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    Hi gang...happened to get a chance to get on the computer and saw it was time to start a new porch. Will get this posted, then come back and visit.
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    Oh we are at the end of a busy weekend! Hope everyone survived...please go back and get caught up on the news.

    Dar, hope you are doing a little better and can get some help with your supps, etc.

    We had granddaughters, Keira and Lorraine, Thursday night. I let them stay up a little later, figuring they might sleep in on Friday. But they heard Grandpa leave for work, so got up themselves at 6:30, lol!

    Amy and Clinton came Friday after work, so we had a houseful most of the weekend...lots of fun. We got the great-grandpas too on Saturday, so they could come visit and watch the kids play. I left supper instructions for the big kids while I took my dad back to the care center, so they took care of themselves.

    Den's dad asked me to take him to a neighborhood club luncheon today, so I fixed breakfast for everyone here and left them on their own for lunch too. Den's sis sometimes takes Gpa to these monthly meetings, but she fell down the stairs Thursday evening and did a "spiral break" on her upper leg.

    This is the side that has a new hip, new knee, and new shoulder (over a three year period.) Our local hospital thought she might need surgery to put pins in, and maybe even replace the knee again. But her boyfriend got her up to Des Moines and they sent her home with just a cast and instructions to stay off of it.

    Oops...editting now...saw an invite from Rock to "chat" so I posted, just in case I might mess up and lose everything :) Nobody else there now, but at least we tried, right?

    Anyway, I didn't want Gpa to miss out on seeing his friends, so we made it just fine. I fixed deviled eggs as his contribution. He has a doctor appt. on Wednesday, so I will go pick him up and bring him an hour back to his doctor. Will be trying to get ready to go to Texas also...we leave early Friday morning.

    I tried to catch up on posts, and am sure thinking of everyone...better get myself somewhat organized for the start of a new week. Oh, Happy St. Patrick's Day!
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    Moving Rock's post over here...we must have been typing on the last porch at the same time...

    Hello Kids

    Here's a copy of my post from the tech board:
    "Hey! I did it! I chatted with 2 people. I got a popup saying someone wanted to chat
    with me. But I was posting at the time. So a few minutes later I clicked on the
    chat box and typed in the space at the bottom. I hit "enter" when I wanted to send the
    message. All worked just fine.
    I'd give you more detailed instructions, but it's the kinda thing where you need the
    box in front of you to demonstrate. Haven't tried to initiate a chat yet.
    This teaches us we must all keep plugging away. Eventually the pyramid will get built.*
    *Though not necessarily in our lifetime.

    The next time I'm on the board, I will try to chat with any of you who are here

    Yes, I was lucky I didn't break anything in my fall. I've never had a bone density
    test. I wonder how they do that. Just squeeze your arm hard, Granni? I know Alz
    is making me denser in the upstairs dept. Guess they measure that some other

    Well, it was a quiet day for me; generally is. Gordon and his sisters went to
    two cemeteries to visit family graves and leave flowers. I don't understand
    the whole ceremony. They take food with them. Then they come back here
    and eat it, I think. Or maybe they eat it at the cemetery?

    I am reading some books by pretty good authors, but there are frequently
    some startling mistakes. I found all these last night.

    If you're going to write a crime book, for example, you ought to know that an
    old revolver has no safety. And you should further know the difference between
    an autopsy and an autopsy report.

    And the famous Rubin's vase optical illusion which is a century old does not show
    two vases or two faces. It shows the outline of a vase or two profiles. And manta
    rays do not attack people and don't have the ability to rip a scuba tank from
    a diver.

    Actually manta rays are a lot like me. I have only a few teeth, and they are all in
    one jaw. Mantas have lot of teeth, but they are all in one jaw. So neither one of
    us is in a good position to take a bite outta things.

    That's shame about your friend, Jam. We have a couple sidewalks in our neighborhood
    where the tree roots have pushed the sidewalk up a foot or so. Been that way for decades.

    Oh, I see Julie is here. Maybe she's posting too. I'm going to try and send her a

    Hugs to all

    Tried to chat with Julie and/or Windblade. I got the "This is a private chat" message.
    I guess I need some tutoring.
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    This will be short as I have to go get into shower early for my 8:00 a.m. appt. for teeth cleaning. Then, have to come home and go with Frank and Ilona to see our mgr. as to some checks which were sent to our insurance co. Always something.

    Yesterday, I finished painting the bench over at the tennis courts. It's supposed to rain today so wanted to get it done yesterday. The day before, I put the primer on it. It turned out well. I need to go down and spray weeds but will wait until after rain. Maybe today, I can finally dust in here. Also, am finishing up cleaning my closet and exchanging my plastic hangers with the new flat kind which don't take up as much space. They are only good for things like tee shirts because the aren't too sturdy.

    I am sick with what is going around here. I thought it was allergies, and I think that's how it started, but it's evolved into something more. It leaves one with a cough, stuffed up head, headache, raspy throat, and feeling hot and tired. AACK!!!

    Nothing new going on. I'll write more later. My love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good Monday afternoon! I took advantage of being able to sleep in, and I did, till 10:00. This will be a busy week with getting ready for our trip, plus Lindsey and David will be needing some extra help with kids...getting Lorraine to preschool, etc. David is having to put in some extra hours, and needs to get some sleep whenever he is home. They can manage, of course, but I will combine my own errands and visiting my dad with trips to the preschool and back.

    Wednesday will pretty much be a "Grandpa day" as it will take most of the day to get him to his appt., run his errands and back home. I am happy for the chance to spend time with him and I think he will accept some meals if I package them up for him...his daughter will be laid up for awhile, so I can use that as an excuse to make sure Gpa gets some nutrition instead of just having to "scrounge around" for whatever he can fine, which often isn't much.

    Jam, I'd best not get started on Den's sister...but there are people who have problems and they can't help their situations. Then there are people who create their own problems, but blame anyone but themselves for their situations...Sis fits in the latter category; even her children say so. And they say they tried to tell people for years (when they were living at home with their mom) but we just didn't understand.

    Anyway....we just do for Gpa what we can, while still monitoring things so we can step in more aggressively if necessary.

    Gotta go...Lorraine is here and needs me.

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    Julie: Good heavens......I know your feelings about your SIL, but I do feel sorry for her. Is she overweight or just clumsy and doesn't watch where she's walking?

    Rock: congratulations on figuring out how to live chat. I'm sorry, but my brain just can't do it.....I've tried, oh well. You were in rare form the other day......sorry about your trip on the broken curb, but I just had to laugh out loud. I could just see you like a slowly deflating baloon. I know that's spelled wrong but if I go back then I'll how those "wretched" board problems where it takes over from my fingers!

    Jam. I heard about the 4.4 shaker but didn't feeel it.....oops.....another mispell.

    It was almost 90 yesterday so today I drug myself to a local lumber yard where I can gather up fresh wood shavings. I got 6 grocery bags full, and there was still quite a lot, so came home, dumped it all around my plats (sp) nd went back for more. It helps conserve water. I don't think I'll ever get used to this small keyboard on the ipad.

    Rock: almost forgot to tell you about a charming book I'm finishing.......The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society........look it up online. Takes place in the 40s, a series of letters to various people. I've listened to the book, and it has various voices so it's easy to figure things out.
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    Goodness! I've never been in or even near an earthquake...hope no serious injuries or damage.

    Sun, it would take too long to explain and I would probably not be able to stop once I started. I have already typed three long posts, but deleted them.

    I will say that I also feel bad for all her problems, but many of them she has brought on herself...lets just leave it at that. I do regret all the times that I left my home and family to help her with babies, surgeries, etc. I am just one person in a long list of people that she took advantage of...the others tried to tell me, but I am so soft-hearted I went anyway.

    We got along fairly well until I started speaking out about how she treats her dad. I have several meals packaged and will meet Den after work tomorrow with them as he is going over to do some things for his dad anyway.

    Anyway...I just got Lorraine to sleep. Easier to have her sleep here overnight, then we will get up and head to preschool in the morning.

    Gotta get some lists made of things to take to my brother's and will get groceries while Lorraine is at preschool. Hope everyone is doing fairly well...
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    Hello Kids

    Been a quiet day here. Helped Gordon a little with his clean out the garage project. We
    went to the market and the library. Had a long nap in the afternoon. I just watched
    a chunk of a WW II movie called, "I'll Be Seeing You".

    The stars were the 16 year old Shirley Temple, the every youthful Spring Byington (58)
    the non dancing or singing (at least in the part I saw) Ginger Rogers and Joseph Cotton whose
    charm I never could see. The movie drags along. Hard to believe it was produced by the guy
    what did "Gone With the Wind".

    But Wikipedia says the movie was a hit. As Gordon says, to the folks of that time it
    looked a lot different than it does to us. He has more patience than I; watched the
    whole thing.

    Julie, thanks for moving my post. I now know how to respond when someone asks
    me to chat. Don't know how to initiate the conversation though. Too bad about
    Den's sister and her spiral break. Wasn't there a rock group called Twisted Sister?

    Mikie, did you leave a Wet Paint sign on the bench? Seems to me newly painted park
    benches have been a theme of cartoonists for generations. I hope your aggravated
    allergy condition clears up promptly. Get a lotta rest. Let somebody else take care of
    things around the ranch. The only problem, of course, is that there is often nobody
    else willing or able.

    SG, I tried to put the Potato Peel Pie book on hold, but the library site won't cooperate.
    Will have to try again. I read that author Mary Ann Shaffer had been a librarian
    and editor. This was her first novel.

    I could use a good book. The last three I looked at were poor to incredibly bad. I
    don't see how some books get published. The worst of the bunch was a first
    book from some guy who teaches writing. Uff-da!

    Jam, I remember the last medium sized earthquake. In our neighborhood, 2 miles
    from downtown, it knocked down the exterior brick chimneys some neighbors had for
    their fireplaces. And the folks right next to us had their grandmother clock fall over.
    But nobody got hurt. Kinda hard to prepare for the Big One when you don't know
    if it will happen tomorrow or a century from now. Are you taking any pain pills
    or supplements that help your pain?

    Well, time to go. Hugs to all: Dar, SW, Diane, Freida, Joan, Barry, Granni, Jole,
    and Mr and Mrs Et. Al.

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    Good Tuesday morning! I am letting Lorraine sleep a few more minutes, then will start turning on lights and making regular household noises (fluffing my jeans in the dryer, etc.) to let her gradually wake up. I covered her "exposed" ear (she was sleeping on her side) when Den left for work, so the Jeep starting and garage door wouldn't wake her at 6:20 :)

    Red Mittens did slip in under the garage door as it was shutting (like she usually does) but I headed her off with some breakfast then put her back outside. Lorraine did call out to me (we slept in the loft "guest room" upstairs) so I went and laid down by her while she fell back to sleep.

    Rock, naps are good things! I could use some help with my "clean up the farm" project...if you only lived closer :p

    Sun, I hope I didn't sound rude in my reply to you about Sis...I sure didn't mean to. She did have a bad fall several years ago (courtesy of her third ex-husband) but I don't know of any others except for the other night. She has never drank milk and I don't know about taking any calcium or other supps...I wonder sometimes if the doc who did most of her spinal surgeries just wasn't a little "knife happy." I just don't know...except it is kind of weird that her health is the first thing she brings up when having conversations with anyone, even if she just met them.

    As far as I'm concerned, she can live as she pleases (cluttered, etc.) but when it comes to an elderly person's care and well-being...that is a different story.

    Anyway...enough on that subject, huh? I'd better get myself ready to go, then wake up my girl. I did get a grocery list made last night, so can "power shop" while she is at preschool.

    Hope everyone has a good enough day!
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    Hi, Kids,

    Jam, I actually don't like housework; I just like a clean condo. Many of us in this hood volunteer our time and talents for smaller jobs we can do to help our community and save money. Many here don't play tennis and couldn't care less about the condition of the court. I used to play a lot and feel we ought to take care of the court and all our amenities. In fact, condo law states that all amenities must be kept in good order. It was a fairly easy job. I can't do a lot of the things our other volunteers do. We are all getting older and have fewer volunteers. Soon, we'll be paying for everything. Newer residents don't have the same sense of community as we older ones do. Our gardeners kill our plants when they use Roundup on weeds so I won't let them do our gardens. They forget to shut it off and it trails over our grass and kills it. Oy!

    Julie, sounds as though you're busy as ever. Glad you got some rest.

    Rock, a "Wet Paint" sign was the first thing I thought of. I always got a kick out of those cartoons featuring wet paint. With the balmy winds we have, everything dries fast. Glad you and Jam got no damage from EQ. I often watch old movies and sometimes wonder what was so great about them. I'm finding that there were few really good movies made in the 60's and 70's. I like most WWII era movies but every now and then, there was a stinker. Movies today are amazing, at least, the good ones. There are also a lot of good TV shows on the networks. Things have changed, though--in the old days, new shows started in the fall and ran to spring. Then, there were reruns and/or summer replacement shows. Today, they mix it up and put reruns in all the time. You can tell that TV is my life :).

    Sunflower Girl, mulching is great for keeping the roots of plants from drying out. Our hood spends $10,000 a year on mulching. It looks nice but, unfortunately, commercial mulch comes with it's own weeds. Hence, the need for Roundup. I use as little as possible by getting up close and targeting just the weed. I also pull some weeds out. I won't weed today as we are soaked by last night's rain. Sooooo glad to see some rain; we need it.

    Got my teeth cleaned yesterday morning. My advantage plan no longer pays for preventive dental. I have a couple of molars with 5mm gaps in the gums so may have to have some deep cleaning done if I can't shrink them down. As it is, I brush, floss with those little brush tips, use my water pik, and use a hard rubber tip to rub gums to increase circulation to the gums and tighten them up. Sounds as though Sept. may be an expensive month. I will also have to have full x-rays to make sure I've lost no bone from the gaps. I also need to see my eye doc and, again, my ins. no longer covers preventive exams. Cuts to Medicare have really been felt by those of us on Advantage plans.

    Went with my two board compadres to the mgmt. co. and got all our questions answered. We stopped for a light lunch at Perkins. They've changed the menu and their new things are really nice. Good prices too. Last night, it rained like crazy and the wind blew it all over the place. I swept the balcony and wiped the railings now that God washed them for us. My computer is having problems from the storm and I've had to boot up my modem and router twice.

    Opened my MasterCard bill and there were three charges for Bealls store plus four charges for internet sales at Bealls website. I called M/C and they took those charges off and stopped my old card and are sending a new one. The charges were small--$20-$30. I've heard that thieves will try out a card with small charges before charging something big. Thank God, I have other cards. Like I always say, "It's always something." Well, actually, it was Gilda Radner who said that but I agree! My life is good and I'm not complaining but it seems that I'm always having to deal with this little piddly stuff. Wears me out.

    It's 11:00 a.m. already. With DST, the mornings just fly by and I'm starved. Simon showed up wet and huddled against my door about 5:00. I got his breakfast out to him post haste but before I could get out there to bring in his bowls, the possum got the rest of it. So, I'm soaking the bowls in my sink. Then, I'll have to sterilize my sink. I hope the possum gets too fat to make it up the stairs.

    So, Kiddies, another "W&P" post. I'll sign off and go in search of sustenance. Hope y'all are having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Jam, I pay no premium for my Medicare Advantage, just co-pays when I see the doc. My co-pays are small compared to what the docs charge for everything. My complaint is about the cuts to Medicare and M/C Advantage Plans. Preventive care saves money in the long term. We were making progress toward prevention and have now turned back to the model we always had for waiting until the patient is sick and then treating.

    BTW, just watched Dr. Wayne Dyer's new program on PBS. His message is universal and a repeat on his themes of love, divinity and spirituality. Still, each time I watch one of his shows, I have an "Aha Moment." He was diagnosed with leukemia but claims to be cured. He looks much better than he did on his last program when he was gaunt. I did notice he now lectures sitting instead of walking the stage from side to side. I pray for healing for him so he can continue to teach us how to heal ourselves.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: Yes, I noticed that Dr. Dyer now sits and his head looks very bald. And did you know he's divorced from his wife of awhile ago. Don't know if he's remarried or not, but I think he's been married at least twice or 3 times. I believe he still lives in Hawaii. I'm a Christian but I DO enjoy listening to his wisdom, I'm open to what any wise person has to impart to me.

    Julie: No, you didn't come off rude.....don't worry about it, I understand all about your SIL. I'm sure we ALL have a relative that we're stuck with, for better or worse. I used to have a real "special SIL" years ago, but they're divorced for at least 15 years. God broke the mold when she was made! LOL

    I love reading about your interaction with your little ones. We have so much in common. My youngest turned 6 last week. She called me this morning.....actually my grandson dialed for her, and after talking a few minutes I asked if she wanted to tell me something special. No. So I told her I love her and how special she is ....I could hear a little giggle on the other end. That made my day! And it's good for her to hear that also. I never heard from anyone that I was loved, but then I understand why. Both my parents came from strange families. If parents only knew how they impacted their children.

    I finally made an appt. to see my eye doctor. It's been over a year, but thankfully my vision is still the same (can I say I HATE glasses) and she also checked the cataracts, which are still in the beginning of the joys of aging. She also gave me a refrigerator magnet with a little grid on it, to check for macular degeneration every other day. (my mom had it)

    Rock: I agree about the books lately. I guess anyone can be an author!!!!! Have you ever read any of Jan Karon's books? They're definitely a feel good type, when you need comfort. She couldn't sell to a publisher so she published on her own, and trotted them around to churches. Now they're huge sellers, after a publisher snatched her up. There's a whole series, about 5 or more. About an episcopal priest, single, who meets an eligible lady who moves in next door. It's such a charming, warm hearted series. He lives in a small town and you get so involved with the characters.

    And some other favorites: The PoisonWood Bible, by Barbara Kingsover
    "Passion of Artemesia" and "Girl in Hyacinth Blue" both by Susan Vreeland

    And when I go searching at the library, almost every book is involved with vampires, gory killing, murders, of science fiction. UGH.

    Other than that I've spent the day sorting more things to put for sale on Etsy.......some months are VERY slow, but business has picked up a bit the last 2 months. Perhaps this is a sign of our economy improving? All those years of collecting and having an antique business and now here I am trying to rid myself of unwanted.......I've become a person of few wants in the last years......just give me a comfortable bed, a clean house, good music to listen to, something creative that stir my juices, and some friends to help ease my load......oh yes, a glass of red wine and some good cheese.
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    Jam, we all have to have the $104 deducted from our SS in order to receive any benefits. Having M/C only means that one is responsible for 20 percent of what M/C allows for any procedure or office visit. It couldn't possibly cost more to be in an Advantage plan than to be on M/C only if a no-premium plan is available. Your doc doesn't want you on it because she would have to have a contract with the plan which pays reduced amounts instead of what M/C pays.

    Just paying 20 percent of the occasional office visit doesn't cost that much but when one has to have a surgical procedure or go into the hospital or rehab facility, it can bankrupt a person to pay 20 percent. If one can afford the premiums of a supplement to M/C, the out-of-pocket is usually limited to the premiums but one has to pay the premiums every month whether one uses it or not. I pay only when I use mine. No one can predict when emergency surgery or hospitalization will be necessary. Also, the plan includes Part D, prescriptions.

    My plan is a PPO. I can see any doc who accepts M/C. I'm not saying my plan is the right one for everyone. What I am saying is that having M/C only leaves one very vulnerable to huge bills in cases of hospitalization. No matter what we think, we may not always have the option not to go to the hospital.

    Sunflower Girl, Wayne Dyer has been married three times and has 8 children. He is separated from his last wife of, I believe, 38 years but they did not get a divorce. She was in the audience of his latest presentation. His presentations are not secular and include things he has taken from many religious, and other, sources. I do not think anything he presents contradicts anyone's religious beliefs. Most of what he talks about is being fearless and willing to live our lives fully in love. In the beginning, he drew mostly on his work as a therapist but he has done a lot of research into religion and spirituality and it is reflected in his newer presentations. As I mentioned, his presentations all touch on the same themes but I always see something new, or get a new insight, each time I watch a new program.

    I remembered one time when I was in Savannah down enjoying the river and trying to have a peaceful moment. Then, a rather shabby man sat a little further down and started to play an instrument; I can't remember whether it was a clarinet or sax. My first thought was annoyance of having "my" peace disturbed as though I owned the concept of peace myself. I also noticed that he didn't play very well. Suddenly, my higher self said to me, "Who are you to judge. You don't even know this man." I realized that, whatever his story, he was very brave to go out in public and play. I certainly couldn't do it. I walked over when I was ready to leave, put some money into his case and thanked him for his music. He absolutely beamed. He gave me a gift far greater than his playing that day and I've never forgotten it. Kindness is one of Dr. Dyer's main subjects and it can work minor miracles. If only I would live my life like this every day.

    Don't know what I'm going to do today. Probably should go out and kill weeds. The rain will only have given them a reason to grow. Also, the ground will be damp and any large weeds can be more easily pulled. These allergies are keeping me feeling tired and lazy. Then, I can concentrate on working inside. Not too much to do but it would be great to get things ship shape in here. Simon didn't show but I slept later and he may have given up.

    Hope everyone has a really great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Freida, et al,

    I have been so busy I haven't been able to post much - sorry.

    Good news on the oven. it is almost off. There is only a little bit left of the aluminum foil on the surface of the oven flooring. Luckily it came out for me., It must really be a project if you couldn't remove it. To me it didn't smell that bad but Dh was so worried about it. I guess perhaps cause my nose is a little stuffy. Tomorrow morning or tonight I will see if the rest comes off and then wash it and hope the flooring will go back in, as easily as it came out :)!!!. All I can say is it works - that Naval Jelly stuff but it is tricky to put on. It is sort of gooey and slimy . You can't really brush it on but I used an older BBQ brush and put a bunch on it and let it drip down the brush if that makes sense. It is supposed to take rust of stuff. Glad I googled and found this info by some other desperate people, hoping they didn't ruin their new ovens.

    Sorry you had to endure all that you did for your procedure and hope it helps in some way for you. Sorry that some of your problems are getting worse. I hope they can find some answers for you soon. Glad you have such an understand hubby :)!! That is a big help I know.

    Julie - You wear me out girl. It is wonderful for you that all your kiddos young and old are close by at least Linds and family and you all make the time to get together with the others. Sorry we don't get to see ours that often but thank goodness for FB as I get to see some of them on there for a bit anyway. Wish I had had more granddaughters but only one and she just turned 20 - aaack !! I tried to read everyone's posts including yours but I know I have missed stuff.

    Jam - Sorry to hear about that EQ - a 4.4 I guess is fairly small in comparison but still scary. Hope no one was hurt . I have not been in an area that has any but that is OK. We just have hurricanes an some tornado scares occasionally. Hope you are doing OK or at least not in to much pain lately. I read your post but somehow can't remember everything said.

    Yesterday I went to the doc to make sure this crud wasn't in my lungs. Not really coughing that much but thought I heard some sort of wheezing sounds occasionally when I breathed. Luckily it wasn't in my lungs and just sinus. I wanted to make sure that there would be no problem and I would be ready if it got worse while we wee gone to NOLA next week. So I got the prescription filled with an antibiotic in case it is needed. Will leave on Monday ad get back on Thursday. It should be fun. Spent my morning while DH was gone to the dentist to get ready for a crown, painting the posts on one side of this little bridge dividing our property and our neighbors in the back...What a pain but I guess it needs to be done. DH was worrying about it. Hopefully we will only do that this year and not the whole deck - hate it !!

    Thinking of all of you but can't talk to you all separately today. DH also bought m more flowers the other day that need to be potted. Bad time for me with all to get ready for our trip. Just getting the meds and supps ready to take is a production (LOL) - groan..

    Hugs to all of you SW (Missed hearing from you in some time), Sun, Dar, Jole, Rock, Diane , Joan, Mikie, Windy, Windblade, Patti, and so many to numerous to add.

    Granni :)

    Hope to get back soon again, like tomorrow at least .
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    Good Wednesday night!

    Granni, glad your oven will soon be "good as new." Mine needs cleaned too, if you get some spare time. ;)

    Freida, I am happy that you made it through your appt. and procedure...I can only imagine how tiring and stressful. Continuing to pray for you, Dear Lady!

    A big "Hello" to everyone else...hope you all are doing as well as can be.

    Den and I are starting to feel the "time crunch" of getting ready to go on our trip. I just haven't been able to stay home and get packed, food cooked, tomorrow is it, lol! Except I did make an appt. with our local head and neck and lower back have been giving me fits...thought it might be a good idea to get a "tune up" before riding 12 hours in a car. :eek:

    I picked up Den's dad this morning (half hour from us) and drove him an hour (past us in the other direction) to a doctor appt. We stopped in to see my dad afterwards, then I dropped Gpa off at a barber shop to get a haircut...while he was there I ran to another store and ordered some flowers to be delivered to my dad while we are gone. Then Gpa and I had lunch and I took him back home.

    Came home myself and crashed, but got up to help Lindsey with bedtime. Actually, while she was putting the twins to bed, Lorraine and I set up her little "office" out in their utility room. I had promised when she started trying really hard to use the big girl potty that I would get her fixed up. She's been doing so well (especially so she could play in Grandma's office while Keira was here.) I just felt like I needed to keep my word...and she feels so grown up, sitting at her own little table, doing her "work." :p

    The plan is for Den to come home from work tomorrow to finish his packing then get a few hours sleep. I will probably take a nap after the chiro, then stay up till time to go...we want to be on the road by 2:30 am on Friday. Might get to the town where sis-in-law is still having her brother said to call when we get there, just in case. Then it is another 30 miles to their house.

    We get to go visit my nephew on Saturday...his house is an hour from my brother and SIL, but he will be packing to move to be closer to a new job in Dallas. Haven't seen him for over 20 years...will be good to get reacquainted :)

    Then, the rest of the time will be spent doing whatever my brother and sis need done around their place. They both will be at work during the day, but Den and I are just excited to be able to spend some time together and actually be on a vacation, lol!

    Soooo...don't know when I will get back on here, but will be thinking of you all. Will check in if I can...we will head back home Wednesday or Thursday.
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everyone,

    Jam, as I said, the advantage plans are not for everyone. I do think it is good to know the differences in the plans and whether one of them is the right one.

    Leah, I'm glad you are a bit better but wish the docs could help you. You are always in my prayers.

    Yesterday, my goal was to pull out weeds or get rid of them with Roundup. I hate using chemicals but the mulch that is put down has clover seeds in it and it is impossible to pull those little pests up. It didn't take me long to do that and trim a few runners and dead leaves. I came inside and took the slipcover off my sofa. My sofa is large and the slipcover is huge when removed. I had cut my leg without realizing it and the blood got on the skirt and dried. It came out in the wash with some pretreatment. I have to iron the skirt and I iron a couple of places once the cover is on the sofa itself. I have to put it back on a bit damp so it will stretch. It's heavy duty denim in a natural color, almost white. It got just a wee bit too dry and was almost impossible to get it back on. Oy! But, it looks really good all nice 'n clean. After wrestling the cover, I was pooped! I watched TV and fell asleep. All in all, I got two things done which were weighing on me.

    From now on, what I have to do around here is a piece of cake. I do have to clean my car. Like Gilda said, it's always something.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Mikie - You are wearing me out just listening to you and also JULIE. Hope the slipcovers came out well.

    Julie - Have a wonderful trip. Even though you will be working at your other family's place it will be a change of scenery and hopefully you can work at a slower place. Hope they do not have to many things for you to do :)!!

    We will be gone to part of the time you are gone or maybe getting back close to the same time as you. Don't know how long of a trip or how many miles you have to travel. Have a great time if you get to check back with us before you go.

    Jam - I know what you mean and I agree. You guys have to deal with EQ and we have hurricanes neither are good things but neither of us would want to leave where we live now. So used to it and so many of the good things we like.

    Thinking of you too Freida and hope you are feeling better today, at least a little is a good thing.

    SW - where are you my dear? Miss you and so many others, ELAINE too..

    Off to start plants for now.

    Granni :)
  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member

    Leah......I'm so sorry, I seemed to have missed your post. I'm happy that hospital procedure is now behind you and you can get some help. I totally understand about how we need our warm, comfort things to help us thru something. I pray that now you will get some help. Do you use a heat rice filled sock to wrap around your throat? I have a lot of neck muscle problems, sometimes just a tightening/pain and I'm able to relax the muscles with this.

    Julie: I'm groaning over your expected 12 hr trip. When we went to Portland I took along my rice filled sock (I had made a special black covering for it with velcroe, and many times when we stopped to get lunch or coffee someplace a waitress was kind enough to heat it up for me in their microwave....just a thought to help you.

    An office for the little ones sounds like a great idea! Lots of fun for them.

    Granni: So glad to read the foil is now gone. I'm just puzzling how tinfoil can adhere to the bottom? Was there spill under it that glued it down?

    The last couple of weeks I've been dealing with depression with a capital D. I know the problems, I just need to pray about it and ask for guidance from God.
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Sun - So sorry to hear that you have had to battle depression along with everything else going on in your life, especially with your DH and his condition. How has he been dealing with it? I hope not to badly? That is interesting with your rice filled sock. I had heard about that before but never tried it. I may have to do so one of these days.

    Can you believe that I checked that lower over plate again and thee are still a couple of little spots what just will not budge. So put on more stuff and wait some more. There might have been a little grease or stuff that helped it stick but this is ridiculous but I don't think thee was much of anything below the foil beforehand. . That stuff is almost on it for life or it seems that way.

    Julie - Yes, 12 hours is a long trip. Not sure how long that is but don't think it is that long plus we will get out often to potty and stretch our legs. Luckily, on this trip we will go in someone elses car. The gal is worse than I and younger to but has FM, and Lupus. So we will hobble along together. There is also another couple in another car. Have a great trip Julie and hope you do not work yourselves into a frazzle and get yourselves sick. I know you both are hard workers but try and take it easy pots but that is all I am doing.

    I know DH would love me to finish my painting of the bridge posts today but it isn't happening :)!! When I got up from the stool this afternoon I could barely walk. I will just go out later and take a rag and just get most off the dirt off. I planted some flowers in pots this afternoon and that was enough for me today.

    Spring Water where are you? Hope you are doing OK !!

    Love to everydobby,
  20. springwater

    springwater Member


    sorry being MIA. busy or tired, lol. DH had gone on a work trip to malaysia n sri lanka
    for nine days n i was busy trying to fix things here that needed repairs. now our
    set box for cable tv is gone kaput. last time the well wasnt pumping out water,
    still on that job. and we just finished repairing the solar lights and installing
    an extension for inverter in sons room. the lights going out for hours at a time
    really irritating. when the lights do come on, i rush around trying to water the
    garden and finish off the ironing...its getting kinda hot here, so we wear
    mostly cottons..

    MIL visited and last night my dhs youngest coz dropped by on an impulse
    since she was in the neighborhood. had dinner here, since dh had just come
    back from his trip, he had brought some baked fish which i was able to serve.