I really miss hearing from her and her family.

    Sorry I can not "speak" to each of you...having lots of cognitive problems along with severe fatigue and pain which is causing depression I'm afraid. I do try to read each post...just have problems remembering and responding to you. Staying positive has become quite a chore but I am still trying. It means so much to me that you guys don't forget me when you post. You people are the BEST!

    Hugs to all and welcome to all the new porch visitors.

  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    nice to hear from you although you are down w/the pain. i hope it subsides soon and lifts your spirits higher.

    well not too much to say really..just need to focus on math for the next few days. i'm hoping my hand can take the writing better. and my brain remmembers all the nice things i need to solve the equations.

    hugs to you all

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    Stopped by the porch after spending a beautiful day in WNY...the temp was in the 80's, but humidity was low and there was a wonderful breeze....did a little house work early,did my gym workout, slow going today,picked up daughter #2 from school and then read a book while floating in the pool..then took D2 to her vball practice...

    I coersed DH to attend the vball parent meeting and he agreed, so I thought I would stop by for a hello...I mixed up some iced tea and vodka and brought some stuffed mushrooms as a little before dinner appetizer ...the chairs are readied for y'all stop by....

    Lin - so thrilled to hear about DH new employment are finally on the right end of the lucky stick!!!!!maybe you can relax a little and not worry so about the future....can't wait to celebrate!!!

    1sweetie - sorry to hear that your pain is with chronic pain makes doing everything so much more exhausting and then of course the fatigue is are going to get through this...Have you been able to read? I am reading a book by William Lashner called Fatal Flaw...I had never read anything by him before and enjoyed his style of story telling and all time favorite is Robert Parker with Jonathan Kellerman a close second... hang in there are in my thoughts and prayers....

    Rockgor - I do find you quite amusing and always glad to hear from you on the porch...I am with Gordon when it comes to needing a fan and the ac on...our summers are short, but with my hormones starting to leave home, I want to be cool...

    Jodie - I am glad to see you are focusing on Cody and school....forget Eric and the bar scene for will be busy enough writing papers and going to the football games...I bet Cody is glad to see the NFL/AFL football season start...we are Buffalo Bills fans and hope we have a better year this year...who do you root for out on the west coast?

    Well I've finished my drink and I had better look for an outfit to wear to a conference I am attending tomorrow...I have to leave by 5:30am so it's early to bed good all of you....I'll catch up later....
  9. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    And that's as close as I can get to personal notes tonight. ;>)

    This summer has been a haul - lots of tests to prove that I really do have CFS about which nothing can be done. Y'all know how it goes. And other stuff....

    I'm still getting to the animal shelter as much as I can but found that I cannot clean and live to tell about it another day - which I dislike because I actually like to clean! Now I (wo)man the phones for post-adoption callbacks or cuddle the kittens a couple of hours a week, as I can. I'm organized and they aren't so there's a bit of stress involved. Still, it's better than sitting at home.

    I do not yet have a kitten for Sophie and debate it anew ev-ery day. She's so bored and will be more so as soon as I close up the screened porch. But a kitten??? It's a bit of a toss up whether it's going to be her happiness or my sanity. Come to think of it, I don't have a lot of sanity left so it may be a shoo-in for Da Soap.

    About a month ago one of the adult cats who had been at the shelter for some time (and who contracted ringworm so after she healed she was still caged for seven long months) found a home! She was a nipper so this was a miracle. For a week she had a ball. She played, ran around and she slept with her new parents - even got along with the other cats.

    Unfortunately she also loved to scratch the furniture so the people decided to have her declawed even though she was five years old. Ohdear ohdear. Zoe tore out her stitches and then lost a lot of blood before they discovered her. She was re-stitched and (finally!) put in a medical collar - and another cage to keep her restrained.
    The man said after she was put into the cage she just seemed to give up.

    It was a sad sad time around the shelter for weeks after that. We all felt guilty - shoulda, woulda, coulda - and the head honcho was angry because she said she'd told them that Zoe was too old to be declawed. After all, it is an amputation.... Life does go on but it took some time to get past it.

    And the last bit of news: we had a tornado here in my town and on the same day, before the tornado, my former house was gutted by fire! Yikes! FEMA came into town with trucks full of equiptment and buses full or workers that same night. It was amazing how quickly they arrived! The sound of chainsaws filled the air for a week and now we're left with a lot of sky that we didn't see before. Over 200 homes sustained some damage and we were without power but no serious injuries or deaths which was a miracle. I was without power for 32 hours but no damage, just worry about food rotting and trying to get out of the garage door with the electric garage door opener locked in place. They make those release cords for weight lifters!

    I'm looking forward to cooler weather but not to winter. Living in the midwest, that's a conundrum! I hope the heat wave on the west coast simmers down soon for all of you there.

    And I hope you're all doing as well as possible and that you'll enjoy the last days of summer here on the Porch. I see Jerome is organizing Fall cleaning of the Lodge. That guy is on the ball!

    Sweetie? Shake out that blanket and move over! I need a rest.

    Hugs all around, near and far,

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    I don't know where my week has gone but I have to go to the teak store tommorrow, seems like I just left there.

    I had my CT scan today and got a cd but I am not sure what I am looking for,lol. I really haven't had much chance to look at it.

    Went to see mom and she is improving but a little forgetfull, but she DOES know where she is now. So that is good.

    Then the girls and I did our ride, this road is so beautiful. Last night I watched the sunset and took some pictures. Right now I have one of the girls in the golf cart in my profile.

    I have seen at least 10 deer and one big buck the last 3 days. Good thing the girls are tied to the cart. Twy was in hunt mode when she saw them, lol.

    So now is treat time then bath and bed early.

    I see Sweetie poped in, sorry to hear your pain is giving you a pain.

    Linda hope your meeting at work went well. It is good to know Annie's brother is improving. Just one more day then a day off. You look forward to Fri and I look forward to any other day but Fri :)

    Kylob are you sure your not Linda's reincarnated twin??? You two with 2 teens girls and your jobs, I don't know how you do it.

    The other day my 16 yo GD broke a rule and got in the car with other teens, 2 boys and a girl, they got involved in a head on collison at about 35-40 mph. No serious injuries but she might as well had died, because my daughter wants to kill her.

    I couldn't imagine 4 teens, god bless ladies :)

    Marta it is so good to hear from you, sorry the your summer has been so sucky, you have had a lot going on.

    What an awful story about the declawed cat. You wonder what gets into other peoples minds.How could they not notice the cat was bleeding? so sad.

    Rock thank for puttin a smile on my Fa Face :) You earned a ride on my sporty ride anyday. Do you think that they are built to go 60 mph down hill?? It saves on the brakes,hehe.

    I hope you get some releif on the heat on your side of the country, we are at a record now for the most days it has been 90 degrees in a row.

    Jen I hope your hangin in there and the boss eases up.

    Jodie good luck on your essay- you didn't say what it is about.

    Has anyone seen or heard from Mrdad, I hope everything is ok, my thougts are with them.

    I'm surprised I made it this far so I am going to stop before I sit so long I can't get up,lol.

    Thanks for the wodka and T's, I just took the wodka and left the T for everyone else :) Carla
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    69mach1 New Member

    we can write anything we choose to...bad side effects or about the marketing about them.

    cody has varsity dinner tonight and the big game tomarrow at 1 pm. hopefully they will...

    cody was disappointed that they put him at 6' weighing only 190 pounds...he is 210 lbs. w/small waist..thick built.

    he had great compliments from his defensive coach that he is as good as the 19 year old nose guard from last year and he is quicker...let's hope he can continue on and fill this guys shoes from last season...that teen got recognized as defensive player of the year in the bay he got recruited by a junior college to play this season...he didn't have the grades for a university....he is hispanic and failed spanish....cody asked chavuez how could you fail that? he said, "he didn't care about the class."

    chavuez dropped out of the marin corps boot camp only did 6 weeks..the papers say he decided it wasn't for him...but chavuez told cody it was too cody called him some of the names chavuez used to call cody last year....i can't repeat them on the board...basically a wussy....

    marta out west they root for the 49'rs or the oakland raiders..

    i don't have a favorite...and being from michigan i really know not to root for the lions..usually they stink,,,plus when exhb was in coast guard we traveled to a few different states so i got out of the loop of rooting for teams.

    tigers are still my favorite baseball team...but i have to be very careful who i root for in stadiums...i root for whatever ticket i am holding....some are freebies, been awhile though since i have went.

    i had my therapy appt today stressed out some...went to police station so i could get copy of report of the case. so i have to call back on wednesday and see if it is ready.

    mom's out there filling in for granni-i saw erik the other night..he is getting really bad off. the alcohol..he was drunk he told me so...well anyways i was talking to a guy a fireman....erik said something to that guy..i didn't hear what at the time.

    then erik said jodie what's going on? i said not much how bout you...he replied just getting really drunk...

    he acted like nothing happened the other day...

    i ran into some of our mutual friends...i said erik didn't want me to hang out w/them...and how he accused me of following jaimie and her friend and calling everyone on 7th street and telling people i was his boyfriend....they said sounds like erik.

    they said jaimie was down at the same bar i was at earlier and another. i said i wouldn't know who she was if i saw her. they said the tall blonde. well anywho. guess next time i will tell him a few choice words for myself.

    i need a mental nap...those therapy sessions where me out and police report as me down...

  12. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i went shopping a little bit today and had some kfc...

    gonna get ready to go to bed. so i can get up early and start on some math homework. that is my goal this week to be caught up w/the class. my hand has been a hinderance to write too much or type. just lucky this teacher is doing the class they way he is.

    ran into the security man of a bar...he is called chief, known him for years and always had my back on things. he said he wanted to meet and talk to me about erik...i guess erik asked chief how i knew him and he told him i have known her for years. so chief said he wanted to let me in on some things about it should be interesting cause this man never lies to me...and always has his ears and eyes open on everything...

    i've been home tonight watched the fashion rocks show...

    hi to all of you that maybe lurking and/or just out having fun.

  13. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    Jodie, get away from those stupid bars and stay away from all things Erik. The boy (and I mean that literally) is nothing but trouble and has done nothing but bring you drama and pain since the day you met him. You have better things to do with your life than worry about what the jerk is doing, who he's saying it to and what disease he wants to decide he has. Sorry if all that sounds harsh but you've been dealing with this guy for months and it all sounds like the same thing over and over again. It's not gonna change with him, never will. If it does great, but it will be a long time from now and probably a couple rehab visits later. Until then, worry about your son, your health and your education. Gonna get you a lot farther in life then all the jr. high games those people you are around out there will.

    Anywho, boss is being oh so nice to me now. Don't trust her though.

    Still having awful sore throats and fatigue. I know I am getting to my limit physically and it's really wearing me down. I am almost done with my ambulance orientation. The extra money is nice, but I am just so tired I can hardly stand it.

    My daughter was running a fever tonight, poor thing. Hope she isn't going to get really sick.

    Brayden is still doing well with being potty trained, as long as he's naked though. Gotta work on him doing it with his underwear on.

    School started again and having a hard time getting into the routine again after a month off. But I'll get used to it.

    I slept through my MRI appt for my shoulder, so I have to reschedule it. I almost called the hospital to ask if they could do it earlier but I fell asleep. Then I could have rung my husband's neck because he said they called to see if I could go in earlier. I said, thanks a lot for telling me.

    he's been on my list lately anyway. He is an AWFUL housekeeper and I am tired of feeling like I live in a dump. call me kooky, but I kind of figure that since I work 2 jobs, go to college and deal with all my health issues, I really shouldn't have to do a whole lot around the house.

    Is that so wrong? Especially when all he has to do is what the kids and be the "house wife". Not that the kids aren't a job all in itself, I certainly understand they are, but he gets mad when our daugher won't pick up. I tell him, why should she when you won't even do it? He doesn't seem to get that kids learn by what they see their parents doing. If I am cleaning up the house, Brooklynne always tries to pitch in whatever she can.

    Ugh, I am so tired. I really need a vacation. My MIL was supposed to take my daughter this weekend, but of course never called to say she was taking her like she said, so Brooklynne didn't go. That's exactly why I don't tell Brooklynne anyone is ever coming to get her, because too many times I have had someone say they are going too and then she gets excited and when it doesn't happen her feelings get hurt. Really ticks me off.

    Finally I tell whoever it is, not to even mention it to her unless they are absolutely sure it will happen. I am sure the Mom's on this board can understand that.

    Weather is starting to cool off thank goodness.

    Well the busy part of my morning at work is about to start, so I better go.

  14. kylob

    kylob New Member

    Good morning to all...tidied up the porch a bit and then got a cup of tea and some scones and am enjoying sitting on the porch in the sun....I've seen a few cardinals(my Mom's Favorite bird) and am content to sit here and wait for y'all to show up.....

    Went to a conference is a killer to sit all day with back pain, but, the conference was good...sometimes it re-energizes you and you go back to work in a better frame of mind...let's hope!!!

    When I got home, the DH and the girl's had gone out to dinner, so I took the dog for a walk...I think she smelled every blade of grass in a 2 mile radius of our house!!!

    DH is making banana / zucchini bread as I type...he loves to cook...he makes a real mean pie...we have rhubarb growing in the yard, and we have several rhubarb pies each be health concious, he makes a wheat crust...not to shabby....

    Jen - hubby should help you more by cleaning are working 2 jobs and with your health can't do it all...he needs to step up before you fall down.

    Jodie, Jodie, Jodie - take Jens advice...if you keep going to the same places...seeing the same people, you are only going to get the same results..misery and frustration...Eric isn't for you..forget him and concentrate on you and Cody...OK...hope school is going well..take care of the hand and good luck to Cody today in the game.

    CK - loved the picture of the girls in the cart...I am so happy you are enjoying your cart trips with the they bark at the deer? Glad to hear that your GD is ok after the car youngest daughter was out last night, driving to a friends and we had a heavy rain storm with wind etc. (at least not a tornado) and I could not relax until she called to tell me she was there safe and sound...

    Marta - I am so sorry about Zoe...It is so hard to get to know an animal and grow to love them and then to lose them...they pull at our heart strings...My Mom had alzheimers was difficult to watch her memory go...glad your Mom was oriented to where she was...early into the disease, Mom would do things like write her name on her purse to remember it was hers and write in a note book all of her kids names...they call the disease the "long goodbye" and it was...amazingly she still had her sence of, whenever I can't recall something, I get nervous...anyways, glad the tornado didn't cause you and damage...take it easy and enjoy the weekend...

    well gang it is off to the libray...I have books on tape that I listen to to help me fall asleep...they are due back going to try some new authors...I like mystery...any ideas!!!
  15. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i have been trying to call you jen but your hb said you were sleeping etc....i believe him crap you are over doing it....

    you are right he should have time to keep up on the house...give him a list and post it on the frig! maybe then he can get his gold star for the day!

    i am having a meeting w/a security man called chief..ran into him last night...he had somethings to talk to me about erik...he mention something about how erik approached him and asked him how he knew me. so chief told him i 've known her for many years way before him(erik)...chief said he wanted to let me know what is going on hin erik's head...things he overheard...

    i am not trying to hang on to erik, he still has a bra and a bebe shirt of mine...i kissed them goodbye.

    i know he is a little crazy or bipolar something> i will not give him any more car rides...etc.. and money is out of the question period. he is sliding down quickly in a pit of darkness. i just want to be able to go hang out whereever i want to w/o him being off his rocker...

    many nights i do not drink anything thing at all just go see some people to feel like i am socializing some. well i need to go socialize at cody's big game today at 1 i need to get dressed up and showered....not in that order...

    get some money out of the bank to get into the gate.

    well if anyone is interested in the game w/be able to check it out tonight late at

    hope cody does well maybe we will have a picture of him in the paper....

    he is number 64. he was upset they put him down for the wrong weight 190 lbs. he was like 210lbs and 6ft. he said now it looks like he is a tall skinny guy, he told his coach. maybe they will have that fixed..

    well need to get dressed and ready to is a huge game because if they win this one they could possibly make it to state championship, because last year they said since they lost to this team, which is a much higher level school, we were not selected to go to state...the officials in hindsight feel they selected the wrong team to go last year.

    we had alot of bad calls last year against our team at their was televised and even the commentators said it as i am not being biased here....

    we lost 21-3...if they let our td's take place the out come would have been much different..

    gonna get ready...wish us lot's of luck everyone..i will give the details when i can!

    jodie cody's proud mom.

    jen glad brayden is potty training yeah! it is so nice not to pay for diapers and change those darn things anymore.

    but the baby wipes are great for us too..clean my face and use them for hygiene as well..

  16. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just wanted to pop in while taking a little break. It is beautiful here and hardly any humidity, so I am trying to finish up my outdoor stuff before the big day. I need to clone myself.

    I still have so much I wanted done but I just don't see it all happening. These last 2 weeks really screwed me up. Having to go somewhere everyday, even if it is just a hour or 6 I never get anything done at home. I can do one or the other but not both.

    My CT was normal except for a calcification on my right adreanal gland. This showed up in a 2001 CT scan but got lost in the shuffle. When I moved from VA the films and report were in a box and I didn't find them until a while back when I finally got everything unpacked.

    So I will address this with my DR. I know it could mean nothing BUT it could also explain my fatigue, muscle weakness and other symptoms. More blood taken out of me,lol.

    Nurses- any opinion on Addisons or Adreanl Fatigue?

    OK- Jodie I strongly echo Jen and Kylob- I think you are in denial that you don't want him, don't answer this question to me but to yourself- Why did you give him a ride and come back to your place?

    You see the thing is, we always want what we can't have and you do not NEED him but rather want him to need you. With Cody getting older and not needing you as much becasue that is the way teens are, you are looking to be needed by someone else. I have been in those shoes and know the signs.

    If I were you, I would leave the bar scene alone, go join the gym, take a hobby class, try yoga classes, it is a great way to meet people who are balanced.

    Your situation is NEVER going to change unless you change it. You are bringing this negative enegy into your life by even worrying about him, you will never be "freinds" with him becasue he is not capable of that concept. He is a user and loser and you DESERVE better.

    I would rather be alone by myself then alone in a "relationship" or freindship. You need a life plan of what you want to accomplish for yourself once Cody is gone.

    There are many of us single non attached people out here that are very happy, alone does not mean lonley. But it does mean NO ONE is stirring up negative feelings and making us feel less than what we are.

    There is a good book called Co Dependant No More, I can't remember the author but it is easy to find.

    Jodie I am only telling you these things because you have a good heart and still having to deal with your LT marriage, now this dating/bar scene. Do something that will make YOU proud of yourself and Cody proud to say your his mom. Ok I am off my soap box but I feel everyone here would agree with me-esp grannimom.

    Jen your husband gets away with doing nothing because he can. Most men will do as little as they can. Once you really put your foot down and he sees you mean it then he should perk up. Your are right about kids learing from us.

    It is so important these days, more than ever to teach our children responsiblty early on. A freind and I had this discussion the other day. I don't know how the 2 income families do it and still deal with the illness but you really do give it your all and your kids will learn what hard work and education can do for them.

    Kylob- thanks for cleaning up, I have been a little slack the last few days, maybe that bottle of wodka I snuck out with the other day when you brought it and the tea, hehe.

    Thanks for the goodies today. Glad your getting some R&R and enjoying this long summer we are having. I had something else to ask you and now it is lost along with my brain. Oh that was it, the altzhiemeir and your mom, I understand how that feels. I have seen such a change in my mom the last few years. She hasn't been dxs with it but her confusion episodes seem to happen more often. She thinks she is somewhere else and will call me to come get her. She hasn't been out of that bed except for showers and an occasional ER visit in 3 years. So sad.

    Linda where are you? I hope things work out for your hubby, would that mean you would be working the same hours instead of the opposite ones? I was married to a over the road truck driver in the late 80's he was only home on weekends most of the time. We looked forward to seeing each other and made more of our time that we did have. But it didn't last forever and I caught him red handed with someone after 7 years of marriage, so I said bye-bye.

    Well I have written a small novel here, Kylob maybe just read this once or twice before bedtime and you won't need the books on tape,lol. See ya guys later- time for a ride anyone wanna come-Carla
  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    good news! cody's team won 25-22...they were up 25-14 until the coach put in the second the second stringer more experience for next years big day...that is cool...

    cody did great he lost count on how many tackles he had we figured about 12. he got hugs from all his coaches they said they didn't expect him to do as well as he did...they called him chavez...he was the lineman of the year in the bay area. he has a full ride at a junior college...he didn't have the grades like some of the others.

    well gonna go out take cody to a nice steak dinner.

    carla i'm trying not to be in denial...just was trying to be on friendly terms opposed to dealing w/a more crazier person, but i see how that is going.

    well gonna fly now.

  18. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    Jodie, you sure you aren't in the slightest bit of denial?

    You just seem to get sucked back into it so easy and I know, if it were me at least, I wouldn't even be going anywhere nears any of those places that have brought you such bad times.

    I understand needing socialization, but don't think that bar scene out there has done one bit of good for you. Hang out with someone from school, go to the gym, find local groups online you can be active with. There are options out there. I would think about it if all my time was taken up already.

    Friends are nice in all, but the friends you seem to have out there don't seem worth having.

    You need to surround yourself with positive, not negative.
  19. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i have come to terms i can not help him...he doesn't want any help. too bad great person w/out the addicition. but he has his father who can help him out...he has the local bartenders giving him free why work?

    well i went out of the house cause cody and his gf were yelling in my house on the phone...i had a really good time out. met someone new we'll see if anything transpires there. i saw him earlier at dinner w/cody...

    well my hand is still infected...i can't! i took a needle to drain it out some...i thought it was healing up fine...but no such luck..

    well i am tired today...but i have made stuffed bell peppers, corn on the cob and those cherry turnovers by pepperidge farm.

    good night for now...need to try to write and do some math..

  20. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Wow it is Monday already, the time is flying by too fast for me. I did finish one one of my major projects that I wanted done before my surgery.

    I have a shed that has just enough room to park my cart in, but I needed a ramp. I was using two long boards but it was a pain because I had to put them up and down every time because of the doors. So my freind's husband came up last week to help me cut the bottoms off, then this week I made a ramp using stuff I had laying around here.

    Twice while using just the boards I missed one of them and got my cart stuck half in and half out. Luckly my nieghbor was there and helped me.

    Look at my bio to see a new pic I posted. It is one of the many views I get to see everyday now that I have my cart. It is about 2 miles from my house. So the girls ride over then get out and walk or run for another 1-2 miles on this road.

    Twy is my little speed demon, she can out run the cart on flat land and up hills. I am going full speed and she is pulling trying to go faster,lol. I have it set up so that they both run side by side and they can't go past me and I can hold the ropes in my hand and teach Twy not to pull but walk with me not ahead of me. So when I actually walk with them they won't pull me and expect me to go as fast as the cart.

    I hope everyone had a good weekend, Linda what happened to you no post all weekend. I hope you were out enjoying this break in heat we have.

    A big wave to all others- Carla

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