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    Hi everyone...I'm not up to posting much, but thought I would get a new volume going. Go back to #734 and catch up with everyone, then come visit us here :)

    I really need to mow today, but am waiting for the grass to dry.

    Mikie, I'm trying some alternative types of things that have worked for Lindsey (not with her heart, just in general) and have an appt. with the out of town chiro tomorrow. I just don't know what to do when the medical people say they don't think there is anything wrong with my heart, but want to run a battery of tests "just in case."

    Some of those tests (angiogram, etc.) have things that can go wrong...and if the docs really don't think they will find anything (but just covering their backsides) I hate to put myself through them.

    Anyway, will just do what I can and try not to do too much. David is off work for two more weeks, so they can pretty much manage, if they have to.

    Take care, all, and have a good enough day!
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    Hi Julie, et al,

    Thanks for starting up the new PORCH Julie. Hopefully my computer will behave better today. Last night I was ready to throw it out the window or something, Need to get this done before DH gets back from the bank.

    Yes, it is good to get things checked out and hopefully the other chiro can help you find your problem. The problem now is that any tests you might take , other than a blood test, may cost quite a bit due to the new change in health care. Hopefully however you can find out the problem with minimum cost. If it does help you it is worth the price, anyway. Glad that David does have some time off to help Lindsey. God bless you ! I don't think I would drive 3 hours to go to any doctor. However, I might threaten DH (LOL) to bring me. He hates to drive into the city to watch g kids play football , go to one's theatre group, etc , in H.S.. Cannot believe that they have two more years in HS and DGD has two more years in the university. She finally got into the college she wanted after transferring from out of state . Actually this was her second choice but the first choice I do not think would have been a good fit for her, to BIG a school and to many peeps in one class, esp the classes NEEDED for basic degrees.

    Mikie - Sorry that you are still having pain, I think you said your shoulder. I give up complaining as I don't know which pain to complain about :)!! Glad those kitties were behaving for you. Good idea to put their food and water out on the lanai. Gotta run. DH is home.

    Love to all,
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    Hi everyone.......I'm trying to do catchup here......with the reading and posting.

    Julie: As your chiro or doc. ever thought about costochondritis? It can mimic heart attack and it's closely associated with FM/CFS. I can totally understand about having heart tests which are very expensive but also can be dangerous. Saying a prayer for you. Stress does awful things to us and we forget that we have to give it all to God, that there is a reason things happen.

    Granni: Remind your DH that it's so important for us grandparents to show support for our GKs.....they grow up and move on in their lives and then those times are gone. Los Angeles freeways are MURDER but I need to "bite the bullet" and learn to drive them. In the past I've taken little baby steps to doing it, reminding myself I can always get off the freeway and take a side road. Which reminds me, I need to look into buying one of those GPS things for my car.

    Mikie: Pain can put us into a real funk, so I understand where you are right now. A year or so ago when I was going thru the PT and seeing the orthopedic doc. I didn't think I would ever get out of it. It took almost 10 months for me to just get over the TMJ that the PT guy brought on.........even now I have to be very careful about what I chew.

    Thats awful that people drop off little pets at a condo area.....thinking someone will take them in. And Simon.....the big man in the pet community who obviously is like a "daddy" to them......bringing them to where they can find food. Makes me want to cry over it.

    Yesterday my kids were all over to say goodby to my oldest who leaves today for his home up in Portland. It's been such a blessing to me to have him here as I adjusted, and worked my way thru so much paper work and bills. I got so teary eyed yesterday morning.......told him I will miss him......but he has his own life up there and I have to move on. God has a plan for my life as a widow. I attended the baptism class at the church yesterday so next sunday afternoon my 11 year old DGS and I will be "dunked". I've just not felt the need to have this done until after my DH died.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, thanks for the new Porch. I closed the last one in the title. I understand what you mean about all the tests and, even if you do get them, they may still not know what is wrong. I had heart palpitations about 10 yrs. ago and had a complete cardio workup. Tests showed nothing. Finally, I started taking a low dose of thyroid, even though my lab tests were "normal." That, and my hormones, got everything in balance and the palpitations stopped. After I finished my peptide injections, I no longer needed the thyroid. If I don't take my HRT, though, the palpitations start up again. So, my doc continues to prescribe the hormones as long as I get an annual mammo. I hope they can find out the source of your pain.

    Granni, yes, the longer the cats and I live together, the easier it gets. I just came in from working in the other stairwell for about an hour. I pruned, pulled weeds and used Roundup on the other weeds. I still have the center area to go but that won't be too hard. It felt good to go out and sweat. I figured if the shoulder hurts when I don't use it, I might as well use it. I removed two Plumaria limbs which were pressing down on a hawthorn plant and replanted them around along the side of the bldg. I need to move some bird of paradise plants because they will become HUGE. There is room for them along the same side. If I ever get this place in shape, I post a pic.

    Springwater, I will pray for the violet healing light for my shoulder. I think I'll apply more of the Sacred Dirt at the same time. I don't worry about borrowing from different religions or spiritual beliefs. My spiritual life has been so enriched by fusing so many sacred things from all different walks of life. I still want to smudge again too. Hope you are doing well. How long is your monsoon season? We've been dry considering this is our rainy season.

    I did the first of 21 meditations on the Oprah/Deepak Chopra website. It emphasized the fact that we are essentially blissful and happy at the Source. Our happiness comes from going inward and not from external things or events. It's OK to be happy; it's our nature. I think I'm gonna like this. Just doing the meditation and working out in nature really helped to pick up my mood.

    Rock, I'm about 90 percent through "Waiting In The Rainbow." I love it but I am at a point where it makes me sad when people die and others are coming to terms with aging. Guess it's too close to where I'm at in my own life. Nostalgia is bittersweet--I have wonderful memories of a simpler time but one can't live in the past or the future. I try to be mindful and fully present in the now. The now today will become the past tomorrow and the future is impacted by how present I am in the now now. Woo! This is complicated.

    Sun, we must have been posting at the same time so I'm editing this. Problem is that I may not be able to remember what all you said. I'm sorry it's painful to see your DS have to go. I'm glad he's been there for you. Despite the sadness, I think you will do fine by yourself but it will take a little time. You are soooo strong. I'm glad church is helping and congratulations on your baptism. After Mom died, church was very comforting for me. Then, along came the Sjogren's and I was bedridden a lot of the time again. I think I am getting better. At least, it's down to only one problem and it will likely improve given time. I'm so sorry you were also injured by PT. Don't they know about, "...First, do no harm?"

    Tomorrow, we are having the first Tues. morning mtg. in ages. It will be interesting to see how it goes. I think that's why the gardeners are working harder today, to keep the villagers from descending on the mtg. with pitchforks and torches.

    Love, Mikie
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    I posted this to the other porch and then realized it had been closed so I'll post it here also.

    lydia1 said:

    ...chest still hurting, but I really don't believe it is necessarily anything serious with my heart.

    Julie, please make yourself a priority and take care of yourself. Your body is telling you that there is something wrong and you need to listen. You are no good to your family dead. My sister wouldn't believe that she had a seizure disorder and I had to watch her die yesterday morning in a hospital bed after having a heart attack eight hours earlier. Don't do this to your family. Your chest pain is trying to tell you something. Your kids are adults and can look after themselves and their families. Your sister-in-law can look after Grandpa. You need to look after you and find out why you have chest pain. Please - don't ignore it. Make yourself a priority!!!! :)
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    Tigerlilea - You are right about checking on Julie's chest pain. I saw your post on the other Porch and was going to mention it on here . However, I see that you noticed it and posted it back over here yourself. I need someone to give me lessons on how to transfer stuff from one area to another or site..

    BTW, so sorry to hear about your sister's passing and that you had to watch her do so. Had she been having seizures for a long time and what about her heart problems? Did she or you know anything about that ?? That has got to a very sad situation. Special hugs sent your way !!!l

    Julie - Hope your far way chiro will be able to help you and dx your problems and fix the problem(s)..Yes, there is only one you and you do so much for your family . You need to make sure you are the priority. If he/she cannot help then go back to the medical establishment :)!!

    Hi to Mikie, Rock, Spring Water, Sun, Dar, Diane and everydobby.

    DH needs to computer soon and I need to switch washes again !!

    Our daughter got a bite on their home they are trying to sell. However have to wait to see if those people can get a permit to put in a pool and a shed of some kind, They have their eye also on a house on our block. Hope all works out. Not sure if anyone has even discussed prices yet.

    Be back later on.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Thanks, Granni. She had not been well for this past year and had ended up in the hospital at least five times for various things. She was just in there a few weeks ago and they thought she had sunstroke this time, but now I don't think they are so sure about that. Because her seizures were happening at night while she slept she just wouldn't believe that they were seizures as they didn't present like the typical ones most often do. She truly believed that it was just her prescription drugs interacting with each other and had them changed. They don't know why she had the heart attack; I'm guessing that the coroner will be checking into why it happened.
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    Tiger Lilea: My condolences to you and your family on the death of your sister. I'm sure it was a total shock to everyone. I certainly would question the capabilities of the hospital. Perhaps an investigation after you learn the results from the coroner. Did she live alone or with someone else where the seizures would be seen? Such a heartbreaking time for you. Take care and heal.

    Mikie: "pitchforks and torches" LOL

    Granni: I hope all works out for your DD. It would be VERY good for all of you if they could move close to you.

    I want to rip my hair out today. Went on to my DHs health site......and some IDIOT reported from his company that he died a day before he actually they're saying the insurance was no longer in effect. It's too late to call anyone in N.J. but you can bet it will be the first call I make tomorrow. Hmmmmmm. pitchforks and torches might be a good thing for me too! So many inept people working in business. I did find a very very helpful one concerning his back pay, etc. She also gave me her personal cell # if I had anything else she could help me with. The world needs more of her.

    So at this point I'm waiting for the death certificates to come from the county, waiting for SS to get things changed around, waiting for the registered card from the post office, showing who signs for the paperwork and my check to continue COBRA. waiting to order more death certificates........I'm obviously in limbo. I feel like a good cry but that will have to WAIT too.
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    Oh dear! I do appreciate all the concern from you guys...and Tiger, I am so sorry about your sister :( I can't imagine the shock, anger, so many things you must be feeling. I hope you do get some answers, and I understand how you would want to warn me...I am taking your fears to heart.

    I am trying to take care of myself, I promise. The next step in testing would be an angiogram, even though the cardiologist was pretty sure it's not my heart (two years ago, when I had the same symptoms and was hospitalized for a couple days.)

    She said she would do the angiogram if I insisted, but there were risks involved, of course. I just couldn't see going through it then, and I really can't now either...seems as though there is definitely something wrong, but I think it is more of an emotionally based stress thing...and not a "physical" heart problem.

    I don't know if that makes any sense, but I am counting on my chiro to help me figure it out. I have had to cancel appts. with him twice now...once when Gpa needed to come stay here and again when Lindsey was having contractions (the day before Josiah was born.)

    Lindsey's health care provider has some ideas, but they are pretty far-fetched. Still, nothing that will hurt if they don't work, so I am going along with what she recommends.

    I don't know if anyone has heard of people who are extra sensitive to the "current" in cell phones, computers, etc. This lady thinks I am "overloaded" with current and need to "ground myself" in order to get balanced back out. Den thinks this is "hogwash" (not really the word he used, lol) but I am feeling so bad, I will consider anything.

    Sun, I looked at costochonditis and the symptoms that were listed match the pain I feel. So, I will ask the chiro tomorrow.

    I know stress can do really crazy things with our bodies...I honestly haven't been helping the kids that much since David's folks were here and David is off work two more weeks.

    Haven't had to care for Gpa lately, so that isn't an issue at the moment.

    But I have overdone it, I know...

    I'd better get on to bed, but wanted to close with a pic of this silly dog. She has her own bed on the floor in our bedroom, but must have gotten tired of waiting for us this evening...this is where we found her; making herself all nice and comfy on OUR BED :)

    Oreo is fitting in so well with our family. I've been letting her stay outside a lot and she has been staying in the yard, coming (and sitting at my feet) when I call her, not getting too wild around the kids...and everyone seems to really like her.

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    Hi Kids

    Tried to post earlier. The board wouldn't let me sign in. These darn computers are
    passive aggressive. You ask 'em what's wrong; they say nothing.

    Another great pic of Oreo, Julie. Are you using a camera or your phone? I'm surprised
    to read that angiograms are still being used. I kinda thought MRIs and cat scans would
    have replaced them. Back in the 70s we used to have several angiogram cases in our
    office. Our policyholder was Squibb, the maker of the dye that was injected into the blood stream. We played a very passive role in the litigation since anything that went wrong
    was due to causes other than the dye that was used. Hope the chiro can figure out
    something helpful. All this feelin' poorly stuff gets pretty teejus after the first few
    decades, huh?!

    Granni, if you throw your computer out the window, be sure to follow the proper

    1) Hit Control/Alt/Delete.
    2) Unplug all wires.
    3) Yell "Bombs Away" in a loud voice.

    Sunflower, if you're going to be "dunked", does that mean you're joining the Dunkards?
    They got their name from their baptism ritual. Not only are they dunked, they do it
    3 times because of the Trinity.

    Sorry you're having so much trouble with paperwork and government bureaucracy
    and business entities. My memory is that when I was young the world was a nicer
    place and the folks who worked in it were far more competent.

    Mikie, I agree. We are stuck with living in the present, but I'm sure not happy about
    it. And did you see the news about school populations the other day? The future looks
    bleak, and I'm glad I won't be here.

    Yes, in the old days, it was "First, do no harm." Today it's, "First, get the name of the
    insurance carrier."

    Glad to hear you are enjoying "Standing in the Rainbow". The sequel is equally good,
    I think. The opening chapter is a laff riot and Jackie Gleason used to say.

    Gordon brought home some more geranium cuttings yesterday. He got them from
    the smog check place. Cheaper than a nursery; they were free. Gave the little
    cat some of my baked chicken to go with her kibble. Used the broom and
    dust mop yesterday. Most days I don't do much of anything. It's really amazing
    about those dust bunnies. You get rid of them and 5-6 months later, they're
    right back again. Just finished a show biz biography. Maybe I'll do a separate
    post on same.

    Hugs to all including absent friends, Springwater, Diane, Dar, and those I
    can't remember at the moment.


  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Oh, Tiger Lilea, I am so very sorry about the loss of your sister. It is such a tragedy; my prayers are with you and your family. I didn't see your post on the last Porch.

    Julie, do you have a cardiologist? No insult to your chiro but chiros simply do not have the training to be making the kinds of decisions and recommendations this one seems to be making. Have you worn a monitor for 24 hrs.? That is usually the first step and can tell a lot about how your heart is operating all the time and not just a glimpse like you get with an EKG. If you haven't addressed the chest pain issue for two years, except with the chiro, it's time to see a cardiologist. This could be something very serious and you need to find out. If it's been two years since you saw one, an angiogram is not likely to be performed first thing. A complete cardio workup is more likely. If it is costo chondritis, you can tell by running your finger along your sternum on the side which hurts, putting pressure in between the ribs. If there is a spot so sore that you want to cry when you press on it, it's likely costo; however, you still need a clean bill of health from a cardio. It will help your peace of mind, help your family's peace of minds and, possibly, keep you around to see those beautiful grandchildren grow up. The best gift we can give to our loved ones is to take good care o ourselves and this means finding good docs in the discipline for which we need specialists. I'm worried about your health or I wouldn't be such a buttinski! Please, just get this taken care of.

    Geez, Granni, reading about your DD is like deja-vu of my own DD's life. Only difference is that they moved to TX close to his parents. I'm glad Andy is close to one set of grandparets who are healthier and more active than I. Prayers going up to help them sell.

    Sun, I'm sorry for all you are going through with all these SNAFUS. I hate dealing with this level of incompetence and mistakes. My prayers have been with you for a long time.

    I'm going to go do my second day of the guided meditation with Deepk Chopra/Oprah. The 20 mins. I invested yesterday lifted my mood and kept me going all day. I noticed that when I went to bed, I was feeling better than I had in ages.

    Then, I think I'll try to deal with the front area in the yard before the mtg. I decided to wear my contacts today because wearing glasses outside in this humid weather is trying what tiny amt. of patience I have. I like the way I can see with the new glasses but I'm still not used to having frames on my face. I'll likely wear them around the house but switch to my old ones when I go out or wear my contacts. When I had Sjogren's symptoms, my eyes were too dry to wear them. I stuck them in this morning and it was like I never quit wearing them--no getting used to them.

    Sending my love to all you Porchies, here and MIA.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Mikie

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    Hi, Rock,

    We must have been posting at the same time. Yes, there is a lot going on in the world today which makes me sad and/or angry. That's why I'm doing the meditations. We would be crazy or heartless if today's events didn't affect us but the meditations help us go inward to find our essential happiness. Is the Fannie Flagg sequel truly a sequel with the same families? I guess it doesn't matter; she is such a good writer. She really draws the readers into the story until we almost feel as though the characters are good friends or family.

    I gotta go but will be back later. Hope your day is a good one and hooray for you for going after those dust bunnies. These days, my dust bunnies look more like cat hair clumps. I haven't seen either kitten again. I'm sad to think something might have happened to them.

    Love, Mikie
  13. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi everyone,

    Tigerlilea, my condolences to you and your family for your loss. (hugs)

    Julie, I know you're a bit scared about the heart stuff. Maybe it's just stress, or panic attacks, or costochondritis. But you need to get it checked. Yeah, right look who's talking ....... for me, I knew it was panic attacks, I just didn't have the tools or people or Rxs to help me at the time it was happening. I got looked at like a drug seeker -- she wants "xanax". I wish you much luck in your search for answers! And I love your pics of Oreo!

    Granni, Thank you for that lovely email you sent me!!!!

    Mikie, I enjoy reading about Tweety and Sylvester, and Simon. Such a shame if people are using your area as a kitten dumping ground. How heartless of them! I know you've been going through a lot, health wise, and I wish you better health, SOON!!!!

    Sun, good luck to you, with all that paperwork and red tape you have to go through! I guess the system doesn't realize that people are grieving, and making things more easy would help a lot. I'm cheering you on, to get things accomplished, easily.

    Rock, your post made me smile, -- "the world was a nicer place and the folks who worked in it were far more competent." How true! Kevin's health insurance changed (for the worse) the week of July 4th. Sure, send an email out at 6:00 p.m. on a holiday week day. See how many people read it! Higher deductibles, higher employee premiums, less coverage, different pharmacy, etc. etc. Basically, pay more, get less!

    I had to see my primary care doc that week, for an Rx for more blood pressure pills. Turns out, the pills (up to a 90 day supply are free from my grocery store pharmacy). Cool. I like the price tag of $0.00. :)

    Last evening we got the bill in the mail from the doc's office. $119.00. For what, 20 minutes, 1 BP reading, 1 script, 1 refill?? The insurance did pay their portion of $16 though.

    To skip forward a bit, I called the insurance company this a.m., because there is a "Health Benefits Acct" set up for employees, for $1,500. Well, the automated answering service didn't recognize me, because I'm listed as "dependent" and not "spouse." So I had to wait and wait for a live person to speak to. I was told that the $119 would be paid tomorrow, and that I am a SPOUSE. (I ultimately had to have Kevin talk to the ins. people.)

    Then I called the doc's billing office, to talk about the bill. They said, Sorry Diane, that bill was paid electronically yesterday.

    DUH DUH DUH DUH! So this is the new streamlined easier to use employee health insurance! HA!

    We got the yellow jacket nest dug up, on Friday. He was very professional, very nice. Second generation pest control. These yellow jackets are the most aggressive of all. The nest was still young, they hadn't yet built an "escape tunnel". So he got the nest and the queen and all. Sprayed the ground thoroughly, filled it with our potting soil, then the sod/grass he dug up. $200. But better than Kevin walking around saying -- well I only got stung 40 or 50 times by them! Grrrrrrrr. The Bee Buster wore a full bee keeper suit. :)

    Now our refrig is not working all that great. Sometimes it kicks off, sometimes it can't. I think Saturday (if it can wait) will be time to buy a new fridge. $$

    And Beety still hasn't had her dental surgery. $$ And Faithy needs her teeth cleaned. $$

    Does it go this way with y'all ----- when it rains, it pours????? (money-wise, at least)

    Beety is doing good. Taking her medicine. It's been easier to chase and catch her. Faithy has been more friendly -- she started hissing and growling at Beety. Now, she's handling it better. And Rosie is our little trooper, watching things from the sidelines, cuddling with me, eating her food and drinking her broth, with no complaints at all. :)

    I know I missed a lot of people to address, Springwater, Barry, Jam, etc. etc. etc. I've run out of steam, with this long post. I did wonder, Spring -- is your daughter still in the US in University/college?

    So, that's what's up with us. I can truly say "I'm tired."

    I guess I'll do chores next, then take a nap if I have to. My left shoulder is still giving me trouble with pain.

    I'll post more later in the week. Today the weather will be "iffy" -- even the chance of a tornado. Oh goodness. Just what I need! LOL

    Y'all are in my hearts and prayers. I'll be back later this week.

    Luv y'all,

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Big good morning hugz to awl !!!

    Mikie - Regarding my DD things are just the hurry up and wait stuff going on. I was supposed to go out on an excursion with other ladies in our decorating group ( not that I decorate that much but TRY). However, ended up canceling due to my DD calling and saying that they wanted us to go look at two houses they have been looking at in our neighborhood. One has also come down a bit in price and is so pretty, I wish I had it !!! It is 2 doors from us. They are waiting to hear from the realtor that they have heard from the hopeful buyers realtor. They were supposed to look into whether the people could put in a pool and possibly a small building I guess you call it (shed) to put stuff I guess, If they find out yes then I suppose they will come and give my DD and SIL a bid for their home. So they wait and so do we. Someone looked at the house that DD likes yesterday and they are hoping that no one else gets it first. Hope those other guys don't make us all wait to long. They already saw one house come and go before they even had their house up for sale but they didn't want to get stuck with two houses. Of course it was snatched up. Hope we hear today before we see those houses.

    I know we will like them both and they are anxious. That one house on our block is so nice and the couple has not been in it that long. Maybe a year or two but they both lost their job and had worked for the same company- actually a private school, I believe. They are anxious now to move back to where they came from. I think it was Las Vegas of all places. THIS WAITING CAN DRIVE ANYONE CRAZY !!!!!! Hoping that you are feeling a little better with your sore shoulder, amongst everything else. Hope your shoulder is feeling better, along with everything.

    Julie- You might also want to think about pulmonologist or having your lungs checked. There are so many things that can be effected to by stress. I am sure stress is what started me on my road to constant pain and high b/p even though I also know my hi b/p was also genetic. Before the pain, my b/p was just fine along with most everything else. Glad you are going to try and get things checked out.

    I love that pic of Oreo on YOUR bed. Looks like he is a very good fit and is making himself at home for sure. That is to cute and funny too.

    Rock/P.S. - I know what you mean about those dust bunnies. As fast as you get rid of them they keep on coming back and multiplying. I know they are always hiding in my house. Keep going after em :)!!! Need to do some of that myself. I will be sure to follow the correct procedure when I throw it out the window.

    Sun and Tiger Lilea - Thinking of you both so much and you both dealing with your losses. Special hugz sent to you both today. I know you are both dealing with a terrible loss. God's blessing sent to you both and your families !:(

    Gotta run for now. I also weeded a bit outside this morning early as I was covered from head to toe. As it is I have some little bites or a rash very small but trying to keep it contained. Don't know how it could be poison whatever but maybe it is. It sure itches bad at times. I have a cleanser that I had from my poison ivy and have been using it along with the spray stuff.

    Bye for now and hope to check in later on.

    Granni :)
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow, Granni, great post! You must have found a time when DH didn't need the computer :) The whole house hunting and selling is sooooo stressful. On the one hand, looking for a new place to live is exciting but it's sooooo hectic too. My DD just called and asked if I would come for Thanksgiving. Their new home has a guest room, complete with an en suite bathroom clear down the hall at one end of the house. I'd love to see their new home. Andy has found a new friend next door and they are getting along great. I'll probably be here for the duration and that's OK with me. If I win the LOTTO, all bets are off. On the other hand, I am very happy where I am and if I would let go of some of my stuff, I'd have plenty of room. I think it's good to be in a place in one's life where one is content with what one has. That doesn't mean we can't keep improving what we have or even buy a new place but I'm content here in my little tree house condo. Yesterday, there was a huge gray heron wading along the pond. They are usually up North this time of year so it was a real treat to see him. I tried showing him to the cats but they weren't impressed. BTW, did mention in my earlier post that they slept til 5:00 this morning? They are much calmer now when they come in. It's getting easier.

    Diane, yes, I do believe that expenses come in bunches. My co-pays are higher too. Just the PT took $400 out of my pocket in co-pays, not to mention all the $50 co-pays every time I see the specialist. I had to spend about $200, including tips to the workers, to get my sliders redone. Then, I spent $425 on new glasses and that was with a hefty discount. My ins. no longer pays for preventive dental nor routine eye checks. This time, I'll need full mouth x-rays and possible deep cleaning on some of my molars. I'm watching my bank acct. shrink. I haven't been shopping for anything fun in ages. Fortunately, I don't need anything. Whine, whine, whine! I just hope the kitties stay well because, as you know, the vet is more expensive than people docs. I hope and pray Beety gets her teeth done and she isn't suffering too much and that all the cats settle back down into their routines.

    Something is going on with all the animals in the hood. They are all restless and needy. Two neighbors this morning were telling me about their dogs. Tweety walked around whining until I went outside to work. I decided that if my shoulder was going to hurt anyway, I might as well get something done. I finished working on the whole front of our bldg. and it looks great! The landscaper was at the condo mtg. and I asked him about the bird of paradise plants. These have the orange blooms, not white ones, so he said they weren't the kind which get HUGE. Thank God! Now, I can just move a few of them which are intruding on other plants. These get about 4' tall. I have several places in mind. During the rainy season, it's so much easier to move plants because the ground is soft.

    I just finished Day 2 of the Oprah/Deepak Chopra meditation series and I feel sooooo relaxed. Today was a meditation for inspiration. I think maybe if I keep it up, my life will be a bit richer. I need to get into the shower after sweating outside. I have my terry robe on to go take one but I may just lie down and take a quick nap first. I did a LOT of work yesterday and today and sweated out a lot of salt. I'm drinking my Smart Water. I've finally figured out it's the water which is smart and it doesn't make me any smarter. Dang nabbit!

    My Kindle died and I had to charge it so may finish the last 9 percent of the Fannie Flagg book Rock recommended. I got my old B&W original Kindle out because what's on one is on the other but it was dead too. The old one is superior for reading outside but the new one has sooooo many more features that it's almost like having a tablet. I should play some of my games to increase my eye/hand coordination and improve my pea brain but I'm so bad at those games that it's awful. In any case, I'm going to reward myself for all my hard work. No shoulder pain so far (knocking on wood).

    Love to everydobby,

  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member

    Mikie: I'm going to see if I can find time for the Oprah/Chopra meditation. Yes......after I wrote this I remembered there was a joke going around that if she married him that would be her name. LOL

    Granni: do you mean your DD had been looking at the two houses online? And then she wanted mom to go check them out? Yes, that waiting for things to fall in place is very stressful.

    Last night I logged onto my DHs insurance site.....OMG OMG they had it down that he actually died the day before he did....I called them....I was told that the date came from his company. So I sent an email to a very helpful high up person and she replied this morning that she would check on it and call me. Now I'm questioning so much.....including the $ I was to be charged for COBRA, which my son questioned. I got the paperwork from his company and also was more than $400 less a month. The person I talked to today said to be sure to keep the emails and all the paperwork. I want to rip my hair out.

    Then yesterday morning I discovered my 3 month old dishwasher isn't working. A tech will be out on friday, a part is being sent here, so that meant every dirty dish, silverware, pots and pans from sunday had to b taken out nd washed by hand. I was so tired last night and overwhelmed with everything that I've been finishing it up today. I just can't seem to get into my "groove" and get things accomplished.
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Sun - So sorry to hear about your supposedly new dishwasher not working. That surely is the pits and bad enough it is NEW. I should be on warranty though so you shouldn't have to pay for it but it is exasperating.

    Gotta run for now. DD's on the phone. We had to go look for them since they are out of state.

    More later.

    Sorry so short.

    P.S. I am sure that all that washing by hand was no fun.

    Last edited: Aug 12, 2014
  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone...just taking a minute to check in. I had a very successful appointment today...this chiro does some pretty awesome muscle testing and was able to pinpoint some things that have been causing me extra stress, and resulting chest pains. I am already feeling better this evening, but it usually takes awhile before I feel "as normal as I can."

    Mikie, no worries, I know you care. I haven't been dealing with these chest pains for two years....that's just the last time I had them, and I had a complete workup then in the hospital. Everything came back normal...chest xray, EKG, echo, labs...the next step would have been the angiogram, but I opted not to have that done.

    Yes, I do get out of breath and my chest hurts when I exert myself sometimes, but it doesn't happen every time. I think that is from being just plain "out of shape." At any rate, if I don't feel better in a few days, I will get back with my doctor.

    I am thinking of everyone...hope you all are doing as well as possible.
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, yes "Can't Wait to Get to Heaven" is a true sequel. On the other hand, it's not true.
    It's fiction. Ha Ha! Yes, it features many the same colorful characters although it
    picks up about 20 years later.

    Did you read the sequel to "Gone With the Wind" that came out several years ago?
    The title was "Scarlett". It wasn't a sequel to my way of thinking. After all, the
    war was over, many of the main characters were dead, and the setting was moved
    to Ireland. Just another lame romance novel in my opinion.

    Diane, glad you got the testy insects taken care of. Did the exterminator wear a bee
    keeper's outfit or a yellow jacket? We never encountered yellow jackets or wasps or
    hornets when I was a kid. We just had honey bees and bumble bees in our neck of
    the woods. The bumble bees were very laid back. We could gently pet them. They
    just ignored us. Seemed to live in a hole in the ground rather than in a hive.

    Granni, what does your decorating group decorate: Hats; houses; Christmas trees?
    I guess ladies hardly wear hats anymore. But they did when I was a kid. Same for
    men. When I was an encyclopedia salesman in 1960 we were required to wear a
    hat. I owned the darn thing for years, but I don't think I actually wore it more than
    a couple times.

    Sun, yes, the paper work required for a household nowadays is crazy. You need office
    equipment for your home. And most of us could use a staff too. Did you guys see the
    news from Bayonne, N.J. a few days ago. Patient got a finger bandaged in the E.R. and
    was billed $9,000.

    I remember when I was a kid my mother, who was named Bayonne, was surprised to
    find there was a city in New Jersey of the same name. She already knew there was one
    in the S. of France.

    Insurance coverage is so bizarre. My premium with Obamacare went up 330%. The
    insurer pays about roughly 20% of my Rx bills. But when I went to the E. Room last
    fall for my broken nose, the bill was almost $4,000, and the carrier paid all but the
    $55 co pay. "Too much for color TV" as my former neighbor used to say.

    Julie, glad to hear you had a good session with the chiro and are feeling better.
    Oreo seems to be settling in. Love your pics. Gee, I haven't been on a farm for
    decades. Used to visit them, drive by them, go to school with farm kids who were
    bussed in; everything's different now. Sweet dreams, Josiah.

    Just read a biography of an actress named Eileen Heckart. I picked it up at the
    library because I thought it was about another actress with a similar name: Eileen
    Herlie. Anyhoo, Heckart had a long career in movies, TV and on stage. She played
    her last role when she was about 80. Won 8 awards. And she already had an Oscar,
    a Tony and an Emmy.

    She played Mary Tyler Moore's Aunt Flo on few episodes. (You can see them on

  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Hi, Sun, what a bunch of headaches you've been having. Are you continuing with COBRA to get DH's last bills paid or is it for you? If it's for you, you can do better with a Medicare plan if you're eligible. COBRA is one of the most expensive ways to go. Do you have to empty the dishwasher? They have the electronics in the doors and on top. Unless they guy said to empty it, I wouldn't. Can you call them to ask? My DD had a Bosch and when they installed it, they messed up the mother board on top when they installed it under the countertop. They finally gave her a new one but she was never happy with that one either. I have a Bosch W&D and love them. Barb has a Bosch dishwasher and she loves it. Their dishwashers have no dry cycle. I don't use mine on my Whirlpool; I just open the doors and let the air dry things. Love the Oprah Chopra name. Or, they could do that Hollywood thing when they combine names. Theirs could be OpChop or ChopOp although, I doubt Oprah would take second place to anyone. Good luck with everything. Geez, more busywork to keep you occupied. If you can catch the meditations, you might like them. They leave each day up for five days, so you can still start at Day 1 for a couple more days.

    Julie, my point was that a lot can change in two years and, even if nothing of significance was found before, the symptoms now are a sign that it needs to be checked again. Even if nothing is found, you will have peace of mind (and so will we :) We love you.

    Rock, I did read the sequel to "Gone With The Wind," and I agree--it wasn't good. There was a movie made of it for TV and it stank on ice. The actress they chose to play Scarlett looked nothing like Vivian Leigh. She had an unattractive pinched look and failed to carry on the "spirit" of the character. Can't think of the actress who was fired from "Designing Women" (she's married to Gerald MacRaney) but she was born to play Scarlett in the sequel. I hate it when my memory fails me like this. It'll come to me later or someone here will remember her name. I remember Eileen Heckart. She could be very funny and was a long-running character actress.

    Sad to hear of Robin William's death and now, Lauren Bacall. Even as a small child, I knew beauty and sophistication when I saw it. I had her paper doll set. We girls loved going to the five and dime to buy new comic books and paper dolls. I even designed my own clothing for my paper dolls. Everything was very elegant, mostly evening gowns, what they call "Red Carpet" gowns today. Just remembering those times, I can recall how it felt and the smells of the store in different areas. I remember when Mom and I took the bus to Denver to shop. Back in those days. you dressed up to go downtown in big cities. Walgreens had a basement with a big lunch counter and booths. We ate at a nice place and always stopped at a store which sold only nuts. They were salty and warm and we ate them on the bus on the way home. Ah, the wonders of the big city versus a small college town. Ethel Merman retired to the Denver area and she would be spotted in full regalia shopping at the dept. stores. I started a memoir and need to add to it. It's mostly for Andy, who may never read it, as I want him to know life has changed so much. He's been using an iPhone since he was two.

    OMG! Reading that book has thrown me back in time. I need to go. Mornings are Tweety's needy time and she will whine until I get down on the floor and love on her.

    Love, Mikie