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  1. ckball

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    We have slowed down a bit but will be at 300 soon-

    So come on up, I left some good ole cinnamon rolls, the gooey kind with pleanty of napkins so enjoy- I'll be back later-Carla
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  2. Granniluvsu

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    I have been lurking about and awaiting for Carla or whoever to start up the new porch volume. I saw #29 and said that I am not going there. Surer that you know what I will get stuck in the door !!

    Carla - thanks so much for starting us up again. Yes, the volumes seem to be going slowly lately. I know I am probably also partially to blame. I have just been dilly dallying around and not get a whole lot accomplished. I finally put all the suitcases where they belong. However, that room is a disaster and that is another big project for sometime in the future.

    I saw your new video and I replied on youtube. So glad that you and the girls were not hurt any. That is the most important thing. Glad you also rescued your golf cart !!!

    Julie - Yes, they do grow up so fast don't they? That age is really tricky too. You have to always be one or two steps ahead of them. Also, some toddlers and babies are more inquisitive than others for sure. Kiera sounds like she doesn't want to be left out of any action going on. Also, beware if things are TOO QUIET !!!! If it is, then you had better go check on them (-: !! Hope you will be feeling better soon. Nothing like a tricky little baby to wake one up or should I ssay to keep you from being able to get your proper rest. I know you love it though (as you collapse) !!

    Yes, the Mass went pretty well , all things considered and I am guessing that the people didn't hear the goofs any of us made, or should I say, or lack of singing what were supposed to be singing. When in doubt, sing the melody - right ?? I am glad that is over and I am sure everyone else is glad too especially the dierector who was a bit frazzled yesterday with so much to think about.

    Now I start again with the county choral society on monday. I have already missed two of their practices while I was gone. Luckily this is the season that we sing the easier fun songs.

    Springwater - So glad you said you were feeling a little better the other day. Sorry I forgot to tell you I hope you were feeling better. You are another one keeping busy with family when you really don;t feel up to it. You are a dear.

    Just want to say hi and give hugs all around to everydobby, inc those I did not mention.



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  3. ckball

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    I am over here in the hammock mastering the fine art of doing nothing. I slept until 1pm today. It has been a rough week and yesterday was a non-stop 14 hour day.

    Julie I love babies at this age, they are learning things new every minute. Sorry you are still feeling cwappy and hope you find something soon that helps. Yes the meds are hard to get use to sometimes and may take weeks to get use to.

    Granni, I no sooner get one mess cleaned up and then there is another. Glad you service went well and good luck with your new group or old group, new season.

    I can not believe how tired I am, I can't even think about taking the girls for a ride, now that is tired. I have so much to do art club, paint something for show, make a glass peice for a silent auction for the Hospice house my mother died at, clean house and buy a new dishwasher!

    When my power went off last week, a transformer blew, I think it fried my dishwasher. It takes about a week to fill it up for me and I had just done them. Went to turn it on last night and no go. I checked the breakers and such and am sure it is the DW. It is a very old Kenmore and wasn't doing a great job lately, lots of spots and dull silverware. So now I have to take all the dishes out and wash them as I am out of bowls and spoons :-(

    So I think I will hang out in the hammock and eat some cobbler. Hello to everydobby and hope those feeling cwappy the hammock is a big one some climb on in and we will have a slumber party-Carla
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - Your poor baby !! I can just imagine this BIG baby running away to hide because (he or she )-sorry I forgot the gender)was afraid of getting punished or hit by a slipper. That is so funny. They always go where they think they are going to get hugs, etc. No matter how big they are are they go to Momma !!

    MMM - strawberry bread sounds delicious. It sounds great but I am to full from eating Mexican food tonight. Save some for me please !!

    Carla - Did you eat a bunch of cobbler tonight in your hammock ? You sound really pooped kiddo.

    Just wantaed to say good night to all. Took some of my meds and now it is almost time for the rest (my 1/2 Melatonin .Night all everdobby !! Hope to see you all tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Sort of a quiet

    Granni - thank you for your kind sweet words.

    Stayed home. Not feeling to spry; I stopped taking my supplements....iron/vitamin B etc for a few days when i got sick and started again from today. Also had stopped my breathng and meditation exercises so need to do that again. When i get sick i just lay around, with the even the appetite gone.

    But the aches and throbbings are gone....

    My daughter has gone to meet her best friend who is studying in another city one and half hours away...and spent the night there in her dorm...she was very excited since she was seeing this friend after 7 months...the friend left Nepal as soon as the exams got over. She is so lucky her best friend is still nearby even half way across the world...theyve been together since fifth grade. She said Friday evening there were lots of parties going on but she was in her dorm getting ready for the next days train journey to meet her friend.

    I made chickpea curry and some veggie i dont know the name of in English and some flat wheat bread...its evening time and the US OPen is on - theyre showing highlights of yesterdays match...

    I hope tomorrow will be a more productive time for me. Todays has gone just resting.

    The two brothers called. One to say he had got a Vat 39 whiskey (I think) as a gift and asked me if i knew where he could sell it...very thankful he hasnt opened and drunk it...

    the other brother was going to retrieve his motorbike license from the police station..and was just checking in..this brother is feeling a little lost i suppose, started phoning from time to time...the kids at school and hes bored alone at home i suppose. Well today i was in no conversational i just spoke a little and reminded him to keep praying...

    Hi to Julie, Erin, Carla and all who checked in ...

    I hope more of our porchies wil drop in sure is quiet around here...

    God Bless
  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Yes it is very quiet here.

    Georgia it seems that Urs is a little jealous of Mr M, I can see her sitting there covered in flour, lol. Yes our furry friends can cause us extra work but lots of love and laughs too. At least she doesn't bring you dead creatures or just wallers in them and then comes to give you a kiss,LOL.

    Springwater- I have been in bed more than out of bed myself. I got up at 1PM yesterday back to bed at 11pm and just got up, it is noon. I have over done and trying to recharge as I have another full week.

    It is good that you have your brothers, it seems they look up to you for support or is it just financial support. I know remember you posting about you family gets more of you money than you do. Sometimes being a only child of a only child of another only child. While I have no family to lean on I also have no one asking me anything either.

    I have not heard a word from my daughter since I left there in Aug. I do know she has watched my youtube videos and that is one reason I have been doing them, plus now I have a computer that allows me to do so. I do hope to keep my relatioship with my grandson and his dad tho.

    Granni you just keep going don't you? I think you are the grand dame and think it great that you are able to enjoy the retirement years by traveling, KC's, church and singing. I have found my stamina has left me in the last few months. The rocks really did me in and the art show is more work than I thought.

    It seems our little town is broke and the people and business's that had sponsored us in the past are not doing so this year. I do have some door prizes but not ONE sponsor or purchase award. That is when someone agrees to come to the show and buy a painting from an artist.

    I have not heard a word from Diane, the chairman who had surgery on THurs and this concerns me. She is a great lady and always up and optomistic and felt she would breeze threw the surgery and be ready for the show and go back to work. I have called twice and neither she or her husband have called me. So I don't want to be a pest and will wait, but I am very worried about her.

    Julie I hope you are resting some but knowing you, you are at the FIL's or your parents. I imagine your are missing that lil one in the Big House too, it was nice to be able to walk over and see her, now she is in town it isn't so easy. That must have been a site to see the kids and Sheba in the recliner,LOL. The video you saw was one of the smaller chases I have had.

    I have had worse bark fests, but I have learned how to back them down and not be afraid, that is what they sense-fear. So I have actually got out of the cart and chased them,lol. There is one dog on another road named Lucky and while he isn't quite as big as the St Bern he is fast and I can't out run him on level ground.

    He is relentless, nothing stops him. I do speak to the owners and they are very nice and they do keep he in the fenced back yard, but he dug a hole to get out of recently. When his owner drove past my house one day while I was out front he stopped and I told him so he kow has a ladder there. That is one mean dog tho. I have sprayed amonia, vinigar and bleach and used my trusty stick, the ower told me too but nothing works until I get the the hill and can outrun him.

    I do hope you can find something to help you feel better, you have been threw many life changes in a short time. It seems like you have spent your life taking care of others and don't know how to enjoy just being you without guilt. We have to put ourselves first and foremost or we won't be able to be there for the others. But that is a hard one to do but is necessary to survive.

    Thanks for the Skin so Soft tip, I have heard other say that but don't know any avon people. Have you or anyone else here used a misquto killer thing, it is like a light bug zapper but has a lure designed for skeeters. They were $90 at Wallys but are now $50, but the lures are $15 and only work a month but say they work for up to a acre.

    OH the puppies are back, see my profile pic and post about them. I don't know where they have been but momma and all 10 pups are there and no food or water. So I did take some last night and will go again today and call AC tomorrow. I may end up having to take them myself again like Baby. Momma is so thin.

    Elaine where are you? I hope you are having fun with Mr Smith? And dancing is a profession :) with or with a pole, LOL. It is also exercise so I think that does fall under the criteria you Dr requires of you.

    Sweetie where are you, I hope you didn't have much damage from Hannah when she went threw your state. Please let us know how you are. Any good news about your DH work.

    Joan I hope you and DH are getting better each day.

    Mrdad you are missed here, hope you are feeling better and come back soon

    Mickey I hope your not sulking and missing your daughter and are having fun soaking up the last of the summer by the pool.

    ROck thank you for your comments about my attitude,it is a choice. I could have a pity party but it doesn't get us anywhere. I have no one I can really count on but myself so I have to be there for me, make sense?

    I do count on all of you here tho, you all give me inspiration to continue to get up every day and be productive, even when I sure don't feel like it, like this weekend. You are my family as far as I am concerned and I thank each of you for being here for me.

    Well I have blathered on enough, just making up for lost time I guess, LOL Take care and hello to all I didn't mention-Carla
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there ALL,

    I am here on the puter again. DH wanted me to watch our Texas play the Giants today and they are not doing to well. So, here I am. I think DH is busily hopping around with the clicker since the game seems to be one sided. Hopefully, they will get better soon (The Texans).

    Carla - I saw that video with those cute puppies. I just cannot imagine why someone would leave them al thee like that. That is so cruel. Yes, those puppies are so cute !!
    Did you say you were going to call and talk to the shelter? I would think that some nice people would love these little guys and gals (not all of them together though). Hope you are doing OK. I know it broke your heart to see them and the poor Momma like that. However, you are being realistic and you surely cannot take them with your own two.

    Believe it or not I am starting to cut back on some stuff, it just doesn't seem like it to you. I have already cut back some on my volunteer work. I also wish I could cut back on my housework. I hate to do it and the vacumming, cleaning bathrooms and floors are really getting to me. I like to forget they are even here. I finally vacuumed yesterd. It sure did need it (the house). Sorry you are pooping out so too. Believe me, I am and I amnot moving ROCKS.

    Georgia - Your poor Ursula, always seems to be getting in trouble (-: !! Sorry Mr M is feeling so badly . I am sure you are both uptight at the thought of having to go see a surgeon. Let us know what the surgeon has to say. Good thoughts and prayer go out to you for his recovery. Yes, youmust take care of yourself, first and foremost.

    Yes, I agree about men, at least some of them. MY DH is an only child and I think he likes lots of extra attention . You wish they didn't have to be reminded to do (or do for them) all that stuff that they should just do for themselves, especially when you feel like cwap yourself !!

    Julie - Sweetie you must be feeling badly if you didn;t go to church today. I am not going to lecture you cause then you will get me back (-: !!

    Yes, where some of those MIA's - like SWEETIE and MICKEY? Hope Mickie isn;t to upset about her daughter going back and forth to school and not seeing her that much. Missed seeing her since I have come back. I think I saw her once. Hope she is catching the rays by the pool today.

    Sweetie - Haven't seen you in a long time. Hope you are doing OK in spite of all your terrible problems and challenges and that your son is doing OK too.

    Mrdad - Hope you are just resting and not feeleing too badly.

    Rock - Where are your words of wisdom today?? Hope you are doing something good or fun today. Helping Gordon with some goodies (-: !!

    Sweetwater - hope you are feeling a little better and that yoour family is not just "bugging you" so you can rest.

    Well all, I had better sign off for now. I have a fun mammogram appointment tomorrow and a chorale practice tomorrow night. Hope to see you in the afternoon.. Tuesday will be killer day too but will be home at night.

    Hugs and blessings,


  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to say hi before I leave to go and have my fun yearly mammogram done. Oh well, I at least need to get that over with.

    Elaine - Sorry I forgot to mention you yesterday. Hope you are not overtaxing yourself and having a good time.

    Carla - So glad that the shelter will be picking up the momma dog and her puppies. I sure hope they can find them good homes.

    Georgia - thinking of you and Mr M. Hope things weill get better for you both really soon.

    Julie - Hope you are getting at least some rest and feeling a bita better than you have been.

    Mickey - Hope all is well with you hon. haven't heard from you in awhile.

    Now we have to worry aboaut that horrible Hurricane IKE. Hope it continues to weaken and then disappear. However, that is most likely wishful thinking.

    Bye to all for now. Have a great day and I hope to see you all soon. Thinking of all of you and those MIA.

    Love and blessings,

  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I can't believe I am actually up and feeling alive today. I was worried Sat and Sun that I was in a major flare but 12 hours sleep 2 days in a row did help,LOL.

    I woke up before 9 and rolled back over but couldn't sleep so I guess my body is ok now. I am still taking it easy today, I have several things to do, like call more sponsors, I did get a call this morning from a Dr that is giving us $100 so that is a start.

    Julie I know what you mean about the ma and pa Kettle house thing. Mine looked horrible on the outside for over 3 years, the porch was in bad shape and still need to find something besides tablecloths to hide under the porch that won't cost me an arm and a leg or a back.

    Sounds like you MIL was a control freak, it couldn't have been easy keeping up to her standards. I bet you Fil is enjoying his new sun room. I hope he has many years there.

    You said Keria's dad is a roofer, is there anyway he could do the work on your cabin? I swear girl when it rains it pours dosent' it?

    Georgia good luck with the surgeon and Mr M, you both are lucky to have each other. I can't believe you have NEVER had surgery. I lost count years ago.

    David is recovering from his hernia surgery but is so bored he can't stand it, Still in pain and just can't do anything yet.

    Springwater I hope you are feeling better today, I hate those yo yo days, feel good one day, suck the next. How are all of your doggies doing? How many do you have? Glad your daughter is enjoying her time at school and has a freind.

    Granni did you read hugsfor about her freind being mauled by a bear in Alaska while you were there?? Did you see any bears while you were there? Go read her story, just wild.

    Mickey I hope you pop in soon, I am sure your are busy getting your in box emtpy. I hope you are feeling better.

    We have so many mia's here, Linda, Joe, Annie, Sweetie, JOdie,Erin, ELAINE where are you girl?

    I posted an update about the puppies, the shelter is coming to get them today, I hope. If not, I will take them myself.

    I hope everyone gets started off with a good week-will check in when I can- take care-Carla
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Speaking of the Kettles, did you think they were funny? The Ma and Pa Kettle movies were made when I was a kid. I never found them the least bit funny.

    I thought Ma was poignant. As for Pa, I thought he needed a kick in the pants.

    In l975 a friend took me to see his friend's new house in Santa Monica. There were a couple wilting white roses on the coffee table. The host explained, "From Marjorie Maine's funeral."

    Got my back cracked over the weekend; went to the farmers' market. Got 6 books at the library. Read 4; hated one; discovered I'd already read one before.

    Tommy showed up w/ 4 new kitties. One has bad eyes. Gave them all a boric acid eye wash. I was thinking I needed another 18 lb. bag of kat kibble which got me to thinking about money.

    One only has to spend about $42 per month for 20 years to reach the amazing total of $10,000. Maybe I shoulda thought of that 20 years ago. Smiling out loud.

    Good to see you back on the porch, Linda. Talk w/ everydobby later.


  11. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I am still around, just have been lurking. I am in a really bad slump right now. It is not because of my daughter it is just me. I haven't been a very good person and my husband isn't supporting me at all and we are having major problems right now. I can't tell you more right now as I am just so depressed right now.

    It was just me and Lindsay that went to church yesterday and just me and Lindsay that went to my company party yesterday. Right now hubby doesn't want to have anything to do with me. He doesn't understand anything about my pain that is why I had to hide everything all the time.

    I need lots of prayers from you guys please. I have even been sleeping in my daughter's room downstairs. I have my own bathroom and everything. I really don't think this is going to blow over and maybe it is for the better I don't know.

    Anyway, Carla I loved the puppies, they are adorable and I am so glad that they were not hurt. Thank Goodness.

    Well I need to go to lunch right now, I have phone duty at 12:30. So I will chat then.

    By the way, Georgia, I make your banana nut bread (i added nuts) and everyone loved it. Thank you so much for the recipe. I can't wait to make the strawberry bread. What do you do different to make that???

    Love you all


  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I'm so sorry to hear you are having troubles.

    Personally I'd hate to live with me. Some days I'm so grumpy and some days so depressed and sometimes, both!

    (That is not to say that's what you do.) It's really frustrating when we feel so rotten, and people chirp, "Why you look just fine to me. All you need to do is get up and smile a little. you'll be good as new." Grrrrrr!

    Anyway, I hope the situation gets straightened out. you know everydobby here is sending good thoughts your way.

  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Lost my post again! just as I was finished.

    Anyway I came back to tell Mickey we are all here for you and join in the group hug. We love you and understand. We know how hurtful it is to be doubted by a loved one.

    So lean on us all you want, you do not have to be happy and chipper all the time here, we understand and you have always been so supportive to all of us. So it is your turn K?

    I really had a sort long post and cant' re do it now, I wish I was a 60 min a word typist,lol. It really takes me awhile to make a post.

    But hello to Linda, glad you are enjoying Lucie can't wait for pics.

    Elaine glad you are doing well with Mr Smith too. Well I have to go strip now, the wood -not me,lol. timing is everything-

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{MICKEY}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} hugs from all-Carla
  14. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I come back from lunch and see all these messages from you guys. I am just in tears and am so appreciative of all of you. Like Elaine said I really don't know how I could even keep going without you guys.

    Thank you, thank you so much for making me smile and to know there are you guys that do care and understand.

    Fortunately I do have my girls that back me up and do understand. I talked to them openly and honestly this past weekend about my problems and what kind of medications I am on. Lindsay just gave me a big hug and told me how much she loves me. Got a phone hug and love you from my other daughter (since she is away in college).

    However, my hubby will never understand, especially since I have been lying to him about some of the medications I take and he found them. I only did it because I know what he would say or how he would react and I was right. He has no idea how much I need them for my problems. I know I shouldn't have lied to him, that was wrong and I do feel really bad about it. I have an empty pit in my stomach that will not go away.

    He is the type that doesn't go to doctors or even takes tylenol for a headache. Oh well, for right now I am staying away and staing in the basement, so I wll be fine. I don't things will go back to normal, but I am a strong person, have a good job and great girls and I can make it on my own.

    Again you guys thanks for being there for me. I love you all and I will try and get back to my ole chipper self.
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  15. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I, like Linda, have been wondering about lurking. It is time that I check in. There are people that I am worried about too....MrDad, Annie, Jodie, and Marta.

    I have been in such a "funk". As usual (Isn't that an upbeat statement?) life in this household is in turmoil. My DH or my son is still not employed. We had such high hopes of my DH's interview a couple of weeks ago but he was not hired. He is still positive but I am more pratical and our money is not going to last forever. It is not easy to find a job that pays what he was making and we, as most people, had our bills set to match his and what used to be my income. We had managed to do without mine but we must have his and have it soon. I really do not know what is going to happen. I know money and things are not everything but with my background of being a banker, having excellent credit is very important to me and something I have worked very hard my whole life to maintain. I've always believed in paying bills first and to this point I've been blessed to be able to work hard and do that but now.....I don't know what life holds. I just pray for God to take care of us.

    My son is still having so much trouble with severe anxiety attacks. It's a struggle for him to even leave the house. He is on medication and is using therapy techniques but it is just not sufficient now. I talked with him earlier and I think he is about ready to see a therapist in addition to his psychiatrist.

    Mickey....Sorry to hear about problems with your marriage. I truly hope that everything will work out and that you will be happy. We've definitely had problems at times with our marriage also. It's not so easy all the time.

    Anyhoo...I've been trying to keep up with all of you and your lifes and keeping you in my prayers. Thanks for caring enough to wonder about me.
  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Honey, i am so sorry for you and your family. here i am complaining that my hubby hates me because i lied to him (wich i deserve) and you guys are really non deserving of this.

    I will keep you all in my prayers too,and please know God will help you, I know he will.

    Love you and take care
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    This morning i had typed out a long post and the poof the lights went out and it i put my head onto the computer desk, counted to ten and went and started my chores instead.

    That time there werent many posts, now i come on and hey presto! there are posts from MIA Elaine, Mickey, Lincamp and Rockgor too!

    MICKEY : Really sorry to hear about the upset. I do hope it resolves itself soon...remember whats a marriage without upsets here and there...the successful marriages are those that worked through the are such a lovely person...please dont think the worst of yourself. we all make mistakes...if we didnt we'd be the Angel gabriels all of us.

    ERIN : I hope Mr Ms surgery goes fine..I have had my gal bladder taken out but it was long time back, i remember i got a sore back from lying down so much, but not much problem otherwise...

    Poor ursula...unique name, by the way. I know how difficult it is to live with doggies who get their noses into everything and someone who isnt as patient with such doggies...tho i dont blame them...sometimes i find myself teetering on the edge of insanity with what my brood gets up to. One of them did the same thing as yours, his face was white and so were his paws when i got back from outside, he had forgotten he had done something stupid but the carpet, oh the carpet...took some brushing

    CARLA: Miracles do happen after all....the pups came back!!! I watched the utube and ngaaaaaewwwwwwwwwngrrrr they are so cute..little shiny sausagy things...with faces that go 'pick me up, mama pick me up, yip yip yip yip". Awww, if they were born I am sure God will provide them a home, right? Please God, let them be all right, everyone one of them. Carla bless your soul for being there.

    My brothers, yes, they phone often and elder bro drops in like every three days...the financial support is inevitable since none of them have jobs but i think its also them feeling the need to reach that mum and dad arent there...they talk about mundane things..and i get the feeling they just want to know family is there..both brothers visit each other often

    I hope you hear from your friend Diane...she did sound such a lovely person to know..Americas recession must be hitting everywhere..hence the sluggish response to your fundraising, I do hope it improves tho

    JULIE : You have apple trees with different brand apples growing on them? Delicious Red sounds , well, delicious. I can just imagine you sitting with Keira and closing your eyes and imagining while eating eggplant...we too make a dish like that...but ours is deep fried after marinating in spices and dipping in chickpea powder and egg. I havent made for ages and ages tho...I daresay the husband will faint with disbelief if i make it one of these days, faint with surprise that i actually got up the energy to make something different.

    Serenity room sounds so good..i dream of sleeping in a hammock in the garden with the fragrance of fresh green grass in my nostrils...alas, our house is overlooked by other houses and no the winter i take a mattress and sleep on the terrace to catch some sun...its very pleasant and no one can see in - yet.

    GRANNI : You called me sweet water! lol, but i dont sounds nice like a sherbet or something...hope the mammogram goes off al still seem to have more energy than i do most of the times...

    LINDA: So nice to hear from you again, I never knew there were goldendoodles!

    ELAINE : Good to hear from you again...miss it when you disappear

    ROCKGOR: Glad you dropped in and said hi...looks like quite a few of us are having energy and mood crisises...

    I did some housecleaning today and felt good about out a room which i hadnt touched...and had a nice walk in the dark...evening 7:30pm when lights went out...the supermarket is 20mins walk away and i love walking in the dark street lit only by oil lamps in the wayside little shops....someone has planted some jasmine along the way and the smell of wet wind and jasmine is really lovely....especially in the dark...

    God Bless

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I got back not to long ago from my mammogram. Hope all is well. Did have a scare sometime ago but it was nothing but surely did scare me. Also, I had let it go for a few years and now I do not do so. I go every year like a good girl!! I had such a worry, no one could really find anything but the mammo showed something weird and I think it was fibrous or dense breast tissue.

    Mickey - Yes please do keep me in that crowd with your group hug sweetie. Yes, I know what you mean about husbands not really understanding-even if they say they do (sort of). I surely hope things will change for the better for you with your husband. Has he ever gone with you to a doctor appointment, to the one who has been giving you your meds and such, and understands your condition. I think I remember you had mention this before when your husband wasn't believing you or something . Thought that had been cleared up but I know also that sometimes they just say that temporarily. I feel so sorry for you but know you are a very strong person and you can handle whatever is thrown at you. Glad your girls are also understanding of your conditon !!!

    Wish you were right here so I could hug you myself. All I can say is I am so sorry but chin up my girl you WILL get through this, no matter what happens. I would ask him to go with you to talk to the doctor and if he doesn't want to go then that is unfortunately his loss. Somehow I had a feeling something ws wrong when we hadn't heard from you in awhile.

    Yes, I do not know if I did not have all you dear friends to be here to vent to in my or any of our hours of need. Yes, I am afraid I would be like Elaine wandering around like a lost lamb without my Porchies?

    Georgia - Oh speaking of lambs and sheep - did I miss something ? Someone mentioned something abouat surgery for Mr. M. What did the surgeon have to say and will he have to have surgery ??

    Linda - Welcome back my dear. We have missed you. Yes I remember oh so well when school startaed and all the actaivities - ugh !!!Welcome also to Lucy. Send us a pic sometime. Tat sounds like an intersting mix.

    Springwter - I hope I got your name right this time). Maybe I called you Sweetwater cause you are so sweet OR maybe cause I had the name of a town in TX in my head called Sweetwater !!!

    BTW hon I think you were talking about Georgia whose SO is called Mr M by many of us. Erin is Texangal81 who hasn;t been around for awhile and I hope she is doing OK.
    Big his also to Julie, Rock Mrdad who has been another MIA lately. Hope that heis OK.

    Sweetie - glad to hear from you but sorry that things haven;t changed in the jobs department for your DH and son. I hope that changes soon hon. You don;t deserve all this worry. God bless you and your family too.

    Oh well, it looks like that bad storm Ike is going to bypass FL and head somewhere towrds the coast in our direction, LA, Miss. TX etc. Please keep ALL of us in your prayers. We just ran around and took pics of all the rooms in the house for insurance purposes. Luckily, we also have the house plans too. If it is bad and comes our way we may go to Ft, Worth to our daughters.

    Bye for now my dear Porchies ! Just remember that I do love you all.

    Hugas and blessings,


    [This Message was Edited on 09/08/2008]

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