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    Hello all- i saw we needed a new one so thought I would go ahead and get us started.

    I will be back to post as don't want to catch anyone in the door- Carla
  2. ckball

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    I hope awl are having a good day and if not, hope you can get some rest and relief soon.

    Boy everyone has a lot going on and I just realized I didn't tag on to the last post.

    Julie my goodness I don't know how you have done all you have lately, 13 windows, that's a lot of curtains girls. I hope you finally got rid of all the little critters, did they come from the daycare? You all have had enough, colds, broch issues, nits, and still makeing 12 layer jello too, you are my hero. Good luck with getting your mom's appts taken care- what was the thing on the kidney? I must have missed it somewhere.

    Joan- I know you are doing your best to get threw each day and glad you have your family to help you, and it's great that you get up everyday and go out for coffee with your friends, you are a blessed lady to have such friends and family close. I hope you don't loose any more posts, I know how frustrating it can be as I have lost a few myself.

    Pippi glad you are getting better and hope the treatments are done and you are able to get out more and enjoy life more. I understand how you feel, I have been sick since 2001 and went threw that stage too. But I have improved to a point that I can enjoy my life more but if I push it I pay big time. While in PA, the day after the wedding, I got up the next day to go home and couldn't do it. I ate the free breakfast, paid for another night and went back to bed and slept until 2 pm! My poor girls were just laying there staring at me, like MOM GET UP!

    Hang in there and know we are all pulling for you.

    Rock I am sorry you could watch the video, sounds like you need to run your utilities program to scan for virus's and it should fix your problem. I know you like watching the video, you may have to empty your "temporay internet" files too.

    Speaking of I just got a message from McAfee that it had a error and needs to update and restart. So I will post this and come back- Carla

    Ok it fixed itself but was afraid of losing my post.

    Maybe have Gordon take it back to his friend at work but try this

    go to TOOLS on your browser bar, go down and click on
    INTERNET OPTIONS- click on the GENERAL tab and you will see DELETE TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES, and click delete. You could also be low in memory and I mean the computer not you, LOL. I hope this helps

    Georgia sorry Arnold is sending you down the river without a life perserver, you spend years working and it is all taken away, life is not fair and hope you and grandpa find an answer soon.

    Springwater- I thought my family was complicated but I think you have me beat :) I don't have as many players as you do. You are a good woman and your family is lucky to have you. I do hope you are having more good days than bad.

    Granni I am sorry to hear about the death of your freind, it just shows us how precious life is and it can be taken from us at any minute.

    Elaine my thoughts and prayers are with you now as you think about what treatment you will do. So glad things are working out with you and JS, maybe we will see a wedding video of you soon :)

    I have a phone call, so need to go, I will be back later to finish my post-Carla[This Message was Edited on 07/13/2009]
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    I don't know what got into me yesterday afternoon. I rambled on like a crazy old lady (i wonder why?) Sorry friends.

    Julie: I have discovered that things do come in bunches. One thing is over and before the week goes by, something else pops up. Maybe it is that way with all of you. I do so hope that things with your mother and her kidneys aren't as serious as you are feeling. Somethings though there is just a feeling - and you haave it. Good luck to you both.

    Carla: Thank you for the kind words! Yes, my family is always near when we have needed them. D is 345 mi. up north and it is such a LONG drive for her. i try to suggest she not come as often as she does but she loves to. #1 son is my post to lean on. He comes about every 2-3 weeks - he is 2 1/2 hr. away. He does the difficult financial figuring - i don't know what I would have done without him. He calls about 2-3 times a week. #2 son, who is also about 2 1/2 away just calls once a week. His wife works here when needed but lasgt time she was here she didn't want to do anything that reminds her of Harley - coffee after church and the restaurant that we went to. She really is a good gal but thinks differently. S doesn't like to get involved in sad of difficult things about our life. Makes him sad and he is very emotional.

    Julie: You reallty have 13 windows to do? Oh my land! That makes me tired just to hear it. I would love to go outside and wash and squegee (?) all my windows but-----that is life!
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    It's not yet 4:00 pm here, but I can already say I had a good day.

    The weather has been so nice lately. (The heat doesn't bother me at all. It's the cold I can't deal with.)
    I'm lucky enough to have a motorized & a manual wheelchair, & the city buses are all accessible. I caught the bus to Wal-Mart, cuz I needed a new DVD player.
    The one on my laptop is a InterVideo WinDVD, which turnes out to be a really crappy DVD player. It's on the fritz & won't work, although the rest of the computer is just fine, even tho it's over 3 years old now.
    I didn't know this player is low quality until I went to the tech sites to troubleshoot the problem. I guess I'm lucky it worked as long as it did!

    So, I caught the bus & wound up spending about 4 hours outta the "castle" (that's what I call my building, cuz it's so big).

    After seeing the prices on the portable DVD players, I decided to get one that goes on the tv, for 29 bucks. Now I can finish watching the box set of DVD's a friend sent me. I saw all but 2 of them B4 my old player went on the fritz.

    It felt SO good to get outdoors & not be in pain & not be worried that I might have an emergency. Just wait til I see my hemo later this week! I'm sure gonna let him know he has a buncha idiots working for him!!!

    I see my primary doc next month for a checkup. He's a good doc. I'm gonna ask him for a referral to a new hemo.

    Thanks to EVERYDOBBY for all of your concern & support!!!
    I honestly don't know how I would have gotten thru my recent trauma without the understanding & help from all of you!!!

    I only hope that as I continue to get better, I can be a help to someone, too.

    More later. I gotta figure out how to hook up this DVD player! LOL!

  5. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member


    This recipe came from a friend about 50 yrs, ago, I love it and so does my family. I gave the recipe to a very dear friend who has gone on to Heaven. It is a kind of "guess and by gosh" type of recipe.

    3/4 c. sugar
    2 heaping T. flour
    salt and cinnamon.
    Mix these together and put 2T. of it on the bottom of unbaked pie shell.
    Add enough cream (I sometimes use canned milk if it is handy) to the flour/sugar mixture to make 1 1/3 c. (This where I said it is guess and by gosh) Put blueberries into the pie shell. I put them to make them almost to the crimped edge. Pour your cream mixture over the berries Bake at 425 for 10 min., then at 350 for 1 hour.

    You end up with a delicious cream-pie like layer on the bottom and the berries on the top. You may also use PEACHES OR RHUBARB! Itis soooo good!! Good luck!

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    earlier on today. Now is is time to go fix dinner. Oh well !!

    Pippi - So glad to hear that you are feeling better. Go girl, l;et them know you are not pleased with your care. Hope you can do more and more each day and can get out. Hope you can get your new DVD payer working !! Just some little things can make you feel happy. Yes, the sun and getting out would do well for me too. Yes, I also can't stand the cold weather. It can pretty hot here to but thank God for a/c. Hope our bill isn't to horrible . Our house is very well insullated so that is a very good thing.

    Just know our thoughts are with you and that you do better each eay and get stronger without any more treatments ! Glad you have one doctor that you really like !! I go to some new PCP's tomorrow !

    Julie- You have worn me out just reading all your chores . ugh !! Hope your mom's kidney problem will not be to bad !! I know you must be worried.

    Joan - HI there sweetie. So glad you are doing pretty well and that pie sounds good. I am not a big pie or dessert baker but it does sound wonderful too. I would love to taste it though :) !!

    Carla - thanks for the nice post even though I do not remember everything you said. That was good that you stayed the x tra day and slep in the hotel after the wedding. Obviously you needed it.

    Gotta run everydobby. Love you all,

    Well I have to go and fix dinner -ugh !.[This Message was Edited on 07/13/2009]
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    But need to go eat, the call was the lady that works at the shop on Wed and Thur and she needs me to work Wed and she will work my Fri, I am working tomorrow for the boss, so no rest for the weary-lol

    I had to spend most of my day getting medical histories of the familes for Haley to take to her Air Force physical tomorrow. She has to do this before she can go to Gernamy

    I am beat now so will try to come back tomorrow.

    Here is a link to more wedding photos for the people that didn't get to watch the video, there is a separate post on the board for the video.

    Hello to everydobby I miss and will ketch ya later-Carla
  8. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    but I could not get a video or the photos of the wedding! I found it on line but all i could get was what you wrote. So sorry.

    Gentle hugs,

  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    So sorry to hear this latest report. However, I know you are a fighter. And since you and the docs have been having your eye on this area for a while, its that much better. You all are going to start the treatment faster.

    Prayers are ongoing for you.

    God Bless
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So sorry to hear what we al feared but I am so glad you have such a wonderful attitude and your dear J.S. to he;p you through this. Yes, let him help you, will you PLEASE !! He obviously loves you and wants the very best for you.. You go girl !! Go after those d - - - cancerc cells and whatever and whoever gets in your way. It is great that you have gotten to this right away and the doc has been following this whole scenerio !

    The only part I do not understand is why they are not doing surgery to remove the complete uterus UNLESS you have had cancer before somewhere else. Yes, if I were you I would get some other opinions and act on them ASAP !! Yes, your communication and people skillls should be very helpful to you, as Julie was saying. IF they say that radiation is the best for you then -- GO FOR IT !!

    Just know that you are in my (our) thoughts and prayers. Thanks for letting us know what has been going on and please continue to do so. Then we will not worry as much if you tell us what is going on. I have a doctor appointment with my new PCP today since our old one is moving out of town. So, I hope to be back later to check on everydobby. I also have a new endo appt. in Sept. and she is moving too, to CO where her family lives. What is this with ALL these docs moving?

    Special HUGs and BLESSINGS to you !!


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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, my previous post got wiped out. Now I
    can't remember what I posted and what I only
    tried to post.

    I wrote to my younger brother. Told him the
    skunks have been visiting. A mama raccoon and
    two youngsters were here twice this past week.

    He wrote back and suggested I buy some
    pest repellent. I don't think he got the point
    of my message.

    Last night I had an itchy shoulder blade. Asked
    Gordon to rub some alcohol on it. He said,
    "It's probably due to your hump."

    You can see why we've been together so long.

    Pippi, I used to love Abbott and Costello. My
    favorite of their films was the one w/ ghosts.
    Did you get any good movies in the box of DVDs?

    What if someone made a film about underwear?
    You'd have a DVD about BVDs.

    Elaine, the modern home needs an office w/
    computer, file cabinets, copy machine, etc.
    And ideally a secretary.

    It's so annoying to think you've got some
    problem resolved, and then it pops right back
    up again.

    We have become a nation that doesn't make
    anything. We have a service economy. Well,
    it's pretty lousy service. Is everydobby incompetent these
    days? Or is it just that they
    are listening to some electronic device instead
    of paying attention to the customer?

    Georgia, would love to see the knitted bear.
    Is it wearing a diaper?

    Julie, hope David's eye surgery goes well.

    Doing all those windows must be a Pain. Haha.
    I'm so old I remember storm windows. Put 'em
    on every fall. Took 'em off every spring. And
    in those days, many houses did not have
    standardized windows. Different sizes. So it
    was a job to get the windows matched up.

    Joan, I looked and looked but couldn't find a
    post where you ranted like a crazy woman.
    Anyway, This is a good place to vent, sing,
    do whatever you feel like.

    Your pie recipe sounds great, but I would
    definitely use something w/ more flavor than
    blueberries if I made a pie.

    Haven't made a cake or pie for years. I used
    to. I liked making frosting. Made me feel

    Carla, looked at the wedding pictures. Finally
    got to see Daniel. Hope the kids enjoy the stay
    in Deutschland.

    Teacher, can't remember if I told you about
    putting milk in the cupboard. Might have done
    so on the post that vanished.

    Springwater, did you get your fill of meat dumplings?
    Gordon made dumplings last
    weekend. He made the meatless kind for
    his brother Henry. I was allowed to help by
    peeling things and assisting w/ the wrappers.

    OK, das ist alles.

  12. teacher

    teacher New Member

    That sounds like where I've been for a while.

    Sorry to be out of it for so long lately. Will probably be for a while yet.

    Found out that the new dose of Synthroid was too strong. Told doc on Monday that I wasn't going to take any more.

    He backed me up to the previous dosage and added Cytomel. Just started this morning. We shall see how it goes.

    Hang in there everydobby. We'se gonna be jus fine!

    Bring on the pies!
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Elaine - thanks for straghtening me out. I think that is what you siad before but somehow I just didn't think twice about all the down time the surgery would cause you with the surgery. Yes, if theys say radiation is the way to go then - GO WITH IT MY DEAR !! I cannot believe the mess with your mom. Just pay attention to what you need to do for yourself and give yourself some space from your mom for a bit.

    Well, both DH and I went to our new PCP today. I really liked her and eally seems to be the type who is interested in all of your problems. I already had my thyroid tests today since I was late and my old endo had moved already. I have others test to do too but need to make appoitntments for those. She is trying to make the costs less for me with all my meds esp my b/p meds. Those brand names will kill you - ugh !

    Well I have to run for now. Hope to check back with you all later on. Have to go start dinner. Sorry I wasn't able to chat with everyone individually !.

    Mickey - are you OK? Haven't heard from you in awhile..

    Pippi - Hope you are doing OK too sweetie.

    Love to everydobby !
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just woke up from my nap. I feel a little more alert than usual. Maybe it's
    the Grape Seed Extract and Holy Basil I've been taking the last few months.
    Jaminhealth is always promoting the grape seed. Says it has
    helped her tremendously.

    Holy Basil is related to culinary Basil. It's called "Holy" because in India
    it is considered very therapeutic and often planted around temples. Got
    it from Pro Health. Gordon calls it "Holy Moly".

    Blackie is sprawled on the sidewalk outside the door in that languid pose
    cats have. He is a rather beat up tom cat w/ a crumpled ear. Has been
    coming round for the last few months. Much tamer than some of the
    feral cats. Likes to have his chin rubbed.

    Mama raccoon was here last night, but didn't see the youngsters. And
    there was a new skunk. Small and w/ a very narrow stripe.

    Mickey, where are you? Are you having another long weekend? We
    miss your sunny presence.

    Springwater, are you sure your bird is a parakeet? I couldn't find any
    black and white parakeet on the net. But then, there are lots of members
    of the parrot family.

    I did find a green parakeet w/ a black head. I read they like to eat many
    kinds of seeds (which you can buy on net) and bits of vegetables and
    hard-boiled eggs.

    Georgia, never heard of enterlac. I looked in Wikipedia. Nice picture of
    a stocking cap in 4 colors. Gordon often does stocking caps, but just in
    one color or variegated yarn.

    Teacher, hope you can get your meds regulated. Seems like some of us
    just go along for years w/ the same old thing. Other folks are frequently
    changing the meds or the dose or both. Must be a pain to have to
    keep adjusting things.

    Re: computers, we have Mozilla Firefox and two anti virus programs. Still
    have problems. Carla, I'm going to attempt the delete temp. files you
    suggested. Considering how inept I am at this sort of thing, it is quite
    likely I will damage either myself or the computer. HAHA!

    Well, I took a chance and typed this on the board. Now will copy it and hope
    it will post.

    Hugs and waves to absent friends. You are all the bestest!


    Carla, I went to Tools and Options. Couldn't find anyplace that said General
    or Delete Temp Files. I will convey the message to Gordon. See if he
    or the tech boys at work can figure out something. thanks for the suggestion.
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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    before I fall asleep !! Just took my nitey nite sups. It will take them awhile to work. Still worken on everything so as to stay aleep all night. Maybe that will happen again one day.

    Oh, I went to the new PCP. She was very nice. Sounds like she could take care of all my problems or will try to anyway. She even gave me a sample of Nasacort to try for my nasal rhinitis, stuffy nose, post nasal drip. Has anyone taken that before??

    Had my blood taken for my thyroid labs. Need to make an appointmnet for my mammo and bone density. We will be working on trying to get my b/p meds down to a cheaper level. That will not be easy since one of the meds is the same price as what I was taking. However, she will give me other meds to take the place of another but are generic, so are cheaper. One of course I cannot get a 3 months supply as I usually do. It will also be a pain in the beginning since in checking out my b/p before I can get a 90 day supply, we have to make sure it iw working correctly. What fun !! Also my respirations are also hi. Both were a bit high at the new docs. Tha tis to weird. It likes to spike for no reason. I thought I had that licked or almost so. Maybe it was the new doc and maybe I was more uptight than I thought I was - who knows ! They also have a "nurse"re that does yoga lessons so I can get that on my inssssssurance. So I may try that. She also mentioned swimming whcih I knew but I donpt want to have to go to the pool by myself almost everyday. They also have an accupuncturist but I would have topay for that, so forget it.

    Rock - we have Firefox and Mozilla too. Haven't had to many problems. Believe me I know what you mean about getting frustrated with these crazy computers;.

    I have been using Grape Seed Exract too for awhile. I think it has been somewhat helpful in getting less sick. Plus it is supposed to help your cholesterol too I think and b/p.

    Georgia - I see you are as busy as ever. When were you supposed to be going to your doctor??

    Mickey - I hope you are OK my dear? Hope there are not problems going on with the family or yourself.

    Thinking about you all inc, Pippi, Elaine, Jole, Springwater, Teacher, Carla, Julie, Linda and so many that are MIA !



  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie – glad to hear your energy levels have increased. I just hope your mothers scan reports turn out to be not serious things. 13 windows! You were on fire Julie. I need to be on fire now for a couple of days. (expecting house guests)

    Elaine – you seem to be organized. And taking the new challenge on the chin, although I know how frustrating it all must be.

    Rock – here too the hindus plant basil outside their homes and pray in front of it every morn. My friend had given me basil tea which actually tastes good and is beneficial for kidneys. Lol. I don’t know if it is a parakeet. I looked properly and its actually brown with white stripes with streaks of green and grey. But it is a parrot family. Ill go down and click a picture today. Thanks for the diet info. Its only been eating rice and pulses till now and don’t know if that’s healthy for it without some other nutrients.

    Joan – its okay to vent and whine and rage here….whatever we feel like because we also share the good things don’t we? You have just entered a new phase of life and will obviously have some new feelings. I love the fact that your children are around you and within calling distance. That must be such a comfort.

    Georgia – the kitting and sewing really seem to be a stress buster for you, a stress buster which is also productive. How about your eyesight. Do you have to wear glasses yet? I have myopia. Bad myopia.

    Granni – glad to know your new docs have turned out to be nice ones. Yes the medical costs just kill one nowadays. Makes one afraid to fall ill.

    Teacher – good luck with the synthroid doses. I tested for thyroid twice, came back exactly same reports although there were couple years gap..between doing them.

    Carla – glad to have you back home. What a good trip you had. Meeting up with all your relatives. And Missy and Twy must be so happy to have you back.
  17. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Hi Ya, Porch Peeps!

    Elaine: Gosh, whatta family situation!!!
    My family sometimes builds up to what I call an emotional "stress fracture", but we're always able to work things out & forgive each other, cuz that solid base of love & caring about each other is unbreakable.

    As scary as the cancer is, cancer can be beaten. But, heck! I mean, do ya have to move away & disown the whole family just to have some peace???
    Tell JS he better be good to ya, cuz we're all watching him! LOL!

    Rock: "Holy Basil" sounds like something one would shout when startled. LOL!
    Yeah, those flick-fests at the Palace are great. I REALLY enjoy them. After the Abbott & Costelo fest, I said (to myself) I wished they'd have a monster movie fest. And now, viola! Wish granted! Gee. I wonder what my other two wishes will be...

    I used to have a friend who was a priest, & he was really funny. I called him the Abbott of Costello, which he thought was hilarious.
    I haven't seen him for a couple of years, cuz he had to move to Canada for a church job.

    I got my new DVD player connected. My friend sent me 2 box sets of tv series' I haven't seen (since I don't have cable).
    One is a 9 disc set called "A Haunting" with 5 episodes per disc. The other is a 3 disc set called "Paranormal State" with several episodes per disc.
    The weird thing about these series' is that nobody seems to have a plain ol' normal ghost. They pretty much all turn out to be demonic. Very weird...

    And now I have 3 remotes to deal with. Arg! 1 for the tv, 1 for the digital converter box, & now 1 for the DVD player. Well, 4 if I count the one for the radio, which always seems to find it's way into the tv-remote stack.

    Well, Peeps... Tomorrow is my hemo appointment.
    If ya don't hear from me for about 10 to 15, you'll know I lost my Irish temper! LOL! Just kiddin! If anything, I'll calmly tell him he's a moron with a staff of idiots, & walk away. Well, roll away anyhow. & if any toes get in the way..... ;P

    I got up & gimped about with the walker a bit today!!!
    It was just for a minute or 2, BUT it didn't cause any pain!!!
    I'll be back up walking again before too long!!!
    Yay, me! :D

    Goodnight, Everydobby!
    I'll report back tomorrow, after the hemo!

  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Looks like I will be having my hands full again now. My mums elder sisters daughter has been phoning about coming over to get her nephew treated by a Tibetan priest for a chronically occurring back tumour. (they ve operated several times) keeps coming back. he limps slightly and the pain is bad.

    My elder bro had been running around trying to locate the priest and confirming his ability to perform the rituals.

    Yesterday I called him in regard to something else and he mentioned this cousin said she might come in July and would prob stay in a hotel. There will be four of them. So I called my husband and he said they could stay at our place.

    I just hope mentally and physically I will be able to cope. Ive been very down due to the middle brothers shenanigans. And elder brother also says he is not feeling good; his blood pressure has shot up.

    God Bless
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  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    just saw yr post. 'Ive seen "A Haunting' episodes; used to come on Discovery channels. I guess filming plain old ghosts wouldnt make as good entertainment as demonic activities. Because demons are more destructive and frightening. But 'ghosthunters' show 'plain' hauntings...i just watched an episode last night.

    God Bless
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I cannot believe you are back to the lice problems again. What a mess. Poor Jocelyn. Did you find any more on you ? Or are you just not taking any chances after her latest investation? That surely is alot of owrk to try and get rid of them. I remember years ago but I am not even sure my kids had them, just some of the other children in the class. That is probably like fleas and trying to get rid of them, it is VERY hard. I guess they multiply like crazy and are rather resistant to many thngs. I had never heard of Skin so soft. What actually is that, a skin conditions? Sorry but I missed when you probably were posting about it.

    Sorry you are so tired. Do you ever get to go to sleep? I am sure that now you have so many things on your mind and worry about your Mom and all. When my mom was so sick I started with very bad insomnia. At that time the doc gave me a preseciption to use temporarily. I still have trouble staying asleep but have been experimenting with natural things.

    Sorry to hear about David not getting the job and also him not being able to get his Lasix eye surgery. Gee, when it rains it pours. Hopefully , he will get a better job soon and also have his surgery done too.

    Hope today is a better one for you and your family and that you got some much needed rest last night.

    Special hugs today to Elaine and Pippi.

    Hope this finds everydobby else doing well today. Not much time to write so I need to close. Just know that you are all in my thoughts. Better send this before it goes poof !!

    Love to you awl,