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  1. ckball

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    Wow 140 and still going! I've swept and shook all the blankies and brought some hot drinks and smuffins so enjoy.

    Hello to all and don't forget to check out 139

    Prayers are out to Jodie and Julie that Cody won't need surgery and Julie's daughters holds on to that baby long enough for Julie to get mom taken care of.

    Linda I will be back later to "talk" to you, I hope you are enjoying your time off. Glad Dh likes being in jail.

    Granni and everyone else take care and see ya'll later.

    Got get ready for an appt- Carla
  2. jens2angels

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    I'm doing better. Brayden his it now though. It's making it rounds. Hopefully, once everyone has it, it won't come back for awhile.

    I am a bit sore today though from working on the ambulance yesterday. I have noticed I am SOOOOOOOOO much less stressed now that i am not at the VA.

    A Full time spot opened up already there at the ambulance company so hopefully I can get into that. It's nights though again, not what i was really looking for, but we'll see I guess. I need health insurance.

    UGH! Now the kids want their cereal, I can never sit down for more than 2 minutes to type a darn thing.
  3. Granniluvsu

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    Here I am for another quickie. This seems to be a pattern going on here. Right now Iam trying to just play cleanup on my computer since I was off the computer all day today and part of the day yesterday.

    Linda - was it you who said that I am always cleaning. Yes, I do seem to talk about it alot but not to sure how much is getting done though around here, little by little. Glad that you are off for awhile but sorry for your extra problems. Just what you need - now REST (-: !!

    Our program went pretty well last night, thank God, no BIG BooBoo's on stage. I will miss the small group, the girls are such fun and the music challanging and also so much fun for me. However, it will be good not to have to run another night. I won't miss that part. Luckily, for me I got a call that we had no choir practice tonight. Godody goody !!! Didn't really feel like it after walking alot today in the mostly hot sun and som shady tents showing lots of antiques for wit our decoratora group. Didn't buy a thing though since everything was pretty expensice. Also we had gotten there on a bus (not much room) but couldn't find much there on my budget that I wanted to spend. However, I love to look any day. I take after my mom - always loved to look !!!Even if she had little money. She really new how to stretch a buck and I think learned alot from her.

    Jens - Sorry your kids ( or at least one of them ) is still sick or not feeling well. I surely reMember those dayS with 5 kids the girls were 2 years apart and the son was about 5 from the last girl. I don't know how you can type either with two young ones and then work and everything else at home. Glad you let that stressful VA job go. You have enough on your plate kiddo.

    Jodie - Just keep on hoping that the MRI turns out well or better than expected. You never know. Look at the Buffalo Bill's player. At first they said he would never walk again and that he might not even make it but now they expect him to walk. Just remember to, that things could have been alot worse for him too !!!!

    Hi there Rock !!! Hope things are going OK with you and Gordon ! Where is the recipe for the cauliflower soup? Sounds interesting and good.

    Lacey and Julie - Hope all is ewll with you both !!

    Gotta run. This is longer than I expected to write. Have to send a few mails before beddy bye.

    Yeah, where are all those MIA's - hope you are all OK. You know who you all are (-: !!

    Lots warm hugs to everyone,

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  4. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    carla are you feeling better since surgery?

    granni you are busy as usual.

    julie hope the baby stays in for you!...but it will come when it is ready...

  5. ckball

    ckball New Member

    While I was off visiting everyone else. Had my quartely head Dr check, he gives me my adderall. He also has art freinds.

    Then went to the a art gallery and spoke to several artists and got a definite and 2 maybes and a lot of questions.

    So the next few weeks are going to be hard. We are a small town 25,000 or so and the artists that are here are asked all the time for donations, and many do. But the causes are for local functions and they see where it goes.

    They don't want to just give away a painting and not see where it goes. Unless they get to go to Knoxville for the auction.

    Well I think Linda did a great job on catchin us up on everyones' goings on. I just have nothing left tonight, after my publicity stuff I came home to very excited and smelly dogs. So went for one ride and came back and I ate dinner, just as i finish a kid came walking up my road and I hear the dogs going off. Came out on the porch and there were about 5-6 dogs, I tryed to call my 2 back but they are relentless. The kid said they weren't his and didn't know who they belonged too. One was a larger doberman, but he was totally cool while my 2 and Butter circle and bark at him.

    The other dogs turned around and walk back down the hill. But the doberman kept following the kid. So we went on a second ride becasue the kid was going to have to walk past the 2 houses with the bad dogs. So I followed them and then realised who's dog he was. So I got him to follow me back home instead of the boy home.

    Oh my 2 were not happy, I wish they were more like te doberman, he was so sweet and he undertood what I was doing. All the time Missy and Twy were doing bark fest.

    We have came a long way on the regular dogs we see everyday, they just ignore them and I shake a stick at them. Then I stop and they run away. Twy looks at me, like wow mom that was cool,lol and we continue on.

    Rock I will be more than glad to take us all down the hill
    When it's my time to go, it will be in a blaze of glory,lol

    Or maybe just the first person to get a speeding ticket saying I was doing 60 in a 35 mph speed limit in a golf cart. I am starting to get addicted to it. I love coasters, especially the steel ones, so this all I have.
    I actually rode the coaster on top of the Stratisphere Hotel in Vegas.

    Don't feel bad about the cd, I do the same thing with paint. I worked acrylic craft paints for a while, buy certain colors, then put them away and do it again weeks later. Same thing with clothes, like t shirts and shorts.

    I think that just comes natural with older age. I once heard that the diference between forgeting and Altz is forgeting is you misplace your keys, Altz you don't know what the car keys do.

    Then I ended my day with giving the girls a bath, don't know what they rolled on but it wasn't pretty, I wondered why Twy was shy about coming to me when I came home. She knew she was a stinky dog.

    Oh I tried to break my foot. When I got the doberman to follow me back to my house I knew he would go back home from there. I parked the cart on the high side of the road, locked the brake and got out, leaving Missy and Twy still tied to it.

    Since the dobbie was so sweeet I was using him to get my girls to meet other dogs not attack them. I turned around to walk to the dobbie and heard a noise and turned around and my cart is crossing the small road heading for the drop off that is about 3 ft from the pavement. I ran and stuck my right foot in and hit the brakes hard without thinking about. Ouch, I think one of the pins moved it is sticking out a little farther that it was. My life is never boring :)

    Now come on in everyone, don't be shy, we love hearing from all kinds of people, so climb out the bushes and introduce yourself. I left more chocolate chip smuffins for a midnight snack. Nity-nite-Carla
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Would like to say something in response to everybody, but don't gots no energies today. And the computer is being extra hateful.

    Cauliflower soup reminds me of the home town paper I get from the village in Minnesota where my brother lives. It comes out once a week.

    One of the features is a recipes page. Well, it's actually half a page. Illustrated w/ a drawing of a cook. Looks like that communist epic art of the Stalin period. A gal w/ massive muscles is standing in the kitchen looking like she's about to start cooking w/ a hammer and a wrench.

    Anyway, the guy who puts out the paper doesn't need to worry about being a perfectionist. The recipes all come from one source. One of those people-submit-recipes to a local cookbook. It was assembled 30 or so years ago.

    Problem is the recipes were faulty then and the sloppy editor just keeps reprinting them. He has recipes that use ingredients not listed. Sometimes the whole middle of the recipe is missing.

    And sometimes the end is missing so you put stuff in a bowl or on a cookie sheet, but never actually apply heat to it.

    The cauliflower recipe was basically the vegtable in question baked w/ cheese and crumbs on top. Only the recipe never said you should trim away the leaves, cut up the cauliflower, etc. I picture a whole cauliflower in a baking dish. Sort of like the last act of Salome w/ John the Baptist's head on a platter.

    The chicken recipe called for raw chicken to be covered w/ stuffing and baked for 30 minutes. Seems to me it would still be on the raw side of rare, but as Dennis Miller says, I could be wrong.

    Well, I am reading the board and following all your adventures even I can't comment on same right now. Oh yes, and one of you had better be careful! And you know which one too!

    Sorta like that old joke about sending a telegram to the ten leading citizens of a small town that says: Flee! All is discovered. Six of them left town.

    When I was young our local paper also came out once a week, however, it never printed bad news excepts deaths. It would never have printed the story that my brother's paper just did:

    The local bank president, age 52, was arrested for embezzling $300,000 in 3 years. Wow! Generally speaking these little villages don't have any crime. What a shock!

    All for now. Big hugs to all my porch buddies.

  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    since cody's knee is bad do you think he could use a cart on the football field to run instead? then he could get out and hit them or tackle them down...just a thought.hee hee.

    still bummed about his knew, both of us...more me i think or he is hiding it better than i am.

    i took him to school this morning...oh boy i was tired. his knee hurt so he took his meds.

    he gets his mri on friday...

    his dad called up to see how cody was doing. he sent me from 0-60 in 5 seconds. i told him he needed to take him to e.r. on saturday and the nurse was really upset cody didn't get in there on saturday...

    cody told me last night at dinner that dad's new found makeshift family didn't want to wait around for cody....

    cody does not care for the new gf's kids...

    she has been nice to me and her children are really quiet around i don't have a problem w/them...i feel sorry for them...cody's dad is going to do a whammy on them...

    cody already mentioned his dad is sticking around w/ngf to save some money and take the house..

    well he has taken over 2 months of my child support...if the county doesn't intercept it...he does not volunteer to send a check to the he is always in arears...

    so i told him the county doesn't have his correct address to get the money...he said he gave it...and they have been taking money out of his checks>>>liar liar pants on fire..

    i told him to me a favor and don't have anymore children for the sake of the child...he said he is working on that...

    oops it just flew out of my mouth after dinner...

    i can not remember if i had dinner...but i know must've cody isn't complaining....

    sorry for the drama update of $$$...he is just ticking me off...i want to tell him just leave his ngf and her kids at home if he is going to come up here for now on...if it includes he can pay attention to his son's needs...for once.

    i know i sound angry, yep you are right. mother lioness when it comes to cody and his health..

    oh granni-or whomever is interested...i got my math teacher to sign an OK not put a "w" on my 2 out 3 teachers did that for on the third one i have no idea cause he doesn't have an office at our they put the paperwork in his mailbox...

    so hopefully he will do that as well.

    it is cold my body is achey from the weather...flares up all the fibro and joint problems that i back is not feeling swift..

    i was to tired to even go see my friends at karoke night tonight.

  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    chocolate and marshmellow time....i forgot to mention it...

    i like to dip my hot toast w/real butter in it and eat too..100% whole wheat of course.

  9. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    I always used to love making Co Co wheats and dipping my buttered toast into that.

    Ugh, man I wish my son would realize we cut the cord 2 years ago!
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Gee you have really been busy poishing, haven't you ?? Sorry to hear aboaut your pinched nerve but glad the dx was what you thought it was ( for a change). As you say, normally the tests come back normal and they can't do much anyway - big help that was!!!

    Carla - What a dogggie adventure. Sorry DH needs the computer again. Just got on it seems.

    You all behave now - hear ??! You too Jodie !(-: !!


  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    the darn thing has been so slow...tried to get cody to clean it up for me...temporarily works..

    the mri is tomarrow at 4 pm. pacific time...i was thinking about asking them to give a digital copy of the then i can have cody's team mate friends dad, a doctor read it for us...

    cody had the sports editor leave me a message on my email address wanting to know how cody feels...

    gave me his phone number. gave cody the message...told him to ask his coach said wait till we really know what is going on for sure...

    i blogged on my local county stirred a few people up from the opposing team..,wondering why i didn't leave my real name.

    duh...for a few reasons, keeps the opposing teams to stratigize thinking maybe cody w/be playing this weekend...

    plus we really don't know the full outcome yet...

    being hopeful in novato..

  12. ckball

    ckball New Member

    and won't stay long, another pay day from Wed. The couch has been my close freind today. Did take the girls for a ride and found another neighborhoood to ride and walk in. Big dollar homes too, big white fences and it is all level.

    I had no clue these homes were so close to me, I have yet to run the batteries or Twyla down yet. She was made to run. Missy will then she is done and wants to ride. Twy is pulling me up hills,lol.

    No bad dogs issues today. I have the dog in control, but when a small pack come up my wy I just stand tall and call mine off, the other dogs ususally go back.. If I stop and face them with my stick, they turn tale and run.

    You can't show your fear, they sense that, and carry a big stick:)

    Hello Rock glad you came in, I like your small town papaer story, We have saml free paper at one of the local harware store, the lady gace it to because it had a fnny story in it.

    It was a interent story I had read 3 years ago. We are a little behind the times here.

    Linda glad your enjoying your "time off" hubby like jail.

    Granni hope your show went well and you can have some time off too.

    Jen hope that transport job works out

    Jodi sure put Cody in a cart and let him give them some **ll.

    Joan where are you and Lacey too, Julie we know you are busy

    I am done-stick a fork in me-hopefully tomorrow will be a better dayv:) Carla
  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i hope you heal up really quick so then you can just run the does by foot.

    julie-hope you have the chance to be there w/your daughter...that is so nice of her to invite her in the labor room...

    hugs rock, granni, joe, marta, jen, kylob, and anyone else i missed tonight..

    i am tired for some reason as well.

    i have therapy appt at 10 am tomarrow...then i have to run back and get cody for his mri for 4 pm.

    well that's it folks

  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    linda thanks for the well wishes on cody's mri....

    we are hoping too. cody really is in a lot of pain and feels he needs surgery himself...the mri will tell us the unknown.

    had my therapy went ok...

    i have 100.00 of football coupon cards to sell for cody due in today. trying to figure out if i should buy them then sell them...discounts to dinners etc...

    chat back later.

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Porchies,

    Sorry to hear about all the problems hear for some of you on the porch.

    There is so much going on here too as far as sick people goes, etc. Just found out yesterday why we did not have choir practice on wed. Our new leader's husband who also has diabetes, had some heart problems and was supposed to have either a triple or quadruple by-pass today. He doesn't look that old. They have a teenage daughter though I know. I hope he will be OK. What a worry. Also just found out about one of our older knights who had to go into the hospital this week a couple of times for emergency blood clots. He had been having a seriers of stuff lately and had been such a health guy for in his early 80's I think until the past year or two.

    So glad you are doing better Carla... and sounding like you are almost back to normal zooming in your little cart.

    Julie - thinking about you and your Mom's biopsy and things work out for you to be there for your daughter having her baby. How exciting that is !!! Keep us a breast of the situation. You must be worn out and hopefully things will settle down a little bit for you so you can concentrate on your ddaughter and the new baby.

    Jodie - Let us know about Cody's MRI. I know you are both upset and he is hurting. Hope it works out better than they all think.

    Linda - Aren't almost grown up kids fun sometimes. Yes, if you weren't there to bring her she would have to be on time. GGRRR.

    Hi Darkwaters, Rock and whoever else I may have forgotten. Hope to make it to the porch today. Went shopping and walked all over the place. Now my feet aaches as well as everything else. Tomorrow I have to vacuum as I have company here first before going out to dinner.

    Jens - Hope those little ones are getting healthy esp Braeden (sp).

    God bless to all ! Where are you bushdwellers???? Anyone out there peaking??

    Big hugs to everyone,


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  16. kylob

    kylob New Member

    It seems that I have missed quite a bit in my absence...Lin tried to catch me up yesturday...she had made sweet potatoe stew and I got to eat the was scrumptious....

    Lin and I went shopping to the drug store where her daughter works and we had coupons to use, and with her employee discount we were able to buy allot for a little...we're getting old, so we have had to wean to a smaller store where would would do less will be a vending machine.....

    I have been going to the gym, working out with modifications to accomodate my deteriorating spine, and have now lost 31 lbs since january...I probably would have lost more, but the peanut butter m&m's were on sale last week, buy one get one....

    CK- Thanks as always, for starting a new long has the Porch been around? When you mentioned the doberman in your post, it reminded me of the doberman my roommate had years ago...I am allergic to dogs/cats, so living with a dog wasn't my preference at the time, but I was working as a nurse and nurses back in the day had to wear caps to work... anyways, I steered clear of the dog and I think Happy thought I didn't like her, because after coming home from dinner one night, I found my hursing cap chewed up and my favorite Joni Mitchel albumn destroyed...

    Jen - I am glad you like your ambulance job...real glad you got away from the boss from you know where...have the kids give you a massage....

    Jodie - so sorry to hear about a mother, it must have been awful to watch are both in my prayers.

    Julie - Hope Mom's bronch results are favorable...Does Amy know the sex of the baby? We were having a baby boom this week at work...Brahms Lullabye plays over the loud speaker at the hospital when a baby is born...they keep us on our toes.

    Darkwaters - Lin gave me the idea of a note book and it has helped me to get to know everyone...keep my thoughts organized.

    Rockgor - Hugs right back at ya!!! I used to be able to cook without a I must keep referring to it if I want the food to be edible...Sometimes when I am baking, I can't remember if I added the baking powder already, did I put in the salt???? My memory is not what it used to be, but with the baking, it is always a surprize to taste and see if I did add the ingredients in the proper amt's...
    Lin mentioned a book you recommended by Maeve B., My older sister loves her...even wrote to her and got back a hand writted responce...went to the library yesturday and picked some new authors and I am not impressed with them thus far...what I really want is for Robert Parker to crank out a new Spencer novel...I do love that Spencer!!! Say hey to Gordon...

    Well gang, I gots to go...I left some cinnimon buns and tea on the porch for everyone...I love them ,but I am doing the low carb deal, so enjoy them for me....Later, Kylob
  17. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have been trying to get here but things keep happening to distract me. I worked at the shop yesterday and had visitors and not a lot of buyers.

    The visitors were a lady I met there and she is learning to do mosiac work and we talked for quite a while. Then Jeff, he is my boss's freind and a nice guy, he stores some of his stuff at the store, he buys and sells. He stayed until after 3, I do enjoy talking to him but by the time he left, he took my brain with him.

    I was suppose to do the First Fri Art Walk and introduce myself to the artists I don't know and ketchup with the ones I do know. I didn't go, I was brain dead and my right foot and leg was hurting. I still haven't got my brochures for my FR so it was pointless to go.

    Came home and laid down for a while and then went for our ride. I did manage to set up a you tube account and want to post videos of the dogs, especially Missy doing math, but after hours, it wouldn't work. I am still having issues with my computer. I don't think it has enough memory to upload the video, sort of like me,hehe.

    After reading my last post, I decided it was better not to post AFTER I had my night meds :) Today will be a me and the girls day. I need someone to help me work on their barking issues when someone comes over or walks by.

    Night before last on my ride their was a Schwan's truck in my nieghborhood. The are a frozen food co that delivers wonderful food and deserts. When he was done with his customer I asked him about deserts. I ended up buying a Hershey's Chocolate Cream pie, sooooooo good. Anyway the girls did not bark at him while we were talking. Then he followed me home so I could pay him. I put the girls on their leashes and when he walked up to the house they started the barking and Twy actually nipped him on the shoe. I am looking into E collars for them. I really don't know what else to do. They love me but don't respect me outside. Inside is a different story. I need the Dog Whisperer but he doesn't travel this far :-(

    So that is my last 2 days, I am still wiped out. The FR got my juices going for awhile and my body wasn't ready so it is paying me back. So I am listenting to it now.

    Glad to see you Kylob, congrats on the weight loss, it is not easy to do, that is great you can go to the gym. My Dr said exercise is the best way to treat Fibro. Doing nothing is the worst we can do. I laughed about the drug store story and vending machines. But hey I found someone that delivers deserts so that could be dangerous, lol. Thanks for cinnimon rolls, they are my fav.

    Linda- are you enjoying your "vacation"? I guess PT is no walk in the part tho. Can you do water PT? That is wonderful, I wish I lived closer to the facilty here, I would do it then. It is the getting ready and getting there that is a problem for me.

    Jodie- were you able to get the results for Cody's MRI. If not, call the hosptial medical records and they will give it to you before your Dr appt so you don't have to wait.

    It is all done digital now, I recently found out that the people that read the tests are 200 miles away, it is all done online digitally. The hospital contracts outsiders to read the tests, then they send them back to the hospital in a day. I always go get my test results the next day. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.

    Jen I hope the job works out for, sounds like the VA was toxic in more ways than on.

    Darkwaters- I put a shout out to you on the board, maybe your missed it. Just wanted to thank you for visiting my website. When I first started posting on the porch I would open wordpad and I could still see the porch post and write what I wanted in word pad then copy and paste. It also helps when the message for some reason gets lost in cyperspace, we have all suffered that one. So please come back and don't feel you have to address everyone. Just share your thoughts, I know you have some interesting ones as darwaters run deep.

    Granni- I hope you are getting caught up on all the cleaning and all that goes along with carpet cleaning and such. It is like you get one room redone and it makes the others look bad, so here we go again,lol. It took me over 3 years to finish my house and now I need to re-paint the living room, but it will wait.

    Rock- is Gordon cookiing up something good this weekend? How are the kitties? Have they brought any more freinds over?

    Ok running out of steam here, so going to stretch out on the couch with Missy and do nothing. Then later try the you tube thing again. I hope everyone is having a great weekend, it is more like summer than fall here and the trees are starting to change already. So get out there and enjoy it. Later-Carla
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    First of all when we picked the off white paint to try and match the walls in the den it was not close (there are so many different shades of off white as you know). After a few times we gave up but I guess it was sort of closer than it was. Then there was the trim work, which wasn't the same either but came out pretty good. At first we were going to get a new carpet but then decided (for various reasons) to get it cleaned instead of getting a new one. We will get some new rugs in some of the other rooms though, I think.

    Now, I am busy looking for some throw rugs to get to cover up some of the spots that didn't come out completely and also put in the entryway to te door. We should have done that when we moved in. I shopped yesterday and did buy two rugs but eneded up bringing them back a today. Trying to find the right size is not an easy one. The, we will be looking (again) for a computer table that looks nice , isn't a fortune but then again doesn't look like a hunk of junk either. DH isnm't going to buy one he has to put together either. I think he wants just a nice table and not one with shelves and such. Also, will be looking for draperies.

    Then, we get to start the fun in the Master BR/master bath. I HATE the wallpaper and it was probably an expensive kind but I still hate it. DH likes it but I am determined. Don't know if I will have it re wallpapered, painted or just some border. We will not wallpaper. Did it once years ago and we almost killed each other. The kitchen and family room also need painting but one thing at a time. The house is probably about 20 years old and the old owners may have had it painted or touched up before trying to sell.

    It sure needs it again. Like you said, by the time your finish with one room it is time to do the nedxt and when they are finally all done - it MAY be time to start over again they way we do it around here (not to quickly - for one reason or another).

    Well, gotta run and start getting ready for company tonight. Did some cleaning and vacuuming today - OUCH. Don't feel like doing much except going out to eat - which we will do after our friends come over for a drink.

    Lotsa hugs,

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  19. ckball

    ckball New Member

    for Julie. About your BP, have you tried deep breathing excercise? It does work, also removing stress from your life and I know that isn't a option for you now :)

    Try to take 10-15 minutes in the morning, google for details but basically you inhale and hold and count to a number like 3 or 4 then exhale to the same count, hold it for the same count, inhale again-count rinse and repeat for 10-15 minutes. You can use visulization too.

    I'm sure nurse Linda may have something to say too. Have you ever taken meds for it? Those numbers are a little high but with all you have going on , who's wouldn't. Take time for you or you won't be there for anyone-Carla
  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    ck thanks for the tip on the medical records....

    keeping it short...cody's team won today, of course he did not play football..i didn't go to the game.

    i got really depressed last night so anyways..i didn't want him to see me crying from the stands...

    well going to bed

    hi to each everyone of you...