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    Granni, you are a little go go energizer bunny too....glad to hear your stove is getting better....

    We are OK from the 4.4 but living in Calif, it's part of the territory, but I have no desire to be anywhere that says something, huh.....take care. jam
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    Good Wednesday night!

    Granni, glad your oven will soon be "good as new." Mine needs cleaned too, if you get some spare time. ;)

    Freida, I am happy that you made it through your appt. and procedure...I can only imagine how tiring and stressful. Continuing to pray for you, Dear Lady!

    A big "Hello" to everyone else...hope you all are doing as well as can be.

    Den and I are starting to feel the "time crunch" of getting ready to go on our trip. I just haven't been able to stay home and get packed, food cooked, tomorrow is it, lol! Except I did make an appt. with our local head and neck and lower back have been giving me fits...thought it might be a good idea to get a "tune up" before riding 12 hours in a car. :eek:

    I picked up Den's dad this morning (half hour from us) and drove him an hour (past us in the other direction) to a doctor appt. We stopped in to see my dad afterwards, then I dropped Gpa off at a barber shop to get a haircut...while he was there I ran to another store and ordered some flowers to be delivered to my dad while we are gone. Then Gpa and I had lunch and I took him back home.

    Came home myself and crashed, but got up to help Lindsey with bedtime. Actually, while she was putting the twins to bed, Lorraine and I set up her little "office" out in their utility room. I had promised when she started trying really hard to use the big girl potty that I would get her fixed up. She's been doing so well (especially so she could play in Grandma's office while Keira was here.) I just felt like I needed to keep my word...and she feels so grown up, sitting at her own little table, doing her "work." :p

    The plan is for Den to come home from work tomorrow to finish his packing then get a few hours sleep. I will probably take a nap after the chiro, then stay up till time to go...we want to be on the road by 2:30 am on Friday. Might get to the town where sis-in-law is still having her brother said to call when we get there, just in case. Then it is another 30 miles to their house.

    We get to go visit my nephew on Saturday...his house is an hour from my brother and SIL, but he will be packing to move to be closer to a new job in Dallas. Haven't seen him for over 20 years...will be good to get reacquainted :)

    Then, the rest of the time will be spent doing whatever my brother and sis need done around their place. They both will be at work during the day, but Den and I are just excited to be able to spend some time together and actually be on a vacation, lol!

    Soooo...don't know when I will get back on here, but will be thinking of you all. Will check in if I can...we will head back home Wednesday or Thursday.
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    Hi, Everyone,

    Jam, as I said, the advantage plans are not for everyone. I do think it is good to know the differences in the plans and whether one of them is the right one.

    Leah, I'm glad you are a bit better but wish the docs could help you. You are always in my prayers.

    Yesterday, my goal was to pull out weeds or get rid of them with Roundup. I hate using chemicals but the mulch that is put down has clover seeds in it and it is impossible to pull those little pests up. It didn't take me long to do that and trim a few runners and dead leaves. I came inside and took the slipcover off my sofa. My sofa is large and the slipcover is huge when removed. I had cut my leg without realizing it and the blood got on the skirt and dried. It came out in the wash with some pretreatment. I have to iron the skirt and I iron a couple of places once the cover is on the sofa itself. I have to put it back on a bit damp so it will stretch. It's heavy duty denim in a natural color, almost white. It got just a wee bit too dry and was almost impossible to get it back on. Oy! But, it looks really good all nice 'n clean. After wrestling the cover, I was pooped! I watched TV and fell asleep. All in all, I got two things done which were weighing on me.

    From now on, what I have to do around here is a piece of cake. I do have to clean my car. Like Gilda said, it's always something.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - You are wearing me out just listening to you and also JULIE. Hope the slipcovers came out well.

    Julie - Have a wonderful trip. Even though you will be working at your other family's place it will be a change of scenery and hopefully you can work at a slower place. Hope they do not have to many things for you to do :)!!

    We will be gone to part of the time you are gone or maybe getting back close to the same time as you. Don't know how long of a trip or how many miles you have to travel. Have a great time if you get to check back with us before you go.

    Jam - I know what you mean and I agree. You guys have to deal with EQ and we have hurricanes neither are good things but neither of us would want to leave where we live now. So used to it and so many of the good things we like.

    Thinking of you too Freida and hope you are feeling better today, at least a little is a good thing.

    SW - where are you my dear? Miss you and so many others, ELAINE too..

    Off to start plants for now.

    Granni :)
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    Leah......I'm so sorry, I seemed to have missed your post. I'm happy that hospital procedure is now behind you and you can get some help. I totally understand about how we need our warm, comfort things to help us thru something. I pray that now you will get some help. Do you use a heat rice filled sock to wrap around your throat? I have a lot of neck muscle problems, sometimes just a tightening/pain and I'm able to relax the muscles with this.

    Julie: I'm groaning over your expected 12 hr trip. When we went to Portland I took along my rice filled sock (I had made a special black covering for it with velcroe, and many times when we stopped to get lunch or coffee someplace a waitress was kind enough to heat it up for me in their microwave....just a thought to help you.

    An office for the little ones sounds like a great idea! Lots of fun for them.

    Granni: So glad to read the foil is now gone. I'm just puzzling how tinfoil can adhere to the bottom? Was there spill under it that glued it down?

    The last couple of weeks I've been dealing with depression with a capital D. I know the problems, I just need to pray about it and ask for guidance from God.
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    Sun - So sorry to hear that you have had to battle depression along with everything else going on in your life, especially with your DH and his condition. How has he been dealing with it? I hope not to badly? That is interesting with your rice filled sock. I had heard about that before but never tried it. I may have to do so one of these days.

    Can you believe that I checked that lower over plate again and thee are still a couple of little spots what just will not budge. So put on more stuff and wait some more. There might have been a little grease or stuff that helped it stick but this is ridiculous but I don't think thee was much of anything below the foil beforehand. . That stuff is almost on it for life or it seems that way.

    Julie - Yes, 12 hours is a long trip. Not sure how long that is but don't think it is that long plus we will get out often to potty and stretch our legs. Luckily, on this trip we will go in someone elses car. The gal is worse than I and younger to but has FM, and Lupus. So we will hobble along together. There is also another couple in another car. Have a great trip Julie and hope you do not work yourselves into a frazzle and get yourselves sick. I know you both are hard workers but try and take it easy pots but that is all I am doing.

    I know DH would love me to finish my painting of the bridge posts today but it isn't happening :)!! When I got up from the stool this afternoon I could barely walk. I will just go out later and take a rag and just get most off the dirt off. I planted some flowers in pots this afternoon and that was enough for me today.

    Spring Water where are you? Hope you are doing OK !!

    Love to everydobby,
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    sorry being MIA. busy or tired, lol. DH had gone on a work trip to malaysia n sri lanka
    for nine days n i was busy trying to fix things here that needed repairs. now our
    set box for cable tv is gone kaput. last time the well wasnt pumping out water,
    still on that job. and we just finished repairing the solar lights and installing
    an extension for inverter in sons room. the lights going out for hours at a time
    really irritating. when the lights do come on, i rush around trying to water the
    garden and finish off the ironing...its getting kinda hot here, so we wear
    mostly cottons..

    MIL visited and last night my dhs youngest coz dropped by on an impulse
    since she was in the neighborhood. had dinner here, since dh had just come
    back from his trip, he had brought some baked fish which i was able to serve.
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    ipad as usual acting weird..sorry..

    Sun - sorry to hear of yr depression, i can understand it rearing its head now,
    just hang in there, this too shall pass

    Julie - good luck for your away trip, dont do too much at SILs that you overexert

    granni - hope you got over the crud, good luck fr your trip too!

    jam - i hv had had to get used to the mess around here too, its gotten
    so any little cleaning i do makes me elated, lately been battling more
    than a little exhaustion

    rock - i am always surprised to hear you mention alzheimers, you seem
    so sharp, and i remember you were concerned about it like in 2000
    here on the boards...i get you tho, i too hv been having memory lapses,
    not being able to recall words or names i wouldve normally done so
    on the spot

    mikie - enjoy listening to your posts, lol, or reading, seems like listening,
    i feel like im working alongside you as you paint the tennis court benches,
    put weedkiller on the lawns, exult over bargains,

    i could use a little of yr enthusiasm for life..right now, seems like i drag
    meself thru things to do at present

    diane - thinking of you, and hope you find some succour from the
    anxiety issues, i get you about finding the right doc..

    god bless
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    Good Grief! I didn't see the posts on page two when I last posted.

    Granni, I'm glad the Naval Jelly is working for you. Sounds as though it's a long tough process, though. Good for you for hanging in there.

    Julie, as usual, you are a busy little bee. I'm glad you have the NRG to do all you do and that you rest when you need to. Just remember to stop and rest before you are completely pooped.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm sending up a prayer for you. I suffered from clinical depression for years when I was younger so I know how it feels. I pray you feel better.

    Springwater, sounds as though everything is going kaput all at once. Isn't that the way it always works! Hope you get everything working again. I hate it when something isn't working. Our Comcast TV and internet went out a few days ago. Ever since, the wi-fi has been slow and I have to keep rebooting my modem and router just to get my computer up and running. Praying that all your problems go away.

    Yesterday morning, I took my coffee cup out to enjoy the birds' singing. The mockingbirds serenade us with their sweet songs every morning. All of a sudden, I felt as though I would fall down if I didn't lie down. I came inside and slept for several hours. Got nothing done all day but rest. This crud isn't going away and being outside in the pollen just makes it worse. Thank God, my outside work is mostly done. DD just called from Atlanta to say they can't seem to get over it either. She's been redoing their bath so they can put their house on the market and this is slowing her down.

    DGS has attention deficit disorder which makes school difficult for him. DD got a French book on parenting and they saw a therapist who gave him some tools to use to focus when his mind starts to wander. He's like a changed child, getting almost all A's in school. I'm so glad I got that Kindle for him Christmas before last; once again, he is getting an award for reading so many books. Electronic readers are wonderful. Barb is blind in one eye from her stroke and using a Kindle is the only way she can enjoy readying by enlarging the print. I have been too busy lately to feel like reading but want to get back to it.

    I still feel lousy today but am going to get into the shower and see how it goes. I have a $5 coupon if I buy $40 worth of groceries but they also have their $50 gas cards for $40 if I buy $50 in groceries. It doesn't take much to spend $50 at the store so will likely pick up another gas card. It's too good of a deal to pass up.

    Sending lots of love, hugs and prayers, especially prayers for those who need them. Think I'll close this Porch and start a new one.

    Love, Mikie
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