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    Sorry all have to run. I ran out and got some warm choc chip cookies - the bad but yummy kind :)!!!! BTW, are there really any bad choc. chip cookies? I think not !!! My daughter made DH some healthy choc chip cookies made even with some coconut oil among other good things. I thought they were pretty good but DH wouldn't eat them. They had no sugar or very little ( a bit of brown sugar) but I couldn't convince him. Sounds like Julie's Den who knows what good food he really likes - LOL !!!

    Please post here. Off to tomorrow for DH to check the eyes.

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    Had to jump in to comment on the "wine" topic. I heard or read (don't remember which) that most wine is consumed on the coasts of the U.S. (east and west). Here in "middle earth", the drink of choice is beer or hard liquor.:rolleyes:

    When I buy wine (usually at Sam's), I buy red and white. Then, I select either the red or white by the color of the bottle.:) They get "displayed" on a small wine rack in my living room. On the very rare occasion we have company, we might crack a bottle...and I cross my fingers hoping it's drinkable. LOL

    My last trip to Sam's, they had a bottle that cost $117...say what? I'd never, never ever pay that much for a bottle of fermented grape juice...
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for getting us started, Granni. I marked the last porch thread CLOSED. Had to sign
    in to do that, and then had to sign in again one minute later. I can't tell if it's my computer
    or some other force that's working here. Tried twice in the last five minutes to go to the
    LA Library. Can't do it. Whine, whine, whine as Mikie says. Maybe one can get an app
    for that. Just click one key to accomplish same. Actually, I'm not too sure what an
    app is. In my world "app" is short for apple or appliance.

    Finished a thriller last night. It was published only 3 years ago. All the way through I kept wondering if I had read it before. Still not sure.

    We went to the St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop yesterday. Can still buy a paperback for
    a buck. Used to go there every couple weeks for a long time; 10- 15 years. That was during
    my used record collecting period. Now it's been over a decade since I was there. The
    place has changed only slightly. A bit of rearranging and they now have check out
    stands. Gordon asked if they have a sr. citizen discount. I think all the thrift shops do.
    But now they only have the discount two days a week. What?! I'm not old the
    rest of the week?!

    I read about Vincent de Paul several years ago. Don't remember a thing. Looking up
    stuff is getting to be pretty much of a waste of time. In only a few days I forget most
    of what I've read.

    Julie, your healthful cookies sound pretty good. Of course, as Granni points out , hard
    to beat good old chocolate chip cookies. The ones my mom and sister made were better
    than those runny in the center Mrs. Fields ones.

    Joan, I'm so happy to have heard from you. And sorry to hear about the latest health
    problem. Have you ever had an MRI? I had one a decade or two ago. I had one
    with the "open machine". Like my father, I became claustrophobic in my old age.

    That's terrible that you have to hang on the phone for hours trying to get info. Is
    there no one who can help you? I can't manage my med refills and appointments
    and bill paying and all that stuff anymore. Gordon does it. If we lived a little
    closer, he'd probably come over and give you a hand.

    About that new computer and keyboard, do you mean the keys don't move when
    you touch them? I would think that would really be a big change; hard to get
    used to. I can remember when I first used an electric typewriter. It was at a
    job interview with some big company like 3M or IBM or something. I told they
    interviewer I had never used one. He insisted I take a typing test anyway. I
    don't know why. I wasn't applying to be a typist.

    Here's a bit of humor I found on the net. Sign on a door says: Anyone exiting
    through this door will be asked to leave.

    Ha Ha! Think it's time for me to leave.

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    Ha! Ha! Love the door joke, Rock. Do you enjoy the tactile experience of touching the books and being in the midst of a lot of books? I always loved the library but these days, it seems that people don't respect the books. I got tired of unknown fluid stains on the pages. It's disgusting. Now that I have my Kindle, I can order books from Amazon, many of them free, or take books out electronically from the library (no stains). Kindles have come way down in price and it's fairly easy to get used to using them. Old computers had keys which had some space between them and were a bit curved where one's fingers touched them. The new keyboards are absolutely flat--flat topped keys with no space between them. The worst part for me is the small ones. My fingers are used to a full size keyboard. On the small ones, they are all scrunched up and I keep hitting the wrong keys. AACK!!! :mad: I've always been a fast typist but not on the new, smaller tablets and computers. I once bought one of those curved ergonomic keyboards for my tower PC and took it back. There was noting ergonomic about it and I kept hitting the wrong keys because they had been moved.

    Granni, so glad the second surgery is over. I have a recipe for fairly healthy cookies and will post it at the end. I continue to pray for DH's recovery. I want to get the ingredients for the cookies but I'm now on a no nut diet for five days leading up to the colonoscopy. No nuts and no seeds. No more hemp seeds on my cereal. :(

    Jam, I'm so sorry you never recovered from your surgery. I hope you like the new shoes.

    Windy, I'm not particular about which wine I drink as long as it tastes OK. I prefer white but red is supposed to be better at raising HDL cholesterol. Now that I have my Nutri Bullet, though, I can just grind up red grapes. I do like a glass of wine, for medicinal purposes only, ;) so I usually do drink red these days.

    Julie, good grief, mowing again. I wonder whether it will eventually take its toll on your back like truck drivers. I hope not. I've gotten so sensitive to back problems now that I have one. Check out my cookie recipe. It came from my Mom but I think it was originally in a very old cookbook from NE. Recipes from the Midwest are the best! :)

    Today is a day of rest but I'll likely try to do a little something around here. We got a good soaking rain last night with lightening and thunder, my favorite kind as long as we don't lose power. They got it worse up the coast. There were tornado warnings there and the possibility of hail. We've never had hail here as long as I've been down here.

    Relatively Healthy Cookies

    1/2 C sugar (or equivalent Stevia or other sugar substitute)
    1/2 C dark molasses (can substitute light molasses if dark isn't to your taste)
    3/4 C of butter (or healthy butter substitute)
    2 eggs
    1/4 C milk
    2 tsps. cinnamon
    1 tsp. cloves
    1 tsp. baking soda
    2 C flour (regular, whole grain, or gluten free)
    1 C raisins
    1/2 C walnuts, chopped
    1 C chocolate chips (semi-sweet dark chocolate)
    2 C oatmeal, uncooked

    Mix in order. Soften butter first and sift flour, soda and spices together before adding. Drop on greased cookie sheets and bake at 380 degrees. Cookies may appear done but still be gooey inside. I bake them until they are pretty brown outside. Recipe doesn't say how long to bake and I can't remember but I think I bake them for about 10 mins. and then check them to see whether they need to stay in oven longer. The nuts, raisins or chocolate chips can be left out but with all three, the cookies are delicious.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning everyone . It almost feels like afternoon as we had to get u early for the eye surgeon. The visit went well and even gave the pts. who had surgery yesterday a lovely rose. No more antibiotic drops in the rt. eye, which was the first one done. All looked well and he now has 20/20 vision. I wish I had that :)!! We go again next week for the one week appt. to make sure all is going along on the right track. After that I think it I one month and then 3 or 6 mo. I have forgotten, probably 3 if I had to guess.. DH's had a bad headache yesterday on and off with all the eye meds he got and perhaps also the anesthesia too. One drop less in the rt. eye but about another week I think till the rt one is done. The left continues for a month 3 x a day. So glad all is going well. It will be nice tomorrow morning not to have to get u early and RUSH. I have never been a morning person but I do what is necessary, like most of us here :)!!

    Julie - Hope you get to relax soon , or at least when your guests get here. Den sounds like my DH when it comes to certain things but will eat just about anything. Glad you got some time for yourself yesterday to get your hair doe. That always helps me. It is way past time for a pedicure as my toenails are bad news and I can't reach them well to do anything wit them. During the summer at least I like to wear sandals most of the time, so they need help. So do my finger nails but do them even less. Years ago the only time I got my nails done was when my kids got married. I just cannot keep polish on my nails, even if I try and wear gloves when I do dishes, etc. Usually I am lucky to just have clear on. Does Grandpa go next week to have his casts off.?? I understand your apprehension with him going to go back home soon and also the hazards around and apparent lack of proper care for him. Hoping things will improve. for him and you in that regard.. Yes, it is a worry for you all.

    Mikie - Those cookies sound yummy but DH isn't oatmeal cookies and I just don't bake much an more. If I do it will be all choc chip with no oatmeal. However, these sound pretty tasty and fairly healthy if you leave out the sugar and add other oils instead like coconut. My daughter gave me a recipe with coconut oil and other choc chips, forget what kind they are , etc. Don't think they are what Julie uses . They tasted pretty good I thought but Dh didn't like them so won't be bothering with making them. He likes the original choc chip cookies with nuts too, if possible :)!! Hope you are feeling a little better today with your sciatica, etc.

    Windy- So nice to hear from you. I hope you are feeling fairly well and we have been missing you and hope you will come back more often.

    Joan - You too sweetie. We have been missing hearing from you. Hope they get to the cause of your pain after your MRI. Glad you will get it (the MRI).

    Rock - Nice to hear from you today. I like that exit joke too, very cute.

    Sorry I have to run for now. DH needs the put. Sorry for those I didn;'t mention.

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    Mikie: Can you post what NEW sciatic exercises you were given? I'm trying to be faithful and do my leg lifts, etc. every day......use it or lose it is my mantra. I'm taking a break right now and having my regular breakfast of an egg, toast and cream cheese. I've put on some weight and should STOP eating the cream cheese but I find that hard. I'm more hooked on any type cheese than sugar, and cereal just doesn't stick with me longer than 30 min.

    Thanks for the recipe. It sounds good. I might try it but leave out the chocolate and use stevia instead.

    I didn't realize that about the new keyboards. I'm sitting at my Ipad and it was REALLY difficult to learn to type on this small one.......and yes....the keys are flat. I've used it for about a year now and have to say I love it, but I cried a lot trying to get used to it and build up speed again. I still make tons of mistakes though.

    Jam: I was at Stater bros. yesterday and bought a l/2 gallon of Livingston cab........UGH.......double UGH. It was on sale but it's so awful so will use it for cooking instead since I hate to waste. That means more chili or beef stews.

    Granni: that's great news that DH now has 20/20. Did your eye doc say how much longer until you can have the eye surgery? Isn't it amazing how far things have come? We just take this new technology for granted. My optometrist collects old eye glasses and then has gone several times to Fiji and the Phillipines and done eye tests and distributed glasses. She said the last time she gave an elderly woman some glasses.....never had any before and was almost blind.......and she and the family cried because she could now see.

    And along those lines, my daughter's BIL is a dentist and is leaving soon for Kenya to do dental work. He said the last time they saw over 250 people a day!!!!! Amazing. He takes all his own equipment and his wife and daughters go to help organize the lines and help.

    Julie: I think we can read between the lines with Gpa and sis! Just remember, "things won't change" unless HE wants a change, so don't fuss. Sometimes life just doesn't fair. I believe strongly that EVERYONE should pull their fair share but too many people leave it to others to fill in the gap they've left.

    My DH got the news on his knee.......plain ol arthritis......I told him welcome to the world of us old people! He's to have another scan in 2 weeks to see how the cancer spots look, so that means purging and drinking some barium.
    I'm really hoping that this antidepressant will help. I'm killing myself with everything that has to be done around here and I usually fall into bed around 9:30 and pass out.

    I'm going to finish doing my outside blower work then head for the shower since I'm filthy! And I hope to spend some time at my easel.
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    HI Sun - Sorry about the bad wine you bought !! We have bought some when we want to try something different. For the most part those gallon jugs and boxes aren't the greatest but a few will work in a pinch, if that is what you want and you can only pay so much for it. I figure that there isn't a lot to lose if you try it once and if you don't like it use it for cooking like you do. I wouldn't spend a bunch on something I never tried though. I have heard though some people say how bad some wines are and we or others may like it, so you never know.

    Don't even know if they still have it or if they sell t in your area, we used to drink fairly good sized bottles of Almaden Mountain Rhine. We really liked it. I think it is a bit on the sweet side if you compare lots of the Rhine Wines. Most are pretty dry. Then they went to boxes. We got it for some time and even got others onto it. Now not even sure they have the bottles. They changed some time ago to boxes but with so many different kinds they have now, they may not even sell itany more. I don't know as we haven't looked in some time . If you find it you might want to try it. It is or was pretty good for the money if you like a semi sweet wine. I isn't to sweet like some or VERY dry, Now I think we have been drinking more bottles and try & get the larger bottles for value but not the gallons or 1/2 gal. We used to go to Specs for a lot of our wine but now it is usually Sams or HEB ( a TX store). Occasionally when they have a sale on the smaller bottles we to buy and try it out.

    Sorry to bore all you that don't drink wine or aren't interested. I just thought I would chime in when u started talking about the bad wine you just bought.

    BTW, I need to get my eyes examined to see how my cataract is growing. Sometime ago, I believe the doc said I had a small cataract but not to worry yet. So I need to go for a checkup also to see if I need new lenses in my glasses. I have worn glasses since 10 yrs old for distance. Now I am also bad at close work --------- aaack !! So we will see but it will be awhile while we take care of some of these bills and a few other things we need to buy !!

    Julie - Hope you have a great weekend with your family. TRY not to worry to much about Grandpa's situation as Sun said. That is what he wants, at least for now. He is worriedabout sis, Wish she would worry some about him too but nothing anyone can do about that I fear. :mad:

    Hi also to Rock, Jam,Spring Water, Windy, Joan, Diane and so many others. Sorry if I missed anyone. May check back later. Buy for now.

    Granni :)

    Julie -
  8. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    I've been a couch potato today except for my stretches, which I believe really helped.

    Sunflower Girl, there were only two my doc gave me but I went on You Tube and found a good Yoga stretch video for sciatica. Historically, we've been told to pull our knees up to our chests. My doc said to pull them close to the chest and then lean in with the chest toward the knees (opposite of what we've been doing). Pulling them up to the chest is a good stretch for our hips but when you lean toward the knees, leading with the chest, you can really feel the stretch about 3 inches wide across the back just below the waist. That's where we need the stretch. He did the other sitting in his chair. He put his fists, fingers down, side by side inside his knees. He then pressed his knees together and, again, leaned with his chest toward his fists. I can feel the stretch in the same spot. I can't remember all the Yoga stretches; I'll have to look at the video again. One was sitting with knees bent and out with the soles of the feet together on the floor. Same thing--lead with the chest into the hands which are holding the feet together. Same stretch. I got immediate relief but, of course, it didn't last so I stretched some more and, again, it relieved the pain. I know sciatica is a symptom and I want to see my ortho doc tomorrow so, hopefully, he can tell what is wrong. I hope it isn't a serious spinal problem and I can get rid of this horrid pain with exercises and stretches. Some people get relief with the shots but usually not permanently. I'll take anything I can get.

    Granni, it's too bad DH doesn't like oatmeal. I don't like regular oatmeal cookies but these are delicious. I'm so glad his vision is doing so well, thanks to your TLC! The only time I have 20/20 vision is when I put on my glasses :)

    Jam, it just seems as though we can never get ahead of the curve with out health. We have condition on condition and complication piled on complication. All we can do is keep on keepin' on with our research, sharing and trying new things. As bad as things have been recently for me, I'm still grateful for my many blessings and the ability to get through this. If reincarnation is a reality, I want to come back as a healthy person :) A rich, healthy person :) A rich, healthy person but so thin my doc says I have to eat a lot :) Dream on!

    After stretching (I should have done it before) I took a nice hot Epsom Salt soak. My skin is soooo dry, I put coconut oil on it and got into my jammies. It eventually soaks into the skin and doesn't leave it greasy but it takes a while so an old tee and jammie bottoms protect my bed and furniture. I'm bored because I can't really do anything. Tomorrow, I need to stop at the store for milk and produce. I'll do it after I see the doc if I can walk. I'm so used to being, at least, semi-active and don't know what I'll do if I can go out and work in the yard, moving plants around.

    When I take Barb to the airport, we are going to have to ask a neighbor to help lift her huge check in bag into the rear of the SUV. She's going to have to pay a Red Cap to remove it. I know she's not going to want to but I can't do it an neither can she. This is where the rich part would be nice: Hire a car service and fly first class everywhere. You can pay to have a one-time background check and bypass airport security. Who says money can't buy happiness? Well, maybe not but I'd like to give it a try :) What I do know is that it can feed hungry kids and provide medical services and education in poverty stricken areas.

    Well, I had better get going. I decided to just stop in to see what's happening. We are supposed to get more rain this evening and I hope we do.

    My love to everyone,
  9. Windytalker

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    Hi to all...

    Just wanted to comment about cataract surgery. My DH had both eyes done a while back and he also ended up with 20/20 vision BUT it didn't correct his ability to read things close up. It was so strange to see my DH not wearing glasses...he'd worn them almost all his life. He bought 1/2 glasses for reading and that became a problem for him (1/2 the time he couldn't remember where he put them). He ended up with glasses again, but only for the close up correction. He looks more "himself" these days.

    I also have cataracts but early stages (comes with age I think). What I've found is I need really good lighting especially if I'm reading or working on a hobby (sewing, knitting or crocheting). Ott Lights, for me, have been a blessing.

  10. Mikie

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    OMG, Julie, it's a good thing you are super flexible. Yes, one way or another, things will work out. Hang in there, Kiddo. :) A smile for you cause you could use one.

    Windy, most people I know do need reading glasses after the surgery for close-up work. I envy them as my cataracts are so small the doc said I'll outlive the need to have them removed. So, I wear my progressives which are +350 at the bottom. Yikes! :eek:

    So, yesterday, I stayed in bed or on the sofa with my legs elevated all day. By late afternoon, I had my sciatic pain pretty much under control. I got a call from a friend who had a water problem and needed to borrow my wet 'n dry vac. I had to limp out to my walk-in and dig it out from under other things; when you live in a condo, you stack things up. I got it, and the hose and tubes outside my door. We opened it up and the foam wet filter wasn't on it. I couldn't find it anywhere and my friend felt so bad about getting me up when I'm in such pain. If I had told her she couldn't use it because it was buried, she would have wanted to come over and dig it out herself. She decided to drive just down the road to Lowe's and buy her own. She'd been meaning to and didn't get one bought. The thing with wet 'n dry vacs is that, often, when you need them, it's an emergency. I'll have to pick up a new foam filter. I may have thrown the old one away because, the last time I cleaned out our A/C overflow pipes, it was thick with mucus-like fungi. AACK!!! :confused:

    I had just returned to bed, now hurting, when the doorbell rang. It was the first friend's friend who wanted to give me an invitation to a surprise party for her. I asked her in but she could see that I wasn't in very good shape. If I weren't huring so bad, this would be comical. My Icy Hot tens unit isn't working and I don't know why. I changed the battery but that didn't help. So, I just did some stretching and lay as comfortably as possible. I was exhausted and fell asleep. My phone alarm woke me at 10:00 so I could take my clonazepam. Then, I slept til 3:30 a.m. I've put Simon's food out for him but he hasn't been by yet.

    I did look at the beautiful full moon on this Friday the 13th. Yesterday morning, I woke just as the moon was setting, looking huge and orange. I want to get out there just before it sets this morning and hope it is orange. The only bad luck I've ever had was when Hurricane Charley blew through on Friday, Aug. the 13th. On the other hand, we suffered only a minor roof leak from what was a major, destructive hurricane. We got it patched right away and then, the ins. co. paid for a new roof. So, maybe it's lucky after all. If Friday the 13th is lucky for me, the doc will be able to help this pain. What I really want from him is a dx of what is causing the sciatica which is a symptom for a spine or hip problem. It predates my hip injury and I think it's the spine cause I've had lower back pain for a while. BTW, this full moon is known as the Strawberry Moon. It's the first full moon in June which signals the berry season. We won't have another full moon on a Friday the 13th until 2045. If my good luck holds, I'll be dead by then. :)

    I printed out Julie's little rolly polly bug and made a sign for my front door; I should have put it on. Also, I should not answer my phone when I'm in pain like yesterday. Live and learn. Of course, in an older community like ours, if people can't get ahold of you, they think the worst and might call the Sheriff. One of our friends has a key to the unit downstairs where all our keys are stored but she is on a cruise. We need to give her key to another person in here. Most of us have our emergency info on the front of our fridges after one of our own had a stroke (he later died) and no one knew whom to call in his family or support unit. :eek: It was awful!

    In about an hour, I'll get into the shower to go to the doc's later on. I'll let all y'all know what he has to say.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I was trying to post a picture of the lotus flowers in Echo Park Lake which is 2 blocks from us.
    Couldn't find a photo that would copy. So then I posted a picture of the annual lotus festival.
    I decided it was too big, but I couldn't find anyway to erase it. Ay Caramba! as Bart
    Simpson says.

    Anyhoo the picture is a bit misleading as it looks like they are buildings in the park. Actually
    there are across the street. And you can't see the lotus flowers. But other than that...

    The park covers about two city blocks. If the camera were pointing in the other direction, you
    could see the lake in the foreground and the downtown skyscrapers in the back. Right across
    the street from the park is the Aimee Semple McPherson temple that she built in the 1920s.
    If she were alive today, she'd be real competition to Jim Baker as the leading TV evangelist.

    Jim used to be a neighbor of my aunt and uncle in Rochester, MN. They lived 3 blocks from
    the Federal Prison. Jim served his time and went back to his old job. Apparently is once
    again very successful.

    We went to the Goodwill's newest store yesterday to buy some paperback books. This
    is the biggest, newest, cleanest thrift shop I've ever seen. It was previously a K Mart
    store. It even has a "G Cafe". Stuff is kinda pricey thought. Most stuff (sandwiches,
    pizza, salads) is 5 to 7 bucks. Doubt many shoppers can afford that.

    The good news is that our regular library branch reopend two weeks early. They were
    having new carpet installed. Now that I think of it, I didn't even go look at the new
    carpet. I 'spect it's the same old industrial grey they had before.

    Bought some paperbacks. Ten cents @ instead of 2-4 bucks. Course I recycle them all
    back to the library so it's not much different than checking out library books.

    Windy, never heard of Ott lights. Looked on the net. I see they claim to provide less glare,
    less heat and a light that is closer to real sunlight. I do see the name "Ott" in the
    crosswords though. Mel Ott was the first National League player to hit 500 home runs.

    Sunflower, hope you got some time in at your easel. This rotten health business gets
    tiresome, doesn't it. Or as the old song from my childhood put it: Life gets Tee-jus,
    don't it?

    Well, I used up all my sitting time. Have to come back.

    Hugs everydobby

  13. Granniluvsu

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    Good morning awl,

    Just a quick one as I need to get dressed and go to the store when DH gets back from the bank.

    Rock - Don't feel bad about not being able to post the picture you want. That is why I never change my avatar. I is a very pretty picture though, . I never hear of OTT lights either. It is so great that you are such a big reader. DH is like that, almost always reading some book or e-reader on the Kindle. H is especially a history bug and knows so much about all the war and conflicts, not just ours.

    Mikie - Sorry for al the ruckus and your pain. :( Hope you can find out some answers soon and get it taken care of it that is possible. Hope to hear some good new from you soon.

    Julie - So sorry to hear about Uncle Harvey's pneumonia, no party this weekend and Grandpa's casts probably not coming off today. I know you , Grandpa and all were looking forwards to that. :(Hope the doc has a good plan and that it won't be much longer. Hope Grandpa doesn't get to disappointed at not removing the casts today. It is good to let the doc tell him and not you .

    Can't remember if anyone else posted or not as my brain has taken a short vacation :)!!

    Hugz to all our Porchies, old and new ! Hope to be back later.

    Love as always,
    Granni :)
  14. Granniluvsu

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    Windy - So nice to hear from you before. Sorry but I forgot when I signed off this morning on the last post. Thanks for info on cataract surgery. I know, like everything else, everyone is different and they heal at a different pace. Glad your DH is doing well with his new lenses. If he was like my DH he got the TORIC lens. Those lens' only correct near sightedness and astigmatism. I suspect that he will need readers for close work. The other lenses that correct everything near and far sightedness (not sure about astigmatism) is the RESTOR or RESTORE lens. Those I believe are about double the cost of the Toric lens for each eye - yikes :eek:.

    Actually my eyes are worse or were than my DH"s all my life. H just stared wearing glasses a few years ago - first for farsightedness and then near. It is really something what they can do now with cataract surgery. Just speaking to those who have had it a few years ago things have really hanged for the better, plus the recoup time is much shorter.

    Guess everyone is busy this afternoon. Hope to hear fro Julie and Mikie about their doc experiences today for Grandpa and Mikie's pain. Nothing happening here. Went shopping with DH this morning for shoes for him and some extra groceries.

    We will have a very quiet weekend and Father's Day. If DH's felt better and he felt more confident and more sure of himself we could drive to our eldest daughter's MIL home where they will have a celebration for Father's Day. We are not driving into the big city with all that traffic.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. I probably will check in as we won't be doing much of anything.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Here I am! I have numerous excuses for not visiting you sooner. First I have a new computer, Windows 8. It is so very different than any computer that I have ever had. It took me ( and both my sons) several weeks to figure all the ions and outs. (Please remember that I am the one who doesn't always correct typos) I am also using the hunt and peck on the keyboard as this one is flat and mine was raised.

    That is excuse No, 1! Tomorrow I will explain all of it and maybe you will understand more of my comings and goings. I am so glad to get back. I also spent numerous evenings trying to get on ghe porch. Its getting the right password and the right username,. I even typed an explaining post to you and it went poof. I got so tired and about just decided to give up on you dear people. Buy......tonight I made it! (I cant find any faces to smile or frown!)

    Anyway, tomorrow when I can see straight, I will return. Hope that I haven't bored you so far.
  16. loveslilacs30

    loveslilacs30 Member

    I just saw the smileys:)

    goodnight to all mu great friends

    Lilaclover or Joan:D
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Jam, Joan and anyone else who might be peaking in on a late Friday evening.

    Quiet evening here too and I am afraid it will also be a very quiet weekend and Father's Day, just some calls from the kids. Was hoping to make it the celebration that was to be at my eldest daughter's in laws home. DH is dong pretty well but is still quite tired , worn out and not to sure of his eyes yet for driving all the way into the city for city driving. It is not actually the big city but much bigger than where we live now, for sure and the traffic horrific at times. Will have to call them to say we won't be coming. Will just ret at home which at this point is OK by me.

    Yes Jam - simple is fine by me :)!! Hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy your bridge game, Sorry you haven't gotten the newer used Windows from your friend yet . Yu will get it eventually I suppose. They keep upgrading things every year or so you could go and spend a fortune every year for newer stuff. Just as long as it works is fine by me.

    Joan - So glad to see you again. Sorry you have been having such a time logging it. I know Windows 8 is VERY different from what I have heard . I would probably take me ages to figure it out for sure. When you log in isn't there a box you can click that says to save or something like that. That is for them to hopefully keep you logged I so that you don't have to log in every time. Hopefully you can find that to click on. I know a new computer can drive you crazy just as older ones can too :)!!

    Hope you both and all have a great weekend.

    Julie - I case you check in let us know about Grandpa's casts and what the doc said about when to change them.. Even though you are not having your big reunion bash you will have a nice Father's Day I know.

    Mikie - Hope you got some answers at the docs today and that you are not hurting as bad. I'll probably be at least checking I to see if anything is going on sometime tomorrow.

    Thinking also of Dar, Sun, Windy, Spring Water, Rock , Diane and so many MIA's,

    Love to ALL of you ,
    Granni :)
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello everydobby

    Granni - glad to hear DHs second surgery too is over with..what
    a relief that is sure you are waiting to get back to
    your performances...your mind will be a lot lighter now that
    an important issue is taken care of

    Julie - looks like you need to do the mowing just as stress relief
    therapy after a run in with your! killing two birds with
    one stone..a cab driver told me after ten years of driving, he
    is having back issues, so pls make sure you take precautions with that
    ..i think someone mentioned that here, and i agree

    Sun - it was fun looking up two buck chuck (i was lost there, it
    sounds more like meat to me) ...i used to drink wine at outside
    functions, not coz i liked it, i dont like the taste..but to loosen
    up...when i was in a funk but couldnt avoid social gatherings,
    but now i dont even hv to do that, coz i seem to hv gotten ovr
    the social anxiety part...

    Rock - tks for the picture...America is such a lovely place..
    we used to walk in what my daughter called the more ghetto
    areas of her town, where you could hv yr mobile snatched,
    if you walked down the street but it was still ten times
    prettier and better infrastructure than here, i love the
    sound of the thrift shop..all sorts of exciting possibilities

    Joan - how GOOD to see you...tho i wish you hadnt had all
    those things to go thru...still i appreciate you coming on and
    updating us....i couldnt open the pictures you had posted,
    but will fiddle around n try to get them to open...

    Jam - i m going to go thru my clothespile today, and toss out
    stuff that hasnt been used for ages..keeping it simple, is a
    mantra which is beginning to make more and more sense as
    i grow older, the stumbling block is i LOVE pretty things,
    and am sentimental about things which gave me a lot of pleasure
    caspar comics, crystal ornaments, that expensive perfume which
    i love the idea of owning but dont seem to find the time or inclination
    to use...that sort of thing...
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2014
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring Water - I just saw your post for some reason and Joan's ending where she found the smileys. Don't know what was going on and if your electricity went off or what since you didn't finish your last sentence about having your mobile snatched.

    Everyone have a good night , sleep tight and don't let those bedbugs bite :)! LOL! Don't think I ever saw a bedbug and I hope I never do.

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Joan, Glad you were finally able to complete your post. This new Windows 8
    business sounds way too complicated for my Pooh-sized brain. Congrats
    on finding the emoticons. I sometimes have to hunt all over to find the right
    button to open a new thread.

    Granni, never heard of those different kinds of lenses. Gordon saw a documentary
    some years ago. It said most glasses were made by one firm in France. Didn't
    matter if they were $400 designer sun glasses or reading glass for folks like us.
    Something like 70% come from this same source. BTW, is the big city you
    referred to Waco? I read on Wikipedia that Waco was the name of the indigenous
    people who lived there. So jokes about folks who live there being whacko are not
    historically accurate.

    Mikie, yes, I love old book stores. Don't know if there are any to be found nowadays.
    Never cared for Barnes and Nobel or B. Dalton, etc. BTW, one of my college
    roommates was a B. Dalton Manager in some mall in the San Francisco Bay area.
    He left that job to go to work for MacMillian Publishing. Traveled a lot calling on
    bookstores and colleges. He was from a MN village a few miles from mine. Every
    year he sends a goofy Xmas letter. He's just as silly and cheerful as he was half
    a century ago. So am I except when I am depressed or angry which is most of
    the time.

    I remember seeing those ergonomic keyboards years ago. Never tried one.
    It seemed to me they would be more difficult to type on, not easier.

    Not much going one here. Gordon harvested a few of his long beans. Some
    are a foot, nine inches long. He also uses the leaves. Puts them in a kind of porridge.
    When I woke up yesterday morning I heard Cantonese in the hallway. He
    was on the phone talking to an aunt. He promised her some beans and leaves.

    Our morning chiro appointment was cancelled by our bone cracker. He said we
    could come almost any day next week. That's fine. We are not rigid about our bones.

    Regards to Jam, Julie, Springwater, and all the rest of the gang. Love ya all.