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  1. Granniluvsu

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    Check my post on the last volume as well as Joan, Teacher and Sweet Spring Water !

    Gotta go back and close the door on the last volune first and then I hope to be back !

    Thank goodness the Chorale Society performances are all finished for the year, with s big summer break coming up ! The performance turned out pretty well other told us. That is good. Glad they thought so anyway. Sometimes many do not catch boo boos that we may make ! We had to sing in German also which was very interesting !!

  2. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Will post when I come back.

    Love youse!
  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Grandpa is so sweet! I just love that he brought you roses. Now when did my DH
    last bring me flowers? Mmmm, like never? Lol. But he just isnt the type
    and it wasnt even in our culture so i guess i shouldnt complain. Roxie peed upstairs
    and one of my dogs peed in my living room carpet, i saw it just now. I just threw
    my hands up in despair. They know by now they oughtnt to, but sometimes
    accidents seem to happen.

    Joan - be proud of having cleaned your kitchen carpet. There are days i cant do
    a single thing leave alone scrubbing the carpet.

    Granni - glad to hear of your chorale and how well it went. Its so uplifting to hear
    you bustling off to these events. Especially if i have had a day where i didnt achieve
    much. Like today. Lol.

    Yes, its so hot. Didnt hardly do anything. Except in evening decided to give son
    a treat and went and bought him and myself pizza for dinner. DH had his usual
    dinner because he isnt too fond of pizza.

    Evening after 7pm is the only time i seem to be able to go out these days. Its cooler
    them and no blazing sun in a dusty street to hurt my eyes.

    Oh today i noticed the raven was flying pretty good so i let him out. he flew off so
    well, no landing and hopping about like when i found him. Good to see him fly away.

    Everybody hugs

    God Bless
  4. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I went to church today and had a nice time. Went to sleep (as usual, has something to do with the sleep apnea), but wasn't out long. Hooray!

    Dig this! No brain fog, foggy vision, or pain today! Mark it down ever'body!

    Stopped at a different store on the way home to look for a skillet. Didn't find one I liked that was a resonable price.

    Bought two skirts instead.

    Shopping trip was declared a success, so I came home.

    Talked to a friend and she suggested that I was having so much trouble finding an appropriate skilliet because the Lord was telling me that I didn't need to cook.

    I'm down with that! hee hee hee

    Keep me in your thoughts this week. A field trip with 57 children, two adults, numerous instruments, sheets of music, about 20 music stands, and a boom box.

    Am starting to get a little excited.

    I'm sorry to see that everyone's pets are pottying indoors. That's got to be depressing.

    I'm liking the roses and hand knit socks though.

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Teacher - Good luck with your musical field trip - sounds like fun but to keep track of every body and all your stuff sounds a bit like work ! You think I have lots of NRG, NOPE not rreally. However, music is my THERAPY !!! Everything else, like work at home and cleaning is forget it. I do as little as possible till I can't stand it anymore. I do the laundry however and clean up after meals and such and now I am behind in my vacuuming the house. Maybe I will do it tomorrow Then I usually do 1/2 the house at a time and then wait to do the rest unless by then it is time to start over :) !!

    Georgia - Glad Roxie is out of lock down :) ! She is a pup (sort of) and it will take awhile as you well know. Gee, I wish you could make me some nice hand knit socks. My feet are always cold and my hands too and I live in TX. God knows if I lived in the cold country !

    Sweet SW - I know you posted but can't remember everything you said. Hope you get some more NRG too. If you find any could you send me some too :)!

    Julie - Hope to hear from you soon and hope things are going well for you all with everyone in your family. Hope Lindsey and your mom are doing OK ! When is her baby due? Hope she is feeling better;.

    Got home from a party (LUAU) at oujr club it was fun and they evenh had Hawaiian dancers and a fire twirler or whatever yoiu call it. It was very interesting and they got some people up on the "stage" to learn the hula and some dances somemen and women separately. It was to funny. If I had felt more energenic I might have tried it as I love to dance. However, I just watched laughed and clapped. It was fun anyhow !! Oh, we had some good food too.

    Hi also to Joan, Jole, Rock, Elaine and all those who I haven't mentioned .

    Love to everydobby,
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Teacher - seems you had a nice day, its like a lottery to me when i find all my
    systems are working fine for once. No brain or body fog. I have those once in a

    Your field trip sounds like it could be really exciting. Hope you have a good time.

    Georgia - haha our doggies in nappies. Ive seen baby chimps on tv with nappies

    Granni - the party with the hawaiian dancers sounded really great! Im sure you
    would have gone up there to do the hula had you been feeling more energetic.
    Im sort of shy or frightened that way. Gives me the jitters to go up on a stage
    even if there are others with me.

    Today there was a committee meeting of our block. At our house but downstairs
    so all i did was just make tea for them. Got out some chairs from the store room
    for them to sit. Had to do with the ruckus last time when i objected to the wall
    being built. Lots of issues besides the wall with other people not agreeing to certain
    things. For now it seems like they agreed not to build the wall. But there are other
    things which still havent been ironed out. Everyone is in such a hurry to rush off
    to thier respective work places.

    It was really hot. I tried to call my friend and wish her for her birthday but she
    was out both times i called.

    I had got a present but couldnt go and give it because her sister wanted some
    shawls and i had to arrange that. The shawls are from an old stock when we had
    a factory making them and i sell them off when someone orders. But i have to send
    them for washing and dyeing and tassel making so that took all of the day.

    Actually relieved i didnt have to go because been feeling very disinclined to
    go out and meet anyone. But luckily my friend too i could tell was very busy
    in the office and i couldnt have spent much time with her anyway.

    God Bless

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Tried to post two days ago, but the computer froze up. It does that 2-3 times a day.
    Then have to shut it off for an hour or so.

    Anyway, once it was functioning again, I wasn't.

    Yesterday we went to Norman Fang's Orchid Nursery. He has Open House for the
    public twice a year. Been two years since we were there. It's a long trip. 60 miles
    or so East to San Bernardino County.

    Thousands of orchids in bloom. Oops. Better quit. The anti-virus program
    has gone mad. Pops up constantly.

    Gordon tried to install it earlier, but it didn't work. Now it is as much trouble as a
    virus. Seems if there's anyway for a computer to go crazy, it will. Must be that
    computers were invented by Murphy.

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - How nice to see you or should I say, hear from you. Glad you had a good time at the nursery to see the orchids. I'll be they were just beautiful!! Sorry to her you have been having computer problems again. Gee whiz, that is surely no fun and I know what you mean. A computer whiz I am not !!LOL Sorry that Gordon wasn't able to download the antivirus for you. I know that we have had trouble to sometimes when we wanted upgrade or antivirus and had so much trouble we ended up having out computer guru son do it for us.

    Hi Sweet Spring Water - Sorry you didn't get to be with your friend for her birthday. Oh well, sometimes that is what happens. I would love to see all the shawl making, dyeing, fringing etc. where you are from. It sounds so interesting and the fabrics and all should be so beautiful. Hope you have at leas a little NRG left today to do what you need to do.

    Hugs to everydobby and hope you all are doing well inc. Elaine, Carla, Linda, Jole, Joan, Teacher, Pippi and whoever else I have missed.

  9. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I'm just dropping by to say Hello. Had a busy weekend and will tell you more when I came back tomorrow,

    I feel better today - was soooo miserable in church. Of course, it rained all day and rain makes me hurt more! I still hurt when in the kitchen trying to make food -------but rest of the time I seem to feel better.

    Hi to awll my best buddies on the porch--------granni, Rock, SW, Teacher, Georgia, Elaine, Pippi, Jole,----i know I have forgetten someone but you know I think you are all great-----

    Teacher: i am soooo glad that you are feeling good and shopping went well! Like your friends thoughts on purchasing a skillet! Good idea!

    Take care,

    Gentle Hugs.

  10. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I got my grass cut this evening! Been trying for two weeks, but between the rain and not feeling good, it wasn't getting done.

    Don't gots no brain, but I still don't hurt!

    I hope Roxie is OK.
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - so sorry Roxie has a hurt "elbow". I hope it is nothing you have to worry about and so sorry that you are feeling badly too . Sounds like you both need a hot bath and a good long rest ! However, somehow I dont think Roxire would go for that :) !!

    Teacher - Glad you got your lawn cut finally. That sounds like me trying to get things done. I do not have to worry about a lawn but sure do have other things like stuff in the house, and painting those dumb posts on our deck. I have a couple parts to finish that I need to start in the morning before I fade and before it gets to HOT! I will be so happy when that is all done. I need to vacuum again and I look at it every day.

    At this point vacuuming will have to wait until thursday at least.

    Hope everydobby else is doing as well as can be expected. Hope to hear from some more of you soon.

    How are you doing Elaine, Carla, and Pippi !! Thinking about you all !

  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Good to hear from Rock again. Rock - the orchids must have been breathtaking.
    But a 60 mile jurney to see it!! I wouldve been worn out. Not good with road
    journeys. I hope yor computer gets fixed up real soon. And that your energy
    levels bounce back up.

    Granni - we had to close down our shawl factory because too many people
    got into the same business. And the political instability and worldwide recession
    affected all the factories. The shawls produced by us dont have many patterns
    as such just a difference in the amount of pashmina as compared to silk used
    in a shawl. Ours is 70percent pashmina and 30% silk and theyre dyed just one
    colour, not different colours in one shawl. For embellishments some producers
    give the shawls for embroidery work and bead work. Those are used for night/
    party wear.

    Georgia - I hope you feel better soon. Getting knocked over by Roxie girl in
    a playful mood cant be fun. Glad Rescue is paying for Roxies medical charges.
    I love that about America. They treat animals like living feeling beings. Not
    some unwanted thing to be discarded like they do here in the poorer countries
    of Asia.

    Teacher - not hurting is great. good to hear you got your lawn cut.

    Joan - I wish it would rain here. The heat is driving me nuts. I wish you didnt
    hurt like this.

    Yesterday was such a busy day. Out of the blue. I got this call from DHs
    aunt . She wanted me to write an email to her daughter to send some meds
    and cosmetics and in the course told me about this 49 days prayer ceremony
    for a relative of DHs. I hadnt even known she died so didnt go to the condolence.
    So decided i would go with aunt since she has transport. I hurriedly pressed
    my tibetan dress and blouse and apron and looked for some condolence scarves.
    Then i went and bought a birthday card for my friend and dropped off her
    present at her workplace. She asked me out to lunch but obviously i couldnt go.

    From there i went to aunts, had a drink, its was so steamng hot weather,
    and we went off to the relatives house. Neither of us knew the place so again
    we had to drive to another relatives place and someone from there got into
    the car and showed us. Lots of people. My ma in law was there. She had come
    earlier with her son. Offered up our scarves and condolence money and then

    I am so shocked at this death. This lady who must be around my age has been
    known to be very reclusive. She would go psychotic after every delivery. She
    has three daughters. Our community being what it is, i dont think she got much
    sympathy because mental disorders are so misunderstood. Luckily she lives
    with her sister who is married to her husbands twin brother and the sister took
    most of the responsibility for house and social obligations. It seems she took
    all her meds at one go and they had to take her to hospital. She recovered and
    then again some days later she had a heart attack and succumbed. Poor poor
    lady. Luckily all her daughters are grown up and are studying or working in

    When we were going back we had to reach several bundles of blessed food stuff
    and reach them to each member of the community. The monk presiding over
    the prayers blesses them. A pouch would contain something like a biscuit
    packet, a bun, a fruit piece, a sweet, a tiny piece of dried meat, a noodle packet.
    Its like a goodie bag. One person from the community has to volunteer to reach
    the bundles to every members house and the turns change by the month. This
    time my uncle offered his car and driver to go reach the stuff. Luckily the
    member in charge had arranged for one person to pick up bundles at a designated
    spot so we didnt have to go all over town distributing. Just left two huge bagfuls
    at two different designated spots where others would take over the distributing.
    The other areas of the city are taken charge of by others living in those areas.
    But driving around in 100F heat amidst traffic snarls was horrible. So was getting
    stuck in a jam for 15 mins waiting for a protest rally to walk by.

    I got off in town to spare the driver having to reach me because he had to go
    back to the relatives house to get more bundles after reaching aunt and ma
    in law who live relatively closer.

    When i reached home i found the neighbourhood committee meeeting was in
    full swing downstairs. When i freshened up and joined them i found they had
    again worked out an agreement parts of which i didnt want, and again there
    was a ruckus. Theres this particular man who is so unreasonable and rough.
    My husband doesnt seem to think things thru properly and it is seeming as if
    i am the shrew who keeps putting a spanner in the works after everyone else
    has agreed. There was some shouting between him and me. Then later we
    both agreed to a compromise. I had to take him outside and explain my misgivings
    and the other members one of whom is an engineeer convinced him to agree.
    The whole thing took two hours by which time it was nightfall, by the time they
    wrote down the agreement and signed.

    If i thought i was going to get some rest i was mistaken. The lights went out
    we couldnt use the electric mosquito repellant. Our room being directly below
    the terrace became so hot. If i put my quilt on, i would start sweating. If i took
    it off the mosquitoes would buzz and buzz. I swear the heat being given off by
    the terrace must have made it 35 degree celcius in that bedroom.And no fan

    I asked hubby lets go to the ground floor which is an empty hall and sleep there
    on mattresses but he didnt want to and i was too afraid of the dark to go alone.
    Its much cooler down there. One doesnt even need a fan. Ive made up mymind
    to shift down there for the nights. I just cant bear this heat.

    So i had a sleepless night. The lights just came on this morning at nine o clock.
    Now i will send this off and go iron and cook my rice.

    God Bless

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - Sorry you are still in pain. I know that is no fun and have given up taking anything really strong or I will just stay in bed all day :) ! What an exciting day going to the pharmacy. Hope at least the meds will help you !! Hope you feel better soon so you and Roxie can play !! I can imagine with a little doggie that size just playing around will get you all worn out. Also, I hope that she doesn't know you down by accident . Poor LITTLE thing :)!!

    Sweet SW - My you have had a busy time of it lately. What a story. it is so interesting to hear about your customs about honoring the dead and all but I know it must be also very tiring sometimes when one must spend a lot of time at these prayer gatherings .

    Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight. Our mosquitos in TX are pretty big and bad too :)!! They haven't gotten to bad yet. Wait til we have some rain and the humidity is up. Of course we do have a/c and fans which is a agood thig. I do not remember what the difference between Celcius and Fahrenbheit is. So, I do not remember how hot it got for you but surely did sound HOT!!

    Glad that at least you did get to give the card and all to your friend who had her birthday before you went. I am sure she appreciated it.

    Joan - Hope you are doing OK my friend too and not in to much pain today. Come back soon soon and post when you can. I love the way you cleaned your floor the other day. Yeah, when I get down to clean the floor I can hardly get up myself- feel like 100 yrs old.

    Elaine - thanks for writing and telling us how things are going with you. You know we worry, even if we may not post all the time.

    Jole - How are you doing weetie. Thinking of you and your dear sister.

    Carla - Hope your yard is coming along in your new home. I know you will be so happy when that is all done !

    Lots of hugs to everdobby, inc those not mentioned today,

  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    am glad you have taken Roxie under your wing; Lord knows how many
    little creatures need to be taken care of. But do think it through carefully
    about adopting another little one, because when one is ill or going thru
    some crisis at home its difficult to care for others.

    I have to admit my own dogs are a bit too much of a handful at times.
    Drive me crazy. I will always have a dog with me but not quite sure i
    will take on many. Those days when i could cope happily are gone.

    Granni - i think our 32 degree celcius would be like 100 F. I would have to
    check. Today i got some relief. it rained a heavy downpour and brought
    the temps down.

    Yesterday i went to town and got some shopping done. On May 1st, the
    Maoists are planning to hold indefinite strike barring any vehicular movement
    from and to the city. So everyone is stockingup on groceries. Sugar, rice

    I just hope things dont get violent. And the the country doesnt plunge into
    recession. The tourism trade definitely gets affected by these strikes. who
    would want to come just to get struck because of no transport?

    I read and re read the Borrowers afield. It is the second of the Borrower
    series. In this one the little people run away from thier house and live
    in the outdoors inside an old boot. I really wish sometimes i was a borrower.
    Not many complications except the basic necessities. A half soapbox
    is their boat, they drink out of half hazel nut shells. A piece of woolen sock
    is thier blanket.

    God Bless

    Go Bless
  15. teacher

    teacher New Member

    two more to go!

    The darlings did really well today! I am very proud of them.

    Have headache now. Between tired from being excited and having to stand on the playground for 15 minutes, I'm done in.

    Next week is Cram City and then the following week is insane. A major rehearsal and TWO concerts.

    I'm dying here! But you know what? Eventhough I have a headache and my feet are tired, I had fun today. I haven't had fun in over a year.

    Isn't it amazing how things are rough and then when you come out on the other side, you can appreciate the little things a bit more?


    I wore my new tiara and my new green flora skirt. I was the cat's meow!

    I'm taking my head to bed now. Will talk to y'alls later!

    Musical hugs all around!
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    today, it was way down on the list. What a sleepy porch. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Just wanted to tell awl that I have a computer problem and giving it our son tomorrow for him to fix. So do not know how long I will be with out it.

    Teacher - Glad things worked out and hope the next two weeks work out well too.

    Georgia - Hope you are feeling better and Roxie too with her joint ailments. You both need to rest but not sure TRoxier will know that she should do that. They usually just want to play just like kids.

    Hope you ALL have a wonderful weekend. See you all when I can.

  17. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I just wrote my weekly e-mail to family. I started writing it after I had my thyroid surgery and now they won't let me quit! I don't know why they need to contiue to read about my boring life, but there you are.


    I didn't want to rewrite all of this because I was gonna tell you all about this anyway so I copied and pasted! hee hee hee hee

    Some people would call that efficient. I call it lazy! hee heee heee heee

    Happy reading!


    It's raining, it's pouring,
    The old man is snoring,
    He went to bed and he bumped his head,
    And he couldn't get up in the morning!

    Morning y'all!

    'Tain't rainin' yet, but is suppose ta so tote yer 'brelly taday!

    On with the news.

    Concert went well Thursday. And, thankfully, I didn't get left downtown! Woo hoo!

    Mommy came! She and Sister braved city transportation to get there. From what Ma was telling me, that was an adventure in itself!

    She was scandalized that this one woman got on the bus and promptly began to tell ALL of her business. Loudly.

    Sister told her that that was normal. She couldn't believe it. I told her the same thing. You learn to just be quiet and let them be. Some of them don't have anyone else to talk to.

    My poor Mama. I can't remember the last time she rode the bus. She shouldn't have to deal with culture shock at her age.

    'Course I didn't help any. When I turned around and saw her, I quit talking to the audience, shrieked "Mommy", ran over and gave her a big hug, and then trotted off to get her a chair.

    hee hee hee hee

    Poor thing was embarrassed, but there you are. Some of the other kids parents and grandparents were there and they just laughed.

    'Course, I was surprised that we were invited back. I tried to destroy the decor while I was there.

    There is this huge metal replica of the State Seal hanging on the wall. I whacked it with the chair that I was trying to get for Mom. Oops! And what had I just said to the kiddies about not touching the sculptures?

    hee hee hee hee


    We had about four different parent groups this year! Parents, grandparents, siblings and possibly an uncle. J works down there and he came too! Woo hoo! We have groupies!

    We had a picnic lunch when we got back to school. Some ate in the Band room, some in the larger Music room, and some on the veranda.

    (There's a small porch just outside my door that leads to the bus parking zone. "Veranda" sounds much more high class than "Porch" don'tcha know.)

    Fifteen minutes of recess and then we were back to class. All in all a good, long event. We began gathering at 10:15 so we could be ready to leave at 10:45. By the time we got back to our rooms, it was after 2:00. A good time was had by all.

    This coming week will just be panic time. The concert that was supposed to happen was moved back a week (thank you, Lord!) So now, my darlings have a minute to run over the music for that show. OF COURSE it has to be TOTALLY DIFFERENT from what we just did!

    Here's the scoop:
    The neighborhood high school decided in MARCH that they needed to have a concert in MAY with all of the elementary schools that feed into them.

    Nothing wrong with that idea except YA THINK YA COULDA TOLE ME THAT IN SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All the elementary choirs have been killing themselves trying to learn extra music on top of what we were already learning for our Spring shows. grrrrr

    Oh well. I finally got the high school guy to understand that he needed to come over and do a rehearsal with my choir. I don't have the flexibility to run an extra rehearsal. He's coming on Tuesday afternoon.

    The week of the 10th is going to be INSANE!

    May 10 - hop a bus at 9:15-9:30 to go to the high school for a huge
    chaotic rehearsal:
    - all 4th, 5th, and 6th Graders in Strings will make one large
    - all 5th and 6th Graders in Band will make one large Band
    - all 4th, 5th, and 6th Graders in Choir will make one big
    - High school Choir will sing and then the Elementary Choir
    will join them for one song
    - High school Band will play but I don't think the Elementary
    Band will join them - the HS Band guy is coaching track
    right now, we want to save him a little hair!

    All of this is with four elementaries and one high school. (or is it five elementaries? oh well, it's a lot of kids!)

    Don't know how long it will take but we'll get done.

    May 11 - Return to the high school with ALL of my 4th, 5th, and 6th
    Graders - High school thought it would be nice for peers
    to enjoy the efforts of their peers

    This means that where I had one bus to keep up with on
    Monday, I have SIX today!

    Concert will begin at 10:00 a.m.

    May 12 - Professional Development ALL THE DAY LONG

    May 13 - back to rehearsing the music we learned for our in-house
    Spring Concert

    May 14 - Spring Concert at home

    May 14 - approx. 12:00 noon - pass out and stay that way until June


    I don't have the energy now to go into the stories of the rest of the family.

    Suffice it to say that I didn't get a call to say that they were in the hospital, so I guess they're OK.

    Gotta go now. Time to put my eyeballs in (contacts).

    OH! I almost forgot!

    I met a nice man Thursday morning!

    I stopped at the gas station to get ice for our lunch. He offered to carry the 22 lbs bag to my car. AND he called me "Honey"!

    Just the kind of guy I want to bring home to mother. Big ol' fake diamond earring, doo rag on his head, prowling the lot getting signatures for a petition.

    He did have a few major pluses. He was clean and polite. He had teeth. His pants weren't sagging.

    I may have to go get some more ice next week!

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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I didn't think that I was going to be able to come to the Porch for awhile but our son lent us one of his old computers. Hope our son doesn't take too long to fix our comuter since I don;t have any e-mail addys or can't print anything off this one since it is not hooked up.

    Teacher - Gee I love your STORY about your mom and sister and you all getting ready for your music extravaganza !! I got all worn out just reading it all. No wonder you are to pooped to participate when you get home :) !! Hope your next two weeks go wel for you and the students too. Planning o going to see your new boyfriend at the gas station ( :????

    Georgia -hope you are feeling better and Roxie too. Glad you both are enjoying each other !!

    Jole - Thinking about you my dear and your sister and family. Hope you continue to have the strength to deal with all the problems involved with your sisters illness as well with how you are feeling. May God give you all strength !!

    Julie - I have been missing you and hope all is going well with you family and all their problems and other things for you all having to deal with. Hope indsey is still doing well with her regnancy and your MOM doing OK after she got home from the rehab. center/NH.

    Pippi - Where are you to my dear. Haven't heard from you in so long. Hope you have not had a setbaack in your walking and all. You were doing so well it sounded like.

    Drop a note when you can, all you MIA's . We miss you all. Rock- you too !! Gotta run and do something noteworthy today. i did finally go and finish my painting of the posts on the deck outside. HOORAY !! Glad at least that is done. Then is more weeding, etc. It seems like you are never done around here. Wish we could afford a yard man :) !!

    Everyone have a great weekend !

  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    You exhausted me with your schedule! And then you had me rolling on the floor laughing at the meeting with your "dream man"!

    All you other porchies, HI!!!!

    Feverish today, no NRG,, sound familiar? Love you all.

  20. teacher

    teacher New Member

    that in spite of all this crazy activity, I haven't had any pain since Sunday! A whole week!

    AND I went to my chiro yesterday after school and I have a lot of my hand strength back! Woo hoo!

    Now, if I would just get that housekeeper that I ordered for Christmas TWO YEARS AGO I'd be alright!

    hee hee hee hee

    By the way, Granni. Did I understand you correctly? You're washing pots on your deck?

    You people have some strange ideas about cleaning on here:

    - scrubbing kitchen carpets by scooting around on your bum (ya cain't see the spot yer werkin' on like that!)

    - sanitizing your mops by freezing them in the mop water for the winter

    - washing your cookwear on the deck

    - sweeping up raisins by whacking them with a book

    I think I better get off of here and call that mail-order-catalog again!