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    Mikie or anybody computer literate: We had to download Chrome because paypal did some major changes and our internet explorer wouldn't print bills. We still have internet explorer AND the chrome.....could this be the reason on our regular computer why a lot of the keys on the keyboard refuse to print? I know I type fast and my typing hasn't changed but I have to keep going back and fix stuff?

    And Barb is sooooo lucky to have you has a caring friend. I'm sorry Christmas is a hard time for her. I know several people who lost their husbands around the holidays.

    Dar: glad to read that you DID participate in Christmas. I so WISH I could eat pizza, cause I love it, but TMJ prevents me from a lot of foods lately.

    I think I'm still fighting the bug but the oregano oil is winning! About l a.m. I woke with a bad pain on the side of my throat, way down deep. Took the oil and 8 hrs. later I'm OK. I've been battling my vacuum cleaner (a dyson) which I was certain I clogged up yesterday with some small dried leaves. It stopped working! My husband fiddled with it....why don't men listen to what you say when it stopped working......he's grabbing the owners manual thinking it's the filter. I pulled on this, removed that and voila... all these small dried leaves came pouring out. I'm now taking a break from cleaning my over due vehicle. I'm on a roll. I've already exchanged some Christmas gifts at Marshalls, tried on dozen things and settled on a pair of grey exercise pants and a top. Started a watercolor painting on yupo paper and it's drying in my studio. I'm probably die tonight!
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    I have TMJ too. My chiropractor, (who was an instructor at Palmer College of Chiropractics), adjusts my jaw. It's painful to have adjusted, but the resulting relief is amazing and can I eat pizza with abandon!

    Re: Your Computer,

    Delete the Chrome. It's junk. Install Firefox. It's faster and will work better. Should eliminate your problem.

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    Ah, Rock, that was a good joke! It was a slice of heaven and not cheesy at all. My puns have been amateurish at best lately. It must be the virus. That's my story and I'm sticking to it :oops: Target had a sale on Amaryllis plants in beautiful ceramic pots. I love them and was going to buy a big red one. When I looked, all of them had started to leaf out under the cardboard packaging and the leaves were all brown and withered. My Christmas Cactus continues to bloom and gets more beautiful every day. I'll take a pic of that when it's at it's most splendorifulous.

    A runner is a long narrow throw rug which one might put in a hallway. The one I got is only 24" X 5'. I'll lay it right in front of the sofa where my feet go. I don't think it's Kosher d├ęcor but it will be practical and save the carpet there from getting so dirty so fast. Everyone around here kicks off their shoes at the door but I can never remember to do that. I avoid oil in the parking lot/street. Still, my carpet is light and just gets dirty fast. My walls are white and one sofa is natural/white and the other is beige. My accents are black and beige. Nothing too exciting but easy on the eyes and relaxing. I throw in an accent of blue here and there. I have a blue pillow with a starfish on it and a beige pillow with a shell on it. I have some blue and beige candles with little starfish hanging on them from sisal ties. I do have a brightly colored large abstract painting above the sofa and all the books and knickknacks on the shelf behind it, including my salt lamp.

    Yesterday, I just didn't feel up to going out. I have to today if I want my gas card. It's the last day for them at Publix. I did one thing--I painted part of my kitchen window frame on the outside. The painters do a horrible job and ran the gray field color too far along the white frame. They don't mask it off and it looks messy. Feng Shui says that the entry (my window is next to the front door) must be clean with no clutter and in good repair. Also, until I quit having to dig out paint, I can't put my walk-in closet back together. Move one thing in there and I have to move five others. I shouldn't whine as I don't know what I'd do without that storage. I have to take down the Christmas decorations as they go up on the high shelves in plastic tubs.

    Seems we had someone posting in Russian. I took four years of it in high school but can no longer read it or understand most of the spoken word. I can still utter a phrase or two. I do remember a folk song. Funny, they were playing Christmas carols on my digital music channels on the TV on Christmas Day. They played a French carol that I remember the words to. Are we able to remember foreign languages when set to music? Does music imprint differently on our brains than just the spoken word? Music must involve both hemispheres and language only one. I noticed in college that if I wrote notes in class, I remembered the material better than just highlighting the material in the books. There is something about writing that wires info into the brain too. I just wish I could remember peoples names and other words that escape my pea brain at times. What's the word for that.........oh, yeah, aphasia. Couldn't remember it :D

    My co-pays from my generic meds will be going up the first of the year. All the plans are upping co-pays for everything. I finally filed a formal complaint with Medicare over how my ins. hasn't paid my lab bill despite numerous calls from me. The lab refused to help me in any way. The lady at M/C was outraged at that. She asked me for the name of the person at the lab I spoke to and, fortunately, I had it. I have to wonder if that's why I got the refund check from my shoulder surgery. My ins. co. must be under the gun to review all my claims. I hated to bring out the big M/C guns but sometimes, that's what it takes to get action. Now, all I have to do is stop in at my condo ins. office and bug them after numerous calls and no action. People go begging for jobs and this is what we get from those that do have them. Something just ain't right here.

    Got up early to pee and can't go back to sleep. I put out Simon's food but the sprinklers run today so he may not come. If he does, the paperguy may scare him away. I hope Jeff is also feeding him on the next street over where he moved--Jeff moved, not the cat :)

    Well, better see whether the paper is here. Thank God, it comes early. Had to laugh at CBS early morning news. The said, "We've been informing insomniacs for years." Good tag line. Y'all have a good day, ya hear?

    Love, Mikie
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    New day, so I am going to start a new volume...see you over there in a jiff :)