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    Hi Kids

    Stop by. Drop in. Pull up a chair and set a while. We've got extra lights on the porch.
    Help yourself to some cider or eggnog. We got cookies. The kids made 'em with a little
    supervision. And three kinds of bars. And a traditional fruitcake. It's very traditional.
    The same one we've had the last several years. BTW, I was reading a book set in
    England. The folks over there had a frosted fruitcake.

    Hope things are swell at your house. But even if the going gets a little rough now
    and then, you can always take a break and drop in here. We're always glad to see ya.

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    Well, Kids, my post done vanished.
    And then it came back.
    And then it vanished again.

    I have no choice but to run away and become a pirate.

    Well, what the ! Now it's back again. All to mysterious for me to figure out.


    Hi Folks

    Things are quiet at our house. Gordon went to the library and picked up some books we
    had on hold. He also stopped at a Chinese take out place to get himself some chicken.

    I had a call from my brother the park ranger. Terrible connection. For a while it sounded
    like we were trying to talk over Chinese chatter. After a while it was Spanish chatter. This
    has been going on intermittently for decades. And at different locations and with different
    phones. I intend to file a complaint as soon and I found out where to file it.

    On the other side of the coin, it was 78 degrees here today. Tomorrow it will be one degree
    warmer with a mild breeze and no precip or prenups. The moon will be waning and gibbous.
    Reminds me of Henry Gibson. Remember him? He was on Rowan and Martin's Laugh In.
    Used to read short verses that he wrote himself. Often dressed as a clergyman. He said,
    "We accept all denominations. We especially appreciate 20s and 50s."

    Here's something I "created" based on one of his little verses. It's a tribute to Henry who died
    a couple years ago. He was my age.

    Poem by John Wayne:

    OK, Fellows

    Eat red meat and lots of greens.
    Get off your butt; join the Marines.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better, Julie. That's a big group you're expecting. Hope everydobby has happy memories.

    Didn't think of the "stag" aspect, Mikie. And it's so obvious. I should have been able to
    male that one in. Congratulations of installing your smoke detector in only 5 minutes. Had I
    been there to help you, we could have done it in 20. BTW, I read that one of the reasons
    for all the exotic snakes in the Everglades was Hurricane Andrew which scattered the
    snakes from the exotic pet breeding farms.

    Sounds like you've been going full speed ahead and need lots of rest, Dar. I hope the party
    goes well, and that you don't get too exhaustenized. You might want to think about
    moving your account to a different bank. One that has a warmer sign. I haven't seen
    weather below zero for decades. Don't ever expect to see it again!

    Time to go. Gonna start a new mystery by an author I don't know. Just saw his name
    in the back pages of a paperback.

    Here's a message from the Old Country. It's in Norske, but it's easy to figure out.

    God Jul og God Nytt Ar.

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    Hi All!

    Thanks for the new thread Rock.

    The party went great. And all 38 residents I signed up for the Santa for Seniors got their gifts delivered as well. Took me a while to sort them out, mark their room numbers on them and arrange them by floors for the CNA's to deliver, but I'm sure they were pretty happy to receive them all.

    I remember Henry Gibson. I used to love his bits and his deadpan delivery. The sign at my bank was somewhat kinder today. A whopping thirteen degrees above zero. Good news is I'm off today, tomorrow and Thursday. Gives me time to get this bronchitis under control before it gets too bad and I have to return to work on Friday. I'm taking mega-doses of L-lysine and Vitamin C since onset of symptoms. I'm also taking a medication containing mucinex, acetaminophen, and a decongestant. Yum! Like a California Cocktail. o_O

    My crazy cat, Pyewackett is helping me eat my pizza as I keyboard. It's a sausage, mushroom and green pepper. Oddly, the mushrooms are his favorite part. The cat loves fungus. So we share the fungus amungus. :)

    Your strawberry jello sounded pretty good. I think your hay loft ritual is a nice one. It's been years since I was in a hay loft. Since I was eleven. Used to love sliding down the hay. Great fun! It was also a nice place to just sit and contemplate on life.

    Your stag pun was a good one :D. Congrats on the swift installation of your smoke detector.
    Hope you don't suffer any "snake attacks" from your unwanted reptilian friends. :rolleyes: (I just couldn't resist). Hope you are feeling better.

    For all friends on the Porch, Merry Christmas! And to all a Gute nacht.
    Love, Dar
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    Hi to everyone,

    We had a nice time at our son and dil's today. Our eldest daughter and family was also there. We had Mexican food, yummy seafood enchiladas- VERY delicious and very filling. We are taking about doing different ethnic foods for Christmas. Next year may be German and it will probably be here . At least I will have a year to try an rest up for it as it probably will end up being here. I only know how to make sourbraten with the gingersnap gravy and now the potato dumplings but can do that from a mix if I can find it. It is funny a German friend told me about that years ago and doesn't bother trying to make them from scratch.

    My Grandson's are 15, 16 soon and are getting so tall and eat so much. Glad I do not have to feed them:)!!!!

    That is great what you did for the residence Dar. I know they love it just like when we sing. They appreciate everything so much at l, east most of them do.

    Julie - I can't believe you go out there every year and freeze your you know what off to see of those animals could talk :)!!! I believe anything can happen if God wills it but I wouldn't be out there in the cold to see unless a vision came and told me to go out and watch it myself.

    Hi to Barry, Rock , Spring Water, Jam, Diane and whoever else I have missed. I have been on here all ready to long deleteing old addresses and such and stuff for choir , etc. Need to go get ready for beddy bye now.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Glad to hear folks had a good Christmas. Did you see the news about the ice storms and
    thousands without power? All the way from the Midwest to the Northeast. Imagine
    hosting a Christmas dinner with no electricity. "Can I have another candle? Can't tell
    my broccoli from the stuffing."

    "We don't have any more candles, Herb. Just give them an exploratory poke." Well,
    something to add to the family history. "Remember the year Madge had the dinner at
    her place, and the power was out?"

    I remember a Thanksgiving dinner with one of my wife's cousins. It was on a farm
    in Minnesota. Very pleasant; delicious food. Half was though the holiday feast I
    was stunned to learn the host and hostess had moved in the day before. Land O Goshen!

    Things were quiet here. We watched part of "The Shop Around the Corner" with Jimmy
    Stewart, Margaret Sullivan and the Wizard of Oz. Made the year I was born. The
    film was later made into a musical with Judy Garland and Van Johnson. The two
    "meet cute" at the beginning of the film. And Liza Minnelli makes a brief appearance at
    the end; she was three.

    And illustrating that some stories are indestructible, half a century later the film was
    remade with Tom Hanks. Uff-da!

    Dar, glad to hear things went well at work. I hope your medicinal cocktail and 3 days
    of rest has you "recalled to life". (Tale of Two Cities.) Do you have a Christmas tree?
    Does Pyewackett enjoy same?

    Hi Barry, did you guys have something exotic for dinner yesterday? Have you tried
    that tofurkey yet? Doesn't sound very appetizing since tofu has no flavor. Gordon
    makes a good tofu dish, but it has flavor because it's stuffed with a meat-vegetable
    mixture and the tofu is browned in a skillet. Did shorty get a treat?

    Even though I live in enchilada land, Granni, I never tried the seafood variety.
    Sounds good though. Never had sauerbraten or potato dumplings either even
    though my grossmutter was from Germany.

    Your visit to the barn, Julie, brings back a vague recollection of a magazine story.
    Maybe from the Saturday Evening Post. I can see the illustration. Something magical
    happened. That was a great magazine. Wonderful stories and cartoon and all those
    Norman Rockwell covers.

    Ah! Hear one of trash trucks now. We have three, one for each color of the trash bins.
    Which is typical government nonsense since all the trash goes in the same land fill.
    The trucks are coming today since yesterday was a holiday. It's also the day for the street
    sweeping truck. Gordon is busying himself with scheduling and maneuvering the trash bins.
    I really don't care. We have no way of knowing what the city is going to do. The only sure
    thing is that if there is any way to ticket your car, the city will do it. The city is millions in
    debt, but the amount seem to change every few months depending on who is talking.

    And now I hear a power tool of some sort. The kind they always show in cartoons with a
    fat man's stomach resting on the handle as he digs up the street. Can't remember the name.
    Oh, well. No matter. The noise is positively deefaning as some gal said in some movie. Gotta go.


    Gordon remembered. It's a jack hammer! And it's half a block away. Yikes!
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    Hi AWL,

    Just had to pop in as I haven't been able to really get on the computer all day. Also went to WM to get a few things and ended up being more that I probably needed including some Christmas cards and gift bags half price for next year. I needed to at least check in with my Porchies to see how everyone was doing. I have been so bad about that lately. Have been busy and then when I was free DH had the computer and I couldn't get on.

    Speaking of jello I had to buy some today. That is something we haven't had in years and DH could care less. I will be on a liquid diet all day on Sunday and then get to take the bowel prep before I go for a Colonoscopy on Monday morning. I imagine I had better eat a lot in the next few days as Sunday I will be pretty hungry. This is just a checkup. I had a Sigmoidoscopy years ago when I was having IBS type problems and also had an endoscopy which was normal. After I am done I hope:) to get DH checked out, He is so chicken when it comes to docs and any kind of procedure. I would do it for him if I could.

    Julie - Glad things are going pretty well with Lindsay but I am all worn out for her already. I was bad with 4 kids (girls) 2 years apart but I had no twins. The last was a boy #5 who was almost 5 years apart so I had a bit of a break :)!! Was hoping yesterday that we would get some word on the possible adoption or placement of a child with DS and DIL but apparently these places or some of them are slower than molasses. Of course she was pregnant for a bit and that through them off and then she lost it. She says they called them up but not sure when and asked what do they go from here. Not sure they got much of answer other than wait, I guess. Glad to hear this at least will be a single birth. I know they love children but it is so hard on the body and Lindsay looks so tiny. Hope she will be able to eat better this time. How has she been doing so far?

    Dar - Glad to hear from you and that you are holding on and doing pretty well, all things considered and work too.

    Rock - Nice to hear from you too. I never had tofu and don't think I ever want to taste it any way :)!! The enchiladas that my DIL made were really yummy. The sauce on top was a white sauce and not spicy at all but flavored nicely. There was lots of onions in there which was good but DH and SIL mentioned that it did cause them a bit of gas but I didn't notice . There was shrimp., crab and not sure what else in there. It was SO GOOD !!!!!!

    Spring Water - Hope things are settling down some for you after the death of your dear brother. I feel so badly for you and your family but he is not suffering I guess is a good thing but he will be missed by all I am sure.

    Gotta run. Hope everyone is doing great including those I haven't heard from on the Porch.

    Mikie - Hope you are feeling better and enjoyed your Christmas at home.

    Diane - Enjoy your staycation with Kevin this week or so. :)!! I forget how long it was.:confused:

    Love to you awl,
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    Hi Folks

    Anybody remember "Are You Being Served?". It was a British TV sitcom in the 70s and 80s.
    Gordon and I used to watch it. Now it's available on Youtube. Kinda like revisiting old
    friends. Looked on the net. There is only one of the primary cast still extant. He's about 79.

    Julie, I remember burning the trash in our backyard when I was a kid. One of the chores I
    didn't mind doing. Later the village created a dump a mile south of town. There was no trash
    pickup. You hauled the trash yourself. Of course you could use a pickup if you had one.

    Once I was old enough to drive, I used to take the trash to the dump. Took my .22 rifle too.
    Could shoot tins, bottle and occasionally a rat. I learned to shoot when I was 12. The same
    age as Daniel Boone.

    Mikie, did you have family from Kentucky (that "dark and bloody ground" as the Indians
    called it). Except, as is true of so much history, maybe they didn't. Maybe they called it
    "Fair Land of Tomorrow". He also lived in Missouri where he died in 1820. James Monroe
    was President and Maine was our newest state.

    Anyhoo, Daniel Boone was an explored, soldier, founder of Boonesborough in Kentucky, and
    a member of the Virginia legislator. He has been honored with a stamp, a half dollar (in the 1930s), and a Polaris submarine.

    Julie, 4 little Munchkins will keep anybody busy. We had two babies in our house when I was a teen. I learned all about changing and feeding and bathing and this, that and the other thing. Good thing too, because when I became a papa I was able to teach my wife.

    Speaking of "that little squirt of Redi Whip ", you can find same in a video game. The
    game is also an ad for Redi Whip. But it's like modern TV, the ratio of ads to what's worth
    watching is not to my liking.

    Good luck to you and DH with your tests next week, Granni. BTW, when you were studying
    your nursing curriculum, were you taught that the Sigmoidoscopy was named after Sigmund
    Freud? No? Didn't think so.

    Best to absent friends, Barry, Dar, Diane, Joan, Jam, SG, Springwater.

  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow, I missed a day and can hardly keep up. So glad the Porch is busy even though some of us are too (not me).

    Julie, how did Lindsey's visit to the doc go? I'm glad you are feeling better. Sounds as though the baby report was good. Glad to hear it. My old dog, Taffy, used to talk in her sleep and I was always listening to see whether I could understand her, especially on Christmas Eve. I talk in my sleep too and, perhaps, she was having a conversation with me. I used to speak survival Friench but one night, my DD came home late from a date and heard me speaking fluent French in my sleep. I wonder whether, when we let our inhibitions down, we are able to speak foreign languages more fluently. In any case, I was never fluent when awake, except for one time. My old doc said something to me in French as I was leaving. I answered him in French and we had a fluent conversation all the way out to the checkout desk. The woman at the desk looked at us stunned. I have a feeling he isn't usually fluent either. It was a very strange event, like something out of a movie.

    Granni, mmmmm, Mexican seafood. I finally had a breakdown and had to go to Taco Bell just to satisfy my craving. There's a place over in Ft. Lauderdale which serves amazing fish tacos. Sounds as though dinner was a big success. I would love a German theme. It's hard to find those old fashioned German decorations but I did notice some at World Market (also known as Cost Plus). I used to pick mine up at the old Cost Plus in San Francisco on my yearly trek. I haven't been there in years and would love to go again. Ah, have to ad that to my LOTTO Gold Bucket List :)

    Dar, so glad all your residents got gifts. The giving trees for Seniors at Perkins are always picked clean and gifts piled under the trees well before Christmas. Glad I don't live that close to the Glades. I think they are an amazing treasure to be restored from all the damage done by the Army Corp of Engineers, cane sugar growers, and man in general. I like to see gators now and then but that whole murky, swampy area just isn't my thing. If I go over to the East Coast, I have to drive through Alligator Alley which runs through the Glades but it's a highway and safe. I do see gators sunning themselves from the road. :confused:

    Barry, a very Happy New Year to you. Stop back in when you can.

    Rock, Semper Fi! DSIL was in the Marine Reserve. I don't know whether he eats his greens or not Yes, my pun was obvious but I just wasn't up to a more creative and complicated pun, Deer One. Instead of posting off the cuff, I was posting off the hoof. Ooooh, that was a bad one. Groan! o_O Elk is more my thing--not for puns but for elk burgers. Mmmmmm! We did have family living in Missouri and then in Nebraska. They were ranchers and farmers. Also, some from North Carolina. So, when I say, "Y'all," it may be in my DNA. One cousin has studied our family tree extensively but she was really the only one interested. Well, she and my Mom.

    My virus continues to hang on. I'm back to running a low-grade temp. It gets worse around 3:00, so I try to get everything done before then. I got up at 6:00 yesterday to buy bras at Bealls. They have a "buy one, get one for a dollar" plus a $10 off coupon. Basically I got bras for $15 and change instead of $38. The sale is still on with new coupons in today's paper. Instead of bras, I may get some Kurig coffee cups. That's cheaper than I can do at most anyplace, except Costco but Costco doesn't carry my beloved Dark Magic heavy brew.

    Think I'll take our Christmas decorations down so I can start to finish putting everything back in my walk-in closet. I'm sick of having that room all messy. Managed to go back to sleep after the obligatory 3:30 a.m. pee. I slept til 5:30. I put out a dish for Simon but don't think he came or he gave up. I'm usually out there earlier. I think Jeff feeds him too.

    I let my Christmas Cactus rest down in the atrium where it's in shade all year and bring it up to my lanai so it will bloom for Christmas. I waited about a week too long as it's only about half bloomed but it's still beautiful. Our Calla Lily is still blooming out on the Balcony and is amazing. It's more orange and yellow than the maroon color. Our Balcony is more lovely than ever this year. New Yorkers should be down this week and things will pick up. Frank and Ilona downstairs will be down right after New Year's and I'll be glad to see them too.

    Bank had my mortgage all messed up so I had to go get it straightened out yesterday. The people at my branch are the nicest. So wonderful to have friendly customer service, a rarity today. Well, surprise, I'll have to go back in today because I got a refund check from my orthopedic surgeon from my shoulder surgery for almost $300. Woohoo! I went yesterday, after I left the bank, to Publix to shop and get the $50 gas card for $40. I looked at the coupon and it doesn't start til today. So, I put some things back until today. I did buy a pork roast on sale. I do them in a roasting bag with some flour. The fat from the pork mixes with the flour and forms a yummy crust on the roast. It was soooooo good.

    I did a really stupid thing; I, like I've done for 16 years, decided to touch up my toenail paint in the living room. The bright red bottle spilled all over my carpet and a little on the skirt of my white sofa. I worked and worked and got it out of the carpet but the edge of the sofa skirt is stained. I can remove the slipcover because there is an upholstered sofa under it or I can tack up the skirt under the edge and staple it. Finally, Kohl's sells a black and beige runner which would be fine in front of the sofa. In fact, I've been thinking of putting one there as that's where the carpet gets the dirtiest. So, it was a strange day of good luck/bad luck. Well, bad luck with a dash of stupidity :(

    Hoping everyone has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: That's good news that only one baby. Both Lyndsey and YOU would be over the top with work. And I hope she's able to keep food and liquids down and start to feel good. How far along is she? My son and DIL are expecting their first on June 7 but so far shes had an easy time.....didn't even get queasy. I had 3 children, 3 years and younger.....OMG.....didn't know if I was coming or going.

    Mikie: Strange that the virus keeps hanging on, but you seem to get a lot accomplished before 3 PM. My son arrived from Portland, apparently bringing a virus with him. Everyday he got a little worse (bad cold symptoms with body aches, big time) and I've been fighting it off daily. Yesterday the aches hit me so I went to bed at 7 PM. Pretty much up and down all night though. His worse day was Christmas Day......almost didn't go to my daughter's house with us, but drug himself. Now I worry that her family will come down with it.'s making the rounds everywhere in so. calif.

    Rock: Your sleeping schedule reminds me of something I read the other day. Apparently there has always been a "first sleep, second sleep" which you sleep for a couple of hrs. Wake up for a couple of hrs. then go back to sleep for a longer time. My son was talking about this the other day. An author has a book out, having researched records and diaries for l00s of years. Well, I guess that explains ME, even with taking my gabapentin.

    And I used to eat tofu.....though I really didn't like it......trying to stretch the food budget. It's been years since I had though......ugh.

    Granni. My husband is also on clear liquids again sat. and sun for a barium enema on monday. Is this a routine test for you? I'm like your husband.....chicken.

    I'm really having troubles with this Ipad when I come to this board. Can't sit at the regular computer for very long though.....back and neck hurts after 5 min.
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, I pray all goes well with this pregnancy and I also think one child is good news. Sounds as though you are busy, as every. Yeah, the people who are getting these viruses have them hanging on until they either go away or get worse. I hope mine goes away but DD from CO left a message on my phone and she sounded horrible. Says she thinks it's the flu. She's the nurse so I'm taking her at her word.

    Sunflower Girl, yeah, that seems to be the virus's MO. Off and on aches, temps, cold symptoms, etc. I don't feel well but am not sick enough not to try to get some things done before it gets worse every afternoon. I hope you and DS feel better.

    This is time of year when they had to take Barb's husband to the hospital for the few days leading up to his death from cancer. It's always hard on her. She's been sooooo stressed so I suggested we go shopping early before the stores get so crowded to get her mind off of it for a bit. We had a real adventure. We stopped at Bealls because they printed new coupons for $10 off a $25 sale. I already got my bras yesterday so opted to get two boxes of the Kurig Dark Magic coffee. It's a dark French type of brew that I love. Costco doesn't sell the big boxes of it so I have to use coupons and drink it sparingly. We went to Kohl's where I got a black and tan runner to put in front of the sofa. It goes perfectly with my décor. Even though I got the nail polish out of the carpet, that area always gets the dirtiest so might as well cover it up and just wash the runner. Why didn't I do this years ago?

    Then, we went to Hobby Lobby so I could get some things for the new shelf behind the sofa. I had borrowed some from the shelves in my little office and want to put them back. Everything I got at HL was half off. Woohoo! Y'all know how I loves me my bargains. We stopped for Chinese buffet, which Barb loves and I like a lot. On the way home, I stopped at Office Depot to get a new Daytimer calendar and some black Sharpie pens for doing designs on tee shirts.

    A furniture store was going out of business so we stopped to look at those coffee tables which pull up to table height. None of them went with my whacky décor so will keep the old one. Hadn't sanded it yet before I spilled the nail polish on it so I can kill two birds with one stone. Don't think I'll take that on until I'm feeling better. I probably overdid it as it was today and I'm tired and feel hot. My throat sounds all scratchy. Whine, whine, whine!
    As Barb and I were preparing to leave, a black butterfly lit and stayed perfectly still on our railing. Whenever we speak of her husband, it seems a black butterfly will flit by. I think we've decided that's his way of letting us know he's OK. We each also got a small white fluffy feather from my Mom. That's her signature sign from Heaven. Barb has always said she doesn't believe but I think those things, at least, give her some comfort. I think it comforts her that I do believe. I hope so.

    DD in Atlanta wanted to bring DGS down but there are no flights available as the Snowbirds have booked them all well in advance. I e-mailed her that I'm too sick to be much fun and the room Andy sleeps in is a mess. I have to put the Christmas decorations on the bldg. away and do one little paint job before I can put everything away in that closet. In the meantime, it's all over my little office where the loveseat/bed is that Andy always sleeps in. This condo has plenty of room for one person until I need to get something out that's put away or someone comes to visit.

    My Christmas Cactus is getting fuller and fuller with blooms every day. They are bright orangy red and when fully opened, they are fringy. The total diameter of it must be at least 2 1/2 feet. I got a real bargain on that plant last year. Our lemons are ripening on the trees and new blooms are on them too. Those little trees are champs! Ever since I numbered them with a black marker, they have stopped disappearing.

    Guess I'll try to clear away some of the mess in the regular kitchen and living areas of the condo. Geez, it looks as though a hurricane whirled through here. Also want to put my new treasures on the little shelf. BTW, Hobby Lobby sells some candy that is difficult to find. Barb and I each got two bags of Bit 'O Honeys and I got a bag of the peanut butter bits. Mmmmmm! I checked HL online and found they use their profits to further their Christian faith but found nothing to suggest they use it to discriminate against others. That makes me so happy because I love that store.

    Think I'll also sit down and transfer my anniversaries, birthdays, etc. to my new Daytimer. I can go to the store and bank tomorrow. There is always manana (don't know how to make the tilde for Spanish), or as Scarlett said, "Tomorrah is anothah day."

    Hope all your days are happy and pain free.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Everyone,

    What a stupid crazy day. was supposed to have my mammogram and dexa scan and found out I was in the wrong place for the Dexa scan due to machines I think. I wasn't going to rush and try to get to the hospital for it. The mammogram turns out needed to be after Jan 4th. Didn't tell me that either. I came home and checked my notes and then send a note to docs office to make sure so I can make another appointment for each of them, hopefully on the same day.

    Sun - I was giggling at you also being chicken like my DH. Yes the colonoscopy is routine. I had never had it but did have the Sigmoidoscopy and endoscopy years ago when I was going through stomach problems, IBS and whatever it was. It turned out nothing wrong with me just the same old crap. Also had had bouts of diarrhea and lots of constipation as I have had since a little kid ( the constipation). Hardly ever had the other. But somehow that cleared up on its own more or less and just deal with mostly the usual but the taking of magnesium seems to have helped me go to the bathroom daily.

    Mikie - Hope you get to really feeling better soon. Take some pics when you get a chance to buy stuff for your little shelf. It must be hard time for all those like Barb who had deaths during the holiday time. It is nice you two can get together and have fun when you can, even shopping, etc.

    I need to go and finish up the crockpot chicken and dumplings. I haven't checked on it most of the day and need to break up the chicken and add the veggies and the bisquit dough to make the dumplings.

    Hi to Rock, Julie, Barry, Spring Water and all not mentioned. I dropped a note to Joan on FB and hope she is OK
    now !!

    Daughter gave her father some choc chip cookies and the recipe to make for sugar free people like him. They are really good and need two different kids of flour. I think I found the flour in our little Healthy Living store across from our subdivision. Guess I will have to start making cookies again.

    If anyone wants the recipe let me know. It seems easy but you need the special flours, coconut and almond, I think, two different flours. Diane might like this recipe if he likes choc chip cookies.

    Bye for now.

    Love to awl,
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    My computer is doing strange things. I just bragged that it hasn't done that in a long time. I never learn not to jinx things like that.

    Leah, glad you didn't lose power. I've been watching the whiners on TV who didn't get their gifts on time due to the weather and UPS and FedX. They say Christmas was ruined. Now, I can see their point if someone has young children and can't explain why Santa didn't stop in. For everyone else, what they are basically saying is that Christmas is only about presents. My feeling is that they should learn to shop early enough so that bad weather doesn't make their gifts late. Like your usual good natured self, you are focusing on the beauty inside and out. Good for you!

    Granni, what a bummer to be all ready for tests and have to reschedule. My OB/GYN doc shares an office with the radiology dept. which does both mammos and Dexas. It's one-stop shopping or, as I call it, the trifecta of appointments--Pap, mammo and Dexa all in one appt. I think I'm due for my colonoscopy next month but not sure. Maybe next year. They will send me a card. My biological father died of colon cancer and I've had some precancerous polyps removed so we don't mess around. I don't mind the prep and test because I know if I hadn't done them for years, I'd likely be dead now.

    Sometimes, shopping is just great retail therapy. We went out with no plan set in stone but knew which stores we had coupons for. Barb didn't need anything but did buy some Bit 'O Honeys at Hobby Lobby. I did need things and found exactly what I needed. A couple of stores we went into was just to check them out or for my Daytimer that I had forgotten about.

    Slept well but woke early. I took Simon's breakfast out for him but the paper's arrival scared him off before he'd eaten much. I'll leave his dishes out until it's light outside in case he feels secure enough to return. Sometimes, he does and, sometimes, he doesn't. He likes to sleep on my chair but also on the scratchy welcome mat in front of my door. It may be warmer there; it's cooler this morning.

    While cleaning, I found two of Tweety's little pink balls she loves to chase around. I dropped them off outside of Julie's door. I also left the paper that Hobby Lobby wrapped some of my things in. She loves to sleep on that paper on the floor--strange kitty. I think she likes the crinkly noise it makes. The old paper is pretty shredded. Here I spent money on a little bed for her and I could have just put paper down. I still haven't seen them and have given up on Julie. She's acting strangely with everyone around her. No matter what, though, I know she loves Tweety and Sylvester and takes good care of them. That's what really counts.

    I didn't get to the bank or Publix yesterday so will go this morning. I need another gas card and groceries. I love saving 20 percent on my gas. BTW, the things I got for my little shelf behind the sofa look great! I was able to return things to the shelves in my office and even added a big ampersand. I could have bought my initial but the ampersand is so graceful, I love the way it looks. I also like the @ sign. Like I've said, my décor is very eclectic but it's also interesting. I got some Valencia Orange scented candles but am a bit allergic so had to put them on a table in the dining room. It's enough out of the way that the scent isn't so strong.

    OK, so much for prattling on about my boring life. Actually, for me, boring is good.

    Love, Mikie
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Despite some cold weather (for California) a couple weeks ago, Gordon harvested half a
    dozen cherry tomatoes yesterday. We have a hummingbird who visits the feeder every day.
    Occasionally there are 2 or 3 at a time. I counted yesterday. One took 56 nips from the
    feeder in one visit.

    Took an inventory of my meds yesterday. Have 2 bottles of each except for one. Gordon
    went to Costco for a refill. They told him the contract had expired, and there is a new
    manufacturer. The new price is over twice as much. Ah well, how often do prices go down?

    Nice to see you again, Leah. Our amaryllis plants bloomed a month or two ago. They
    remind of of dahlias. Very dramatic flowers.

    The sugar free chocolate chips sound interesting, Granni. I figure if they're chocolate chip
    they can't be too bad.

    Please post a video of your decorating efforts, Mikie. I'm having trouble visualizing it all.
    Is the runner in front of the sofa; attached to the sofa? And what is a runner anyway?
    Just a strip of cloth or carpet? Bit of Honey. Haven't thought of them for decades.

    SG, hope you can get your Ipad to work. I don't really know the difference between pads
    and tablets and I phones and smart phones and Ipods, etc. As for sitting at the computer,
    I wear my lumbar support. Seems to help.

    Wow! Eleven year old wedding invitations. Guess Keira found good use for them. BTW,
    Julie, my nephew and his family recently moved to Cedar Rapids. He has an administrative
    job with the university there. The Univ. of N. Iowa. They sent some pics of the kids. They
    looks happy and healthy. Only one of the 3 looks like my side of the family, but they all
    look like the kids you see in commercials. All very Norskie with blue eyes and blond hair.

    And here's a joke that combines two of America's favorite things: pizza and coupons.
    Busy mom sends young son to answer the door. Expecting the pizza delivery, she gives
    him a coupon and some cash.

    Later she finds the coupon on the table. Son explains. "I didn't need the coupon, Mom.
    You gave me enough money."

  15. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all,

    Haven't been on all week. Didn't make it to work Friday, as planned, either. Bronchitis still has me. I'm better today than a week ago. Hoping to go in Monday. If not, it's off to the Doc for a Z-pack. Hi Ho-Hi Ho!o_O

    I did go for Christmas to my daughter's with a surgical mask on my face and told everyone 3 feet was close enough! But it was wonderful just the same. As to your question Rock.....No. I didn't have a tree this year. Too tired, too sick, and the cats really didn't give a hoot either. We just enjoyed the togetherness. And pizza! Pye Pye so loves his pizza. I think this Bombay came to me via Italy. He loves pasta also, including spaghetti, lasagna, zitti...etc..etc.. He does not, however, care for the Italian sausage on the pizza. He prefers the green peppers and mushrooms. :DLOL

    We had The Family's favorite pizza for Christmas din din. I order 3 large half-baked and frozen, pick them up the week before, and we finish baking them at their final destination. We stopped doing the big meal a couple years back. We all felt that the food was secondary. Particularly on the heels of the humongous Thanksgiving meals which we do. On Christmas it's all about pizza, pie, fudge, cookies and assorted desserts, children, cards, games and fun! Welp, goin' back to my bed now.

    Happy New Year to All and may this be a better year for all of us!
    Love N' hugz
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie or anybody computer literate: We had to download Chrome because paypal did some major changes and our internet explorer wouldn't print bills. We still have internet explorer AND the chrome.....could this be the reason on our regular computer why a lot of the keys on the keyboard refuse to print? I know I type fast and my typing hasn't changed but I have to keep going back and fix stuff?

    And Barb is sooooo lucky to have you has a caring friend. I'm sorry Christmas is a hard time for her. I know several people who lost their husbands around the holidays.

    Dar: glad to read that you DID participate in Christmas. I so WISH I could eat pizza, cause I love it, but TMJ prevents me from a lot of foods lately.

    I think I'm still fighting the bug but the oregano oil is winning! About l a.m. I woke with a bad pain on the side of my throat, way down deep. Took the oil and 8 hrs. later I'm OK. I've been battling my vacuum cleaner (a dyson) which I was certain I clogged up yesterday with some small dried leaves. It stopped working! My husband fiddled with it....why don't men listen to what you say when it stopped working......he's grabbing the owners manual thinking it's the filter. I pulled on this, removed that and voila... all these small dried leaves came pouring out. I'm now taking a break from cleaning my over due vehicle. I'm on a roll. I've already exchanged some Christmas gifts at Marshalls, tried on dozen things and settled on a pair of grey exercise pants and a top. Started a watercolor painting on yupo paper and it's drying in my studio. I'm probably die tonight!
  17. Darrae

    Darrae Member


    I have TMJ too. My chiropractor, (who was an instructor at Palmer College of Chiropractics), adjusts my jaw. It's painful to have adjusted, but the resulting relief is amazing and can I eat pizza with abandon!

    Re: Your Computer,

    Delete the Chrome. It's junk. Install Firefox. It's faster and will work better. Should eliminate your problem.

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Ah, Rock, that was a good joke! It was a slice of heaven and not cheesy at all. My puns have been amateurish at best lately. It must be the virus. That's my story and I'm sticking to it :oops: Target had a sale on Amaryllis plants in beautiful ceramic pots. I love them and was going to buy a big red one. When I looked, all of them had started to leaf out under the cardboard packaging and the leaves were all brown and withered. My Christmas Cactus continues to bloom and gets more beautiful every day. I'll take a pic of that when it's at it's most splendorifulous.

    A runner is a long narrow throw rug which one might put in a hallway. The one I got is only 24" X 5'. I'll lay it right in front of the sofa where my feet go. I don't think it's Kosher décor but it will be practical and save the carpet there from getting so dirty so fast. Everyone around here kicks off their shoes at the door but I can never remember to do that. I avoid oil in the parking lot/street. Still, my carpet is light and just gets dirty fast. My walls are white and one sofa is natural/white and the other is beige. My accents are black and beige. Nothing too exciting but easy on the eyes and relaxing. I throw in an accent of blue here and there. I have a blue pillow with a starfish on it and a beige pillow with a shell on it. I have some blue and beige candles with little starfish hanging on them from sisal ties. I do have a brightly colored large abstract painting above the sofa and all the books and knickknacks on the shelf behind it, including my salt lamp.

    Yesterday, I just didn't feel up to going out. I have to today if I want my gas card. It's the last day for them at Publix. I did one thing--I painted part of my kitchen window frame on the outside. The painters do a horrible job and ran the gray field color too far along the white frame. They don't mask it off and it looks messy. Feng Shui says that the entry (my window is next to the front door) must be clean with no clutter and in good repair. Also, until I quit having to dig out paint, I can't put my walk-in closet back together. Move one thing in there and I have to move five others. I shouldn't whine as I don't know what I'd do without that storage. I have to take down the Christmas decorations as they go up on the high shelves in plastic tubs.

    Seems we had someone posting in Russian. I took four years of it in high school but can no longer read it or understand most of the spoken word. I can still utter a phrase or two. I do remember a folk song. Funny, they were playing Christmas carols on my digital music channels on the TV on Christmas Day. They played a French carol that I remember the words to. Are we able to remember foreign languages when set to music? Does music imprint differently on our brains than just the spoken word? Music must involve both hemispheres and language only one. I noticed in college that if I wrote notes in class, I remembered the material better than just highlighting the material in the books. There is something about writing that wires info into the brain too. I just wish I could remember peoples names and other words that escape my pea brain at times. What's the word for that.........oh, yeah, aphasia. Couldn't remember it :D

    My co-pays from my generic meds will be going up the first of the year. All the plans are upping co-pays for everything. I finally filed a formal complaint with Medicare over how my ins. hasn't paid my lab bill despite numerous calls from me. The lab refused to help me in any way. The lady at M/C was outraged at that. She asked me for the name of the person at the lab I spoke to and, fortunately, I had it. I have to wonder if that's why I got the refund check from my shoulder surgery. My ins. co. must be under the gun to review all my claims. I hated to bring out the big M/C guns but sometimes, that's what it takes to get action. Now, all I have to do is stop in at my condo ins. office and bug them after numerous calls and no action. People go begging for jobs and this is what we get from those that do have them. Something just ain't right here.

    Got up early to pee and can't go back to sleep. I put out Simon's food but the sprinklers run today so he may not come. If he does, the paperguy may scare him away. I hope Jeff is also feeding him on the next street over where he moved--Jeff moved, not the cat :)

    Well, better see whether the paper is here. Thank God, it comes early. Had to laugh at CBS early morning news. The said, "We've been informing insomniacs for years." Good tag line. Y'all have a good day, ya hear?

    Love, Mikie