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    Delta Burke. Here's a skit where she's wearing a hoop skirt. She also could sing. She
    had a short lived series where she did some country western songs.

    Lauren Bacall shows up in the crosswords now and then. Her clue is something like:
    what her friends call her. Answer is "Betty".

    Yes, I remember the wonderful peanuts some department stores sold from a tiny stand.
    A heat lamp kept the nuts warm. And the dime store had wonderful donuts made in a
    similar stand. It was always a treat when mom came home with a dozen chocolate frosted.

    Too bad such delicious and nutritious foods are now only found on memory lane.

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    Rock - Thanks so much for posting this video with Dolly and Delta. Very cute !! Dolly also has such a fantastic voice and such a talented song writer.

    DH is at the store and I am eating breakfast at the computer, as almost usual. So I need to get this written as quick as possible. Need to get the house ready for my cleaning lady who helps me especially with the vacuuming and the floors.

    Hope to hear something this morning from DD about the house situation. She did find out last night that you are not aloud to put a pool on their lot. So not sure if the hopeful buyers still want to buy or not. They still love the house a couple of doors from me. It will be gone if they don't scoop it up right away. DSIL has been talking to the realtor abut that and checking out getting a loan. They also have someone interested and will look tonight about 8 pm. That is pretty late for sure. So pray that one of these people/couples wants their home. They just had almost everything in their house redone, new kitchen, paint and floors.

    Mikie - Glad all is pretty well with you and you have your kitties behaving :)!!

    Diane -So glad to hear from you on the PORCH the other day and to get your nice e-mail.

    Julie - Hope the Chiro helped you but do continue to look for answers if this doesn't do the trick, as they say.

    Gotta run as DH just called me from the car and he is all done shopping. Will try and get back later on. To much to do today.


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    Good morning, everyone! I am doing better, but will still see about the cardiologist if the symptoms don't go away completely. I wish the emotional-physical connection wasn't so strong in my body, but it is...I can work on that, but it seems to be the way I'm wired, lol!

    I just checked on the kids...David is doing great with the older three, and letting Lindsey have lots of time with Josiah. Linds is stressing about when David goes back to work and I assured her that I will be there to help...but right now I'm trying to get my stuff done.

    Gpa called late last night to ask if he can come over here tomorrow...I told him, of course, and that I would pick him up mid-morning so he can take his time getting up and having his breakfast, etc. (instead of them dropping him off very early morning when they leave to do their thing.) Also, that way I don't have to even see "them"...Den will take Gpa home after supper tomorrow, and I will watch the twins so Lindsey and David can both go with Lorraine to her "meet the teacher night" at preschool.

    Gpa mentioned that he would like to stay home and mow his first reaction was that I should stay and mow it for him before I bring him to my house. Then I thought "there are two other adults living on that farm...if they are too disabled to mow, they can make arrangements to have it done."

    So, see...two examples already of how I am "protecting my time and energy" and sort of standing my ground :) I think the chest pain, etc. will sort itself out as I learn to set boundaries and take care of myself first. But, I promise, I will followup with other avenues if I don't feel "tip top" pretty soon.

    Don't worry if I'm not on here much...just trying to "find my way back".

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    Julie - I love the way you are thinking. Yes, let them mow their yard if Gpa can't do it for whatever reason. Nice you will be able to see him today some. Only have the computer till DH gets home from the bank but wanted to say GOOD JOB to JULIE. Keep thinking that way girl !! Hope your chiro has helped you some but make sure you do go back and get everything checked out like you said, if that didn't work. Hope you get to feeling TIP TOP soon.

    Waiting again to hear from DD. Hope we don't have to wait all day to hear again. Back to trying to get my house together and ready for my helper.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Thanks, Rock. I couldn't think of her name for anything. Of course, I could have looked it up but Tweety was whining so loudly that I wanted to get off the computer and give her the love she craves. It isn't much for a little cat to ask. She is such a beautiful cat and, I think, it's a bit unusual to see a completely white cat with such plush fur that, ever since she was a baby running free outside, everyone has wanted to pet her. I'm sure she misses that. She and I connected right away and she would bypass others on the Balcony to jump in my lap. DD has always run into celebs in her work. She was staying at a hotel once and Gerald MacRaney was sitting at the bar. DD went over and talked to him for a bit. He was very nice. She told him that she thought he was married to the most beautiful woman in the world. He agreed. BTW, I just downloaded "Can't Wait To Get To Heaven." It looks as though it will be even better than the last. She's written one since about the Nordstrom character but it didn't entice me. I've got to run down to the library and get my card reactivated. If you don't use it for a year, it drops out of the system. I can download books but, just like with hardcover books, you have to get on a waiting list for popular ones. Also, they only give one two weeks to finish a book with no extensions. Sometimes, I read voraciously and, sometimes, I am too busy with other things.

    Julie, good for you for resisting enabling sis and ?. Meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress. You are right that stress is one of the worst things for us but just reducing stress isn't enough when there is a physical problem. Your body may be telling you more than just that you are stressed. Sorry to be a nag but I'd hate to end up thinking, woulda, shoulda, coulda. Try to imagine what advice you would give a loved one who is experiencing what you are. I think you would tell her to see the doc. Ask yourself why you are resisting going. Heart disease doesn't just kill; it can turn a person into a cardiac cripple who can do basically nothing for herself or her family. OK, this is the last time I'm going to mention it. The rest is up to you. I hope you do what is best cause I care.

    Granni, the house saga continues. Geez, it's awful living on pins and needles. I hope it all works out OK. I get a kick out of your getting ready for the cleaning lady. When you are through, your place is probably cleaner than mine is now. Well, I have been out working outside for two days. Decided to just take it easy today.

    I have a guest so will go and come back.

    I'm ba-ack! It was the cats' Auntie Julie. They were glad to see her and she loves seeing them, especially since they are so happy. She had a bad fall at the store and wound up in the ER. They basically did nothing for her but send a big bill for the ambulance. I'm glad she is OK. There is no way she's up to taking care of the cats so I'm glad they are happy here. She's been through hell with all her health problems. I'm healthy by comparison.

    Well, I'm going to start the new book. The kitties are settled in for their afternoon naps. It's hard to tell where their morning naps end and their afternoon naps begin. There is usually a treat break in between.

    Love to everyone,

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    Heard that the interested couple who wanted to build a pool at DD's home no longer are interested since they cannot put a pool on the property due to laws. DSIL put in a bid bit low so we will see. They also have someone coming tonight to see their house. Hope they like I and want to buy. I think those who come during the week usually are most interested.

    Got a text from DD saying her hubby is waiting for the pre approval letter for the loan . The guy he spoke to yesterday isn't calling him back so hope that s not a bad sign. .

    Busy day and waiting for the cleaning lady to come . Already did a bunch of picking up, etc.. Bye for now.

    Love, Granni
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    Mikie - Believe me, I did not clean to get ready for the cleaning lady. Just picked things up and I have so much stuff on my dresser and on the bathroom sink area that if I get rid of that stuff and put it all on the bed she can dust and clean the sink and area . I put the stuff back. She and daughter vacuum. dust and do the floors and kitchen area.

    The phone lines are going crazy between me and DD but it is mostly texting and e-mailing. Wasn't getting anywhere with the loan stuff and the people who just looked at the house this morning want to buy it too. So we told DD and SIL if they really wanted it they would have to pay CASH. They are going to try it and see what happens. That is probably the only way now they could get this house. The people who just looked would get it but they have no paperwork in as yet. So, hopefully it will work out. I know my daughter is a nervous wreck and her DH as well. Hopefully the people who come tonight will like their house. Lots of ups and downs today DD said if they get the house they will be eating hamburgers a lot !! And so the SAGA continues.

    Hope they can get there hands on the money or a check soon. Not sure where he has all his money, all safe stuff I know.

    Gotta run for now and they will be cleaning in here soon too. Then DH will come in here when they get to the kitchen area. He won't be able to watch TV there.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi All! I've been following all your posts. I can't keep up with some of you!

    My temp is 100 today, after doing just a few things -- wash dishes, water house plants, play with dog, and when the sweat starts rolling off my face it's time to quit for the time. Is this PES (post exertional sweating) and PEM( p.e. malaise)? Asking my doc next week!

    It is a pleasant 78 outside right now. I sat for a while under the cherry tree and watched the chipmunks for a while. They are always fun to watch. The grey squirrels are very abundant and constant visitors to the maples and oaks for their nuts. I've been picking wild currants and enjoying them with morning cereal. Blueberries just became expensive again.

    Mikie, I am SHOCKED by your library system! Two weeks, no renewals? I guess that leaves War and Peace out! Here we check books out for four weeks, with two renewals. We can get books that the library doesn't have by the Zip Book Program, where you request a book, pay a dollar, and then the book is sent directly to you from Amazon. New Books. When you read it you turn it into the library and they catalogue it. And then, you can request another ZIP ! Our county library system is very good here. I think they have Kindle books too, but I like paper!

    Rock, reading over your posts reminded me that I have to take some cuttings from my more uncommon geraniums. I used to belong to The International Geranium Society, so collected a good few in my time. I have a lovely little dwarf about 5 inches tall that I grew from my own seed. It is unique, the only one of it's kind in the world!!!!!! I named it Little Dude many years ago. I must spread it around, give it to folks that are interested.

    Julie dear, I'm glad you are taking a stand -- re mowing, etc. I really wish you could/would rest more. And I, along with everyone else, think you should see a cardiologist ASAP. Better safe than sorry. By helping yourself you will be helping others. That's my sermon for the day!

    Well, lunch time. In the summer it is usually always fruit salad with yoghurt. Today it'll be pineapple (fresh), cherries and grapes. Often have cataloupe too. Whatever is on sale at the store. Fresh fruit has become quite expensive, and we eat a lot of it. Richard made some onion marmalade again; it is so good. For dinner the last few nights we've been having chicken harissa with chick peas, yams on bed of quinoa ---- my favorite grain.

    Forgive my mis-spellings, but correction is such a pain in the butt, and I mess my post s up even more.

    So sorry about all the bad news in the world.

    Love to all of you and your cats too :)

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    Rock, you sure are right about Dust Bunnies. I saw a bunch of them today under the bed when I was looking for the cat. Meanwhile, after the devastating collapse of my Cellar Spider colony -- totally unexplained --I have a NEW spider, but not a cellar spider. I'll have to look it up in my spider book. I fed it a fly yesterday; it jumped right on it. It's built a pretty web in the corner of the bedroom window. I've never understood arachnophobia. ;)
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    Barry - So glad to hear from you but sorry you are having to deal with the sweats. I know that is not fun , for sure !! We have some spiders too but I don't even try and feed them. Maybe I should send them to you :)!!!! I also have enough of my own Dust Bunnies. Got rid of a few today when they got vacuumed up

    Nothing going on, on the house front, for DD and family and they may not know anything till tomorrow, at least. The whole thing is very frustrating.

    You are right about all the bad news in the world. Very very sad !!!

    Hi also to Rock, Julie,. SW, Mikie, Jam , Sun, Dar, et al.

    Love to you and everydobby else,
    Granni :)
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    I had settled meself on the couch in the living room after a little tidying up in kitchen and and opened the porch when DH came sauntering by and I had to get up, make his tea and egg whites with garlic stalks in them..the garlic stalks suppose to help with blood pressure...

    Now ive returned and re ensconced myself in this couch by the window , it's pitter pattering outside and cool..I love when it's cool, peaceful and a bit of free time, that just happens very early mornings like now..after nine, the chores start in earnest, dish washing, clothes washing, sweeping mopping, the help comes dogs food to prepare, our own food..DH takes leftovers of dinner if any in his lunch pail otherwise I hv to rush and cook food early. I will probably prepare yellow lentils and runner beans curry..last night I made onion soup from a packet, mushroom curry, chicken curry with Nepalese spices, okra lightly fried and tortillas for DH ..and my son was beaming and saying "aha, thanks mom, a meal fit for a king!"

    I guess that means I musta been feeling a leetle better, energy wise otherwise I'm normally all done out by evening and hate cooking

    Rather quiet days these past few, trying to get thru each one..I missed DHs cousins b day which I hv never in all these years, my aunt had had a get together n tried to call, but my landline has been out of order..n my mobile s logs weren't working so I missed it, she sent a msg thru me DH and if spoke to aunt and cousin apologizing, I think they don't know what to make of it, CFS has no outward symptoms and they're all A types out there, luckily they know I'm not faking it, tk goodness ..coz
    said she and her eldest sis had planned to surprise me n visit to see if i haven't migrated somewhere without telling anyone well , they woulda hv to wade thru piles of stuff to find me, lol...

    I've promised to visit at her moms and coz told me to let her know in advance so she can drop by same day..I think I ought go make an effort, will be good to be in the company of normal..for a change instead of by myself

    The usual stand by computer gremlin with no life is working overtime to stop me from posting, poor!

    Julie - good to know you are standing yr ground..and putting you first for a change

    Granni - best of luck to yr DD , for getting the house of their choice

    Rock - i envy you the choice of libraries, I love just sitting in a library sometimes, the energy is usually so tranquil and non chaotic

    Sun - my dear, thinking of you, you are a brave strong beautiful lady and you WILL get thru this initial phase of loneliness..I can see you going out, busying yourself in yr hobbies, meeting new lovely people, like attracts like? And being in a happy space again..I'm sure yr dear DH is willing you to heal soon from the other side too..they do that, I hear.

    Diane - hope yr fur baby gets all the medical treatment she needs and does wonderfully well, also good wishes for Kevin with his PTSD..

    May that be healed for good

    Mikie - hope you continue to improve..inspired by yr garden activities and my chat with my coz, I hv decided to get off my butt and procure some marigolds and geraniums and plant wil let u know when that happens. I made sure I meditated on the Full Moon heh heh the power of prayer is 20 times more powerful they say...invoked for some things...I'm flabbergasted at the rivers here, they are CLEAN!!NO rubbish! and I'm excited because I used to always meditate n visualize the river nearby being pristine ..always thinking how far out that was, who was gonna bother when people are going hungry but here it is... Gave me food for thought

    Righto! Time to gear up the loins and attack me kitchen

    Take care, veryone. Hv a good day
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    Please NO MORE posting on this thread. IT IS CLOSED. Please post on the next volume # 736 !! Thank you !!

    Hugz. Granni :)