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  1. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hey Everydobby- I can't stay, on the road again, but did want to say hello as I will be MIA for a few days.

    I left ooey-gooey sticky buns with plenty of wet naps and some cider as there is a still in the air.

    Please see the end of 293 for posts from Jodie and Elaine- Carla
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  2. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well I have a little bit of good news. I am going to see a counselor/phsychiartrist even though my hubby needs it more. I am going to go to 6 sessions and then they have family sessions. I asked hubby if he would be willing to go and I couldn't believe it, but he said "absolutely", of course this was over texting on cell phone. LOL However, I was still stunned.

    I really think we have needed this for a long time, actually ever since I was hit with this DD. I really haven't changed in personality wise, just in activity/energy level. However, he needs to deal with me being changed because of the DD and it is something I just couldn't help and I really need his support so I won't have to lie to him anymore about things.

    Well it is a start, I just wanted to let you all know first, well besides Monica, who left a message for me on the board, I did reply to her first. She is so sweet. Heck, you all are so sweet, even you Rock, probably the sweetest of them all. Don't ya think Girls.

    Elaine, what did you do, did you and Granni and Carla and Julie and Lynn all gang up on hubby. If you did, thank you so so much, becuase I think it is working.

    Well I am off tomorrow, as I have to go pick Ashley up from college and take her to her Dermo appt at 4 tomorrow, so she will stay home this weekend and that is when I will go back to my room. LOL I don't want her to have to worry about us. However, it will be a good time for me and her to have a good Mom and daughter talk on the way back from College. I already spoke to Lindsay about all of this and she is backing me up 100%. She even texts me in the mornings saying "I love you". She is such a sweetheart, even though she has problems sometimes. Her sweetness makes up for it. She really has been so good, her grades are great and no troubles at all from her.

    Another book, I hope everyone is having a great day today and I will check in later.

    Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers and advice. Have I told you all lately, what would I do without my porchies????? Love you all.

  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I came in and wanted to write and realised there was nothing to write...i had been home all day, and now my brain state is such i cant remember what i did YESTERDAY. I prob slept.

    Since my stomach acted up again and (my fault, the cravings started and i ate a lot of junk, including chocolates and some sweet indian dish..prob full of stale oil..this made my head ache and this gassy headache is really really misery making...its not bad enough to make one cry and yet manages to make one disinclined to do any small thing even.

    Today, i stayed AWAY from anything not boiled or not plainly baked. Which means i just had milk and bread...and yes tea. And the headache went...and along with it the heaviness and ache in my mind..that wud be the depression...

    today was a friend K's b'day and i had already got her card ready ages after morning worship i offed to her place and caught up with her at the office. I got scared out of my wits when she told me about a ghostly experience she had when her sisters (my Chinese friend) maid died and started haunting immediately afterwards...theres another maid there who saw her so it wasnt hallucinating. This friend K didnt 'see' her but heard her singing and a lot of banging and stuff went on at 2am. The other maid told her she 'saw' her..standng there; she seemed to have just bathed her hair and was towelling it dry in the doorway.

    Aaaaeiii...i could feel the hair on my neck back standing up...luckily, they did the prayers and cleansing thing and its gone now...Im happy the soul is at rest i Chinese friend had told me how her maid was diagnosed with cancer all of a sudden and it was in the last stages...i even knew she was taken to hospital and died but friend only told me she felt uneasy about the house...not that there was active haunting.

    After that i came back home...found son alone and the lights had gone off...they go off for 3 hours every day now and then I made a horrible mistake..the supermarket to which we go to always, is opening another branch in another part of town and the owner had told me and hubs to come for the my brain fog state i thot the date was today and phoned my husband...he was in a meeting so couldnt talk and tel me i had made a mistake, so off i went in a cab...looking for this new supermarket...i found it...but was stopped at the gate...becos work was going on and then the guard tells me the opening is on Saturday. Ooof. Grrr. Fumbled in my bag and discovered i didnt have enough change for a cab, just a 1000 rs. note for groceries and i know cabbies never give change for i hiked it. I enjoyed it part of the way coz it was dark and cool, until my feet started aching.

    Anyways made it until i was 20 mins away from home and bought my son chicken patty whch he asked me for and then my husband passes by, he's going to some other meeting the other side of town...and tells me not to make dinner...(its already made).

    Come home and find son fast asleep on our bed. Try and wake him to do his HW and find out he's out like a light. Let him sleep. After doing some this and that, I phone my friend, same Chinese one asking if she wants some sweet pea seeds which my sis in law told me she's going to send; we sow them in September...and the five minutes talk i had planned lasts one and a half hours...apparently her hubs also is out on some meeting...and she's feeling low and overworked because she just came back after reaching her son to college in China.

    Later on hubs comes at around 11pm and son wakes up when he hears the honking. I feed son his dinner and give him the patties...and then come here to the board.

    I come here and post.

    JODIE...good to hear about your son and hope your health imoroves soon

    ROCKGOR..we dont have any broadway musicals school had had a mega production of Oliver Twist when i was 11. Complete with the songs and costumes, hoop skirts and i didnt take part. I did act as one of Robin Hoods henchmen in the class play in Robin of Sherwood. It was a nonspeaking part.

    In Kathmandu ive seen the Expats association and British School put up several productions of Anne Franks Diary and Equus..and recently a theatre group put up Reihardt the Fox or something....our nepali local theatre group has put up translated versions of Ibsens plays. My daughters class put up A View from the Bridge in which she had a mothers part..haha. Her husband is in love with her niece and she is simmering underneath..but cannot speak it out.

    The next years students put up West Side Story which was so much richer in terms of production values...and it was a musical so they had to sing.

    MICKEY : I used to sleep away from my husband when i was angry with him...used to take a mattress and sleep down on the floor. But that was in the first year of marriage. I remember once i was so angry he went to bed without resolving a fight...(the poor chap must have been tired out, he got into bed and started snoring)...I waited around fuming for an hour until i couldnt bear it any more and took a mug of cold water and threw it over his bare back.

    Ive never seen a man sit up in bed so fast...i can still see him gasp, blinking his eyes blearily and trying to focus his eyes on me and make sense of what had just happened to him. No i did not get kicked out of the house then and there. He looked so comical i started laughing and crying same time...

    Its wonderful to hear husband is willing to go to counseling. This is a step in the right direction. Good for him because i really dont want to see Elaine and gang bearing down on him.

    My daughter is so busy it seems, she hasnt written emails now for some days except a short one yesterday to her dad about credit card matters...she has atlast got her laptop.

    JULIE - your poor toe...i didnt know you had broken it...did this have to happen now? oof trouble doesnt come but in twos and threes. Just hope you will get better soon and all the other health issues will be resolved. Hope Keira also is getting better...poor lil 'un.

    Carla, Elaine, Granni seem to be so usual....

    hi to everyone else i might have left out...

    wow is late late at night and it is raining hard, coming down in torrents now...its brought down the temperature so i expect to get a good nights sleep..

    God Bless

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Right now we are TRYING to decide whether to leave to go to daughter's family in Crowley (suburb of Ft. Worth_ or not tomorrow. We will decide at that time. So we have been running around getting stuff to cover the windows IF they get blown in. We are not boarding up, to many windows. In the morning or late tonight we will probably decide.. It is so scarey esp for those living really close to the coast. However, this is such a BIG sotrm.

    Also doing washing , getting meds together and will do a little packing in case we have to leave for awhile. Just what I need - STRESS - - - - AAAACK !!

    I will have to go back and check on Jodie. Didn't read the last volume yet and wanted to send this out so if I do not answer you all for awhile it is for you.

    Mickey - I hope that all continues to go well with you and DH. Glad that you are going to therapy and I hope he will also go later on. He probably needs it alot more than you but it will help your sanity to have to deal with all of it.

    A friend of mine's daughter and family live in Galveston, right on the coast. They will be going to stay with their parents where we live . That should at least be better. Hope they do not lose everything as many do with these awful storms.

    God bless everyone in IKE's path.

    Love to everydobby !!

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear from you and that Cody is doing so well. So sorry to hear about you though and that you are still having so much pain and all. So sorry to hear about that.

    God bless you and hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Gotta run and do more stuff to get ready for the hurricane or to leave - whatever we do !!


  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I haven't got much to report either, Springwater. Biggest news is I heard from two siblings. My brother sent me a postcard from Minnesota. The card is shaped like Minnesota.
    I am surprised the postal authorities allow such frivolity.

    Heard from my sister. Her Pekinese died from Congestive heart failure. Wikipedia says that is the most common cause of death. Kirby was 12 years old.

    My sister just loved that dog. She had no children, and her husband is thoroughly unlovable. All her love went to Kirby. She talked baby talk to her.

    I wanted to suggest a couple years ago that she get another dog. I didn't because I knew the suggestion would just make her angry.

    Funny. She and my brother haven't spoken for decades. But they are a lot alike. Touchy as rattlesnakes. Almost anything you say to them is interpreted as an attack.

    Example: "I'm a little short of money this month." My sister got up and stalked outta the room. She is very sensitive about being short.

    Elaine, somewhere I heard a story about evacuating from Texas about 5 years ago when a hurricane was coming. Might have been on line; maybe somebody posted it here.

    Anyway, this fellow said the roads were clogged. After several hours, the family had only gone something like 20 miles. They turned around and went home.

    I don't sew too much myself, but I do know how to sew on a button. I can't do hems. (I can do haw's though.)

    Mickey, I think that is really a good sign that Dan (did I get the name right?) is willing to go to counseling. Most men would just as soon have surgery.

    Also, please be advised that I am not sweet. I am fierce and acerbic. Grrrrr!

    Used to go to the theatre a lot, Springwater, but not anymore. Los Angeles has about a hundred little theaters.
    The actors don't get paid. Just hope some talent scout will see them.

    Generally speaking, the casts are wonderful. The plays, however, are usually not so good. I remember going to a play back in the l980s. The theater was very small; a converted house.

    I was sitting in the front row. There was a nude scene. My attention was definitely focused.

    Gordon saw a story about Vons Pavillon, a very ritzy grocery store. The store is going to be re-built. Everything was marked down 50%.

    One fellow was interviewed as he came outta the store w/ a bulging cart. He waved his hand and said, "It's all liquor. I saved $700."

    Well, bottom's up. Time to go.


  7. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    It is just about time to close up shop here and I don't know when I will have time to visit over the weekend but I will try. Oh, I forgot to tell you that my husband thinks this site is one reason why the way I am. I told him this site helps me and that everyone on here understands because they are going through the same things. I even told him he could read some of the posts, although I would rather not. You guys are my friends, however, it would maybe help him understand.

    Oh well, enough about my gripes.

    Springwater, you poor thing. You sure went through alot, all that walking and the scary story. YOu have a lot going on there. Where you live sounds totally different than here. I hope you can take it easy for awhile and get some rest.

    Granni, I will keep all your family and friends in my prayers too with these horrible storms. I sure hope it just passes over with no damage. God Bless you and your family too Granni.

    Rock - what do you mean you are not sweet. I think so, there is nothing wrong with a guy being sweet, on the contrary when you get to be my age that is what you want in a man that is for sure. LOL No my hubby's name is Russ not Dan, although I have a brother and Dad that is Dan so what is the difference. That is a shame about your sister's dog. I know when Jack passes, I will be a basket case. I talk baby talk to him too and even tuck him in at night. He is my buddy that is for sure.

    All other Porchies, miss you, and thanks for everything and take care and have a great weekend. I will try and get on over the weekend. Lots of doctor appts tomorrow so probably not tomorrow.


  8. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I can't believe tomorrow is Fri! I also have to work Sat, so I will be gone for a few days.

    I have to use my bosses computer at work and honestly the store has pick up in business and I don't have time to go online.

    This art show is really taking it's toll on me so I need to relax and rest when I can, which means not as much on line time.

    I have to use my computer time for the art show, I have been getting some door prizes, sponsors, ect so I have to make a data base before it gets out of hand.

    I have been walking so much this week I have taken and hour or more whirlpool everynight. It really has helped, I slept great and wake up rested.

    Now I just need to get threw this weekend and it should slow down some, well at least my appts are over and I have been drawing some too.

    So forgive me if I hide in the bushes with my sketch pad and my lists. I will be back after the weekend.

    Mickey I am glad your hubby is going with you, that is a good first step. Hopefully the Dr will help him understand what you are going threw.

    Springwater, what an intersting life you have,I am not familiar of the Buddist beliefs in ghosts but I take it you do believe in them. I have felt the presence of a few in my life. Sorry about your trip to the store, glad your DH came by. I do hope your tummy issues get better, when it;s isn't feeling good nothing feels good. Take care and get some rest. I hope your daughter is enjoying her time at school.

    Elaine, wow the multi talented lady. I use to sew but haven;t done anything in a long time. I bought some flannel to make pj's last year while I was recouping from my foot surgery, but it is still in the bag. In the winter I like wearing my sweats and jammies all day.

    Rock you never seem to amaze me with your wit and wisdom. DO you remember Hee Haw? You comment about not hemming but could haw brought back ol memories of the big lady with pig tails yelling HEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWWWWW and BR-549.

    Glad you heard from your brother and sister, I know your brother is in Minsota but forgot where your sis is. I am glad you are still in touch with some of your family.

    Granni I do hope you will be safe this weekend, how far are you from Houston? I feel for everyone down there, they are forcasting it to be the worst one in years.

    I am wearing down and didn't write this in my email and am afraid I will lose it. Last night I wrote Oprah, they are looking for people who have redesigned their own homes and want to brag to Ty Pennington. It took nearly an hour, when I clicked submit, it said page not found and my letter was gone-poof.

    I am going to try to write another one at work in a document than send it when I get home. I would love to meet Ty and Oprah, that would be so cool to share my house
    with others. I still have the original video of when I applied to Extream Makeover in 2003 when I bought this house. The before and after is amazing if I do say so myself :)

    So hello to everydobby, you know who you are- and hope all have a safe and healthy weekend- Will peek in when I can-take care of each other-Carla
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Carla (et al)-

    That is unless DH changes his mind again. Who knows what to do. We are about 50-75 miles away from Houston I would guess depending where in Houston, which is pretty big anyway.

    Don't know if and when I will get back on again depending on the electricity and the storm. It is supposed to come tomorrow night or early the next morning but have some more stuff to do tomorrow. We were busy this morning moving porch furniture and plants in the garage , etc. Grreat for the body (-: !!! It was also nice and hot out to make it even more fun !!

    I have stuff all a around the house in case we decided to leave. Got my meds together and got some clothes together in case we went. Then DH said we would stay here. Many in our area that we kow of (neighborhood) are staying they said. So, DH decided we would stay. We also do not relish the idea of driving, etc. Although it looks like thre evacuations have been handled pretty good with this storm. The interstates are not as crowded as they wee with TRita and Katrina. They started with the most low lying areas in the path of the storm and worked out, usuing zipcodes.

    Enough about hurricanes.

    Lots of hugs to everydobby. Have a nice and safe weekend coming up.

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry you are in hurricane Ikes path....and are having to pack and board up and all that goodness, and with you and husband sort of barely over the sickness after coming back from your trip. I pray this storm does not cause any big harm....and that you and family is safe and sound from it all; I wish Mother Nature would give us all a break now..we had a terrific downpour last night and i was wondering what the Koshi bankers who are already flooded were doing...oh misery.

    Elaine! You too - I hope your brother and his family is safe and that none of the homes businesses are harmed too much...this is really stressful...storms coming one after another...i honestly wonder how the residents feel...not at all allowed to settle down.

    Im off to fix b/fast and wil be back later..seems today is a strike in town to protest a mysterious death of some political person at hands of son is at home

    Hello to al who pops in

    God Bless

  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I just finished the breakfast thing and back to finish off.

    Guess what i just made an important discovery. You can open TWO pages of this prohealth page....and you can log in only on one page you type your reply and you keep going back to the other opened page to use as reply to other And very handy for people like me whose brain cells are either decaying or fried from years of depression or CFS or both.

    Granni - dont know whether you decide to stay or leave..but my thoughts and prayers are with you...I will be watching CNN to see how Ike behaves

    Carla - hurry back soon, will miss you and yuor updates..your running around for door prizes etc reminds me of my time as secretary in this five star hotel and during Christmas/New Year it used to give a huge bash where tickets are sold to public and we had to type to all the airline, Safari Resorts, hotels, restaruants begging them to sponsor something for door prizes....yes it really was hectic and those days we used typewriters..computers came on later..good luck with the art show, and dont over do yourself, we cant have you crashing, what with Julie also feeling the after effects of so much running around and helping others

    listening to your commentaries on the utubes i know you would do a fantastic job of showing over your house makeover should Ty / Oprah call. I just love that huge porch of yours...Im amazed at the amount of open spaces you have around you....its like a resort; If i came face to face with Oprah i prob would be too tongue tied and busy goggling at her huge huge diamond earrings...

    Goergia - you would rather have earthquakes than hurricanes? I am petrified at the thought of being buried under rubble..i find hurricanes fascinatingly scary beautiful but of course would never want to be in one...

    Hope the Governator can pull something out of the bag and save CAs finances...not so easy being a politicican after all, i guess...he should have stuck to 'terminating' on screen? By the way,what is 'barrega'? is it slang for getting high?

    Rockgor - Ive seen people like yuor sister...who lavish all their love on their pets...and also the kind who take every spoken word to mean somethng in context to them and them really tiring to be around such kind, i can be nice only so much...after that i wud rather dothe vanishing act than try interact with someone who thinks every comment is directed at them. I can see why you moved away.

    I love plays. I woud have loved to act but too shy. I love watching them. The whole atmosphere about the stage, the painted faces of the actors, the costumes, the lighting...somehting makes me so happy. I remember a play put up in a hotel which was produced by an Indian theatre was a comedy..and i laughed so husband didnt find it that funny..maybe i amuse easily. Both my kids have told me so dozens of times.

    Elaine - Sewing? You seem multitalented...sewing is not one of my accomplishments..i just do basic darning..and as a child i always thought i wud turn out ladylike and be good at all the womanly things..hah!How did u manage to gain weight? Ive been trying but have now resigned myself to my twiggy 43 kilos...think its to do with the metabolism

    Mickey - good luck with the coounseling sessions...your husband thinks the board is also why you are sick? oh dear...some work to do here...he really needs to be less rigid in his opinions and try see things from anothers viewpoint but then thats what the sessions are going to try to do keep your chin up...I am so happy you have Ashley, Lindsey and your lil Jack..he does sound sweet, to turn to.

    Hello to Monica and other porchies and I hope Julies doing good and resting

    God Bless

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    This may be the last visit since I have got to get busy and whenthis starts last tonight probably we may not have slectricity.

    Have to go tie down some more stuff and bring some more in. Just watching the water coming up on the beach already and the storm has not started yet.

    Gotta run now and get busy ! Pray for all in its path.

    Love to everyone,

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So far we are still around with power since the storm has not started YET. However, the coast of Galveston is already flooding and the storm has not even made landfall yet.

    We are not so much worried about flooding here but we have lots of trees which could fall on the house. There is one especially large one over our bedroom. We will probably not be sleeping in our our beds tonight in the bedroom. Also, we will probably take turns staying up to keep warch. Also, hopefully, the tornadoes won't cause to much problem which there usually are.

    Will try to check in when I can and have electricity. God bless you all. Everyone on the coast of TX and Louisiana and possibly Miss. especailly stay safe and try and be careful. Can't believe the few idiots staying after a mandatory evacuatiaon was issued yesterday and before - GEEZ ! I would be out of there in a minute.

    Love to everydobby !

  14. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Remember me??

    I've been dealing with some stuff that I won't bore you with but I had to come check on our Gulf Coast friends in the path of the storm.

    Now that I'm here there's not much I can do but say a prayer for everyone's safety. I hope you're all being sensible - whatever that means for you.

    Mickey, good for you and DH for going to counselling. I'm proud of you both. It's often helpful to see our lives through the eyes of a professional.

    Springwater, stay away from those sticky buns that Carla brought! (And that leaves more for me..... ;>) Not really. I have to watch what I eat too, and found that many common foods are hard for me to digest without problems. Sticking as close to natural as I can get helps.

    Granni, I've been thinking of you and hope you're safe. The TV pics of the highways in TX show bumper to bumper cars so I hope you got away early. Better safe than sorry, IMO.

    Sorry I missed Jodie. It sounds as if Cody is doing well but not Jodie. I'm sorry to hear that and I hope things get better very soon.

    Rock, it's nice to have a family reunion via the mail, isn't it? Sure beats all that in-person family bickering. I'm sorry to hear about your sister's dog. We think the animal is the dependent one until they're gone. (By the way, I think you're sweet, too.)

    Goatwoman turned out to be Georgia, thank goodness. Hope all is well there, my friend.

    Julie, what a tiger(ress) you are to take on that drive. I like your motto, by the way: Flexible and portable. I see I have work to do around here to meet that standard....

    Carla, are you working too hard? Did you even get one of your own sticky buns? Yes, that sounds weird.....

    Until next time I'm leaving an extra large basket of hugs here in the corner out of the wind. Everyone help yourself as needed, OK?

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks for thinking of us folks here on the SE part of TX and beyond !!! BTW, how are those crazy feuding kitties???

    In case you did not see my last post. We are staying where we are about 75 miles N of Houston depending from where in Houston you are talking aboaut. Houston is pretty big and Galveston (on the coast) about another hour away.

    Even my 3 kids living in Houston are not moving but they are NOT in the direct path of entry for the storm. I cannot believe some of the stupod people staying right on the coast - really STUPID !!

    Thanks for your concern and keep praying for ALL in its path.

    I am guessing we will lose power tomorrow sometime. So, try not to worry if I cannot come to the porch. I will try and check in asap.



  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Where does your brother live exactly and does his area usually flood? Just curious why he was going to San Antonio. Hope all works out for him.

    Bye for ow. Now we wait. Thanks for your prayers and good wishes.


  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i pray all people in texas and other states are safe.

    anyone heard from i have been out of the loop for awhile just wanted to make sure he is ok as well.

    rock still has his great sense of humor and elaine is always on the ball.

    linda i hope your daughter is doing well in college as well...i think i remember she was draining the bank last year?

    just a quick stop at the porch back can only take sitting on this darn hard chair for so long..thank you for all the well wishes for me...


  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    It's been a busy weekend so far. I went to the dentist and my EA meeting. And this morning Gordon and I spent some quality time at the carwash.

    We took both cars. Now they are sparkling. Mine would look brand new if it only had some body work and a new paint job. For some reason, after 20 years of desert sun, the paint no longer gleams.

    Know what's slower than watching paint dry? Watching paint fade.

    I hope none of you are fading. I will see you on the other side which is not the same as The Far Side.


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