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    hello everydobby

    Granni - glad to hear DHs second surgery too is over with..what
    a relief that is sure you are waiting to get back to
    your performances...your mind will be a lot lighter now that
    an important issue is taken care of

    Julie - looks like you need to do the mowing just as stress relief
    therapy after a run in with your! killing two birds with
    one stone..a cab driver told me after ten years of driving, he
    is having back issues, so pls make sure you take precautions with that
    ..i think someone mentioned that here, and i agree

    Sun - it was fun looking up two buck chuck (i was lost there, it
    sounds more like meat to me) ...i used to drink wine at outside
    functions, not coz i liked it, i dont like the taste..but to loosen
    up...when i was in a funk but couldnt avoid social gatherings,
    but now i dont even hv to do that, coz i seem to hv gotten ovr
    the social anxiety part...

    Rock - tks for the picture...America is such a lovely place..
    we used to walk in what my daughter called the more ghetto
    areas of her town, where you could hv yr mobile snatched,
    if you walked down the street but it was still ten times
    prettier and better infrastructure than here, i love the
    sound of the thrift shop..all sorts of exciting possibilities

    Joan - how GOOD to see you...tho i wish you hadnt had all
    those things to go thru...still i appreciate you coming on and
    updating us....i couldnt open the pictures you had posted,
    but will fiddle around n try to get them to open...

    Jam - i m going to go thru my clothespile today, and toss out
    stuff that hasnt been used for ages..keeping it simple, is a
    mantra which is beginning to make more and more sense as
    i grow older, the stumbling block is i LOVE pretty things,
    and am sentimental about things which gave me a lot of pleasure
    caspar comics, crystal ornaments, that expensive perfume which
    i love the idea of owning but dont seem to find the time or inclination
    to use...that sort of thing...
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    Spring Water - I just saw your post for some reason and Joan's ending where she found the smileys. Don't know what was going on and if your electricity went off or what since you didn't finish your last sentence about having your mobile snatched.

    Everyone have a good night , sleep tight and don't let those bedbugs bite :)! LOL! Don't think I ever saw a bedbug and I hope I never do.

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    Hi everyone! I just got started on a post this morning, but Gpa got up and our day just went pretty wild from there...

    Lindsey was hurting pretty bad, so I fixed Gpa's breakfast, then went over to watch the kids while she took a warm bath. In between other things, I hung out three loads of clothes. Got Gpa bathed and was getting ready to fix his lunch when his neighbor stopped by...they visited so long, we had to rush and get ready for Gpa's appt.

    The doctor explained that the left wrist is showing a little bit of healing, but the right wrist is showing no healing at the casts stay on one more week, then come off....will have xrays then back to doctor. May have to just wear a splint/brace for awhile, till they heal completely.

    Gpa took it well...said the doc never promised only six weeks, and no use to take the casts off too soon...

    Next Friday should be the day for the casts to come off...and that evening is the twins' 2nd birthday party. Their birthday is actually Saturday, but David will be home earlier on Friday and his parents will be here.

    I would love to have the energy to address everyone, but have just enough oomph to load the dishwasher and get to bed...before 10:00 pm! We did watch the kids while Lindsey got to go out to eat with her best friend. David got home from Guard Drill soon after supper, so took over till Lindsey got home. I was out watering plants when she pulled in the drive and she looked so relaxed and rested...said she was so happy to actually get to SOCIALIZE! I guess that is probably the best birthday present I could give her (along with a check, lol!)

    Happy Father's Day to all our dads...we will just have our dads, me and Den, Lindsey and the kids (David will be back to Guard drill all day Sunday.) If my dad is still here in the afternoon, my brother and wife will come here to see him...otherwise they will go to care center.

    Love you guys! Thanks for being here...
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  4. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Joan, Glad you were finally able to complete your post. This new Windows 8
    business sounds way too complicated for my Pooh-sized brain. Congrats
    on finding the emoticons. I sometimes have to hunt all over to find the right
    button to open a new thread.

    Granni, never heard of those different kinds of lenses. Gordon saw a documentary
    some years ago. It said most glasses were made by one firm in France. Didn't
    matter if they were $400 designer sun glasses or reading glass for folks like us.
    Something like 70% come from this same source. BTW, is the big city you
    referred to Waco? I read on Wikipedia that Waco was the name of the indigenous
    people who lived there. So jokes about folks who live there being whacko are not
    historically accurate.

    Mikie, yes, I love old book stores. Don't know if there are any to be found nowadays.
    Never cared for Barnes and Nobel or B. Dalton, etc. BTW, one of my college
    roommates was a B. Dalton Manager in some mall in the San Francisco Bay area.
    He left that job to go to work for MacMillian Publishing. Traveled a lot calling on
    bookstores and colleges. He was from a MN village a few miles from mine. Every
    year he sends a goofy Xmas letter. He's just as silly and cheerful as he was half
    a century ago. So am I except when I am depressed or angry which is most of
    the time.

    I remember seeing those ergonomic keyboards years ago. Never tried one.
    It seemed to me they would be more difficult to type on, not easier.

    Not much going one here. Gordon harvested a few of his long beans. Some
    are a foot, nine inches long. He also uses the leaves. Puts them in a kind of porridge.
    When I woke up yesterday morning I heard Cantonese in the hallway. He
    was on the phone talking to an aunt. He promised her some beans and leaves.

    Our morning chiro appointment was cancelled by our bone cracker. He said we
    could come almost any day next week. That's fine. We are not rigid about our bones.

    Regards to Jam, Julie, Springwater, and all the rest of the gang. Love ya all.
  5. Mikie

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    Hi, Everyone,

    Joan, we were just discussing how difficult it is to type on the flat keyboards, especially if they are smaller. If you can find the desktop screen on your Windows 8, it will look a lot more like earlier versions. Can't say how to find it, though, because different versions differ as to how to get to it. Barb's has a desktop tile. With mine, I have to find the down arrow on the start screen. I have found that my Surface2 really uses up battery time. Seems like all I do is charge it. It does have an HD screen and I believe those take up more juice. I also believe Windows 8 uses more too. I'm disappointed because my Kindle Fire HD, which is almost a tablet, stays charged a LOT longer. My original Kindle lasts forever. It's actually better to use outside as there is no screen glare. Typos don't matter here. I try to look over my posts but, sometimes when I'm busy and don't, I'm horrified at what I've typed. Doesn't seem to matter, though, as most of us can read between the lines, or typos, as the case may be.

    Julie, is there a way to get GPA one of those things which they wear around their necks? The new ones can tell when someone falls and they automatically call 911 or a call center, depending on the unit. There is also a panic button. In lieu of that, is there a responsible person who will call GPA or can GPA call at a specified time every day to let someone know he is OK? These ideas are the best for keeping an eye on older people when no one is around (even when they are supposed to be). I can't imagine sis leaving him like that. One day, that girl is going to have a lot to answer for and will likely hate herself for her behavior. Or, maybe she is so dysfunctional that she isn't capable of feeling remorse. In any case, it's GPA's needs which are the most important. Maybe where we see selfishness and dysfunction, he only sees his child. Bless his heart and bless yours too. BTW, docs now are using electricity and ultra sound to heal fractures. Did GPA fracture his wrists or sprain them?

    Granni, thanks for your good wishes. I'll post at the bottom what happened at the doc's yesterday. Some good news but nothing definitive yet. Still praying for DH for his eyes. Guess we'll be praying for yours if you have to have surgery. Then it will be DH's turn at the eyedrops. Yikes!

    Doc said my spinal x-rays don't, "Look bad." In other words, my spine is that of a normal old lady. Still, I am having an MRI on Thurs. along with some PT (I have my colonoscopy on Wed. so it will be a busy week). I don't know whether I'll keep up with the PT as it's expensive--big co-pays. Still, I'll give it a shot because it can involve ultra sound and hot massage. Now, that's my kind of PT. I already have those stretches which really help. That and my tens unit too. I bought another one because the old one quit working. I put in the new battery which came with the new pack of patches. Still didn't work. So, I trued the new battery from my new unit and it's working like a charm. The batteries don't last too long. Doc was surprised that one can buy tens units OTC now. I told him how much it is helping.

    He asked me to bend over and touch my toes. I said, "In my dreams." Actually, I can almost touch them and if I keep it up, I will likely be able to at some time. He said he can't touch his and he's a LOT younger than I. When I showed him my favorite stretch, he said he could never do that. I told him if he had to paint his toenails, he'd do whatever it takes. He laughed and said he was glad he didn't have to paint them. I find that when pain starts, if I do some stretching, it relieves the pain. Wish I could find a way to hang semi-upside down without getting another tilt table. Those really take the pressure off the spine, even at 120 to 130 degrees. It isn't necessary to go all the way to 180 degrees but if does feel good to do it and just hang like a bat.

    I have to go shopping for a birthday gift for the birthday girl. I also have to either bring something or buy hostess gifts for the ladies hosting the catered party. I think I'll get wine for hostess gifts. The birthday girl is a cat lover but she probably has enough cat tee shirts and knick knacks. I want to get something nice but not expensive. Today there is another sale at Bealls with a $10 coupon. I can buy a box of K-cups and still get something for her. In the end, neither the coffee nor the gift will cost too much.

    It's a good thing we are getting rain this week as I'm motivated to get out and use the hedge trimmer. I think I can do it, even with my pain. There are only two very small bushes I need to trim back. Still, the doc said to rest the back and hip this week. I will not overdo things when I get a bit more active but I can't live like this forever. It's actually walking which hurts. I can stand and sit, or lie, OK.

    Well, Kids, that's about it. To anyone I've missed, or who missed me, hugs and kisses all around.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Mikie

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    I'm gonna close early and start a new Porch when I'm done here. Just wanted to say the one and only knife sanitizer at Amazon was defective, just like the one I've had for years and wanted to replace. Now, I have to send it back. They make it pretty easy if one has a printer to print out the return label. Ugh! I get sick of things going wrong. In the worldwide perspective, my little troubles don't amount to a hill of beans, as Rick said in Casablanca. I'd settle for a back which isn't shooting level 10 pains in my butt.

    I'm invited to a birthday party for a casual friend here in the hood and wanted to get her something special or different without breaking the bank. I had today's $10 coupon from Bealls so, of course, that's where I went. I barely got out of there on my feet. I look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame trying to walk. I did find an adorable coffee mug and little snack plate in the shape of a shell with a little starfish on it. The mug has shells and starfish around it. It is white pottery with a bit of beige on the starfish. She'll love it. I'm going to tell her that when she wants to curl up with her cats and feel pampered, she can put a few cookies on the little plate and some coffee in the mug and just relax.

    OK, gonna close this out as it's #29 and we usually go over anyway.

    Love, Mikie

    Please go to the new Porch Volume # 719 to post. Thank you.
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    Good morning to everydobby !!

    So glad to see a few posts here this Sat. morning.

    Julie I figured that you had an extremely busy day yesterday . Glad all went as well as good be expected other than the no removal of Gpa's casts which we figured was going to happen. Also happy that Gpa didn't get too upset that he has to stay I them week or longer. Where will you and Lindsey or Amy ( I forget which daughter) be going in a week and 1 1/2 and how long will you be gone? Hope you both get to go on a fun trip that will relax you both. I didn't know you were taking some time off. I hope it all works out and you surely do need a break. I know you will have a wonderful Father's Day celebration. We won't be doing much as DH doesn't feel up to driving into Houston as yet.

    Rock - No the big city wasn't Waco ( which many in TX call it Wacko)and not Waco pronounced Wayco.. Keep on posting dear friend you keep us all awake and laughing even though you may not be feeling so up, atem and jovial.

    Joan - Again so nice to see you again. Do not worry about typos. I have the same problem although some of it is the program which I am on that makes me skip letters. If I type to fast and am not looking at what I'm typing sometimes it is such a mess I cannot figure out what I said to correct . Hope you can find that box that say to save or something like that when you log in..

    Mikie - Glad you seem to be doing OK or nothing to bad, as of this moment. I think you said that you would be having an MRI soon. I wonder how much they cost. Not sure that Medicare pays r that but you are younger and what insurance you have, if another than possible govt. I know that Medicare is paying less for things that they used to. Our problem is that our deductibles are to high and never get them paid off. Good luck to you on it and hope it helps to find your problem so it can HOPEFULLY be resolved. Our supplemental has also been paying less. Not waiting for next year - aack !:eek: Yes, wine usually is a good hostess gift. Is the party today or tomorrow??

    Hope you enjoy your party and take it easy on your shopping that you do not hurt yourself worse by walking to much or carrying, etc. Try and rest some in between too. You are still a busy gal :) !!!!

    Gotta run for now and do a few chores around here and do on more things on the computer. Saw an e-mail from our new church music and liturgy director that I need to print out and go over its contents. I think he said he will be here sometime in July from the Boston area.

    Love to awl including those not mentioned ,
    Granni :)