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    Hi Kids

    Rosin on the Bow and Here We Go!

    Bow to the left,
    And bow to the right.
    Ladies, curtsey.
    A pretty sight.

    Right and left Grande,
    Then weave the ring.
    Dance all night
    Till the birdies sing.

    Chain of eight,
    Circle round.
    Keep those feet
    Right on the ground.

    All hands up.
    Pass on through.
    Now all go home.
    Our dance is through.

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Quiet day here. Slept most of the afternoon. Gordon and his brother
    were trimming the crepe myrtle tree. Had to get a permit from the
    city to do it. You should see the saw. It's an 8-9 foot pole with a chain
    saw at the end. I am staying far from it. No likee power tools.

    Julie, how could turn down all the fun of driving your neighbors 1200
    miles to and from Ohio? Are they crazy? Worse than folks here who
    want you to drive them to the airport at three in the morning. I'd
    tell 'em to find an Uber Buggy.

    You know there was a landmark case we read in law school about a router.
    I think it was a Craftsman from Sears. Can't remember the name.
    Anyhoo the decision was a victory for consumers who had purchased
    a defective product.

    Granni, you're right about men, women and makeup. I just walked
    through the living room. Gordon had QVC on. The hucksters
    were pushing some cosmetics. Four bottles of something for about
    $90. But, purchased individually it would be twice that much.
    Shaving is a nuisance, but I think messing around with make up
    would be far worse and certainly more expensive.

    OK, I've got 3 windows open and am getting all confusiated going back
    and forth. Better sign off until next time. Don't touch that dial. Stick
    around and smile.

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    Hi everyone! Thanks, Rock, for starting us up again...I love it when you do the square dance calls. Hope the tree trimming went okay and there were no plant or human.

    It is after midnight...Susan and I have been sitting at the dining room table for the past couple of hours...talking and praying. She has had such a rough life, but is still such a sweet person. But the traumas she endured as a child have scarred her and I'm not sure she will ever fully recover.

    She comes to Iowa to get away and to recharge, but the time has come where she needs to get back home and continue her job search. She was fired in May from her physical therapist assistant job...the company said it was due to "not calling in sick to the right people", but then they changed their reason and said "they didn't fire her, she quit on her own."

    I think she has one of the conditions that plague many of us, but I don't know what exactly that is...the doctors have narrowed it down to some sort of neurological thing, but now she doesn't have health insurance and can't continue trying to figure it out. And I think her emotions play a big role in her health, but she still needs medical care.

    At age 25, she should be out enjoying life and maybe even finding some one to spend the rest of her life with...not going through the things she has to deal with.

    Anyway, she is planning to leave at 7:00 am, so I told her we both needed to get to bed. I will try to check in more on a regular basis later on.
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    Hi Kids

    Got a few hours sleep and am up again. I'm going to watch Are You Being Served
    later. It's my birthday gift from Gordon. DVDs of an old British TV series.
    We used to watch it on the PBS channel back in the 80s.

    Spring, I can remember seeing different sorts of honey at Farmers' Markets.
    A farmers' market is outdoors. Usually set up in a parking lot on weekends.
    Vendors sell all sorts of stuff, but there is usually a lot of produce.

    Anyhoo there was a bee lady. Some of her honey was labeled: Clover, orange
    blossom, flower, etc. Don't know if they actually had a distinctive taste or
    not. I used to buy bee pollen from her because it was supposed to improve one's
    health. Didn't help me. There was some sort of bee disease that killed a lot
    of her bees. Don't know if the problem was ever solved or not. Do you
    have the solid kind of honey in Nepal? It's sometimes called whipped or
    creamed honey. The big advantage is it's less messy than the liquid form.

    Mikie, great pic from Sanibel Island. Have you heard this ion joke?
    A Hydrogen ion walks into a bar and says to the bartender, "I've lost my
    electron!". The bartender says to him, "are you sure?" The ion says,
    "I'm positive!"

    I believe you have to be a physicist to appreciate this joke. I don't understand
    chaos theory or fractal geometry. I did read a book (well, part of a book) on
    string theory a decade or so back. Made no sense to me at all. The universe
    is made up of tiny string-like bits? I wasn't sure if it was serial or if the author
    was stringing the readers along.

    Barry, A long time ago I read two books by Richard Russo. I thought they
    were great, but didn't like anything else he wrote. Just checked out
    "Everybody's Fool", his latest book. It is a sequel to "Nobody's Fool" which
    he wrote over 2 decades ago. Another disappointment. I wonder what
    happened to him.

    Maybe he needs a subscription to Writers' Digest. And here are some
    helpful tips I found on the net.

    1. Avoid alliteration. Always.
    2. Never use a long word when a diminutive one will do.
    3. Employ the vernacular.

    4. Eschew ampersands & abbreviations, etc.
    5. Parenthetical remarks (however relevant) are unnecessary.
    6. Remember to never split an infinitive.
    Star, hope you are feeling better. I found an Australian joke. Why did
    the owner hire a marsupial as a bar tender? Because he was Koala-fied.

    Hugs, Everydobby
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Just enjoying my morning ritual of coming to see my dear friends on the Porch, having my coffee and reading the paper. I multitask as I also watch TV. In reality, I listen to the TV while doing these other things. If something sounds interesting, I'll look up to see what's going on. Broken down into small segments, it is obvious that there is no such thing as multitasking but we humans, in our quest to be more productive, believe we can do more than one thing at a time. Heck, I'm lucky if I can do one thing at a time effectively.

    Today is the 14th anniversary of my Mom's passing. Every now and then, I realize that the grief is not so raw as the years go by. It's like the grief lessens in steps. This year is one of those. I've realized that the pain has lessened more for me this year. I still miss my Mom every day and can't wait to see her again when it's my time to go Home. Sweet memories have replaced a lot of the pain.

    I checked my blood sugar this morning and it was only 74. Woo Hoo!!! Just watched a special on medicine on PBS. It showed the challenge of docs in poor rural areas which are underserved by healthcare. So many of the people seemed depressed and resigned to obesity, poor diets and lack of exercise. Even when medications were provided, they didn't take them. One bright spot was where tablets were provided so that patients could record their blood sugar results and the healthcare providers could monitor them. Medications could be ordered and sent to the patients in between physical visits. One woman, who was very motivated, was doing great on keeping her blood sugar under control. She was spreading the news in her church to try to help others avoid diabetes and other problems.

    It is frustrating for the docs and nurses trying to deal with patients who are in total denial. Still, they continue to try to get them all involved in their own healthcare. We will be incurring huge increases in healthcare in our country in the future from diseases and conditions which are preventable/treatable unless people start to care for themselves. I am optimistic that healthcare is turning toward more patient involvement and folks helping one another instead of the old paternalistic paradigm of docs as father figures dictating to patients. My own doc thinks he knows it all; he is stuck in the past. If it were not for Sun and Windy here, I wouldn't be making progress in controlling my own blood sugar. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Rock, thanks for starting us up again and for those heartfelt lyrics on the last Porch. I Love You Truly is such a beautiful song. I not only say, 'This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it,' in the morning, but I also say it in the evening in thanksgiving for the day just gone by, no matter how good a day or how trying a day I have had. A bad day is just an opportunity to grow in spirit. Of course, some bad days just lead to swearing so, there goes that theory. That is why I often get so little done around here. I figure it's better to let a little dust accumulate than to go to hell for my bad temper and cursing. I don't adhere to the old adage, 'Tis better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.' Lighting that candle would show all the dust.

    Thanks also for starting us up again. I closed out the last Porch by editing the title. The website is sooooo sloooow this morning. I didn't think it was gonna work. I also had problems with the spam cleaner software. We have a whole new wave of spammers posting. Thanks too for the lively square dance calling. For some reason, all I can see in my mind's eye is kitties doing the dance, like in a You Tube video. Finally, thanks for all the funny lines. OMG! One needn't be a physicist to get the ion joke. Ion is often an answer in crossword puzzles for a positively charged particle. String theory has lost the attention of many physicists. I don't truly understand it but how can we understand anything which requires more dimensions that those we know now? If you want to view the beautiful fractal geometry designs, go to You Tube. There are many. They remind me of those scopes we had as kids which used mirrors to make beautiful designs (can't remember the name of those scopes).

    Granni, have you tried throwing some cinnamon on your baked sweet tater? It is delicious with the butter and very good for blood sugar. Every time I dig in those bins under my vanity for something, I swear I'm gonna clean them out. It's not just makeup; that fits in a very small bin screwed to the inside of the vanity door. It's the skincare creams, deodorant, epilator, hair dryer and brushes, and dental care stuff. I know I don't need it all and will cull it when I get around to it. I also have extra makeup, much of it the free stuff I've gotten when I bought other products. I'm amped up to go over to the pool later. Was gonna shower first and wash my hair but think I'll just go with bed head. If it's hot and I get sweaty, there is no sense washing it first. Also, if it is hot, I can just dunk myself and swim a bit. As always, stay cool in TX.

    Julie, in my own experience, the body will try to keep going during times of great stress, mental and physical. When it is safe, the body will allow itself to be exhausted and need a lot of rest. This delayed state may be what is happening with you. Good for you for not going on that long road trip when you know it's too much for you. I know how much you would love to do it but listening to one's body is of such importance in dealing with what ails all of us. I would dearly love to jump in my car and take off like I used to but just can't do it right now--maybe never again. I'm just trying to get to the point where I'm up to flying to see my kids. Hope you are enjoying Susan and will enjoy all the kiddies soon. I envy y'all with your wood shop. I think making your own plaques with the router sounds like so much fun. Yes, much better than buying them.

    A lot of us had our illnesses triggered during times of great stress, including abuse. My CFIS/ME was triggered by a mycoplasma infection in 1990. My FMS was triggered in 1999, and manifested itself in 2000, by an auto accident. I know that stress will cause a relapse for me. I believe the stress of dealing with Barb for all those months helped trigger the flare I've been in for months. I've read posts by our members in which they tell of stress triggering their conditions. Stress breaks down our systems and leaves us vulnerable to illness. I hope and pray Susan can find a job and get her insurance. Perhaps some therapy would help her deal with her past so she can move forward. Some things we never fully recover from but it is possible to heal a lot of the pain so we don't have such a heavy burden to carry. It may be better if her employment records indicate that she left the old job rather than having been fired. In any case, I wish her the best of everything in life. Same with you and your beautiful family.

    I wish the best of everything to all our Porchies. You all mean so much to me. No one else, except my kids, who have their own illnesses to bear, knows what we go through. I am so thankful to PH for providing this place for us and to all our members for all the sharing and caring. Have a wonderful day, y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, gang! Susan just left, right on time. She has to be back in time for dance practice...she teaches young girls these dance moves to praise and worship songs. Sometimes they use flags or streamers, other times they just learn different motions to do...they go to nursing homes, churches, etc. to perform.

    Susan is a great teacher...even taught Keira and the Tennessee Treasures some dances while Amy and family were down there. And she taught Keira some new songs while they were together Saturday evening.

    Mikie, thank you for the good wishes and prayers for everyone, especially Susan. She needs prayer, she needs friends who love her unconditionally, she needs a job...I could go on and on. Yes, she has been to multiple counselors...shared with me more last night about her childhood...she and some of her cousins had "that uncle"... (I typed more, but deleted it...out of respect for her privacy and not wanting to upset any of you guys.)

    Her passion is working in nursing homes...she loves the elderly, and is good at her job. The dance stuff is extra-curricular...

    Anyway, since I am up early and it is so nice out...I'd better try to get something accomplished. I do need to mow today as we have had some rain showers this past week and the grass is finally starting to grow. Den helped me take down the fence we had around the yard at the old worked some to keep Lindsey's kids from running all over the farm. But was a pain to mow around.

    We had to loosen the fencing from the fence posts, then he used the skid loader to pull the posts out of the ground...he would get up close to a post and I would wrap a chain around it so he could lift it up. I must have gotten into some of the poison ivy that was growing in the fence row...already starting to break out. Yuck!

    Hope everyone is doing fairly well or even great (it could happen, lol!)

    Sun is getting ready for a fun trip...praying that you feel up to it and have a wonderful time.

    Mikie, I hope the pain of not having your mama here lessens even more each year, and is replaced by even more good memories. I do believe my illnesses were triggered by stress...but I'm not sure if it was from my MIL completely or if it was also the trips to Belize (something physical like a parasite, etc.) Although dealing with that one pastor was stressful in itself, I was sick before that situation least if I remember correctly.

    I'd better get on the mower, start some laundry, etc. while I feel a little bit of energy. Need to get to town to the bank, but may wait until tomorrow. Also need to check on the insurance and taxes for the farms...part of my executor duties. All three of those things can be done in the same town, but might take awhile. We are to get thunderstorms later tonight, so I would really like to have the yard mowed.

    Here's a pic that Susan took of Keira...they like to jump on the hay bales, lol! Oh, to have that kind of energy again...

  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    OMG! Julie, Keira looks like one of those contestants in the reality shows which have all those physically challenging obstacles that test people to their limits. She looks as though she's in really good shape. Yes, oh to be that young and energetic again! The first time I ever saw those round bales of hay was when I drove to NE to visit my Mom. All I ever saw in CO were cubic rectangular bales. I like the round ones better. When it comes to shapes, I'll take a circle/orb over a square/cube every time. They are just more pleasing to my eye.

    I did get to the pool and ran laps for 20 mins. and cooled down for 5. I didn't push myself to my limits but it was a good workout. Wed., I'll do 25 min. and will be back to 30 min. by Friday. I'll also be up to pushing my heart rate into the target zone by then. I came pretty close this morning. Allergies are off the chart so took a pill before leaving. Couldn't find my asthma rescue inhaler so just hoped for the best. My body isn't used to this and I came home feeling nauseated. I had some salted nuts and dates and am drinking some Smart Water. Glad I didn't wash my hair beforehand. My hair is all sweaty from the hat I decided to wear. Whine, whine, whine!!! It does feel good to be moving again. Sir Vester came over and I petted him and his head was wet. He has been under my dripping swim suit I rinsed out and hung on the bathroom doorknob to dry. I'm convinced he is part Maine Coon Cat. I think he would love a kitty water park!

    I believe that stress may set us up so that other things combine with it to form a 'perfect storm' for illness. I was divorced in '89 and got sick in '90. There had been years of stress in my marriage. I do think there is a genetic problem which predisposes us to these illnesses. I can look back into childhood to see omens of things to come. Hmmm! Is that redundant--omens of things to come? Barb caused me a lot of stress and, at the same time, we had Red Tide and I started taking Zantac. I think there was something else but can't remember. That was a perfect storm to trigger my relapse. To call this a flare, after so many months, would not describe what has been going on. Perhaps I am doing better because I've replaced the Zantac with a supp called, AcidRelief360. I've suggested it as a product for PH to consider. It's working as well as the Zantac without the side effect of robbing me of my nutrients. It has the good kind of licorice root, slippery elm, aloe vera and lemon balm.

    On the way to the pool, one of my Mom's dear friends here, she is also my good friend, stopped her car and chatted for a minute. We keep each other in our prayers. She is soooo sweet. She is the one with polymyalgia rhumatica. Right now, she is doing OK. If this keeps up, I hope to improve to OK myself. She has flares similar to those with FMS. She is deeply religious and a very kind person. Julie, thank you soooo much for you sweet words about missing my Mom. It is so thoughtful of you but then, you are always so thoughtful. Thank you. BTW, have you stopped over at the Worship Forum to ask them to pray for Susan to find a job? They don't require the details, just that a friend needs prayers for a job.

    Probably won't do much today so that I can recover from working out. I may not need to but I'm not taking any chances. Hope everyone is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  8. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Mikie, Keira does look like a contestant on Wipeout! (I couldn't remember the name so I googled "name of TV game show with the big balls"), lol!

    So glad you got to work out at the pool. I was going to go for a walk earlier, but I think I will get some good exercise as I go around the yard and load branches, playground fence, etc. into the pickup truck. Have been alternating hanging clothes on the line with mowing...finished up the lane and the ditch up by the road.

    Takes some concentration as I have to ride on a "sideways incline" for one or two passes. Lots of stuff we call "Buckweed" and it doesn't always cut the first time around, so have to go over it again. That is what has been growing during the dry spell we just got over. The guys who farm our ground mowed hay yesterday, but Den and I could barely see anything on the ground. Someone is raking right now, and I still can't see where it had grown tall enough to even bale any hay. Guess that's why they are the farmers and we aren't, lol!

    Oh, weren't you also dealing with Miss Tweety for some of the same time that you were dealing with Barb and all the other stuff?

    I'd better either get back on the mower or get the truck and start picking up "stuff" that is in my way. Also need to move all the bikes, trikes, three-wheelers, toy Gator, etc., etc., out of the path of the mower. Just now noon, but not hungry yet, so I will come in later and eat lunch, then take a little snooze on the couch or in the guest room. Just put new clean sheets on our bed...don't want to get a bunch of grass and stuff all over them.

    I have a roast in the crockpot, along with potatoes, carrots and celery. Not Den's favorite (I think I got him burnt out on roast some time ago) but he won't complain. And it is something I could be cooking while also working outside...will be nice to have supper all ready when I finally come in and "crash" this evening. That is one thing I appreciate about that man...he will eat just about anything I fix, lol!

    Sort of nice to have the house to ourselves once again...even though we both love Susan dearly. No word from sis in a week...glad I didn't wait on her to come help do thank you's. Yes, I am being sarcastic. One thing about new boyfriends...they do require a lot of attention :rolleyes: I truly do mean her no ill will...just don't want to have to deal with her.

    Hi to everyone....gotta get back to work.
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    Good afternoon my very dear PORCHIES. I echo what MIKIE said at the end of her last post about all of us and how special we are to one an other. Gee, I can't believe that there are so many post from our PORCHIES the last day of so.

    ROCK - Thanks so much for starting us up again. I sure do love those square dance calls. SD was so much fun when we used to do it years ago.

    JULIE - You were very smart not wanting to drive those Amish ladies friends/neighbors of yours so far. I woudn't do it for anyone but then I don't love to drive like you . My DH is getting so he hates to drive anywhere with traffic involved or with lots of people around. He likes to shop early in the a.m. when few people are around :)!! He doesn't mind drive on a trip or something if it is not in a crowded city or area esp when it is rush hour time. It never really used to bother him, years ago. However things really do change as you age and usually not for the better, except usually you have the ability to decide what you do and do not want to do and can make that decision yourself.

    You have had enough responsibility all this time and it is time for a break and time for you to start saying NO especially when you are no up to snuff, as they say. Hope you do get to feeling better with more vim and vinegar as they say. That Keira sure looks like she has lots of NRG. She appears also seems to be getting really tall, and long legged jumping over those bails.. It is also wonderful for you and Susan to be able to talk to each other. You can be her surrigate mom and I know you are a big help to her, as much as you can. Hope she finds herself a good job soon. I know that can be very frustrating for her and you too when you are trying to help her. It will also be nice when you can take each of the g children one at a time back home to your house. All together it could be quite hard. Maybe at some point but not now. How nice that you haven't heard from Sis in a week. Maybe she won;t bother you any more - huh?? Some people are always looking for trouble.

    MIKIE - Keep on hanging in there sweetie. I have to decide whether or not to go to WA tomorrow with DD. I have had this sharp pain every now and then, sort of like sciatica but it is upper back , like to the one.side . It depends on what I am doing and I sure felt it this morning when I went to the Post Office to drop off a book that I had ordered from Amazon by mistake. I ordered two of them and didn't mean to. I was walking fast and not down and my foot hit one of those things in the parking lot used to keep the cars from going through, sort of like speed bumps. I hit it with a jolt and boy did I fee it then. I depends on how I turn or whatever. Also, I feel it sometimes when getting up from a sitting position or on the toilet. Hope your pool trip helped your body today. You are surely right about certain bad things that happened to you or that were stressful can cause these diseases cause I had the same experience.

    Hi to also DIANE, SUN, SPRING, STAR et al. Hope you are feeling well too.

    Gotta run for now. More other stuff I have to do on the computer.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: a belated happy BD to you. I meant to post but darn it all, so busy. I'm sure it was nice. Isn't the weather nice today! At least here, there's a good breeze. It would be good if the entire rest of the summer was this way.

    My family was all over on Saturday for lunch and a swim for the kids. I hadn't seen my DGD since March and she's now 2. She's changed so much, talks a lot and screams in the pool with joy or? She would say ow, ow ow, and my DS was getting annoyed since there was nothing wrong. I think she needs to learn the proper responses.
    So on Sunday of course I feel wiped out. Darn I hate this body!

    I'm busy sorting and deciding what will fit in my suitcase and my travel bag on wheels. I put in my artist easel then WC paper and supplies, so that took up a lot of room. Then have to leave room to fit my IPad in a special vinyl bag to protect it.....I also use this for floor stretches and to take to restaurants to sit on! Bad sciatic troubles. Next I have to save room for RX, cosmetics, etc. and my heating pad, which doesn't leave much room for clothes. So I'm down to 4 changes of clothes and my beach shoes. I roll everything up and stuff but maybe I should just wear a few outfits!

    JUlie: so sorry to read that Susan was abused. A life of scars for her. It's good you're there for her.
  11. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good most of the yard mowed, but it got too late to finish after I sat down and ate supper with Den, got the remaining clothes off the line, rolled up vehicle windows in case it rains, etc. Came inside in time to shower and hit the couch so we could watch some Netflix.

    Granni, sure sorry you bumped your foot and caused the pain to be worse in your back, etc. Hope you do feel like going to that water aerobics?

    I only considered driving to Ohio for a split second...if I didn't have so much to do, and wasn't already making trips to Tennessee in August, I would have considered it. It would have been interesting to get to stay at an Amish house overnight...we would have headed back the next day.

    Sun, it sounds like you are very organized for your trip. Glad you are taking some art supplies along. I was going to suggest you wear several layers, lol! Was looking for a picture to post and when I googled it, up came a bunch of news stories about people wearing too many layers of clothes and collapsing at the airport!

    I know! Wear one of these hoop skirts and hide a bunch of stuff in it, lol!


    I'd best get on to bed. I really need to get to town tomorrow. Preferably first thing in the morning before I get all sweaty and worn out from doing yard work.

    Hi to everyone...hope today (tomorrow for star and spring) has been good to you.
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  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Can you see us if we women wore hoops now? I grew up in the 50s so that meant lots of starched petticoats, the more the better, then hoops came in. My mom bought one for me and I thought it was great that the skirt just fit over it. Good thing I was wearing a slip under it because when you bump into something in front wearing it, it goes up in the back and visa versa. As I recall I don't think I wore it many times because of "accidents" wearing it. And with the tiny, narrow plane seats they give you....well, I paid extra for an aisle seat but sure hope I get a good seat partner.

    But just take a good look at those beautiful dresses above. Such elegance and beauty. I think that's circa 1860.....the start of the civil war. Pity those poor women down south.
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - those dresses design and accessories the trim, lace etc are beautiful, but I did think the material looked like curtains:D. I love the way the skirts just balloon out but yes, it would hv been tough for us with our conditions to take care of, iron, wash and put on those. I'm sure the hoops are what made this fashion go extinct...otherwise look how elegant the style is!!! Modern schedules won't allow for the time needed. Woo hoo! I would love a dress like that in Orange chiffon with shiny embroidered delicate golden/pink tiny roses all over the skirt and an elaborate panel work of gold/brown silk on the bodice with little diamanté jewels covering it. And off course sleeves just like those...oooh I am in heaven just imagining it all!! The shoes would be stilletoes of glass but just opaque enough to hide my work hardened feet with a big diamanté orange rose on the front. Oooh, beautiful!!!
    Oooh I'm flying.....

    All right then, back to earth. Julie, thx for posting those. What a flight of fantasy it took me on. Yup. Keira looks like a nimble athlete flying over those bales of hay...I'm more amazed at how big she is grown!! I remember you shop i g for baby dresses for her and there's gray in my hair. And Keira is a young lady. A beautiful young lady.

    Mikie - im glad you got out for your swim...I'm sure it does the muscles good. Hv you checked on Tweety? Thank goodness you were able to get someone to take her, I mean, should you take on the umpteen health set backs or look after a difficult cat!! Stressors are probably THE reason everyone gets sick otherwise those frikking bugs, are everywhere these days not to mention Emf and who knows what else. I guess some have built in anti stress thingies which work better than others.

    i looked up chaos theory..

    Got this below site...

    And of course couldn't understand a thing...!! I guess that's why I'm not a scientist...

    Chaos theory is the field of study in mathematics that studies the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions—a response popularly referred to as the butterfly effect.[1] Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes for such dynamical systems, rendering long-term prediction impossible in general.[2] This happens even though these systems are deterministic, meaning that their future behavior is fully determined by their initial conditions, with no random elements involved.[3] In other words, the deterministic nature of these systems does not make them predictable.[4][5] This behavior is known as deterministic chaos, or simply chaos. The theory was summarized by Edward Lorenz as:[6]


    I found a lot of feathers past few weeks...of course there must be birds somewhere shedding them but they weren't when I looked so I felt comforted. I also opened a book the other day and in it snuggled a sweet lil feather I had found and tucked in.

    Sun - those blue butterflies you posted pics of. I remember we hv something of the kind sometimes..but those black grubs..!! Our maple tree was absolutely covered with them two years ago and we got rid of them..cut the branches and threw them..I didn't even think of the butterflies they would grow was too scary..

    Granni - that sharp pain in the upper back, what do the docs think it is? I had a persistent pain in my shoulder many years ago and went to the tested for rheumatism but negative..then it just went away.
    Do you think a chiro session could benefit?

    Rock - I don't eat too much don't know if we hv the heavy variety..I think I should actually start taking honey. As a meat / protein substitute, I've not been cooking too much these days otherwise I normally try and have the legume family..chick peas n all, honey has the advantage of me not having to cook. Anything which will save me time and energy these days.


    I had to attend something of DHS cousin sis ..her lil DDs some ceremony.. I'd never felt less like going out.. But I try and check those thoughts, people are having the work and stress of arranging a do and I don't want to go...not good...I don't beat up on myself tho, because it's not for selfish reasons..just piles o things needing done ..and no time. I had a Tibetan dress pressed and hanging and a chiffon blouse and silk apron didn't need that was a load off. One coz sis was wearing such a beautiful saree...oooh. It was white lace, with silk border of pink green embroidered roses and an embroidered blouse with matching border too..

    I had to part with some cash I could ill afford to...this aunt of mine ...she really needs to keep up with the joneses...and drags us into her problem. She doesn't want her family to give less than the other little girls whose ceremony was being done same day. So $ 50.oo gone again..I could tell our other cousins were also a bit put off.

    There's another ceremony for same little girls some days later and I already bought stuff worth $ 80.00 because that's the norm but this was supposed to be a only family occasion and aunt springs a surprise and drops a hint to give and give so she can hold her head high in front of the others. Pah! I can't blame aunt...her DD married into a millionaires family and that family doesn't even hv the decency to tell people not to give gifts..which other more classy families do these days.they print it on the card ..for weddings and things, they realise its just not realistic to follow old customs.

    Hugs to Diane, Barry, Star, Gba...

    God bless
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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I see we have a wide ranging discussion going on. Chaos theory to hoop
    skirts. Do they have anything in common? Well, both were once new.
    Antiquated as hoop skirts seem, they were once new to America. It was
    just before the Civil War. And they were considered a great improvement
    over the cumbersome wooden hoops and horsehair pads ladies used to wear.

    As Carol Burnett demonstrated, sitting became difficult since the front
    of the skirt flew up looking sorta like a miniature Hollywood Bowl.

    I remember the crinoline craze of the 50s. I was in High School. Three
    girls walking abreast could block traffic on the entire floor. And our
    school only had two floors.

    Irving Berlin wrote a charming tune called Crinoline Days. Of course
    you can hear it on Youtube.

    Time with its changes often arranges
    Styles that become the craze.
    But I am yearning to be returning
    Back to those crinoline days.

    The butterfly effect is part of chaos theory. It will never be more than
    a theory because it is untestable. Popular examples. A butterfly
    flaps its wings in Texas and causes a tornado in Kansas. An ancient
    butterfly similarly affected the length of Cleopatra's nose.

    Of course the butterfly is only one of many causes. Some folks say a
    better example is that you never know how some small act you do
    may result in good things later on. The reason the theory is
    untestable is because there are so many causes. Many are unknowable
    and untestable. How can you test winds blowing at different speeds
    from different directions in the Mid West states? (A weatherman
    named Edward Lorenz started this whole discussion.)

    Gordon's car was back at the garage today. Got some new part put in.
    He goes tomorrow to get the car re-smogged. It is possible that this
    will cause a butterfly in Texas to flap its wings. (Be on the alert, Granni.)

    Springwater, have you looked up honey to see if its a source of protein?
    I looked at a few sites. Read it has zero protein or trace amounts. How
    about tofu. I read it has twice as much protein as whole milk. Of
    course it's hard to read anything these days. (Especially the news.)
    The ads and pop up are ubiquitous.

    Gordon was going to make a protein dish yesterday. Don't know if he
    actually did. The recipe called for pork and shrimp and black mushrooms
    steamed in shu mai (transparent dumpling skins).

    Gotta go. Worn out. Back later. Hugs,

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Got a great night's sleep last night. Of course, Sir Vester does try to get me up early in the morning but, if I tell him to go back to sleep, he does, only to try again later. Little scamp! I got up at 5:00 and gave him some treats and went back to bed where we both dozed off and on til 6:00. Dr. Oz had an entire show yesterday devoted to getting good sleep. Evidently, studies have shown that taking sleep aids, including melatonin, does not contribute to more nor better sleep. Those who took sleep aids, on average, got only 15 min. more sleep. One woman became addicted to Ambien and was sleep walking during the day, remembering nothing she was doing. Scary!

    The best results came from what most experts recommend--putting down electronic gadgets and turning off the TV half an hour before going to sleep, keeping lights dimmed before sleep and getting rid of distracting problems, such as a mate who snores. That is, get rid of the problem, not the mate. :) These things, when practiced, become habits and patterns. I find it easier to drift off with the TV on but that may be keeping me from staying asleep. One must get at least 90 min. in order to get through the entire cycle of sleep waves for restorative sleep. My sleep is improving with only me and Sir Vester in the bed and my not having to worry that Tweety might pee in my bed. I still miss her. Haven't talked to Jeff in about a week to see how it's going. Yes, Julie, I do think Tweety played a part in my relapse.

    Julie, it seems to me that, even without taking walks, you get plenty of exercise. Bending, twisting and lifting are excellent. If I had to eat a lot of pot roast, I might tire of it but I think I could eat it almost every night with taters and carrots. Mmmmm! I no longer have a pressure cooker but it was great for pot roasts. I always loved to drive and got excited at the prospect of a road trip. PBS had a special on the Lincoln Highway last night. It got me into that mood again. With so much violence today, I'm a bit afraid of taking to the road by myself. Interstate 10 is a main drug route across the South so it is full of police activity. As long as one doesn't look like a drug dealer, it's fairly safe. Thanks for posting the beautiful dresses. I used to love seeing those in the movies when I was a kid. I wished we still wore them but my Mom reminded me that ladies back in those days didn't get to do all the tomboy things I enjoyed. Couldn't climb a tree in a hoop skirt.

    Sun, I hope you have a really good time in Hawaii. Glad you can pack your paints. It's too bad airlines charge extra for checked bags, except Southwest, so you could take what you want. On the other hand, there is a lot to be said for traveling light. Glad you had a chance to have lunch and a swim with your kids. I can only imagine how much fun your GD must be at this age.

    Granni, I'm so sorry you are having that pain. It could be a pinched nerve in your back. We call those concrete barriers, bumpers. We have them in our parking spaces here in the hood. Everyone bumps into them at one time or another and, even though they are concrete, they eventually crack and start to fall apart. I've banged my foot into them and it does give the whole body whiplash. There was an older bagger at Publix who tripped over one and broke his hip. I'm with your DH when it comes to hating traffic. Boy do I live in the wrong place. Being convenient to everything is almost negated by the traffic here in Season. I'm not sore from working out in the pool. It appears that, even though it's been a couple of months since I did it regularly, the benefits are still with me. Glad my blood sugar is so good now, usually in the 70's, and I think that's partly due to the exercise.

    Spring, how silly of people to cling to the old ways when they cannot afford to. Unfortunately, it sounds as though you are the one paying for your aunt's high falutin' ways. You are so kind to do it to try to spare the cousins. From what I've seen on TV, the clothing in your part of the world is soooo beautiful. I never see such wonderful fabrics here. Of course, everything here in the jungle is soooo casual. Yes, the experts are figuring out that the stress opens us up to disease or, as they point out, dis-ease. Or, ill at ease. Thanks for the blurb on Chaos Theory. Chaos depends on the number of unexpected variables when trying to predict anything. It may be why we can't predict how meds and treatments will affect us individually. There are too many variables involved in how our illnesses were triggered and how many other conditions we may have. Still, many of us share common triggering events.

    Rock, Fractal Geometry grew out of Chaos Theory to try to predict events when outside variables exist. Of course, nothing is 100 percent predictable (other than death and, from what I hear, taxes) but there seems to be a pattern in the chaos if one can mathematically express those variables. For instance, if I'm putting shingles on a roof but I start out by not putting them on square to begin with, the error will grow in a predictable way by the time I finish the roof. Of course, the more variables there are, the more chaotic the event. Scientists never believed we could predict the weather with much accuracy. Weathermen and women often miss the mark on a daily basis, but models now predict major weather events pretty accurately. When we have a hurricane, there are a number of models used to try to predict its path. When put together on a map, they usually mostly follow the same path but there is always one or two which are outliers. Weathermen and women call all these paths on the map the, Spaghetti Graph. Strangely enough, it's often the European Model, almost always an outlier, which most accurately predicts the paths.

    It wasn't until computers that these things became useful. Again, I don't pretend to understand all this except in a very limited way but I do find it fascinating. I still stand in awe at the scientists and mathematicians who do understand them and come up with the equations to express them. The equation for the Mandelbrot (the founder of FG) model is, X2 + C =X. That is, X squared +C, which stands for the chaotic variables, produces X. Practiacally speaking, it means that patterns can be broken down into fractions which produce the same pattern infinitely. It would be like I had twins and they had twins and so on and so on (not a practical example). When tiny sections of coastline are examined, they are the same pattern as the coastline as a whole (a better example). FG is actually now used to measure coastlines and other irregular patterns in nature. To me, the thing which is the most interesting is to look at some FG patterns.



    The first pic is Mandelbrot's equation expressed. The second is this model as it expands and reproduces the original pattern. There are all kinds of videos on You Tube showing various models morphing. They look like kaleidoscopes. Even if one cares nothing for FG, it is fascinating, and very soothing, to watch these videos. For anyone who doesn't find them fascinating, I apologize for taking up so much space with all this. Just ignore them. At least, if someone mentions CT or FG, y'all will know what they are talking about.

    Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, thanks for the additional info. Isn't that strange that folks in Europe are
    predicting our weather with better accuracy? (I think that's what you said.)
    The second picture reminds me of a kaleidoscope. Remember the boutiques
    during the hippie era? They often sold kaleidoscopes. I remember one that
    was somehow new and different, but I can't remember in what way. Gordon
    suggested I may have been under the influence of the incense or pot fumes
    frequently found in those places.

    Anyhoo, Youtube has pages of kaleidoscopes. Some of the videos are 2 hours
    long! Might be damaging to one's health. There are also videos on how to
    make a kaleidoscope in the comfort and privacy of your own home. I am
    not attempting same. Only this morning I was thwarted by a bottle of
    Sprite which was determined not to be opened. It won the battle.

    Granni, when I was an adjuster we occasionally had cases of people who
    tripped over parking lot bumpers. We used that term, although it was
    confusing when photographing the scene or writing about the accident if
    there was a automobile's bumper next to the concrete bumper.

    At that time the term fender was being replaced with "quarter panel".
    If there's a new term for bumper, I haven't heard it. Gordon just
    walked by. Asked him. He said, "I think they're called Kardashians."
    That joke doesn't make much sense, but it made me laugh anyhoo.

    Sun, hope you have a great trip. I imagine your painting supplies require
    a lot of room. Good thing your hobby isn't playing the tuba. Whaddya
    think? Is the ultimate hoop skirt movie Gone With The Wind? Thanks
    to you and everydobby for the birthday wishes. Personally I think 3
    quarters of a century is enough for anybody.

    Hugs Diane, Barry, Star, Julie, GB, Springwater

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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hey, Rock,

    Just stopped in and saw that you had been here. When I was a kid, we had kaleidoscopes made out of heavy cardboard tubing. The mirrors were inside with some little pieces of colored paper. You turned a section on the end to make the pieces of paper scatter, making designs which changed as you turned. They were cheap entertainment. I saw the ones in the boutiques and some were quite expensive. I believe art cooperatives often have ones which are hand made. I've always been fascinated by changing patterns. I'll check out the kaleidoscope videos on YT. Thanks!

    I'm glad you won the fight with the Sprite. It could be embarrassing to admit a Sprite had bested you. Yes, it seems the Europeans are better predictors of storm paths than others. Obviously, they are including some variable which impacts the paths. When I'm getting ready to hunker down, I always pay attention to that model and the weather people always point it out on the map. I am getting better at understanding the driving forces which determine the paths--highs, lows, wind shears, etc. If I'm gonna live here, I might as well take an interest in such things.

    I sent an e-mail to DSIL to see what he's been looking into lately. As I've mentioned, we often read the same books or get interested in the same things. Like me, he's just an amateur at science but we both find it fascinating. I told him we are like the Baboons who learned to use the same tools at the same time despite being on different continents, separated by water. There does seem to be a Universal Intelligence to which animals, including people, tune in. Due to increasing knowledge of quantum physics, religion and science seem to be finding some mutual areas. My kids laugh when I mention the Baboons.

    Spring, I almost forgot to respond to your finding the feathers. Of course, when one is outside, it makes sense to attribute the feathers to birds. It's when I find them where they have no business being that I know they are from my Mom. I think I've posted that my friends, to whom I've mentioned the feathers, start to find them. I don't know whether it's Mom or their loved ones on the Other Side. Seems that souls there talk to each other when people on earth make connections, if the psychics are right. Enjoy your feathers. I consider them spiritual, delivering good news that our loved ones are always with us and love us.

    Allergies are bad. Trees, weeds and grass are not bad but mold is, likely due to the humidity. Newspaper has said that conditions on this side of FL are ripe for the kind of blue/green algae over on the East Coast. There is a company which has machines which 'eat algae.' They filter huge amts. of water. though big tubes connected to the machines on trucks. I'm soooo tired (when am I not?). Allergies always take the wind outta my sails. At least, I did manage to shower and do my hair. That's probably all I'll get done. I did Day 2 of the Oprah/Deepak Chopra meditation. I missed Day 1 yesterday. This series is all about living in the present and being mindful. Well, if this can help, I'm all for it. I do enjoy listening to the mantras and just relaxing for about 15 mins.

    Ok, gonna run along. Hope y'all have more NRG than I. If not, I hope you can rest.

    Love, Mikie
  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon. I slept too late to take time to visit this morning...needed to get to town to the bank and post office, pick up prescriptions for Den, shop the clearance aisles at the same store the pharmacy is in (found an outfit for Liora for Christmas, some sheets for our bed, and "super hero and princess" underwear for the Tennessee Treasures), stop by to see Gpa's sister and tell her it was fine that she let sis take the things she had crocheted for Gpa. Gpa's sister also thanked me for taking such good care of him, and said again that she thought his service was very nice.

    I stopped by Den's office to use the restroom and leave an "I love you" note...he pulled in for lunch just as I was leaving. And since it was already 12:30 I picked up a sandwich at our local gas station/deli before going by the Amish greenhouse to see if they had any plants left. I didn't get much put out since I was in the hospital with Gpa during the main planting season...just bought a few flowers today.

    Not really in the mood this year...weird that I have felt almost "guilty" for having flowers...I think because sis has so many and it always hurt Gpa's feelings because she would do stuff like that instead of taking care of his house. Need to put that train of thought to bed...a new season calls for new thinking...

    Sun, it must have been horrible to wear those skirts, corsets, etc. back then. Although I do love how they look.

    Spring, glad you enjoyed the pic. I'm so sorry you have to pick up the slack for you aunt, in order for her to look good in the eyes of others. I know you are sort of in an awkward position, so don't really know how you could get out of some of the things that are expected of you.

    Rock, love the crinoline song. Hope Gordon's car lasts for many years to come. Yes, Granni had better watch out for flapping butterfly wings, lol!

    Mikie, glad you have been able to sleep better with just Sir Vester there. Glad he will settle down with his treats and let you catch a few more winks. So neat that you and your DSIL like and are interested in the same things.

    We had a pretty big storm come through last night...well, Den said it was around 1:00 am. He was so sleepy when I stopped by his office...said he "felt" something was going to happen all night, then the storm hit. I guess there was a lot of wind, along with the rain. He told me I "snored right through it" but I did hear the rain. He's not on call, but if there had been any electrical problems in town, he might still have had to go to work.

    Hi Granni, Diane, Star, Barry, anyone else I am missing. I didn't feel sleepy while running around, but now that I'm home and relaxed I think I will take a little nap.

    I bought a couple of asparagus ferns and a jade plant, so will need to get those repotted. May check at Wal Mart or the home supply store for something else to put in hanging baskets...would be nice to have a little bit of color under the new porch roof.

    Hope everyone is having a "good enough" day. Our county fair starts tomorrow. Den gets off at noon on Thursday so he can attend...we might do that, then go get some materials for the new house. So hard to get started back on it, for some reason.

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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just watched the memorial service for the fallen Dallas officers. It was very inspiring. At the end, people of all colors held hands during the last song. It brought tears to my eyes and I hope progress will come from the violence. Wish the whole world would support one another and show the love that our little family enjoys here.

    Rock, thank you soooo very much for telling me about the kaleidoscope videos on You Tube. I watched some and found them so restful. They talk about the fractal formulas which produced them. I should get a lava lamp. I could add this to my 'happy things' over on the other board.

    Julie, I hope you do get a nice nap. You need and deserve it. That was soooo sweet of you to talk to GPA's sister about the crocheted things. I'm glad she is so appreciative of all you did for him. I doubt anyone really knows all you did. You also deserve beautiful flowers and I hope you find some. I love asparagus ferns. We have big ones spilling out of our tilted olla clay pots in the centers of our stairwell atria. They are no muss, no fuss. I might have mentioned that I had a hanging asparagus fern back in CO. A little bird built a nest in it and I had to stop watering it so she could raise her babies. It dried into a beautiful plant that I now have in a basket on top of an antique armoire. My old cat, Mr. Big, used to make that chattering noise when he watched mama bird bring food to the babies from behind the sliding doors to my little balcony. I hope you enjoy the county fair. Can't remember. Do y'all go to the state fair? I've heard that the Iowa State Fair is the mother of all fairs.

    OK, kids, I've been shaky and in pain today so it's a good thing I didn't try to push myself. We have a storm building outside so think I'll go lie down and watch some TV. We are back to our usual pattern of afternoon/evening thunderstorms. People now take their kids to the pool early to avoid them. I like that so I don't have to hear the kids while I'm trying to rest. Love, hugs and prayers for everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    My goodness PORCHIES where did the day go today. I got up late and didn't go to Water Aerobics but has already told DD I wasn't going to go . No need in aggravating this other chronic pain that crops up every once in awhile. I suspect there is a pinched nerve in there somewhere but until it gets really bad not taking the time to find out more. There is enough going on in my already painful life. When I am at the docs I am not having this pain most often and there are other issues to address ):!!

    Went and got my hair cut and had some more blonde color put in it, in streaks but she made it look very natural and DH actually liked it this time, including the cut. If it were just me I would get it even short but it is short enough for now. This time I said to do it a little shorter esp due to the heat and the water aerobics classes. She charges me so much less than the other lady but then she uses less bleach and the other gall did a lot of curling and fixing. This is more natural the way they seem to be wearing the hair nowadays.

    After getting my hair done I came home and ate lunch and put in a wash. DH came home soon after they had their lunch out.

    SUN - So nice to see you here again and that was great that the DGD and others in family could be there for while. How old is your DGD now? It might just be calls for attention. Yes, many children need to learn the proper responses, like you said. Some are much too noisy. Don't their parents ever say anything to them about quieting down or saying nothing all together , if nothing is really wrong. Where are you going on your trip? You must be excited. Don't get sick on this trip so you can have a good time and how long will you be gone? Yes, don't forget your art supplies too.

    MIKIE - So sorry you have some more pain, coming on . Hope it goes away before it sets in badly for you. I have read so many posts this afternoon that I can't remember what everyone wrote. Hope Tweety is being a good little boy for you :)!!!

    JULIE - Thinking of you sweetie. Don't you ever rest?? Try and take a np in the afternoon if you can. I know you get up early and are running and doing most of the day.

    A BIG HI also to SPRING, ROCK, STAR, DIANE et al. I need to get off and start the pork chop cooking. The rest will be left overs.

    Tomorrow evening we go out with DH's group and their wives for dinner. First we go to one of the guys homes for snacks and drinks, just what we all need and then off to dinner. I have already looked into the menu. There are quite a few things I can eata but some would require alterations . I wonder if any of them could remove mozzerella cheese for goat cheese, if they even have it. In one of the restaurants where DD had the brunch for the boys who just graduated from HS, they substituted the cheese for me. However, I know that some places will not do it. This one might it is small but he has all the good stuff. If I go with steak and lobster tail that will not be a problem or a few other things. So many of this places dishes cook with wine and liquors which I am not supposed t have. Wondering if cooking in them will still have the bad effect. I have tried to google and didn't get any answers. This place is Italian and has all the things I love but shouldn't have - Good grief. I would love a big plate of spaghetti and something else but they won't have the right pasta.

    OH we, I need to get off. Sorry not to mention anyone else but I am thinking of you all.

    Love you AWL,
    Granni :)