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    Hey everyone- thought I would drop by with my famous chocolate chips cookies and lemonade as it was in the 70's today- I'll be back and check the last of 353 for posts from Granni-Julie- and Georgia- Eat up-- Carla
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    I just got home from work and saw it was time to change the guard so took my turn at the helm-LOL.

    Honestly I have been very stressed- I love my GF's DH that is working for me-BUT he needs guideance -A LOT. This is way I do most of the stuff myself- it is just easier. He does know how to do this stuff but when he runs into a problem, his skills fall short. Then I have to tell him how to get around it. I want to pay someone to just do it without involving me once I tell them what I want. Oh well, I will survive and thankful I can get a new roof,

    He will be here Sat and Sun then my boss asked me to work Tues so I may tell him to take Mon off. So I won't be around much for the next few days, when I get stressed like this something has to go and that is the computer. Spending time with the girls really helps me, I did read Rafiki's post about dogs being like drugs, it is true.

    I did glance threw the posts but kept getting interrupted at work then the wirelss issue and I see Georgia's Mr M was rear ended by a stupid teen, I would have smacked her too.

    Julie cute story about Kiera, hope you can continue to get some rest.

    Granni I would have fixed your leak for you and taught you how to cut and paste too if I live closer,.

    Rock I have a mission for you- Why are Flea markets called Flea Markets. I had a customer ask me that today and I said I don't know but I know a guy that I bet can find out.

    Well am going to eat a bite and watch the news then maybe snooze with the girls- Take care a big wave to all- Carla
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    Yes, Carla, you were missed. When I sat down to the computer, I was thinking: wonder if Carla and
    Mickey will make an appearance. Is your foot all better, or you still a little tentative while
    place kicking?

    You know, I often wonder about words and idioms, but I never thought about the origin of
    flea market. Looked at a couple sites. The origin of the phrase is not exactly clear. Seems
    to reflect the history of the flea market. Very lower class; probably grew out of rag and bone
    pickers selling anything they found. The first flea market seems to have been on the outskirts

    Julie, I never knew a Xavier, but the neighbors have two young boys. One is Xerxes and the
    other is yclept Zazz. Apparently the latter is of some significance to his parents as their
    license plate reads "Zazz".

    Georgia, can a 16 year old have a license? Glad to hear Mr. M is a little better. Hope no
    lasting damage. I think many teens today think being responsible means they don't lose
    their cell phone or credit card.

    What's your hobby? Well, like, I go to the mall every weekend and spend money.

    Tsk tsk!!!

    Rocky, pull up a bale of hay. Or try the glider. The porch is a good place for R & R.

    Elaine, drop in when you need a break. Always good to hear your cheery voice.

    Gordon is getting ready for the Santa Barbara Orchid Show. He got a list of plants from
    a nursery that is in Australia and will be bringing plants to the show. The prices range
    from $50 to $600. Holy chlorophyll, Batman!

    All for now

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    I have been waiting to hear from a friend and old Nursing classmate of mine and another friend to find out the results of the chemo. She has been fighting a very aggressive form of Cancer, (Liemyosarcoma) I believe is it ovarian. She first had surgery after the tumor was found and the doc told her she did not need any chemo afterwards, that he got it all. Well, then she went months only to find that the tumor was back again. Well, then he put her on some chmo this past month or so and it did not shrink, it got bigger. Apparently alot of data says that chemo (or certain kinds) are not very helpful unless done right after the surgery was done (that he did not think necessary !!)

    Well, she and her daughter "Fired" the doctor and are going to look for a second opinion - Sloan Kettering in NY,I THINK. She is now trying to get OKed by the insuranace co and I think the hospital. I hope all goes well and that she gets a second chance. I am so upset about that and I was asked to send out the info to other classmates.

    I guess that I should be going onto the worship board for this but I needed to tell my friends here at the Porch to pray for my friiend Joan.

    Can't get into a real post now with this sad news hanging on me. However, I am very glada to see some of our Porchies back again after a slight absence - Elaine and Carla. So glad to see you both !!

    Yes, Carla, I know that you could have taken care of our leaky sink. It just needed a new part as well as take care of my cutting and pasting to the Porch too if you lived closer (-: !!

    Thanks you so much for starting us up again my dear. Another job well done.

    Elaine - sorry to hear that you are having so many problems with that Medicare Part B and that you are having problems trying to get your old employers to call the SS Disabaility office. Geez !! What a pain !!

    Well, it is getting late and I have to get ready for beddy bye.

    Everyone, have a great weekend !! Hope to check in tomorrow but I have to go to the store in the morning and out to lunch with a friend while DH is away.

    Bye for now.


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  5. rockgor

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    Gapsych posted a hilarious list of similes and metaphors. Take a look. You will chuckle like
    a woodchuck.

    Georgia, I looked up the recently changed driver's license requirement. Looks like a 16 year old
    is required to have an adult driver w/ her. I suppose one is still required to report the
    accident to the DMV. Maybe your agent will do that, or at least provide you w/ the form.

    Huckle is here, lying on a towel. One of the black cats is outside having a snack. There are
    3 black cats (one long-haired) who come around now and then. Wouldn't you think
    they would drop by more frequently?

    There was a possum right outside the door last week. Haven't seen any skunks for
    a couple weeks, but there is more than a hint in the air right now.

    All for now

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, since DH is not here I can get on early even though alot of you are or probably still asleep. I really should dosome work here in the house today, we'll see.

    Rock - Yes, 16 years olds can drive in some states and also some 15 year olds if it is proven that they NEED it to get to work , school, etc. I am not sure if they can drive at night by themselves or not at night. I think it varies alot. Unfortunately, I do not think a lot of kids, esp. boys, but some girls too, should be able to drive that early. Many are to immature and I am sure these days to many of them have IPODS, CP's and the like which they are also using constantly, as in Georgia's case.

    Yes, I do agree that I too would also liked to smack that kid too , in Georgia's accident.. Sounds like they were only thinking of themselves and their fun and not worrying about those on the road they might hit, which they do.

    I see you are busy feeding the kitties again. I am surprised you do not have more at your doorstep looking for goodies and some TLC.

    Julie - How are you doing? Sounds like you are cooking up storm again. You can send some over here for me. It all sounds yummy. When I was your age I did alot more cooking too just for our family which was for 8 of us every day. There were 7 of us counting the kids and the 1 more with my FIL who also lived with us. Now I cook for two but sometimes that is not so much easier.

    Kiera sounds like a typical toddler, busy all the time. Yep, and you have to be quick or the dish will land on the floor (-: !!

    I didn't tag on to theis volume so I don't remember who else posted. I may try and check in again later on when mre of you have posted. I know the weekends are so busy for many of you.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend !! Mine will be quiet until after I go to Mass to meet DH after the retreat, on sunday and then go home. Who know if he will be tired or full of NRG.

    Love to everydobby inc bush dwellers and MIA's,


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    I'm having a fairly good day for once...pain, yes, but a little more energy and less depression, so will "visit" a bit. My doc appointment went well (psych). Now have a new dx of agrophobia, which is terrible. But with the new med perhaps it will help.

    It's funny, I have no problem going to visit my kids, but leaving the house for any other reason literally makes me sick, and so terrible panicky I just can't go. It seems like another low esteem childhood really did a number on me and I'm having a worse time since these DDs.

    Carla, thanks for the cookies and lemonade! Hope it warms up and stays warm soon, although it is sloooowly improving here.

    Hope your roofing project gets finished soon. It must be really frustrating to be "on call" with your friend to get it finished before the roofers get there. But at least it's helping out the pocketbook, and you have your girls for stress relievers.

    Elaine, you go girl!!! Give those people the what-for. That medicare can be tricky...I just got mine, finally! Now I need to get a doc appt. for a physical, etc. I'm pretty excited about it because I haven't had a pap, mammo, etc. for 4 years now due to no ins. and couldn't afford it.

    Georgia, it's good to hear Mr.M is better, but I'm sorry to hear you won't be getting away this weekend. How far is his property from where you live? Maybe you can go before too long.

    As far as driving laws, they differ by state. Here in Kansas, kids can get a farm permit and drive alone to and from farm work at 14 (with the required number of training hours). At 15 they can drive to/from school and to work alone with the required number of training hours, otherwise with an adult over 21. At 16 they can drive anywhere, anytime alone with parent's permission. So you might want to check your state laws.

    Yes, I agree that they are entirely too young. Our grandson has been working on our farm since 14 and was very reliable and a great little driver. Hit 16 and had an accident driving around with his buddies. Go figure!!! It's that I-know-it-all age for sure, and they can't think farther than themselves for a year or two. Then they eventually grow up....hopefully.....

    Rock, well, you've certainlly won the most extreme name category! What were those parents thinking? Guess they wanted to make sure their kids were noticed! Poor kids....

    Those plants must have pretty fancy "pedigrees"....think I'll stick to my wildflowers! LOL

    Do you live on the outskirts of a community there? I'm amazed you have skunks and possums....neither one a favorite of mine. Although I do love kitties and dogs! Sounds like your kitty friends like you just fine too!

    Granni, oh my! Prayers for your friend! It sounds like her doc really messed her around....ovarian cancer is one of the hardest ones to cure, and I can't believe he didn't do any follow up treatment with her. I wish her well, and know you must be heartsick about her situation. It's such a helpless feeling.

    Julie, I'm so happy Den got his Master Electrician License! That is a must in Kansas for doing any work on your own for pay, but each state is different I know. Your own business would be good, and it sounds like something he enjoys even!

    Sounds like you're recouperating a little, thankfully. Just please don't overdo again. You cook for, take care of, clean for, pray for, and generally give all you have for others. What a beautiful person you are!

    Lin, great to see you back to posting more! You have such a great attitude and spirit, I love your visits!!

    Springwater, I've been reading your posts and enjoying as always.

    You too, Mickey!!!! And everyone else I might have missed, please forgive me, okay?

    Rocky, Cate, Monica, Lacey, good to see you all aboard and hope you're all settled in here to stay! Hugs to all***Jole***
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    Poof!!!!! That is what happened to my long post yesterday. I am having so much trouble with this new site. I did learn how to copy and paste and thought I had done it properly. I had originally done it on the PH site and when it would not post to the thread, I did copy it and moved it to Word. I then moved it back to the PH site. By appearance, everything looked fine and I assumed that my post had finally posted so I deleted it from Word. But no, the post did not show up on the thread. I could not believe it. The board is signing me off after a very short time also. Yesterday morning I could not even get into PH at all and when I do I keep getting error messages. I’ve been getting this error messages constantly since we have changed to the new board. The CFS/FM board is the worse.

    As you can guess, I can not remember what I had typed to all of you. I do remember telling you how much I’m going to miss my DH when he goes to work Monday. He has spoiled me while he has been home. I am fairly low functioning and basically he is my care giver. I have no idea how “life” is going to work if he is working out of town. I am going to be so lonely and helpless to a degree. I never thought I would be talking about myself and helpless in the same sentence. I was always very independent. I do have a dog but he takes more work than I am capable of giving. He weighs around 130 lbs. and is spoiled. I can’t walk him…my husband barely can at times. Like everyone wish we could win the lottery. By the way, he did win $500 last week with his ticket. That is the second time he has won about that amount in the last few months. He nearly always wins something….usually enough to pay for the ticket. He is lucky with such things.

    Granni….I will remember you friend in my prayers. How sad that her doctor was not thorough and did not give her the opportunity to possibly recover.

    Carla…Hope your roof is going on fine. I had my DH look at the pictures of the damage. He said that one of the reasons that the roof came off was because the tin roof was attached to your original roof by boards and not directly attached to the sheeting of your house. The original shingles should be removed. He said that there is a high chance that it will happen again if the new roof is put on the same way as it was the last time. There does not need to be a gap where the wind can go under. I hope this info helps and you do not think we are interfering. I just don’t want this is happen to you again and this is the type of work that he has done (insurance restoration) for many years.

    Wish everyone a good day!
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    as I am waiting for

    Sweetie - I am so sorry you lost your other post. Iknow how exasperating that acan bee for sure. friend to come pick me up for lunch at a pizza place. OMG, that doggie weighs about as much as I do (-: ! Does he think he is a lap dog (-: ?? Please come back again when you are able. We miss you !

    Oh, I just found out that the cancer is Uterine and not ovarian. I think her daught hassssssss some uterine growth problems. Not sure if they were cancerous though.

    Georgia - I am glad that Mr. M is feeling a little better but that really gets me that these people do not even sound like they cared about hitting him. How awful is that? "JERKS" !!

    I forget who all else just posted but wanted to say hi to you awl again. I had better get off before my ride comes.



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    jole Member

    Oh, I'm soooo sorry I missed including you in my post! It's so good to see you again!!! I'm happy your hubby found work and hope he enjoys it. Sure makes the time go faster if you like what you do, even if the pay isn't as good.

    You'll do fine by yourself I'll bet. Just lay low, don't overdo, and as always things that need done will get motto anyway! I understand the worthless feeling. I had a pity party the other day and was thinking that no one would miss me if I weren't here other than immediate family, 'cause no one else ever sees me. And I can't help out others anymore, even my family without a backup along, such as hubby, etc.

    Like you, I used to do a lot, involved with many school/church activities plus full time work. Now I don't even go to church!! And rarely leave my house. Clean 1/2 a room a day. Don't have any dress clothes in my closet....other than the one I wore to my daughter's wedding in Oct. What a downer, huh???? Thinking about you with that one!

    You have a good, upbeat attitude though, and I admire you. We all need to vent at times and I love this hubby is not as understanding as he used to be. I think he's just simply tired of what these DDs have changed in our lives.

    Anyway, didn't mean to slight you...Love ya***Jole***

    Granni, see you snuck back in. Glad to hear it wasn't ovarian cancer for your friend....why didn't they do a hysterectomy? Of course, that's a silly question, I'm sure you don't know what that doctor's reasoning was! Anyway, it's good that you're offering them support!
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    ckball New Member

    The sun is shining and it is 75 today- it has been so nice. Marvin and I got a lot done today and am chilling for a bit.

    Granni I wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about your freind, I do hope they can take care of it and she will be fine.

    Sweetie-please find me-I have a special message for you. I am so glad your Dh got a job and do understand how hard it will be to be at home alone without him. I am sorry your son is having problems, your family has been threw so much this last year.

    Thanks for the advice about the roof but there was a reason we did it that way, it was structual as the porch was added later and it kept separating from the house we we tied it together to the house and some of the plywood had problems and had dips in it. What they did wrong was use nails and not screws that were long enough to hit the rafters.

    When you pay $15,000 for a house you have to make some consesions, lol. It will be done better this time.

    JOle I know how you feel too, if I didn't have a one day a week job I would never leave my house either. I do have a couple jackets, black, pants, skrit and some tops in case a funeral or wedding and everything else is sweats or shorts from Wally's. By the time I get the house cleaned I have to start over as the first room I cleaned needs cleaned again. The dogs don't help but I wouldn't have it any other way. They really are my comfort and joy.

    Rock thanks for the flea market info but really didn't come up with a real good idea for the name, what does flea have to do with any of it. Nice of the kitties to drop by, maybe you are part of a circle of "family" they have they go spend a few days here and there making the rounds so to speak.

    Julie that is a lot of cooking in one day, I don't do that much in a year! Hope you are feeling more like yourself and congrats on Den's certificate. Things will work out in the end, just have faith and I know you do.

    Elaine glad to see you are almost back to normal and getting things done and still seeing Mr Smith.

    Ok better post this as I am not in my mailbox so will copy before hitting submit-Hello to everydobby I didn't mention-love you all-Carla
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jole - The cancer (Lieomyosarcoma)that she has is not actually in the uterus which makes it very tricky. I thought the same thng but it is cancer of the smooth muscle. I am guessing it is around it or something and just can't be removed or at least some parts of it can't be.

    DON'T FORGET TO PUT YOUR CLOCKS AHEAD TONIGHT, DEAR PORCHIES !! OR YOU WILL BE LATE FOR WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO TOMORROW (-: !! Remember to Spring forward or Fall back. That is how I remember it or I wouldn't at all. I remembered too cause someone else told me last week to do so.

    Carla - What, you mean you haven't taught Missy and Twy how to help you clean house yet????? Gee, now that would be something else to put on You tube. I know what you mean, by the time you finished cleaning the house you need to start al over again. Yes, there is always something with the house. We have bunches we need to do too which I will talk about later on.

    Julie - sorry but I forgot to mention to you congratulations on Denf for his special Mechanics Certificate. I am sure he is proud of it as well he should be and you all too. Have a great weekend !!

    Elaine - sorry that you will not be here every day to greet us but we understand that you have to do what you have to do !! Glad that you are also seeing John Smith. I am sure you are having some fun which is a very good thing. Hopefully all will go will with your SSD and all the paperwork cleaned up soon.

    Bye to all. It is getting late and have to remember I have to turn my clocks ahead. I have already moved some of the clocks but not all. I have to wash my hair tonight-THE PROJECT, NOT THE WASHING BUT THE CURLING !



  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The only Spanish I know is menu Spanish, even though I am surrounded by millions of Spanish

    I'll have the enchilades and taco plate w/ a margarita, dos agua, por favor.

    Anyway, your card is appropriate. I looked up a few words.

    Recien: now, recently
    Nacido and nacimiento: born, birth
    Todo: all, everything

    Bebe; baby
    Deseandoles: wishing you
    Felicitaciones: congratualtions

    Ustedes: everydobby

    Gordon would call your meal w/ noodles and potatoes "Double Startch". Chinese menus are full
    of numbers: Three flavored rice; twice cooked chicken, etc.



  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    HaHa! Tell Amy I do the same thing myself. Great minds run etc. I suppose the corollary is
    that small minds do to.

    Gordon made meat loaf last night. No beef Wellington at this ranch.

    We have to buy basics today: potatoes, milk, kibble and something else I've already forgotten.

    Also planning to call some EA members. Especially one gal who was in a terrible car
    accident. She was in the hospital for 3-4 weeks. Has to have another surgery in a few
    months. She is doing her best to be cheerful, but it's been a real blow to her emotional

    Hope you have a great day yourself; also a restful one.

    Give Keira a big hug from me.

  15. jole

    jole Member

    You guys are impressive! I took two years of Spanish in high school, and didn't understand any of it! Of course, we had a teacher that knew nothing about the language, so we ended up spending most of our time playing Spanish hangman!

    Oh, for the good old days.....hahaha. Small schools weren't all they were cracked up to be sometimes. Although we did have some very tough teachers also. When I went to Wichita to school for 2 years, I was totally, totally lost!!!!

    Have a good day.....***Jole***
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Cate and Rock - Good job on the translation on the baby card. I almost posted to show you my wonderful High School Spanish also (-: !!

    Well, I forgot to tag on to the volume and didn't take notes so I don't remember much except this baby card.

    Julie - You did a good job in getting the card. It was indeed a lovely card for a new baby. You sounded like you weren't to sure about that (-: !! Sorry that you woke up so early or was that the other day?? Hope you are getting some rest with your busy family and stuff always going on.

    Jole and everydobby that sent good wishes for my friend with cancer - Thank you so very much for your thoughts and prayers. Most of us (the classmates that know about her situation) think that her oncolgist blew it and hopefully she will not have to pay the ultimate price. They should have done chemo. right after the surgery. He just said that there was no need as he got it all. How could he know. Unfortunatly, the cancer (sarcoma) she has is very aggressive. I hope and pray that she will be accepted at Sloan Kettering, probably in NYC for their cancer program. Time is definately of the essance.

    I will be picked up soon by a friend of mine and 3 of us will be driving to downtown Houston to pick up our DH's after Mass to conclude their retreat. Then we will come home and I am sure DH will love my company(-: so I may not get on here tonight .

    Sorry that I have no time to talk to you all separately. Just let you know I love you AWL.

    Love to everydobby,

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  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Tomorrow is Full Moon day. I wonder if that accounts for my sleepiness or its because Ive been running around non stop last few days.

    Granni - prayers going out for your friend. I think its wonderful how all of you have kept in touch with each other all these years and supporting each other like this.

    Julie - Den in a pink shirt? Didnt know guys wore that colour. Tho i dont see why not. Why should the menfolk be restricted to metallic and sombre colours..all the time.

    Jole -great to see you dropping in often - er and feeling better. While i dont have agoraphobia as such, an episode of depression or CFS flare will always see me house bound till the phase lasts. Depression, because it saps you of the motivation to see people, cfs because you dont have energy to go even if you want to.

    Sweetie - yes, it is going to be a change for you not to have DH around as always but i have come to the conclusion a body gets used to everything in life and you will also adapt. And theres always the phone and net etc.

    All of you who gave a stab at translating Julies I am impressed. Didnt know we hve so many spanish speaking/knowing people around the porch.

    Carla - Im with you about the dogs and it being worth the extra cleaning to have their waggy licky selves running around the place.

    Well, the big luncheon is over and it turned out great! There were a couple of other people besides my Chinese friend there i knew because the patriach of the hotel family is a devout Buddhist too and has many Tibetan friends. My own boss i only met later when leaving because the crowd was too much but i met his son whose ceremony it was, a great strapping lad of 24 now! who is already running the business alongside his dad. My former boss has lost some hair i noticed other wise he is the same. The luncheon was held outdoors in the garden and the sun was scorching. Luckily there were tents put up. it was vegetarian fare, tho there was italian, mexican and indian food to choose from. Everyone thought the dessert was better because there was such a bewildering variety..i just gorged on all those sweets. ice cream, tarts, fruit salads, tiramisu..yum. I didnt take wine, altho i had planned on drinking if i felt too nervous, but i found i was completely at ease, so didnt need it, lol. Also met a couple of my old old colleagues from 25 years back who are still serving at the hotel and spent time talking with them. it was good to catch up.

    I hadnt meant to go out after that, but somethng came up. And i had to visit this nun, family friend. She invited me for lunch today. She's vegetarian so again vegetarian fare, but tasty. The poor lady is having trouble with procuring drinking water, there are a couple of other people living with i was trying to arrange something. At this place, there was also an American lady from New York who is Buddhist and spends time in a retreat here..and we had some interesting conversation, while my nun friend bustled about cooking. But i was glad to get away after three hours...i really need some sleep.

    The water problem is acute, my own brothers are also in difficulties with lack of water. What with the dry spell and no electricity, and also my Chinese friend seemed tense because she said her husband is barking at her these days..because the stress of working hard in office all day and coming back home and doing the housework is getting to both of them. They have three dogs, and a garden also to take care of. So i was feeling rather down. Mentally. Also Im really broke this month. Just now, a neighbour who has a pharmacy came to inform that our son came to him with injuries on his arm a while ago and he treated him...son was playing his PSP so i didnt disturb him to ask, (typically he hasnt said a word about it) but its scary to think that he fell off the bike. I cant even stop him using his bike, he has to get to school. so many things to worry about.

    I really need to do some exercise and breathing to get out of this funk. It doesnt feel good to feel unmotivated to do anything.

    Well, thats it. You all take care.

    God Bless
  18. jole

    jole Member

    Granni, Houston would scare me to drive in....the biggest city I've been in was Denver, and my daughter drove there since she lived nearby and knew her way around.

    I had a cousin who lived in Houston, very well to do, with a wonderful home and guest house. He and his wife are the most down to earth people you'd ever want to meet. His sister and hubby are also very rich, yet very nice. Their other sister is struggling to make a living. They help her out so she can have a really good life also.

    The second one is so wealthy they bought each of their kids a brand new home for wedding presents! One of their girls lives in Hawaii, so that must have cost a fortune.....
    One summer they and all the kids went and built a house for ...what's it called...Humanity...sorry, can't think today.

    It's nice to see wealthy people do good, if they'd only help out their cousins LOL!

    Georgia, I sure hate to hear about your back. Is it going to be too painful to go to your job? If so, I hope you see the doc soon. My hubby had two ruptured discs and was in horrible pain....had back surgery three times. He put it off until he couldn't bear it anymore, and lost a lot of muscle in his one leg. It never returned. That leg has given him a lot of problems ever since.

    Julie, I'm sorry to hear your pain and fatigue is continuing to be at a higher rate than normal. It alone can wear a person totally down, so please be careful. It seems that once it starts, if you overdo it just takes longer to calm it back down.

    I understand the unease with Amy letting Keira see her dad right now. My daughter that's divorced really has a hard time letting her daughter go to her dad's. He's a real loser...womanizer, drinker, smoker, etc. and won't listen to boundaries set for his daughter. He has a different girl at his place nearly every time my granddaughter is there, plus the last time they actually stayed at his "girlfriend's" place.

    There's nothing my daughter can do about the situation. He even has his mom pick her up and keep her on the weekends he wants to party, and she had an accident with my granddaughter in the car....didn't take her to the doctor to get checked out or anything. My gd complained of her neck hurting for 3 days. They didn't even let my daughter know of this! She talked to her attorney, and nope! Nothing!

    Springwater, you know, I really couldn't do what you have to without the electricity or water. I was pretty much in that position for a few years after I was first married, and remember how hard it was....but don't think I could ever do it again! (I better speak softly, we never know what's down the road, do we?)

    I'm glad to hear the party went well and you actually enjoyed yourself. It seems as though the times we dread the most generally turn out to be the most enjoyable since we have absolutely no expectations. The ones we look forward to are the ones that usually leave us feeling let down.

    Best go...I slept for 3 hours last night, and am exhausted, as usual. I'm going to try to get a nap in. Love to all***Jole***
  19. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    However, if i do get caught in the door, please move me over.

    OMG Porchies, you will not believe how my week has been. I really hate to put anything on here that is not a happy thing, but I could use you guys right now for a change. Well last week, Monday night when my daughter (16 yr old) got home, she was acting really weird and I had a bad feeling about it. Well Tuesday night she calls at 9:45 and stated that she ran over a curb and had a flat tire. First of all, the way she was talking worried me because she was slurring a lot, so I told my hubby that we should both go because I had a feeling she had been drinking.

    First we had to pick her up at a gas station, she was with another girl, however, when she first called she was at some guy’s house and he even gave me directions. When we get there to pick her up, she wasn’t there but she was at a gas station, like I said above. Her car was at the Red Roof Inn, why it was there I have no idea. The whole thing was weird. Well the whole time driving to change her tire she was flat out lying and lying about everything and slurring. She finally admitted she was drinking ( I was afraid she might have been doing other things too). Well we got into it when we got to her car. While hubby and I were changing the tire, she took off out of the car. Hubby ran after her but lost her.

    We called the police and hubby and police looked all night for her w/o finding her. I went home to wait for her in case she came home, but she never did. The police came to our house (one is a neighbor) and was telling us that she has been hanging around a really bad crowd, guys that steal, vandalize and do drugs. I asked my neighbor why he hadn’t told us this before???? It just wasn’t his place to I guess. Anyway, I didn’t sleep a wink and called in work the next day and took off looking for her everywhere. I went to school and talked to her “good” friends and they found her and told her to get her butt home (her friends all love me and call me Mom too). The guy she was with brought her home finally about 2:00 the next day (Wed). When she got home, I took her straight to the hospital and got her tested for drugs. I found out the results the next day, they were negative, thank God!!!! Well anyway, she is no longer able to drive anywhere, we will just have to take her to work and pick her up after school when she has activities.

    I just feel like I went to hell and back last week. She seems fine now, however, now that I am aware, hubby and I are keeping a tight rope on her. She assured us she doesn’t hang around those kids all the time, she only did a couple of times, but how am I to believe anything she says. I have never heard of any of the kids the police named off. She must have been saying she was with the friends that I know and actually going with the others.
    Anyway, this has been why I have been MIA lately. I am exhausted with worry and am really trying to be there for her and being really strict at the same time, this is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through.

    I truly believe that she is a good girl and that she will realize everything we have taught her and the way we brought her up is the right way to go. She is so embarrassed that the police think that she is hanging around bad people. Our neighbor policeman even came over the next night that she came home and talked to her for about an hour. He was in uniform and he scared the (*$^ out of her. I could hear her crying and crying but he was not sympathetic and kept drilling her, which I was glad about.

    Well I hope this all works and she turns around and gets out of the mess that she is in. I am letting her stay in the activities at school (yes, I am calling to make sure she is there), because I think that is good to be in and will keep her out of trouble.
    Well sorry about my book and troubles, I just know you guys will be there for me. I am going to read all the posts now and get back with all of you on how your lives are going.

    Love you all and thanks ahead of time for any words of wisdom and support that you give me.

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I thought I would check out the Porch before I go to Line Dancing this morning. I am so tired and achey this morning. Maybe dancing will help me. My back is bugging me as well as also my knees for some reason. My back is no surprise but my knees is something else. I took some OTC meds this a.m. so hope that will help some too.

    We ( two other gals) went into the big city yesterday with me and we met our DH's for Mass and then home. So, things are back to "normal" shall we say again. It was not to far away from where we lived for about 30 years with the kids).

    Well, I have to leave now as it is time for me to leave and DH is back. I may try and check in later. It will be busy and I will be gone tonight.

    Love to everydobby Mia's and porch peakers too,

    Thanks you all so much on your prayers,kind words and good thoughts for my friend. I have already written a card for her and will be sending it this morning. Poor gal, she must be so worried. To make it worse I know she has battled some depression and do not THINK she is on any AD's. However, I may be wrong at this point BUT I am not going to ask her for sure.

    Georgia - what is this I hear about you hurting you back? What did youdo? That sounds awful and I hope you can get that taken care of soon or that it will take care of itself in a very timely manner. I thought that was cute that youwere calling each other Grandma nd Grandpa and you were using Mr. M's cane. I know with these dumb DD's I have been feeling like a grandma even before I was one (-: !!

    Jole - How nice that your relatives ( or at least some of them are helping each other). I wish I had enough to really help my kids (the ones that do need it). I have given some $ to my 3rd daughter who was divorced but at least she has a pretty good job (hospital) and has a wonderfully supportive guy. However it was never close to a house or a car(-: !!

    Mickey - where have you been my dear? I guess you have had a very busy weekend.

    Julie - Hope you have a little more NRG wiith everything you have had to deal with lately.

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